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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

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    i always give in...
    so everytime i do these i always get addicted to those rating communities. well here we go again.

    it's 12:14 am now. I have an 8 o'clock 2D Design class, I really ought to head to bed. I think i'll go shower first. yea...

    i stabbed myself in the palm with a pencil today. i now have 2 places on my body where theres a graphite stain under my skin. wonderful.

    Current Mood: indifferent
    Current Music: "No one knows who I am" Jekyll & Hyde
    my first wednesday back...
    had 2D at 8am, spent the whole time watching people fall asleep sitting up. at one point durring the lecture i counted 8 people sleeping. it was brilliant. new assingment: still life, 30 or more objects, cluttered, with a theme. next week we'll have to start abstracting it in a vignette style composition. my only idea so far is a cluttered breakfast table. i just think it had a lot of fun shapes i could use. think bagels, oranges, eggs, coffee, newspaper, etc. we'll see. i'll put of pictures of my works in progress.

    3D design starts in 30 mins. sort of looking forward to it. sort of not. hopefully he wont keep us long today. i want to finish my structural drawing tonight.

    i had a couple people over this afternoon to work on structural together, around 1 in the afternoon. my roommate, who is up untill all hours of the night, making noise and keeping me up, had the nerve to come in and give us attitude for being too loud while she was trying to nap. well EXCUSE me for drawing to loud...

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    Currently on my desk....
    Presenting... My desk.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Current Mood: dorky
    Current Music: Whatevere shit my roommates playing...
    I've never considered myself to be terribly ugly.... I'm not am I? I really dont think so. Sure my skin could be nicer, my nose could be smaller, my cheeks could be thinner and I could be taller. But at least I'm healthy. My eyes are cool too.

    "Youre fuckin ugly." Really?

    Naw.... I'm going to bed...

    Current Mood: irritated

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