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[15 Jan 2003|08:02pm]
[ music | tommorow - homegrown<3 ]

yeaaaaa just got home the basketball game .. 71 - 38 we KILLED em .. sooo sexyy lol
the other cheerleaders were SO rude, cheering when we were and shit but they were even cheering they were like dancing - so FUCKING retarded, next weeks gonna be so hectic, i hafta go to 10 HOURS of supplemental instruction from this college course midterm - ap european grrrr and its gonna be hell but if it helps my midterm than im gonna be happy cause .. i dnoo gotta get back to eating my POWDERED DONUT DELITES<333

Awake at ground zero.
Another day wasting away.
Nothing seems to matter.
'Cause nothing's ever changed.
California dreamin'.
Has never meant this much to me.
When living in this nightmare.
Comes so easily.
Holding on when I don't belong.
If this is right then I can't go wrong.
homegrown - tommorow

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