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    Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
    9:24 pm
    Hello everyone who reads this. I'm sorry I have't updated in a while. I have a new journal. Here it is and I look forward to seeing you comments on it..
    Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
    7:49 am
    oh, yeah, jaded might be spendin the night tonight *hopes* well, ttyl!! byes!!

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    7:46 am
    ok, hey all! i'm quite sorry for the lack of updates... i've been rather buisy.. and in pain. well, i have to go to band practice in about 15 minutes.. so i'm gonna go now. i'll try and updte later..

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    Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
    4:45 pm
    ok, these are really odd!... AND TRUE!!!!!!!!
    ok, "4" is corin's fave #...i didn't plan this..

    Your Daily Numeroscope
    Life path Number: 4

    You feel the need to go down different paths these days and you may even go elsewhere to look for them... But the vibrations will call for you to calm down a bit Gravity, and be efficient to get tangible results. There's no point in running, just get started in time!

    Sun Sign: Gemini

    August 10, 2004
    What you tend to fear most is any deviation from the norm, or any slight delay or hitch in your schedule - in fact, the unknown in general. However, the planetary configuration is asking you to make a tough decision. You must either move into the unknown concerning a certain relationship, which will bring many changes, or stay put in your dry and dusty little corner.

    Your Daily Horoscope
    Sun Sign: Gemini
    Rising Sign: ?

    August 10, 2004 tomorrow
    A very deep conversation with someone close to you, perhaps a romantic partner, might bring about some surprising results - all positive - that you may not have been expecting, Gravity. You and your friend may have been dancing around these issues for a while, afraid to express them, but today they should burst forth in full flower. And you should be very, very happy with the outcome. Don't let your insecurities get the best of you. Follow your heart.

    Rising Sign Horoscope
    Sun Sign: Gemini
    Rising Sign: Gemini

    August 10, 2004
    For quite some time now, you may have held out for an ideal relationship or for your love life that you just haven't been able to reach. This ideal could encompass your very free concept of relationships, in which both partners live alone and independently of each other. If this is the case, the trine between the Moon and Neptune could give you the strength to talk about what you really want with the person you share your life with.

    Snake & Rabbit
    You not only have an excellent intellectual match, you are also mutually, romantic, and sweetly sentimental together. When you present your logical, sincere side of things, your bunny mate generally agrees, unless you slip and injure sensitive feelings with criticism. Then, you have a very silent Rabbit. You score high financially, because both are motivated to work hard to acquire a safe and secure nest.

    Snake & Dragon
    You make a happy, happy couple. Snakes are earthy, loving slowly and steadily. Dragons are extremely warm and affectionate. You are comfortable as long as the passionate direction is a conventional one. You intellectually disagree, and you find the Dragon an interesting debater, a little showy, but never boring. In a lucky match, you motivate each other both financially and professionally.

    Gemini & Pisces
    Pisces swims through deep waters, while the Gemini inhabits the airs. One is a contemplative, solitary being, while the other enjoys discussions. Pisces seeks absolute love and emotional intensity; if the Gemini can stretch his or her imagination to attain the emotional commitment which is alien to him or her, the couple will experience an extraordinary spiritual union. They share a taste for freedom: the Fish to explore his imaginary world, while the Gemini craves a chance to display charisma in the outer world. They may embark on a long journey, or bid each other farewell before casting off.

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    7:42 am
    fun, pain... blah blah blah...
    hello everyone! wow, it's been a few days since i last updated... well, i can't 'member what i said last.. and i'm too lazy to look @ my last post.. so.. here we go..

    FRIDAY NIGHT: corin broke up w/me for religious reasons... *cries*...

    SUNDAY MORNIN: i got up @ about 8. took a shower. ate breakfast. jaded came over @ about 10. we went 4-weelin @ lovers' leap... we were ridin double..

    SUNDAY AFTERNOON: i dunno even ABOUT what time it was.. but (vaguely) i flipped her ATV in an open field.. we missed all the big trees and rocks in the forest 3 minutes before... but we flip it in the open field.. ok, let me explain to you what we both remember.. some little kid named Richard blind-sided us on the right.. i accidentally gunned it instead of hittin the brakes.. then again.. we relized that if i would'a hit the brake that i was gonna.. @ the speed we were going.. we prolly would'a both died or be SEVERELY injured. i go the worst of it.. i got two gashs next to my left eye.. swollen face, fat lip.. couple scrapes.. she got a few bumps and major road-rash. i ended up getting a shot of valume in my ass and a tetnis shot in my arm. i'm sore from those..

    but, we both went to band practice yesterday.. we didn't stay the whole time though... we left about 1/3 of the way through... went to pizza hut.. walked around. saw morty and the hobbit.. but now.. i gtg again. i have to meet her @ the band room so we can chat. ttyl!! byes!!

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    Thursday, August 5th, 2004
    11:50 pm
    still w8tin'.. more quizzes..
    You operate at the average level of annoyance, or
    at least, average for YOU. Really, you should
    attempt to be more aware of the low intellect
    of those around you. OR, perhaps you are simply
    one of the types who annoy intelligent people.
    In that case, you should get yourself to a
    tutor, and fast!

    How annoyed are YOU?
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    You're 0% elitist! Yup, you're just a kindly,
    accepting, and tolerating sort of person. I
    don't know how you do it, frankly, I don't want
    to. Of course, the other alternative is that
    you're the kind of person who makes other
    people BECOME elitist. If that's the case, a
    complete overhaul of your personality is in

    Are you an intelligence elitist?
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    Well, I shall indeed compare thee to a summmer's
    day! Or at least I'll say that you more than
    likely share my same feelings on any number of
    things, which to me is equally wonderful. I am
    impressed. You would either make an excellent
    friend or lover, or both (according to my
    standards). If you'd care to talk to me
    sometime, you can message me through quizilla.
    And, in case you were curious as to my
    identity, I'm 17 and female(which
    "artemis" would lead one to believe
    if one were familiar with greek mythology)and I
    guess for anything else you can message me!
    Perchance I'll speak to you in the near future.
    Au revoir for now then!

    Shall I compare thee to a summer's day, or not?
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    Alex is your man! Stats: bloodtype is O, height
    5'11''. Hobbies are piano playing and running,
    He hates to be on the internet alot. His
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    least favorite is Math (even though he is very
    good at mental math)

    would a nice guy, badass, punk, or a goth boy go for you 5 (Three new pics)
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    11:44 pm
    more results on quizilla... waiting on morty to come over...
    You are the intellectual. Often seen as cold and
    distant, in reality you simply prefer to
    understand and learn. Others are often
    intimidated by your intelligence and this may
    make it difficult for you to form strong
    friendships. Intelligence is important to you,
    that is undeniable, but it would be unfair to
    say that you do not love deeply and strongly.
    Your attachments are often stronger than those
    of others because you have such high standards
    for yourself and others. You approach life on
    an intellectual level, trying to understand its
    complexities and deeper philosophy with your

    How do you approach life? (Detailed questions and answers-now with pics!)
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    7:13 am

    jaded~feel better
    corin~ I LOVE YOU!

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    Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
    10:12 am
    MY WORDS OF WISDOM FOR A LIFETIME... from an email...
    Life is not a race. Take it slower.
    Hear the music before the song is over.

    Current Mood: discontent
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    Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
    5:49 pm



    CASE 1: Kelly Sedey had one wish, for her boyfriend of three years, David Marsden, to propose to her.Then one day when she was out to lunch David proposed! She accepted, but then had to leave because she had a meeting in 20 min. When she got to her office, she noticed on her computer she had some e-mail's. She checked it, the usual stuff from her friends, but then she saw one that she had never gotten before. It was this poem. She simply deleted it without even reading all of it. BIG MISTAKE! Later that evening, she received a phone call from the police.

    It was about DAVID! He had been in an accident with an 18 wheeler.

    He didn't survive.


    CASE 2: Take Katie Robinson .. She received this poem and being the believer that she was, she sent it to a few of her friends but didn't have enough e-mail addresses to send out the full 10 that you must. Three days later, Katie went to a masquerade ball. Later that night when she left to get to her car to go home, she was killed on the spot by a hit-and-run drunk driver.


    CASE 3: Richard S. Willis sent this poem out within 45 minutes of reading it. Not even 4 hours later walking along the street to his new job interview with a really big company, when he ran into Cynthia Bell, his secret love for 5 years. Cynthia came up to him and told him of her passionate crush on him that she had had on him for 2 years. Three days later, he proposed to her and they got married. Cynthia and Richard are still married with threechildren, happy as ever!


    This is the poem:


    Around the corner I have a friend,

    In this great city that has no end,

    Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,

    And before I know it, a year is gone.

    And I never see my old friends face,

    For life is a swift and terrible race,

    He knows I like him just as well,

    As in the days when I rang his bell.

    And he rang mine but we were younger then,

    And now we are busy, tired men.

    Tired of playing a foolish game,

    Tired of trying to make a name.

    "Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on Jim

    Just to show that I'm thinking of him."

    But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,

    And distance between us grows and grows.

    Around the corner, yet miles away,

    "Here's a telegram sir," "Jim died today."

    And that's what we get and deserve in the end.

    Around the corner, a vanished friend.

    Remember to always say what you mean.

    If you love someone, tell them.

    Don't be afraid to express yourself.

    Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you.

    Because when you decide that it is

    the right time it might be too late.

    Seize the day. Never have regrets.

    And most importantly, stay close to your

    friends and family, for they have helped make

    you the person that you are today.

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    Current Music: when u say u love me-JG
    5:45 pm

    ""What would you do if every time you wanted someone they would never be there?

    What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of sadness?

    What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt?

    So, I just wanted to say, even if I never talk to you again in my life, you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.

    I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you.

    Send this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk, or how close you are, and send it to the person who sent it to you.

    Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will.

    Remember, everyone needs a friend, someday you might feel like you have NO FRIENDS at all, just remember this e-mail and take comfort in knowing somebody out there cares about you and always will.

    I'll Always Be There

    In times of trouble,

    In times of need,

    If you are feeling SAD,

    You can count on me.

    I will give you a wink,

    Until you smile,

    give you a hug,

    And stand by your side.

    I'll be there for you till the end,

    I'll always and forever, be your friend!""

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    12:03 pm
    A Poem To Kaitlyn
    I'm Just a little angel
    Who didn't make it there
    I went to be with Jesus
    But I'm waiting for you there

    Don't you fret about me mommy
    I'm of all God's lambs most blessed
    I'd have loved to stay there with you
    But the shepherd knows best.

    Many dwell here where I live
    Waited years to enter in
    Struggled through a world of sorrow
    And their lives marred with sin.

    So sweet mommy don't you sorrow
    Wipe those tears and chase the gloom
    I went to be with Jesus
    From my lovely mothers womb.

    Thank you for the life you gave me
    It was brief but don't complain
    I have all of heavens blessing
    Suffered none of earthling pain.

    Thank you for the name you gave me
    I'd have loved to bring it fame
    But if I'd lingered in earth's shadows
    Might have instead brought it shame.

    Daddy gave me something for you
    It's our secret mommy dear
    Pressed it tight against my forehead
    Whispered it in my tiny ear.

    I'll be waiting for you mommy and daddy
    I'll be with you then forever
    Then I'll give you Daddy's kiss.


    Child's Prayer

    Now I lay me down to sleep;
    I pray thee Lord, my soul to keep.
    Guide me through the starry night
    And wake me when the sun shines bright.

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    11:45 am
    My best friend in Ohio... I heard yesterday about this and have been desperately trying to get a hold of it. Now that I have... I wish I hadn't. I love you Katie. May you rest in peace..

    The Southview Cougarettes


    In Memorium
    Kaitlyn Hodges
    1989 - 2004

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    8:55 am
    hello all! me again... well duh, who else would it be?! well, it could be 1 of the few ppl who know my password.. but no..... they don't feel like updating it...

    anyhew, i'm tired, sick, sad... what else is new... my friend in ohio got killed in a car accident... i'm depressed. i'm shaking. i need food.. ttyl

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    Monday, August 2nd, 2004
    4:25 pm
    jaded, morty, inu, corin, mom, kodak, milo, aj, jakie.....
    hello everyone! how's it hangin?! that's good...

    i've been keeping up w/my daily internet rounds....((check email on MSN, check email on SBC GLOBAL, check jaded's journal, check inu's journal... then possibly update mine)). jaded is ticked off w/SOMEONE.. i asked her if it was me and she hasn't answered. inu is undergoing some stress.. go figure!

    i haven't been able to talk to morty or corin in about a week. my mom said that morty called to see how my mom was doing. (how sweet).. my dad just flew out to Michigan on a job this morning. so, my mom is all alone w/the dogs and my lizard... she told me that she got me a telescope!! YEAH!!!!!!! happy happy happy! she said that she got me some more cool stuff, then so did my dad, and my grandma.. soooo, i have a lot of new stuff to play with! (no sexual intent in that..)

    well, kodak and milo and aj are doing good.

    last night, i took 2 benadryl to help me fall asleep. i was sleeping very well... then i feel someone slap my hand, poke me, pull the covers off of me, and yell "TIME TO GET UP!!" right in my ear.... i was PISSED! i sat up and looked the person right in the eyes... it was jakie. i was pissed bc i was awake NOW and i couldn't get back to sleep.... so, i woke up and went about my day...

    just about 15 minutes ago, jakie and i finished a mini fashion show. tomorrow, we're gonna take the pix.

    well, i have to go now bc some guy named chad in alaska wants me to send him some pix... so, ttyl!

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    Sunday, August 1st, 2004
    7:19 pm
    This is something that i got off of inu's journal. he said it reminded him of someone and i reminds me of corin... so here u go

    ""Desperate for changing
    Starving for truth
    I'm closer to where i started
    Chasing after you

    i'm falling even more in love with you
    letting go of all i've held onto
    i'm standing here until you make me move
    i'm hanging by a moment here with you

    forgetting all i'm lacking
    completely and complete
    i'll take your invitation
    you take all of me

    now.. i'm falling even more in love with you
    letting go of all i've held onto
    i'm standing here until you make me move
    i'm hanging by a moment here with you

    i'm living for the only thing i know
    i'm running and not quite sure where to go
    i don't know what i'm diving into
    just hanging by a moment here with you

    there's nothing left to lose
    nothing left to find
    there is nothing in the world that can change my mind
    there is nothing else
    there is nothing else..

    Desperate for changing
    Starving for truth
    Closer where i Started
    Chasing after you

    i'm falling even more in love with you
    letting go of all i've held onto
    i'm standing here until you make me move
    i'm hanging by a moment here with you

    i'm living for the only thing i know
    i'm running and not quite sure where to go
    i don't know what i'm diving into
    just hanging by a moment here with you

    just hanging by a moment
    hanging by a moment..
    hanging by a moment...
    hanging by a moment here with you..""

    right now i'm thinkin of corin.... chatting w/eric... listening to "when u say u love me" by josh groban. yesterday my father took me to the AZ science center! it was so awesome!! we watched a show on bugs! then we watched a show in the planetarium!! it was about space and the ISS and the blue moon last night and when we can see the ISS in the AZ sky @ what time of night!! it was so fricken awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love space!!!!!!!!!!! oh! and i got this little glow-in-the-dark bracelett making set... and i made one that had a picture of the moon and stars, then it says "Gravity" then it has a heart, then it says "Corin" the it has a picture of an angel. AKA... "gravity loves corin". i miss her so much. and i TRULY love her. i can't wait until i get back on thursday. oh! and then my grandma took jakie and i shopping. it was fun!
    i gtg. i'm tired. bye!!

    Current Music: mi mancheri-JG
    Friday, July 30th, 2004
    6:31 pm
    quizzes.. then i'm hittin' the pool
    Treat your friend as if he might become an enemy. - Publius Syrus
    A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
    But in deede, A friend is never knowne till a man have neede. - John Heywood
    Few men have the natural strength to honour a friend's success without envy... - Aeschylus
    He was once asked what a friend is, and his answer was, 'One soul abiding in two bodies.' - Diogenes Lartius
    Defend me from my friends; I can defend myself from my enemies. - Marchal Villars
    He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh. - the Koran
    Laughter is the closest distance between two people. - Victor Borge
    And do as adversaries do in law, - Strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends. - William Shakespeare
    He used to say that it was better to have one friend of great value than many friends who were good for nothing. - Diogenes Lartius
    Have no friends not equal to yourself. - Confucius
    When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends. - Japanese proverb
    Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods. - Aristotle

    The Regular Jo(e)
    Category III - The Regular

    You are the quintessential standard conjured by the
    word 'Friend'.

    What Type of Social Entity are You?
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    go to jail
    You are a YEGG - a burglar; robber.
    Buy stock in Soap-on-a-Rope.

    What Atypical Noun Best Fits You?
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    You're Perfect ^^
    -Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
    means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
    the kind of chick that can hang out with your
    boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
    care about presents or about going to fancy
    placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
    being around your boyfriend.

    What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    well, i gtg. ttyl!!

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    6:29 pm
    i wrote this @ christie's and somehow it ended up on her journal page... weird
    night.... i cut again..... i was up for about 30 minutes. i couldn't get to sleep. fuckin jakie was snoring! i couldn't get comfortable either. then, i just felt the need to cut, to feel the pain, to watch the blood excape from my skin. @ first i dug my nails in and pulled. that removed a few layers, but not deep enough. i then grabbed these sharp-ass scissors from jakie's side of the room. i ran them accross my veins... but it didn't go deep enough either! i was kinda gettin pissed off!! so, i went into the kitchen, grabbed the sharpest knife i knew they had, pressed it hard against my wrist, and sliced. a slight warm, tingling sensation filled my body. i stood there, knife in hand, while i watched the other bleed. i looked around for something to put below the cut so it could still bleed, but not drip on the floor. i grabbed a paper towel and folded it then placed ut below the cut. then i heard some movement coming from the back of the house (the rooms) so i quickly whiped off the blade, put the paper towel square on my wrist and put one of my extra hair-ties around it, put my hoodie on and over my wrist, grabbed a glass/cup and opened the fridge, got the water jug, and pretended like i was just up for a late-night glass of water. the movement, i guess, was just my stepsister getting up to use the bathroom. i quickly poured out the water, put up the jug, and ran quietly into the room (i can, oddly, run/walk very quitley through houses when i want to...), got gently into bed

    ok, well, i'll update more 2morrow or somthing... byes

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    Current Music: u raise me up-J.G.
    10:14 am
    *giggles*ROFL hehe, thwaps!... and 4gotten info about wednesday, inu, n shit aobut jaded
    ok... i just got *thwapped*!! it's such a funny word!! hahahahahha... TWAP! THWAP!! LOL.. THWAP!! ROFL!! *laughs utterly histarically* this was what some chick (i think) on jaded's journal said bout me... ""o_o....DUDE! *thwaps Gravity with a spiked club* Nu! Mine! She's MY girlfriend~~~! *shoves Gravity in a closet* O_O *Clings to Jaded*...*spazzhiss* o_X""

    anyhew, that brings me to ONE point of this entry... i just found out by that entry that jaded is w/someone... which'd explain what inu didn't want to/couldn't tell me about jaded... oh, well, if it lasts then it lasts.. but i'm pretty sure i know a bit about jaded... and i don't think it'll last.. but then again... y'never know.

    now, about inu.. i talked to him last night on the net... it was fun... neither of us had the same IM capabilities on our comp as the other person.. so we just emailed back n forth... it was interesting.. the last time i did that was w/my ex-bf, shaun. but i REALLY don't wanna talk about that sorry piece of perverted shit that needs to be tortured to death along w/that bitch whore amber that is un fortunately dating one of my best friends... *takes a deep breath..* ok, i need to zen... i need to do some yoga... y'know... that's what i'm gonna do.. i'm gonna do some yoga after i get off the comp...

    ok, i have to go here pretty soon.... by stepbrother is bein a fuckin cheep-ass shit-eater... but yeah, i 4got to say in my last entry that my cousin and i were sitting down watchin gothika and out of nowhere i got a nose-bleed. i haven't had one since i was about 6 when my bro punched me... i didn't even realize i had one until she told me. there was blood all down my shirt and everything... i couldn't feel it... it was odd.

    anyhew.. i gtg. i'll talk to u all later. byes!!

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    Current Music: u raise me up-josh groban
    Thursday, July 29th, 2004
    9:56 pm
    so much change in so little time...
    ok, i've had SO much go on in the past 3 days.. i'm about to just give up...
    MONDAY NIGHT-i cut
    TUESDAY- i get picked up by christie... i spend the night
    WEDNESDAY- christie takes my bro and i to the mall to meet my grandpa so he can pick us up so we could stay the night @ his house bc it's prolly the last time we'll ever be able to see him bc he's REALLY sick.
    WEDNESDAY NIGHT- i cut again... and got high.. a couple times
    THIS MORNING- got high again
    THIS AFTERNOON- grandpa took my bro and i to the mall so my father could pick us up. he took jeremy home. then he took ME back "home".
    RIGHT NOW-i have a headache. my stomache hurts. i want to smoke. i want to cut. and.................. i'm scared of what corin is gonna say whe she reads this. i'm scared about what everyone's gonna say... i've lost it completely. i dunno what to do. i just don't know. i want to completely give up... but i can't... i HAVE to see corin one more time. i HAVE TO!! i have to @ least kiss her one more time... let her know how much i ...
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