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Thursday.... [19 Jan 2006|08:45pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | "It Sucks to be me." Avenue Q ]

Well I got a job. I'll be assisting in the class room at Saturday Morning Art classes for little kids. It will be fun. How wholesome of me. I wont make much money, but it will be nice to have some spending money my mom cant monitor. My OWN money, even if its just alittle. I dont know what age group I'll be working with yet, but i'll find out as soon as I finish filling out my tax forms. Damn government stuff. I hate all these W4's and I-9's. I could be signing away my soul and I wouldnt know it.

As far as work for next summer I'm trying to get 2 jobs. One probably at Malley's Ice Cream parlor and I might get a job at my dad's showroom. That would be nice. If not that I'll get another restaurant job. :P Whatever I can get. I put in a bunch of applications.

All I have tomorrow is Figure Drawing at 8. I cant forget my ipod again. It was painful today getting through that class without any music. 3 hours in silence, staring at an old, naked, gay man named Francis. No kidding.

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Hmm... [18 Jan 2006|11:12pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

I've never considered myself to be terribly ugly.... I'm not am I? I really dont think so. Sure my skin could be nicer, my nose could be smaller, my cheeks could be thinner and I could be taller. But at least I'm healthy. My eyes are cool too.

"Youre fuckin ugly." Really?

Naw.... I'm going to bed...

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Currently on my desk.... [18 Jan 2006|05:54pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Whatevere shit my roommates playing... ]

Presenting... My desk.
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my first wednesday back... [18 Jan 2006|02:54pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

had 2D at 8am, spent the whole time watching people fall asleep sitting up. at one point durring the lecture i counted 8 people sleeping. it was brilliant. new assingment: still life, 30 or more objects, cluttered, with a theme. next week we'll have to start abstracting it in a vignette style composition. my only idea so far is a cluttered breakfast table. i just think it had a lot of fun shapes i could use. think bagels, oranges, eggs, coffee, newspaper, etc. we'll see. i'll put of pictures of my works in progress.

3D design starts in 30 mins. sort of looking forward to it. sort of not. hopefully he wont keep us long today. i want to finish my structural drawing tonight.

i had a couple people over this afternoon to work on structural together, around 1 in the afternoon. my roommate, who is up untill all hours of the night, making noise and keeping me up, had the nerve to come in and give us attitude for being too loud while she was trying to nap. well EXCUSE me for drawing to loud...

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i always give in... [18 Jan 2006|12:13am]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | "No one knows who I am" Jekyll & Hyde ]

so everytime i do these i always get addicted to those rating communities. well here we go again.

it's 12:14 am now. I have an 8 o'clock 2D Design class, I really ought to head to bed. I think i'll go shower first. yea...

i stabbed myself in the palm with a pencil today. i now have 2 places on my body where theres a graphite stain under my skin. wonderful.

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here we go again... [17 Jan 2006|09:25pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | "The Infanta" -The Decemberists ]

how many times do i start these things and promise myself ill keep it private from people i know in the real world and end up showing to someone and then going public with it, which then makes it pointless because i can no longer say everything i want to in it. well this time i'm putting my foot down. and all you people are going to hold me to it.

well here i am. the start of a new semester of my freshman year of art school. today was my frist day back in class. nothing special a new history class, a digital design class and structural drawing. all my new classes. i'm taking 8 classes this semester. i took 8 last semester too and managed to pull off president's list. making presidents list forced me to sacrifice any form of a social life. thats right, i have very few friends here. i dont count my roommates as friends, and why should i? they ignor me half the time anyways. i'm really not boring. at least i dont think i am.

i miss jared. that sounds so sappy and pathetic and it really is. but of course i miss him. hes a major part of my life and i dont know. i miss him. it will be 2 and a half years on February 15th.

i'll finish this up later.

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