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    Monday, September 29th, 2003
    9:43 am
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY INOOOOOOOOOO~ >:D let's go to my place for a birthday celebration >:DD
    Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
    12:06 am
    EEEE~ I need to update~!!

    I went over ino's the other day *_* ooh it was sooooooo good. But ino was drunk off his ass and doesn't remember a thing T-T. That's okay >:D I can do an instant replay if you want ino-chaaaan~!.

    Ino's so sexy *_*
    Thursday, August 28th, 2003
    10:17 am
    I got a new icon!!! so... WATCH OUT BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
    9:15 am
    blargh. work+fucking stupid people= stress+ ANGER!!! >:DDDD >.> must... kill...recording...staff...

    I hate AIM :DDD It pisses me off. >:D

    Ino! he got a jouuurnal XBBBB (okay so I forced him...) XD yaaaay! now me and sugi and him can talk and stuff! even though sugi's being a bastard >:D
    Friday, August 22nd, 2003
    8:43 pm
    I'm boooooored! Inoooooooo wanna come oveeer? >:D not that you can reply... BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE A JOURNAL!
    8:07 pm
    EEEE~ Inoraaan where are youuuu? T-T Too shy to get one of these things =_= YOU SUCK! XD!!
    Thursday, August 21st, 2003
    10:31 am
    Hm... I'm bored... anyone up for a round? NOT Heath. He has too many basses of mine anyway. =_=... Sugizoooo are you up for a round? hide-ni? yoshiki? :D anyone? I'll be at the bar anyway so if you want to join me ^_^. >.>; Don't bring kyoshi if you come hide-nii... I don't want to have to break up more of your fights. x_x;;;
    10:01 am
    I WILL get the Pyrobaby back. =_= Just you wait Heath. I'll get so many bassists over your house you won't know what to do with them. ::grins mischeviously::
    9:56 am
    :D it's meee~ J! >.> I thought one of these things might be fun~ hide-nii! we have to go out drinking.
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