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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
8:08 pm - Like Virgin
Hi im new here but i have a livejournal so i think i get the swign of things, if you have a lj then you can check mine out my sn is lillolipopgirl.

Name: Nicole

Age: 13 but mature
School: Archer

Loves: Gays, music, shaggy hair, green eyed guys, sex, parties, table dancing, shopping, soccer, football, hanging, marilyn manson, anime, tight pants (guys and girls), rings, chokers, industrials, silver eye shadow, cucumber melon, tamales, fire, pagen tatoos, industrial, drums, singing

Hates: School, pop, coke

Music: Marilyn manson, white stripes, Ramones, Rollign Stones, Ludacris, Black eyes peas, Chad Kroeger, Savage garden (2 songs), eminem (sorta), Outkast, more just to lazy

Phrase: Rock my sox

Color: red and black

Hair color: brown with blonde (natural)

Eye color: hazel green

Periceings: ears soon to get more

Wants: belly piercing, industrial, pagen tatoo

current mood: anxious
current music: this is the new shit-Marilyn manson

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