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[27 Apr 2003|11:05am]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Celien Dion - all by myself ]

last night totally suxd! * didnt do anything but sit here in this chair :\ * the good points of last night were - my ankle got to "heal" more * i talked to Liv a lot, so that made me happier! ::kiss:: * i got pictures off of Steve * and i re-did my layout and made a new s/n * i guess i got a lot accomplished or whatnot * idunno * i just hate it how if i wanna go somewhere, and my friends dont have money or whatnot...i wont just leave them at home alone , id stay home with them and do sumthing different * but yet, no.....my friends wont do that * bitches * oh yeah! and yesterday, i went to Angela's play (( West Side Story )) and afterwards she asked me Kristynn n Chelsea if we wanted to come to a ' cast party ' alittle later * and she said she`d call me...* um, she NEVER called, nor did Chelsea tell me that she was going * and i called Chelsea's house and Christa (( CHelsea little sister )) told me she went to a party with Angela * um yeah okay * gr8 friends right? * im sick of always gettin ditched like this its fukin bullshit * oh yeah and all my friends who are reading this, i dont care if you get mad at me, cause all that ^ up there, its the TRUTH and ya`ll cant get mad at me for stating the truth

for any of you who have my x1 carolynn 1x s/n - i changed it too GC RaWkZ mi SoX

p.s.- i feel a friend cut coming on....so if you dont comment a lot, safe your ass now and do so *
Carolynn <3

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[26 Apr 2003|08:15pm]
my handwriting from like..... a month ago.....i sorta changed! lol *

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[26 Apr 2003|07:50pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Bowling for Soup - girl all the bad guys want ]

do you girls remember ' Steve ' ? i usta talk about how i liked him alot! lol, well heres a pic of him...* its kinda, um...not that gr8 but hey! lol *

hes a "sk8r" kid * lol gotta love him!

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[26 Apr 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | 5o Cent feat. Lil Kim - magic stick ]

wth! all my fukin friends are going to the "rec" and i have no money to go * and yet, they`re all still going * if one of my friends didnt have money to go somewhere, i definately would stay home with them * but not MY friends * what jerks * oh and fucking CRAIG! omg * the kid flipped on me for askin a fucking question TWICE * i asked first and he never answered and then i asked another time and he FLIPPED on me - look*

x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:32:45 PM): r u goin 2 the rec ?
L i L o W e N 5 (6:32:57 PM): OMFG!
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:33:01 PM): ah
L i L o W e N 5 (6:33:04 PM): I DONT KNO!!
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:33:09 PM): jesus christ
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:33:33 PM): i asked a mutha effin question
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:33:37 PM): calm ur nerves kid
L i L o W e N 5 (6:33:43 PM): like 5 times
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:33:50 PM): nuh uh
L i L o W e N 5 (6:33:51 PM): y do u need to kno wut im doin 2nite so bad
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:34:03 PM): omg y the hell is every1 bein so mean 2 me
L i L o W e N 5 (6:34:20 PM): coz u ask ?'s like 5 times
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:35:07 PM): you never answered
L i L o W e N 5 (6:35:20 PM): i said i dont kno
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:37:28 PM): i asked twice hun
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:37:36 PM): and u never gave an answer the first time
L i L o W e N 5 (6:37:51 PM): maybe i dont want u to kno fuckhead
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:37:59 PM): omg
L i L o W e N 5 (6:38:07 PM): ur so fuckin annoyin
x1 CaRoLyNn 1x (6:38:16 PM): thanks
L i L o W e N 5 (6:38:21 PM): ur welcom

yeah! and the kids saposta b mi fukin best friend? i dun THINK so ! *

im goin out with Tara...fuck yous *


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[26 Apr 2003|04:58pm]

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[26 Apr 2003|09:22am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Mariah Carey - breakdown ]

** ight girls....i need alil help :'( **

i just made an imagestation account...* and i was tryin to put a sign thing that sum1 made me, into my info...* but, if you look...it has that little box thing? * if someone could PLEASE help me....PLEEEEAASSSSE *
xOx---> Carolynn

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[25 Apr 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | Tyrese- how u guna act like that ]

- went 2 the firehouse 2night - it was pretti good considering me n Amber almost killed sum people * no names * dude....bobby Gardiner is really startin 2 piss me off * he KNOWS i like him, and like...he`ll flirt wit me alil but...he flirts with Kristynn n Nichole SO much * o and he asked Amber out ! :'( * AND he asked Kristynn to dance with him * even thou they both turned him down cause they know i like him (( love u girls ! )) * I danced with jerry like...4 times i think it was * and we were all huggin n stuff * i kinda liked bein held like dat :\ * i just hate it cuz i know he likes me...and i TRY to like him, but...i just DONT ! * :'( * bobby kissed me on the cheeck when i was dancnin with Jerry * i tried to b mad at bobby but when he turned around omg my smile hadda b a wide as my friggen face! * i was like weeh! * and jerry was like " what just happened" and i was like, " o nothin" and i put my head back on his shoulder * lol pretti funni * Ambers uncle n aunt r freggin GR8! lol * i have softball 2morrow but, i cant run! * w0ot ! hah hah sux for them * guess they need a new 1st base GIRL * ::laughs:: *

i wonder wut ima go 2morrow night * 10 dollars says Amber comes over and we do sumthin with Jerry n Cory * lol * ill update later, * gotta go comment! *
xOx ----> Carolynn

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[25 Apr 2003|05:10pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | 50 feat Em - patiently waiting ]

- i didnt go to school 2daii until the end of lunch....* long story why...* everythin was iight for the 3 periods! lol *

i realli hope im allowed to go to the firehouse 2night cuz this morning my mom said i wasnt allowed because i went into school @ 12...* even thou shes the one who said i wasnt allowed 2 go ! * thank god my daddy came home n drove me! *

im gettin kinda sick of this layout.... ima change it !*
xOx---> Carolynn

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[24 Apr 2003|09:27pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Em - love me ]

- didnt gO tO schOOl 2daii! * yayness ! * i went to wOrk with my mOmmi! yay * it was funn, yet bOring * mOmmi wOrks in a pharmacy in taylOr hOsptial * heh *

had a sOftball game 2night...* we lOst again...* i gOt a triple! * but then stupid Mr Smith made me steal hOme...but yet, i didnt really steal it cuz, i gOt out * oh, and i attempted 2 slide ... and i ugh, didnt have my sliding pad on, and my leg kinda ended up behind my back * and i STILL was out! * rawrrr * lol * i realli hurt my ankle...* i actually started cryin * it was crazee * omg Lisas mOm is a NUT !* we were all listening to oldies on the way home and screaming out the windows n shit! * gr8! * ... i got home and my caller ID told me Bobby called...* i was like holy sherlock! * so i called him back...and i found out he called because Jerry wanted to see if i was madd at him (( jerry )) i was like :'( * lol *

i have other shit 2 say...but i cant because of the people that read this :\ *

xOx ---- > Carolynn

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[23 Apr 2003|09:25pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Em - hailies song ]

me cory and Richards walked up to Kristynn's Aunt's house (( where kristynn was babysitting )) it was pretty fun! got 2 b with Cory! yipee * lol....* Jerry kinda stole Kristynns cell phone and took Corys bike and rode off! * then he FINALLY came back and him n cory like, LEFT me to walk home all by myself :( * they were "late" * but um, i was late 2 AND i didnt have a bike! * loOosers! * rawrness *

Cory - " 300 dollar tool " - lol * much funn

xOx ----> Carolynn

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[23 Apr 2003|05:02pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | sum scary music ! ]

sry i didnt update yesterdaii *

well, last night, we lost our game :'( * lol its okay thou * i did pretti good actually * so did our whole team basically * it was um, 10-4 *

2daii -

lol 2daii was actually pretti goOd ! * we had an hour band practice after school (( 1 - 2 )) * Cory! yay * lol, then... Kristynn n Nichole had chorus, so i waited there and Cory and Jerry had to run home 2 Corys house real quick and they`d b back..* so then, after chorus Nichole n Kristynn had 8th grade memory book ! * so i was like...uGh * then finally Jerry n Cory came back! * yay ! * Jerry went to help dig the hole for the pond they`re building in the courtyard n Cory stayed with me ! * so then Lisa n Adrienne like LEFT memory boOk and so did Nichole Andrea and Angela so it was just Kristynn...* Mr. W said i could go in and help her..* that means im on memory book commitee now ! * w0ot * lol * it was funn! * got to look at pictures and listen to a bunch of funky music * Lisa and Adrienne came back and we were actin like the bunch of goof-balls that we r ! * hah * Jerry and Cory left around 3:15... * poopie heads! they coulda waited another 15 minutes for us ! * o well, they waited a LONG time! * lol * so, now im sittin here waiting for Cory and Jerry to come back from Corys * i dont have to go to school 2morrow ! * its bring ur kid 2 work daii or whatnot * hah YES ! * Friday is Mrs. Whiteners last daii (( shes havin a babii boii ! )) Mr Gardner's takin over the class :'( * im scared of him! * lol * well, 2morrow is our 2nd softball game! * PRAY for us! * hah hah * -- g2g....gotta pee! hah *

xOx ----- > Carolynn

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[21 Apr 2003|08:47pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Michelle Branch - pretty babii ]

FUCK ! okay, we have our first softball game of the season 2morro...* and...basically, we look like a bunch of fukin idiots makin fools of ourselves out there on the field * i mean, we have so mani strong players on our team, its just .... we need to learn how to work together as a team and stop bitchin and every1 for every mistake * i know i make mistakes 2... i make a lot of them, but ... if we're out on the field, laughing because someone just said something rude//funny about another team mate that they dont like...it distracks other players and they could get hurt...* not that i care if they get hurt (( lol )) but, i really would like 2 b really good this year * and we CAN b good! * and no, im not taking Courtney's side...and dont think i m ... * im not taking anyones side.. * but, thats just how i feel *

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[21 Apr 2003|04:05pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | umm sum song.. idk lol! * ]

back to school 2daii :'( *
1st period
(( Math )) - did work in this work book * everyone fought with Keith about how long it would take to count 2 umm some really high number..........i wasnt listening...* me and Angela talked about our 8th gr. dance dresses!*

2nd period
- Science... did 2 questions in text book..* then did this "lab" thing with paper, books, and 2 BALLS !* hah how awesome * w0ot * Laura drew me an anime thing lol !crazy

3rd period
- Literature - Kimble assigned groups for "groupwork" we have to do on a book we were supposed to read! * lol im with Dave ((:\ )) Kristynn ((:D)) and Adam (( :| )) * Sean stole my camera and took pictures of his work * good job ya idiot * lol love ya ! *

did our weeving things...::sigh::

Lunch *
took pictures, ate a cheese-steak and fries..* nothing exciting

5th period
Social Studies - talked about The War of 1812 * i shoulda paid more attention :\ * i was 2 busy fillin out a survey thing that i printed out for when i was bored lol *

6th period
Grammar//Creative Writing * talked about poems that we're submitting into a contest * i found Nichole and Lisa's note notebook..* read all the notes...nothing exciting*

7th period
Home Ec..nothin realli * took pictures, got beat up by Ray...* the normal! *

After school I waited with Lisa for chorus * then me n Kristynn walked over to the Deli and got cheese fries * mmm * then we waiting for her daddy 2 pick us up * w0ot *

i have softball 2night.....its saposta rain, hopefully it will! * we have our first game 2morrow! o>.
xOx ----- > Carolynn

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[20 Apr 2003|08:36pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Eminem - Hailies Song ]

i guess Easter '03 was okey dokey ! * chilled over my grandma's n hung with the family * around 8 i walked to WaWa with Nichole to pick up some bread ? lol * we saw Lisa n StephB there.... * Lisa threw sum sort of coin at me :'( I LOVE YOU 2 ! * lol *

well, off to school 2morro * im kinda glad , cuz i get 2 c everyone..* but then again, Chris wont b there :'( * its guna suck * but , ill get over it ! *

Starburst Skittles RAWK! *

xOx -----> Carolynn

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[20 Apr 2003|11:04am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | sum Eminem song ! ]

HaPpii EaSter ! *

happy easter gurlies! * yay! ... lol * um, 2daii .... i went 2 church at 9 * didnt get home till 10:20 ! * wow * there was madd people there...* anyway, * im goin over my Grandma's later on with my dads side of the family for like dinner n junk * i get 2 see all me family! w0ot * hah * nah, they're not that mad! * fun fun *

- new layout - .... idk, needed a change *

update when i get home frum Grandma's *
xOx ---- > Carolynn

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[19 Apr 2003|10:38pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Eminem - sing for the moment ]


went to see Mailaboo's (( i kno the sp. is wrong :\ )) Most Wanted * omg...it was HILLARIOUS! * wow * lol * Chris (( not the 8th grade dance Chris...a different one )) was there ! *- >.< -* oh and then, we were outside waitin for Kristynn's dad, and Steph Doc started flippin on Amber...* Amber started to cry..* ::sigh:: * anyway...

i have an internal conflict...* see, i dunno wHo would b better 2 like.....* because, i like Craig.....but he's like my BEST friend, and i know he'd never go out with me... :'( * but then, i like Chris (( not the 8th grade dance Chris...a different one )) but...he doesnt like me either ! * RAWR *
another reason why i shouldnt like Craig , is b/c another one of my b/f's like him 2....* ::sigh:: *

oh yeah! and yano how i said Chris was finishing out 8th grade at Glenolden...and how he could still take me 2 the dance? * well, now he's going to Ridley for the reast of 8th grade...* how fucked up? * RAWR ! *

xOx ----> Carolynn

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[19 Apr 2003|05:48pm]
[ mood | :\ - waiting ]
[ music | birdman song thing ]

* hah heh hah * woke up round....10:30 (( late for me ! )) * um, mommi took me 2 CVS....* i got a bunch of candii and hair dye! * w0ot * um, and a J14 magazine! * lots of Eminem ! * yayness * anyway...* after CVS, i had to go directly to stupid softball :'( * but.... Tara was there! *w0ot * and guess what? * i got 2 see my Krissyten!* YAY ! * shes all...tan, and im all.......not * its kinda sad..* i feel veri WHITE * :'( sad, but true * anyway! - * ah! * after softball Tara drove me kristynn nichole and amber 2 McDonalds...* oMg it was much funn! * w0otiez * um, then we decided to take a drive up to Tara's college and see some....stuff * LOL ! * HTBT sry * okay, um....Nichole couldnt come thou :'( * so, we had lots of fun! * um, now, Kristynn's here and Lisa'son her way....* they`re guna watch me dye my hair...* um, lots-o-funn right? * hmm * ::bored:: * lol * update on me (( me! hah )) night later ! * w0otie w0ot w0ot w0ot *

xOx------> Carolynn

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:D [18 Apr 2003|11:18pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Simple Plan- Christmas Lisa ]

- okay, 2daii was CRAZEE ! * i went out to Montgomery Mall with my mom n Aunt Nancy..* we had a blast * AND i got my dress! * its so pretti ! * i looked for a picture of it on DEB's shop site thing, but...there isnt one :'( * but, ill get someone to take pictures with a digatal and ill post them in here ASAP ! * okay, i know for a fact that Chris is still going to our school ! * yay ! * im so happi *

i went over Nicholes house 2night around 8:30 to help out Mrs. B with her blurty! * lol, it was funn * then Nichole came home (( yeah, nichole wasnt there when i went ! hah )) and we jus b.s.'ed around! *

Kristynn should b home now, but its kinda late (( 11:20 pm )) ehh! * i cant wait to see her ! * i missed her a lot! * ::hugs self:: * i just got finished another layout! * lol ... funn shit yo * hah * well, ima go work on the community! * ttyl *

<33 Carolynn

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-bOred- [18 Apr 2003|09:38am]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | cars ..vrumm vrumm ]

Name: Carolynn
Nicknames: Carr, Carrie, Carol, Funshine, Rolyn, Boo, Ma , Crayola
Sex: dOwn AsS byTcH
Birthday: December 2nd
Height: 5'11
Hair color: brownISH
Is your hair long or short: middle
Eye Color: bLuiSh grey
City born in: CheSter
Location now: GlenOlden * w0ot *
Siblings: 1...brOther (( nick, 23 ))
Parents married/divorced: rYte nOw, they`re probably in the middle * ::sigh::
Who are your closest friends: Kris,Nic,Ambz,Craig
Who makes you laugh the most?: Craig // Chelsea
Who knows the most about you?: Craig

Kindergarten: dont remember
1st Grade: Nick & Matt M
2nd Grade: Matt M & TimR
3rd Grade: Matt M
4th Grade: Matt B
5th Grade: SeanG. & Dan McS
6th Grade: Nick
7th Grade: 2 manii 2 naym
8th Grade: 2 manii 2 naym
Boy/girlfriend status: -sIngLe n haTin It-

Do you have a job: hAh
What are you scared of: a lot
Who's your role model: i dun realli have wun
Most interesting thing you've done this summer: dUnt remember
What store do you shop at the most: Aeropostale or no...Hot Topic
Have you ever done any drugs: nOpE
Do you collect anything: i dUnNo..nO
Are you a ditz: sumtimes

Day of the week: Friday or Saturday
Thing in your room: stero
Animal: monkey
Ice Cream: SniCkers or CoOkie dOugh
Drink: vanialla cOke or FRUIT PUNCH
Thing to do: jus ChiLL
Movies of all time: 10 things i hate about you ... save the last dance ... 2 manii mOre 2 naym
Hangout: I unnO PLaCes
Favorite pizza topping: jUs cheEse

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: geTTin oUta cOlleGe
If you could live anywhere: SeattLe (( lOts of Rain ))
What age do you want to get married: 25-29
How many kids do you want: 2
Girl's names: Khaylee Nichole
Boy's names: Jason Alexander

Been in love?: i thynk so :\
Lied?: oOo yeSh
Cheated on a test?:Yea lOL
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yAh...sRy DaVe! * hah hah *
Tied your shoes together?: naH
Eaten something with a lot of fat?: er yesh!

Worst feeling in the world: being rejected
Best feeling in the world: being loved, and accepted for who you are, not what other people want you 2 b
Whats the best GIFT? : -* a change *-
Can you define love?: nO
Do you get along with your parents?: nOt realli
Are you ticklish?: yes...

Do you glow in the dark: yeAh man! pretti fReaKy iF yaH aSk me ::giggleS::
Do you posses magical abilities: sometimes....when im mad, things MOVE
Do you keep your underwear & socks in the same drawer: yesh
Can you name all 4 Teletubbies: yeah! * umm... * Dipsy (?), LaLa, Po, Tinky Winky! * OH YEAH! *
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?: 2 manii 2 naym
Who do you really hate?: - no namez -
What are you addicted to?: stuff....:p
Do you like jewelry?: onlii a silver chain
Do you wear a watch?: nO
Did/Do you have braces?:nOpe! w0ot
Do you believe in God?: uSually
Do you believe in love at first sight?: yep
What are your favorite tv show(s)?: i like never watch TV ! hah *
What color tooth brush do you use?: baby blu n darker blu

Are you listening to any of your CDs at the moment: at the moment? no... KAZAA!
What are you listening to? Babyface- nobody knows it but meh
How are you doing, grade-wise, in school? im paSsIn.....
What songs are you digging?: 2 manii 2 naym
How are you feeling about your friends? I Love TheM!
What time is it? 10:00aM
Who do you think is your closest, true friend? hMm....idk!
Do you have a crush? yEs i do !
What celebrity do you have a thing for? Eminem//5o
What are you wearing? jamMies!
How do you feel about your school year so far? its reaLLi fuNn...but goiN 2 faSt
Are you single or attatched? Single
How are you feeling about yourself in general? im Fly...yaNo * hah hah *
What's pissing you off? everything :\
What are your goals? 2 manii 2 naym
What's something about school you love? boIiz
What's something about school you hate? sum teachers...-no names- ::cough:: BRACKIN ::cough:: *
What movie are you dying to see? duNno
What celebrity do you just want to slap? iD lyK to SlaP Eminem's aSs! hAh
Now what time is it? 10:06
Are you satisfied with your looks? nO
Are you smiling, frowning, or neither? smiling...becuz i ALWAYS smile...even when i crii
What was the last thing you ate? food? uMm prolly coOkie dough
Who are you talking to (if anyone)? Craig;Keith;MattR.
How are you feeling about this survey? its bOring mEh
Are you tired or energetic? neither
Are you happy or sad? neither

okay, i was bored...yet AGAIN! *

2 daii im goin shoppin for my 8th gr. dance dress ehhh :\ * im frightned * lol! * w0ot * ill update more later! * lyl*

<3 - Carolynn

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hMm [17 Apr 2003|10:37pm]
[ music | Eminem feat. 5o - love me ]

didnt do anything at ALL 2daii.... i didnt even leave my house! * lol, it was kinda nice thou! * softball got cancelled because it was madd cold out! hah ! * and to think i was in shorts and a tank top yesterday! * how effin craZeE * i played around on blurty alot 2 daii * did a lot of new journals and helped with peoples layouts! * w0otiE w0ot w0ot * i was sittin here...listening to Eminem * my name is * and then i listened to *superman * and i was like holy shit! * cuz his voice changed SO much! * i was like holy animals! * * lol anyway....*

i was thinkin.....yano how people "label" other people as a thug,punk,prep or what not ? * its weird, because im like all 3...* i dun get it * lol * anyway...*

mom n dad came home 2night around 10:30......* i dont get them * they`re like Ray and Chelsey * one daii, they`ll be so madd at eachother and then the next daii...they`re all like kissie kissie * its like MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS * i give this "happiness" till Easter morning...* they`ll prolly start fighting over like a jellybean or sumthin really important like that...*

lately, people have been getting on my nerves very easily..* and no im not PMS`in * lol ... * its weird...its just like " leave me the fuck alone ur pissin me off ! " * idk, mayb i should get conselling...(( sp?! lol )) * its like, i have so much anger inside....and thats totally not good * because i dont wanna take the anger out on someone i love, or myself :\ *

Carolynn -

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