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closed.. [20 Feb 2004|03:19pm]
[ mood | calm ]

sorry, i guess this has been odvious for months but my journal is offically closed.
i might be around from time to time to comment on whoever is still writing but i dont feel up to writing anymore.

r a c h e L


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[08 Oct 2003|06:43pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | The remedy ]

okkkkkkkkkkk sarah........you can stop screaming now. i am UPDATING arnt youuuuuu happy. ;)
i hate this. since when is soccer scrimages more important than puting you players on the feild? while he plays and has a blast, we sit on the sidelines waiting for him to sub us 25 mintues into the scrimage. kool. thanks.
and i really love how he makes the four of us do 3 minute runs beacse wat-one person onmy team didnt get a head? perry and anna headed it like 5 times but it jut didnt go in, and i GOT it in, just like EVERYONE else, but beacuse THEIR heads went in or the PARNTERS heads went in their suddenly better than us? i know im just ranting, dont commet i probally wont care 2morro
and i deffinatly love how im failing 2 classes but i cant stay after for ANYTHING or else i wont get palyed in the 1st half of the next game woo..
and i also love how the fucking freshmen in Orchestra make me get music for them when they use my OWN folder even tho hum...there are EXTRA viola folders?!?! woooo yeaaaaaa

let seeeeee i have like a throught virus, my mom has wat mia has (throwing up n sore throught) so i really hope i dont get that...uhgg
game on friday, we didnt have one all week, so of course we've been running tons and hes been getting on my nerves
yea so i agree with Meagan's away "ahhh if one more bad thing happens i might explode"
ummmmm leave love, i need to cheer up.
AHHHHHHH what can i get perry and linsday for their birthday party????????

im tired. this is a mean entry i know im sorry...
braces off in 23 days

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[21 Sep 2003|10:35am]
I have really been trying to get myself back on blurty, but really i just cant. After i took a break at the end of the summer I stopped sitting at the computer for hours at a time. My classes this year require a lot of work and time and effort and i just dont feel like i can keep up with blurty. Im not leaving, im just saying that i wont be able to update everyday...the most i will is probally a couple times a week, or if anything happens. I aslo odviously wont be commenting as much. I still read my friends entries, althought i comment less and less because it takes so long. If you cut me i understand, but as it seems I wasnt getting that many comments either, maybe you can see where im comen from.

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good bye for now... [20 Aug 2003|01:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hey guys, i know ive been very lazy recently...i kinda wanted to take a break for the rest of the summer (a week and 1/2) to enjoy the hot days before their over...i'll be back when school starts so PLEASE dont take me off your friends list! i will resume writing and commenting soon...also im kinda learning how to make layouts and bg's so we'll see how that goes ;)
talk to yah all soon

IM BACK...i will be updating and commenting again ;)
much love,

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access denied... [30 Jun 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Fighterrr ]

Yes its true...
You've come across yet another friends only journal


o01. Comment to be added, add me, and i'll add you back
o02. Comment on my journal as much as you can
o03. Be nice & have fun =)

punkiish_ness fromgraphics_ for my Hilary Duff layout .o3 that i loveeeee ;) ((thanks!))
femininity for my "and dance like no one is watching" layout v.o2
cruatog from qraphics for my hilary Friends Only Sign

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