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make it clap!*` [18 Dec 2002|05:05pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | work it-missy elliot ]

What's Your Bedroom Personality? (For Her)

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What swear word are you?

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Puppies...which one are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

today was okay...same ol skool day. i want this week to be over!! cause then its xmas break! woo hoo! i dont wanna go to skool tomorrow :P i might not go..or go in late. i dunno which one yet. cause i have a test in history which will probably be another D for me soo...oh well. anyways. i posted some quizzes so all u lovely people can take some quizzes...well i dont really think anyone reads my journal!! rawr! >:O !! well...i would enjoy reading some comments so why dont u people leave me some. k thanks. :D well im so bored. im really tired too. i was like falling asleep today in history. i really wanted to sleep but i wouldnt want marker all over my face. :p !!!! its such a boring ass class.. haha that rymes! but yeah all he does is talk and talk and brittany eek is soooooooo annoying. i think angie might kill her :x haha! well i think i might take a nap or something. omg in english we were watching romeo and juliet..the newer version... and i am in love with leonardo decaprio!<33 he is so hot in that movie! i wanna lick him :p LOL!!! and matt boyder...oh god! i could just lick that hot ass...omg im sick! but thats okay cause they are both hotter then u could ever imagine! woo! well now i think im gonna go!
****7 days till christmas!!!!! ommfg!!!! wooooo!!!!!!!!!!****


yoo [17 Dec 2002|07:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | none ]


Time: 5:56 pm

Mood: confused

Eating: my pen :D

Drinking:Dr. Pepper

Clothes: etnies sweatshirt and jeans

Thinking: about you

Wanting: u

Weather: chilly

Loving: mary

Hating: crusty boogies/snots :x

Watching: nothing..the monitor as I type..lol


What color are your walls: orange

What does your room look like: messy, cool, a fun place to chill

What are your favorite pictures you own: the ones of mary

What are you wearing right now: i believe i already answered that

What kinda shoes: my vanz

What's that good stuff I smell: meee!*` :)

What do your sheets look like on your bed: they are red

What other stuff is on your bed: some blankies, 4 pillows, my body pillow, my spongebob blankey, and i think thats it.

What is always right next to your bed: a bottle of water, lipgloss, my vanilla candle, and a lamp

What would describe you in one word: weird :|

Most overused phrase: "okay"

What's all on your wall in your room: zillions of pictures, shelves with more pictures, my siesta hat, and thats it i think

What do you think about before sleep: usually mary

Do you pray: only on holiday dinners :x

Are you an athiest: i dunno..no?

Have any diseases: i hope not

Have any disorders: no

What would you wish for: umm...to have a fun happy and wonderful life

Do drugs regulary: not really

Drink like a lonely 40yr old male at a bar:  hell no

What song describes you best: bouncin off the walls-sugarcult (haha)

Your oldest boyfriend/girlfriend: what do u mean by oldest? im so confused!?

Funniest memory: well theres so many..but one really funny one was like at the beginning of last year, me mary stephanie and tay went ding dong ditching and we broke every fence and steph fell on her face in the middle of the road. haha. and then me mary ang and kass went a threw snowballs at peoples windows haha. and then when me and ash were thugs walkin down sleepy hollow road haha. and there are soo many more but these are recent ones...oh and u cant forget about the picture taking during flex! haha! i've never laughed so hard!

Saddest memory: when my cat died and when me and mary were in a fight :(

Scariest memory: um...i cant think of one right now.

Happiest memory: when mary slept in my bed (lol mary wrote this one...not me!) but for real, it would probably be my first kiss. :)

Best Sexual memory: oh u know

An Awkward memory: i dont know?

Best memory: february 1st!! (haha steph me and u were soo scared!) that was the best night!!

You're looking foward to: growing up

You're not looking forward to: growing up

What are you doing online: talking to people and filling this out

Who are you talking to: chris adam angie mary charlie and brittney

Favorite bands: sum 41, well i like a lot of solo people soo...well sum 41 counts so there.

Favorite local bands: i dunno?

Band that writes the best lyrics: um..i dunno.

Band you'd be a groupie for: ? im not diggin these questions.

Ever done anything with a banana besides eating it: oh u bet!

Had sex more then once in a period of 5 hours: yeah 5 times..im definitly joking :x

Do you like humping things: oh u bet...NOT

Ever stuck your tounge out and wink at a hot girl/guy that passed: maybe... ;D

Do you bark out the window: yeah all the time in the summer!

What are you addicted to: ravioli, cheesecake, wendies, sleeping, aol, nelly<33

Have any obsessions: hehe maybe

Current annoyance: theres nothing on tv and this thing is really lloonngg

Last GOOD concert you've been to: umm if the one at warp counts?

What do you collect: um nothing really

Have the police ever been to your house because of you? nope. im a good child. o-:)

Ever have to do community service ETC: nope

Where's your computer at: well im on the one in the office

What's all on your desk: the comput, my dasani bottle, nail polish, and phone

What's behind you: a bookshelf type thing

Do you have a job: no

Where do you go to school: HDJ woo hoo

Do you excersise reguarly: well in gym class, yes..but i dont go to the gym anymore even though i should.

What's hanging from your ceiling: an awesome fan

Friends/People Who..

Sits at your lunch table: we sit on the floor...in a door way--its me, mary, kassie, ANGIE!, sam, tay, ash, steph, britt, and i think thats all that fits haha

Last person to make your heart fall to your feet: i dont even remember

Last person you were in love with: i dont even remember

Makes you piss yourself laughing: umm..everyone could if they tried

Annoys you: brittany eek..siiick haha ang

Is a pervert: i dont wanna know

You miss the most: i dunno

Were in a car with: ang, britt, t, derek

Was over your house last: jimmy jesse and phil

You haven't talked to in months: oh gosh i dunno

Makes you horny: you.

Last person you went to a show with: i dont remember

Last person you kissed: phil i think

Last persons house you were at: brittneys

Last person that IMed you: chris

You want to die: no one...possibly brittany eek

You can tell anything to: mary

You're going to call tonite: no one its kinda late

Last person you emailed: all the gals

You look like: no one that i know of

You wish you looked like: i dunno...

Acts like you the most: i dont know, you tell me.

Has changed the most: i dont know...could be many people.

Is a good friend you never get to see: taylor

Are you most likely to marry: who knows

Do you talk to online but not in person: i talk to everyone

Has the nicest ass: thats classified information

Nicest eyes: hot ass matt boyder

Guy that has nicest hair: same as above becuase i cant think of anyone else right now.

Girl that has nicest hair: mrry kassie

Have you ever..

Lied about your age: yeah

Broke the law: maybe

Cried in public: yeah

Commited suicide: well if i did i would not be fillin this gay ass thing out.

Ran away from home: when i was little i used to pack my back pack and tell my mom i was running away and i would make it half way down the street and go back home. heh :D

Ran away from home and got caught: nope

Been attracted to the same sex: no

Kissed/ETC member of the same sex: no

Drank a whole bottle of Barcadi 151: no

Puked from drug usage: no

Puked from alcohol usage: no

Made yourself puke: no

Been to jail: nope

Been to a psychiatric ward: no

Got drunk/high at or before work/school: nope but ive gotten the offer

Got your foot stuck in a chair: yeah :(

Went for 3 days without showering: nope thats pretty gross

Saved unusal things from someone: yeah

Stalked someone: haha noo

Partied for a week straight: no

Been fucked up for a week straight: no

Been in an ambulance: no

If so: when/for what: _______

Pissed yourself: haha probably

Painted your nails black: with a permanent marker haha

Thought you were a bird: maybe... :]

Chased a bird: um i guess

Almost killed a bird: nope

Been stuck somewhere: im sure i have?

Made a screen name with someones name in it: no thats pretty gay

Slept with someone over 18: noooope

Drank slimfast: yeah

Snorted when you laughed: haha yeah but not as much as mary

[eight songs that get stuck in your head frequently]
1. make it clap-busta rymes
2. bouncing off the walls-sugarcult
3. work it-missy elliot
4. i'd do anything-simple plan
5. i feel fine- riddlin kids
6. booty bounce
7. lifestyles of the rich and the famous- GC
8. cowgirl-bambee

[four beverages you drink frequently]
1. water
2. dr pepper
3. juice boxes
4. vanilla coke

[four things to do when you're bored]
1. sit on aol
2. listen to music
3. watch tv
4. eat

[four things that never fail to cheer you up]
1. a good joke
2. good friends
3. remembering old times
4. a really big hug<3

1. went to skool
2. went to the mall
3. maybe going to the game

[seven things you love]
1. nelly
2. friends
3. dr pepper
4. doritos
5. music
6. tv
7. comfy couches :)

[seven things you hate]
1. hard rock/heavy metal
2. this town
3. lettus
4. brown
5. christmas shopping
6. courderoy
7. skool(the class part)

[seven things on your desk]
1. computer
2. phone
3. subway cup
4. paper
5. marker
6. pen
7. 2 nailpolish bottles

[seven facts about you]
1. im rachel :D
2. i like the color orange
3. i <3 my gals
4. people say im weird :x
5. love and basketball is my fav. movie
6. things i'll never say, by avril lavigne is my fav. song
7. i hate lettus and tomatos :p

[nine things you like about the opposite sex]
1. smile
2. personality
3. style
4. teeth
5. hair
6. shoes :) hehe
7. laugh
8. good sense of humor
9. scent--gotta smell good :D

[four things you would eat on the last day of your life]
1. pizza hut pizza
2. krispy kremes
3. mac & cheese-the spongebob kind
4. hot fudge sunday from dairy queen

[four cds from your collection that you will never get tired of]
1. nelly-country grammar
2. nelly-nellyville
3. avril lavigne-let go
4. sum 41-all filler no killer

[FOUR celebrities you want to hug.]
1. nelly
2. josh hartnett
3. freddie prinze jr
4.leonardo decaprio(im watching romeo and juliet in english and he is so hot, i just wanna lick him :P )


grrr [15 Dec 2002|02:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | a christmas story-on tv :D ]

hey here are some quizzes. try not to have too much fun!!

lucky you. you were what every child should be.
carefree. optimistic. and happy.
what kind of child were you?
(brought you by april)

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?
quiz, by Angel.

Don't Be Fooleed.. Being Preppy Is Hard Work!
Which of My New Abercrombie Shirts Are You?


what up dogg [12 Dec 2002|06:17pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | rugrats is on tv :D ]

hey kids. nothing new here. i thought i would update though because i havent in a long time. i have a stupid ass commentary to do. me and mary were going to go snowboarding but we might go on saturday insted. :x well i have to go get this done.



blehhh [08 Dec 2002|04:33pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | nothin :( ]

hey everyone. hows it goin? everythigs going good here i guess.
i guess i can tell everyone about my exciting weekend...

After skool mary angie and sam came over. we didnt know what we were going to do but mary and angie wanted to go to the game. charlie called and said he wanted us to to go the movies but we ended up just going to the game. i didnt really want to go but i ended up going and i guess it was fun. but it wasnt a BLAST. then we slept at kassies and that was fun...but all of our sleepovers are fun!! :D
We went to angies and then we went to brents house. brents a funny kid but it was boring there. me and mary left early because we were bored...we werent mad or anything. but when we were there like angie and kassie left with t and other guys and it was me mary lindsay brent and this girl amanda and it was fun cause we were sitting there in the dark (with a little light from brents dirty fishtank) and we were just talking. and out of no where the tv turned on but it was like a distorted picture kinda. omg it was so scarey!! mary was like screaming her ass off. LOL!! it was really funny. but yeah so me and we came back to my house and ate pizza then we just laid in my room and talked and she left at like 11:30. then i went to bed.
i got a xmas tree. and i just sat around...being lazy. :) and that was my day.

well i dont have much more to say.



hey [07 Dec 2002|04:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | justin timberlake-cry me a river ]

hey im getting ready nd gong to angies! sorry so short!


hey [01 Dec 2002|07:12pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | none ]

hey kiddies. im bored so heres this : hehe ang i stole it ;D (i ruv u!)

x. name = rachel
x. birthday = february 5
x. piercings = none :[
x. tattoos = none :[
x. height = umm 5 somethin
x. shoe size = 8-8.5
x. hair color = blonde turning to brownish i guess
x. length = a little past the chin region
x. siblings = 1 brother
x. pets = tutu my dog and quincy my kitty
x. movie you rented = um there was 6 and i dont remember
x. movie you bought = i dont remember
x. song you listened to = i'd do anything-simple plan
x. song that was stuck in your head = ?? ah i dont remember
x. song you've downloaded = i feel fine, bouncin off the walls, and my friends over u-by ang
x. cd you bought = oh i dont remember geez
x. person you've called = mary or angie, i cant remember
x. person that's called you = mary i believe
x. tv show you've watched = none, ive been watchin mooovies.

x. you have a bf or gf = no
x. you have a crush on someone = not at the moment
x. you wish you could live somewhere else = at times
x. you think about suicide = never
x. you want more piercings = maybe.
x. you want more tattoos = i'd like to get one first
x. you drink = sometimes
x. you do drugs = not as much as i used to
x. you smoke = no--no point to it
x. you like cleaning = no it sucks, my room is a mess :x
x. you like roller coasters = yeah! whoever doesnt is...retarted
x. you write in cursive or print = both
x. you carry a donor card = i dont believe i do.

for or against
x. long distance relationships = ah, against
x. using someone = against
x. suicide = against
x. killing people = against
x. teenage smoking = against
x. doing drugs = against
x. premarital sex = hmm...i guess it all depends
x. driving drunk = against !! --its the stupidest thing u could ever do
x. gay/lesbian relationships = if its what u like then i say more power to ya. haha
x. soap operas = okay, soap operas and retarted. -against-
x. food = i love it all!! ;D
x. song = i'd do anything-simple plan
x. thing to do = chillax with my pals :)
x. thing to talk about = sex and shxt-with mar ang and kass ;) hehe
x. sports = futeball
x. drinks = dr pepper for life!! haha
x. clothes = jeans and any ol hoodie is perfect!
x. movies = saving silverman, a christmas story, and many more that im too lazy to type.
x. band = i dunno...theres plenty
x. holiday = christmas, new years
x. cars = dark red spyder, silver mustang
x. ever cried over a girl = plenty of times
x. ever lied to someone = yeah..
x. ever been in a fist fight = not a real one
x. ever been arrested = no, i am good :D

x. shampoo do you use = panteen pro-v
x. perfume do you use = either: happy, abrcrombie & fitch, abercrombie 8, holister, or tommy girl
x. shoes do you wear = my vans<33 or sometimes my brown shoes
x. are you scared of = sitting on santas lap at the mall !! :x

x. of times I have been in love? = well...i dont know, possibly once or twice.
x. of times I have had my heart broken? = too many to count
x. of hearts I have broken? = i dont know...hopefully not too many
x. of boys I have kissed? = i dont keep tallies so i dont remember
x. of men I've slept with? = zer0
x. of girls I've slept with? = okay none !!
x. of continents I have lived in? = 1
x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = i believe 3 :]
x. of people I consider my enemies? = none ::wink wink:: ;D
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = i have no idea
x. of scars on my body? = i have no idea
x. of things in my past that I regret? = not enough fingers to count them on.

hope u had tons of fun reading cause i know i had tons of fun typing all this. i spent all this time typing all this and i bet there will be no one reading!! ****comment and ill love you forever!!****



yoooo [30 Nov 2002|03:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | none ]

once again, ive made a new one!! woo hoo!
sorry this is so short!



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