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...confusion... [06 Dec 2003|01:51pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Flogging Molly : Worst Day Since Yesterday ]

First off, yes I am female, and no, Moose is not my real name. Now then...

I'm so confused.

Life used to be sooo much easier when I was younger. Hell, it was a thousand times easier this time last year! All this crap that I have to deal with really starts to build up, until it all just wants to explode in your face. I have too many things to deal with, and not enough time to do them all (considering I have this crazy desire to play video games and/or surf the internet for at least an hour a day- never said I wasn't obsessive).

The main problem with all this, however, isn't the fact I have yet to even start thinking about the ever-approaching finals, but that I've begun to despise my best friend. I'm a really crappy person. I don't really do the friend thing all that much (my social ineptness takes care of that)- and it got pretty bad after we moved a couple years back. My first real friend here was, get this, my now best friend, but now it's like I absolutely cannot stand anything about her.

She's a freakin' two-face who can't stand it when someone does better than her. I just wanna scream and smash her a couple times in her face! GAH! Instead of blowing up at her and yelling in her face for a couple hours straight, it all builds up inside me and makes me break down every time I start PMS-ing. Wonderful, no?

"Love is a fickle ideal, sought after by so many, but found by so few."

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