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.. soo much [10 Oct 2004|11:23pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]
[ music | save a horse, ride a cowboy // big & rich ]

Ah, I'm so tired. I don't feel good.. I just got back from Hampden because I had to bring Ashley back up there tonight.. They're leaving to go back to Mass. tomorrow. She was here for the weekend so we got to see each other [it was fun!] Matt took us to the movies earlier this evening to see "Taxi". It wasn't bad.. Pretty funny.

I had my pageant training seminar in Portland this afternoon. It was cool.. Learned a little about what we're expected to wear and we got some hair/makeup tips and a mock interview. I also got to meet Miss Maine and Miss Maine Teen .. They seemed pretty down to earth. I'm excited for the pageant! It's Nov. 27th and 28th! =)

My first paid modeling shoot was yesterday with Savage Photography.. It went really well! I made $50 in two hours. Not bad! I'll post some of the photos when I get them.

Gram + Pop got me a plane ticket for my birthday to go to Colorado at the end of the month to visit my Stephen! I'm pretty excited .. He invited me to his military ball. I got the most gorgeous black dress .. Which I plan on wearing for my evening wear in the pageant as well AND to my senior prom. Heyy.. I gotta get my money's worth..

I broke up w/Matt.. but we're still good friends.

My 18th bday is in 4 days. Wowww...

.. ta-ta ..
. shayna .

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* sEnior piCs [22 Sep 2004|01:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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it's tUes. [07 Sep 2004|02:05pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Back to school today after a *quite normal* 3 day weekend. Let's see..

Friday we had a game in Mt. Blue and we lost 7 - 24 =( that sucked! The beginnin' of the game was PIMP! Barrett got a 70 yd run.. Ohh, I was siked.. but it didn't matter in the end anyway... (cause we did lose)

Saturday morning I started my gymnastics class in Fairfield at Leaps ' N Bounds with the rest of my squad. My arms are STILL sore from doin' numerous cartwheels and roundoffs.. Then I had to work from 12-6 at the great DnD's. After I got out of work I hung o/w Alisha and Kerri.. Which we'd orginally planned to go to the Windsor fair, but then none of us knew how to get there! Soo, instead we visited Em for a few.. then went over to Kelso's .. Then I was craving a greek salad soo we obvs. had to stop in at Wtvl House of Pizza.. *mMmm.. Where I met a hott, sexy guy - Matt =) (We hung out all weekend might I add *wOooo) It was a fun night ..

Sunday I worked again .. Later that night me, Matt + Kerri all chilled at Ambs.. *misbehaved ;) and watched "Passion of Christ".. I cried the whole movie.. I couldn't even watch most of it... It's awful!

Then yesterday I worked 10 hours! bLahhh.. shitty day. Me + Matt went out to the movies after I got out last night .. We saw "Without a Paddle".. definitely not as good as the previews made it out to be. But heyy .. It's cool. First dates aren't always great .. Ohh, and of course I HAVE to see Adam when we're walking into the movie.. Uhh.. I don't know dude.

Sooo I'm sweating .. I have to get to GSA here in 1 minute.. and I have cheer practice at 5. Maybe I can get some sleep in at some point today. Thatd be nice.


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*i'm the bEst [02 Sep 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | slow motion // juvenile ]

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* back to school .. [02 Sep 2004|02:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | redneck woman / gretchen wilson ]

School started yesterday. It's my senior year! .. It's goin' great.. I'm only taking 4 classes: humanities, stained glass, physics + advanced math. I already have more than enough credits(26) to graduate but I had to have govt. and one more year of english .. So I decided not to do the whole night school thing to graduate early. Plus, I want to experience prom and all that fun stuff =)

Oh, I'm single ... Won't get into that whole situtation. >:-/

Cheering is going awesome too.. We just started learning our homecoming routine. It's pretty hott! We're dancing to "Move Your Body" .. We won our game against Winslow last weekend! *wOoo.. it's goin to be a kickass season!

I'm only scheduled for 12 hours to work next week.. I HAVE to find another job. I can't afford car insurance and everything else on working only 12 hours a week. I'm trying to get hired at Claire's still. As a keyholder.. So I can close at night and stuff.. The pay is decent.

My pop had knee replacement surgery on his right knee. I went to see him at the hospital this past week.. He seems to be doin' alright. =) thank gawd..



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brAzil. [02 Jul 2004|03:05pm]
This summer I was in Brazil for two weeks. My godparents(Stephen + Mary) used to be missionaries down there so we went down, did some missionary work and some touristy stuff as well. We stayed with Mari(an old friend of Stephen + Mary's from the missions) with her husband and 5 other roommates -Joyce, Kytan, Adriano, Bea + Elvis- in a 3 bedroom apartment in the city of Sao Paulo, which is crazily overpopulated and really poor. We went to the top of the Banespa bank, which is the tallest building in Sao Paulo. I was really scared at first, but once I got out onto the balcony and saw the gorgeous view I didn't want to leave! I got some really nice pictures. We also visited Gauraja and Santos one day on the weekend, they have beautiful beaches. I actually went swimming in the freezing cold water - but I didn't care! Hey.. I was in Brazil! The streetkids that we worked with in the missions were homeless and had left home mostly because their parents abuse drugs or they're so poor they can't afford to take care of them anymore. It's sad because a lot of the kids resort to crack and huffing glue(which I saw) Mary translated a lot of the portugese for me so I could speak with some of the kids. It was nice .. I found out we had a lot in common music-wise and they wanted to know a lot about America. Eating rice and beans twice a day really wasn't my thing so I am extremely glad to live at home, in the states. It's amazing how much I missed fast food. The shopping was pretty cheap. The US dollar is worth $3 in Brazilian money. So that worked out well. My favorite thing in Brazil was a soda called "Guarana"! I drank it almost every day with every meal I ate. I even brought some home for everyone to try!.

I hope to go back and visit Brazil next year. Stephen is going to have his own church down there.. He's finishing up becoming a priest right now soo I hope to get down there again!.


*me in brAzil - drinkin' coconut water in Gauraja
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SO Vogue* [17 May 2004|07:25pm]

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* life [28 Apr 2004|01:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | my band / eminem ]

This is the first week back to school since spring break and I must say it's goin' by fast! Spring break was alright.. I got to spend some time w/Ashley, Ryan + Becca =) .. Went to a party at Lexi's that got busted. I got viral laryngitus... But I'm okay now! I broke up w/Adam. We're trying to work things out now. Which I'm happy about. I miss him.. It went from us being together all the time to seeing each other 2-3 times a week. It's good though, alone time is good! *shaytime* =)

So I got my ticket / passport for Brazil. I leave June 10th! yay. I'm way siked! Now all I have to do is apply for my visa and wait for that to process and be sent back to me.

I talked to Ric (producer) and he's supposed to be getting a hold of the guy whose house we recorded one of my songs in last summer. I want my demo!

One totally awesome thing, I'm getting my modeling portfolio done this summer! *woo. The time has come..

Still workin' at DnD's .. However, I did go (just yesterday) and filled out an application at the Weathervane for a waitressing job.

SAT's this Saturday.. >:o[


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As I Mature.. [08 Apr 2004|05:04pm]
I've learned that you cannot make
someone love you. All you can do is
stalk them and hope they panic and give in.

I've learned that no matter how much I care,
some people are just assholes.

I've learned that it takes years
to build up trust, and it only takes
suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.

I've learned that you can get by
on charm for about fifteen minutes.
After that, you'd better have a big willy
or huge boobs.

I've learned that you shouldn't
compare yourself to others - they are
more screwed up than you think.

I've learned that you can keep vomiting
long after you think you're finished.

I've learned that we are responsible
for what we do, unless we are celebrities.

I've learned that regardless of
how hot and steamy a relationship is at
first, the passion fades, and there had better
be a lot of money to take its place!

I've learned that the people you care most
about in life are taken from you too soon
and all the less important ones just never go away.
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spring is in the air ... [26 Mar 2004|12:19pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | "tipsy"-jkwon ]

Last Saturday was supposed to be the first day of spring .. But it isn't exactly showing yet. It's actually kinda gray out! *uhh*

Adam got a new two-door, black Honda 5-speed. The old Honda shit the bed.. It's actually quite nice. I'm gonna buy his cd player off of him for my car. =) Yeahh, I'm sick of listenin' to tapes all the time.

I finally saw "Gigli" - it's SO good. And I started to watch "How To Deal" w/Mandy Moore last night but me and Adam fell asleep.. hmm.

I guess I'm just gonna pick Adam up from work and then get our paychecks. Helpin' Lexi get shit together for the party and then hanging o/w Kota, Mike & Kels for a few tonight .. Then back over to Lexi's. She's supposed to be throwin' a party cause he mom's outta town.

Me & Eli are hangin' out tomorrow night! I'm so excited.. Her and I haven't done anything in SO long. We're gonna go see "Dawn of the Dead" w/her Ma!. =)


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. goddess . [03 Mar 2004|09:06am]
Your a goddess! Forget angels, its all about you.
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such beauty never knwon. They are very kind and
good leaders, but can tend to be a little lazy,
jealous, greedy, and obnoxious.

What Kind of ANGEL are you?
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busy week * [03 Mar 2004|09:01am]
[ mood | energetic ]

This week we have MEA testing at school. That means 4 out of the 5 days this week I have to sit in a stuffy overcrowded room with my fellow junior classmates and take a mandatory state test that really means nothing and won't benefit my future in any way whatsoever. Soo.. what fun!

Spirit week starts on Friday! *yess* I'm quite excited. =) We get to cheer and do our routine at the kickoff assembly. Friday is Rival Team day, and juniors have Cony so we have to wear red + white. Our class theme is Robin Hood (?) Why. haha. w/e.

I had an interview with The Weathervane seafood restaurant yesterday. They offered me a job, but since I JUST started Dunkin Donuts I think I'm going to stick there for a while and maybe pick up a part time job at the Weathervane this summer.

Sunday I'm going to have some pictures done. I'm finally goin' to send out my demo. It's about damn time! I'm sending it to Interlude Ent. [ ] Good luck to me.

_. shAy

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. so in love . [21 Feb 2004|09:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Vaca. is over in 2 days! It's SO hard to believe .. it's gone by too fast. I worked a lot this past week too. My insurance is due next Thurs. and my check was only $110 I'm pretty much screwed.. I don't even have enough in my savings account to cover what I'm going to owe the insurance company. I guess it'll have to be late .. =(

Cheering is pretty much over. Our banquet is the 25th .. I'm gonna miss bein' w/my girls !

Adam - I love the kid SO damn much. He's just like perfect =) *aweeee* He's just flawless..

I'm trying to learn portugese too .. It's pretty damn hard. Some of the words are like spanish .. But the accent is different. *uhhh* In time..

So In Love,

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i cry because... [16 Feb 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Why do you cry?

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My day off. [16 Feb 2004|01:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I started workin' at Dunkin Donuts last Tuesday! It's actually going pretty good =) Adam got me the job. We had to work together for 6 hrs. yesterday. Weird? Yes! I thought we were going to fight but everything was good. I have a week vaca. from school too.. So, I'm getting like 30 hours in this week. Hopefully I'll make enough to pay for my car insurance which is due the 26th. Rip off. Let me tell you.. It's like $157/month! BS!

So I'm applying for my passport this week to go to Brazil. The g'rents are paying for my trip. I'm goin' w/my godparents, EJ & Ben. We're going to for 2 wks. It should be an interesting trip. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the culture and I want to learn some basic portugese before I go there.

Everything is going alright. I got my car. =) woo! The power steering went out this morning because it was SO cold out.. hmm.

Oh gawd.. Last weekend.. Brit and I are on our way to Bangor/Hampden to party with some ole friends. It's snowing out REALLY bad.. I'm goin' like 70 mph like a dumbass.. and the 45 mph sign is blinking. Well! We're halfway there and my car starts doin' 360's on 95. Then we go backwards into a 30 ft. DEEP ditch. This woman, Jackie stopped and let us use her cell and then the cop came and we sat with him for an hour or so. He let us play solitaire on his computer(didn't know cops had computers in their cars?) Then the tow man finally arrived.. We had to get towed out. I was freakin' because I didn't know how I was goin' to pay for the tow. Luckily, Brit knew the guy that came to tow us out and we drove back home. Crazy night! haha.

<3: shAy

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wooo.. [21 Oct 2003|08:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Took PSAT's today! Wow .. I think I got 5 quest's right .. I skipped SO many! =( ohh well ..

I got a job! Workin' at JC Penney's now[start Nov. 17th] .. hehe. YEP, THAT'S RIGHT!! I had an interview with Claire's too and I'm pretty sure I would've been hired.. but Augusta is too far away and frankly, I dont have a car! When I can save enough for a car from workin' at Penney's I'll just quit and go there! haha .. YEAH!

Soo .. Jake and I hung out today. *yay* Tons 'o fun I must say. Actually, it was really awkward! .. It was the first time we've done anything in quite a long time..

I didn't even get to see Steve while he was here! *not fair* But .. he said I can go visit him anytime! =) I am plannin' on it too .. Maybe Thanksgiving? He'll be home for XMas if not .

Fall cheering ends this Saturday! It's the last football game. We play Lawrence. *good luck to us* We've won one game ALL SEASON! That's f'ed up! ..

Sunday - I took a road trip to Bangor all by myself! hehe .. I felt SO grown up! Well, I picked Becca up when I got to Hampden .. but still Wtvl to Hampden is pretty damn far! It was fun .. I jammed to country to the whole way there and back! .. *wooo*

night night.

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i AM jealous * - so what? [08 Oct 2003|02:49pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | yeah toast / bob and tom ]

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. cough cough . [07 Oct 2003|12:50pm]
[ mood | sick ]

The whole squad is sick! =( Even JoJo(coach)! I hope we all get bettah before Sat. (homecoming game) ..

Half a day left of school tomorrow, for this entire week! *yess!* Then I'm goin' to Hampden to visit w/the good ole g'rents. hooray.

It's really startin' to get cold outside.. I hate winter.

Steve is supposed to be comin' to Maine on the 13th!.. *hehehee* .. Ooo . =) All I can say is .. "Can't waitt!"

shay shay

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rah rah rah [06 Oct 2003|04:14pm]

which stereotype are you?
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.. chillen .. alone [06 Oct 2003|04:07pm]
[ mood | high ]

You have a pretty side of your face.
Mine if left like mom
Not right scary like dad
My body looks very skinny
I can really see through the mirror
I'm fucked and I have to leave soon
Jammin out to B. Marley
I wait for him to come and find the truth
My broken heart
There she goes
Drop Drop
My pink sweater is still wet
All Night, Night and Day
(no noo no no) (woo woo wooo woo)
If it's all night Gotta be all right

I <3 bob

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