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Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Subject:your life, little girl, is and empty page that men will want to write on...
Time:10:14 pm.
Mood: content.
Music:the sound of music-sixteen going on seventeen*. write on.

i totally want to watch y's night a hard da(a hard day's night, for those who don't get it). i hope my mommy got it for me for christmas.

i took a nap today. totally. i watched some of amelie, then got a headache(no doubt from reading subtitles) and fell asleep. totally love that movie to bits. when i woke up from my nap, my mommy was there with a mocha for me. we watched oprah. that damn oprah! she went to south africa and gave every kid in this little village a new wordrobe and toy for christmas! i love her! after oprah, we got bored and decided to go to southcenter to look for my cousin's present. we thought it would be so bad there, but it actually wasn't bad. we went straight to fye to get my cousin a legolas standee thingy. that shit freaks me out, man. he looks at your with that intense 'hey, i'm legolas. everybody loves me.' attitude. you can totally tell he's wearing contacts. freaky ass elf. so we went to the toy store and got the star wars version of 'the game of life' for my other cousin. i loved it. i stood holding a legolas standee and a star wars board game, wearing my one ring. such a great geek moment at the mall. we went and got fries and milk shakes from mcdonald's and ate them there, then went back to the car. we had a pretty good parking place, too. not too far from the food court. we were driving out of the parking lot and this ass hole beetch drove through at about 35 miles per hour(in a parking lot!) and honked at us. slow down, fucker! i mean, if you're in a mall parking lot the monday before christmas, there's going to be a little traffic! the backup wasn't even half as bad as when amanda, laura, and i went. that shit was bad.

we went and picked up my sister at work, she got off at 9:15. we got there at 7:30 because we didn't take a long time at the mall. we just sat in the car until we decided time would pass more quickly if we just shopped for groceries, so we went and shopped for about 2 hours. really slow. it was fun. the coffee grinder spat coffee at my mom. lol. it was funny.

after we shopped, we sat in the car and talked about my mom's old job. she used to work at this burger place when she was a teenager and her boss was a huge bitch. she made her lock up at 3 in the morning. she beat her kids. she wrote my mom bad checks. she was just a huge bitch. one day, when her boss was hosing down the parking lot, the water splashed up onto her own legs. lol. she wore leg make-up, so she looked like a lepor(sp?).

my mom told someone that i want the anthology for christmas, but she didn't know how much it cost. lol. i'd be happy if that was all i got. just that. ...and y's night a hard da. love that fucking movie. my mom didn't know it wasn't the beatles voices in yellow submarine. she didn't know. neither did my dad. crazy old people. she told me that hearing that from me was like hearing there's no santa clause. lol. crazy!

i have to go and finish amelie. i love the ending. it's the best part of the movie, when she's cooking and imagining what's his face. it's so sad... then, he comes and it's all shy and pretty and she goes to her room and sees... okay, i have to go and watch. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...


*favorite part of the movie
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

Subject:i forgot!
Time:10:03 pm.
Mood: content.
Music:the concert for bangla desh-beware of darkness.
ewan came on my tv at exactly twelve last night, then proceded to talk about the house he used to live in being haunted. love that damn man.

beware of sadness, it can hit you, it can hurt you. make you sore. and what is more. that is not what you are here for...

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2003

Time:5:11 pm.
Mood: calm.
Music:the white stripes-the hardest button to button.
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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003

Subject:she's got a ticket to ride, but she don't care...
Time:8:25 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Music:the beatles-ticket to ride. baby don't care...

yeah! today was so chimp arse, man! i can't think of anything that bothered me a lot besides third period. man, i want to buy a hard day's night. i should have recorded that shit last time i rented it. i'm cheap like that. if i did have money, i would buy it, but i don't, so it's all different. you want to hear about my day? too bad! here:

first period:
french. we watched a video on paris. it was kind of dull, but i didn't care. we just had to right don't answers to questions in the video. it was nice. we did progress reports today. i got a 'c' in french. that's only because i be's not havin ma test done, yo! ok, sooorry. lol. i swear nobody in this class knew that oscar wilde was gay. lol. idiots. damn i love that movie... so gay. and jude law. my baz.

second period:
math. didn't do my homework once again. in class, we worked and shite. i can't remember. all i remember is a lot of numbers and stuff. that's all. i have a 'b'.

stayed mostly in math with laura, warren, and kelly. that girl is seriously always on crack. that crazy ass put her vibrating ferry boat on my forehead. my eyes numbed. lol. it was fun.

third period:
world history. did group stuff all period. i don't really know what's going on in this class. nobody knows. i got an 'n'. lol. yeah, i don't care. mr west better start teaching again soon. i don't like it when the student teacher teaches.

fourth period:
lol. BOOYA! we talked about our 'projects' all period, basically. it was fun, but pointless. we already know what we're doing. i got a 'b' i think.

after school:
i took my french test. sooorry, eliza. i'm not going to get an 'a'. i should have studied right before. that usually helps. i did pretty well for a person who just missed three days in a row of school. well, i guess i did. i took the bus to rite aid, then talked to myself, hopefully freaking people out, on my way home. fun. when i got home, i got some nuts(lol. nuts.) and coke. and started to listen to rubber soul and copy sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band. baz, eliza! baz! i got them all copied. all four. thank you so much, man. you just saved me so much money, and now i don't have to give michael jackson a penny! MWAHAHA! lol. white woman with no nose. anyways, i went to target when my mom dropped my sister off at work. it took my forever to find bend it like beckham! i was all fast, too. people probably thought me strange, i was walking so fast all around. yeah, so i bought it and i had like 25 cents left. i'm so good. i brought $22 for a dvd that costs $20 and i figured out all of the tax and shite. ok, so i just guessed, but whatever. i'm cool like that.

baz, i love this song. anyways!

after i watched and taped bls(i got homw from target right as it was about to start. that's why i was in such a hurry) i watched bend it like beckham. baz, i love that dern movie! it makes me feel about as good as when i watch amelie, but not quite. plus, there's jrm. yeah. hehe.

so, yeah. that's about all i did today. i just got finished watching bend it like beckham, and now i feel good. i couldn't stop laughing a few minutes ago. i have no idea why. yo amanda and laura! either of y'all want to borrow bend it like beckham? i know you do, bitches! i'll bring it tomorrow just in case you do. laura, i need 'help!' tomorrow. it's due. i might watch it when i get home, because it's early dismissal and all. i like those days.

man, i need to read. when i'm done with mrs dalloway, i'm going to attempt lotr! that'll be crazy. or rather, cizazy! i'm so getting down right now. i'm having way too much fun. i'm going to end this now and check my friends list at lj. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

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Monday, September 29th, 2003

Subject:don't let me down...
Time:9:19 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:the beatles-day tripper.
hey, all. i need to start writing long entries in here again. i have too many thoughts! lol. my thinking too much.

'eliza' is letting me borrow some beatles cds! woo! i think i've been listening to them a little too much lately. wait, no. never! NEVER!

i'm really bored. i'll tell you guys about my day, i guess. i have a while until i can put my clothes in the dryer and go to bed.

first period:
french. changed seats. yes! i sit on the end of a row! i don't have to pass a bunch of crowded tables to get to my seat now! so happy. we learned some foods and stuff. i don't really know. i can't think about first period. it's too far away from now.

second period:
math. had a fire drill. kinda boring, but it was nice to get away from the classroom for awhile and see peeps. did some math...

stayed in math a bit. some stupid people were retaking tests, so laura and i had to be quiet. i love when she comes in when i'm at lunch in there. it's so pleasant, but i think ms escame thinks she slows me down, which she doesn't. she just gives me her answers. lol. hey, it makes me go faster, doesn't it? if it works...

third period:
world history. good baz, this class is so boring and bad. i seriously hate it. mr west doesn't even teach it. the student teacher does. she can't speak english very well, so i get headahces from the people around me asking her to repeat shit that i understood perfectly. think headed people. and stupid. we did africa maps and stuff. had to label water bodies and shite. all i missed was a river that started with a 'z', but that's only because i didn't have an atlas.

fourth period:
health. we took notes about drugs mostly. boring. i spiced it up by using a green highlighter, then changing the colorto pink half way through. my life is sad. i'm one of those people who has more than one color highlighter in their backpack. lol. anyways, we have to do this thing where we make a label for an over the counter drug or whatever. our's is caled 'booya!'. but, people! say it with a southern accent! that's how you're supposed to say it! i think i scared the teacher a little when i started talkin' lak thaaat. lol.

...drop of a hat, she's as willing as, playful as a pussycat. then momentarily out of action, temperarily out of time...

i forgot to go and take my french test after school. shite. i think i'll do well on it, too! i studied in third period a bit, like eliza told me to. i get everything. fucking memory! i walk right by the class on my way out, too! it makes no sense! *hits head*

after school, i took the bus to rite aid with my sister and she bought me some stuff. she wouldn't buy me the 'weekly world news' with osama bin laden and saddam hussein's gay wedding pictures. i don't know why. %50 of or something like that, for nail polish, people! crazy! i can't find the nail polish remover. people are really making me mad today. mainly, my dad. he's just so fucking annoying! ahh! he's kind of like my sister in a way. grr.

i have pretty much nothing to say. my clothes should be done in a bit, i'll just try to watch the rotk trailer for that amount of time. i've tried to watch that bitch about 5 times already! i heard it all the way through, though. lol. at one point, to screen was just white, and the sound was playing, but i was seeing nothing. bitch computer.

i'm going now. i want to go and look at beatles pictures. i found the book that i checked out from the library a while ago. it's called 'the beatles files'. man. so many pictures! i hope they don't put those security things in the renovated library. i don't like checking things out. too much work. too much remembering.

i'll bring 'help!' tomorrow for amanda and laura to fight over, then bring back to me on wed., when it's due. i've watched it twice. i still like a hard day's night a lot better. i don't know why. it's just so innocent and great, then there's music and shite. i love it.

ok, i'm really going now. no, really. i am. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

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Sunday, September 28th, 2003

Subject:well, there goes me knighthood...
Time:5:32 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:ringo starr-elizabeth reigns.
yeah, i think i'm going a little crazy with this whole thing with the phone and taking pictures. i mean, i took a picture of the movies i rented! lol. and my lamp? and dvds? i actually like the one of rosie. she's so cute, yes she is! her stupid ass sister wouldn't stay still enough to take a picture of her. lol. Read more... )

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Subject:more pictures
Time:11:05 am.
Mood: blah.
Music:aqua-barbie girl(in my head).
Read more... )

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Saturday, September 27th, 2003

Time:4:49 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Music:requiem for a dream-theme.
pictures!!!! : Read more... )

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Friday, September 26th, 2003

Subject:you know what? i'm a stahh!
Time:10:06 pm.
Mood: satisfied.
Music:the beatles-michelle.
today was fucking tops! i loved it! loved it loved it loved it!

first period:
french! did some stuff and stuff! i'm going to make up the test on monday! eliza, don't call me! i don't care what the teacher said! don't! the phone will eat me! stupid phone.

second period:
i actually understand all this math stuff i think... i think... whatever. i was really lost yesterday and i didn't get it until rebecca explained it on the board. she'd make a chimp ass teacher, man!

stop yelling in the microphone! people abuse their microphones too much! lol... thinking about that whole thing with derek and amanda. lol. yeah. that boy should stop.

third period:
we went to the library! i'm never happy about that, but i got to sit away from people and frown a lot! i took a lot of notes. i think the teacher told me not to take that many notes. i don't care. i'm a rebel! grr!

fourth period:
health test thingy. being gone three days from school can't be good on a person's grade... but who cares, cause i'm a stahh!

'pep assembally':
i think this is why i'm in such a good mood. making fun of the cheerleaders is fun. stupid people wasted money on a mascot costume! lol. woo. wildcats. go. yeah. we're the wiggers, i tell ya. the whole school is just wiggers, and some black people that act white. it's wrong. so wrong.

after school:
cathryn gave my sister and i a ride. kind of. we went the long way, which is really in a circle, all along alki, then over to cathryn's house, and back to my house. it was good. cathryn played justin timberlake, like, the whole way. that was kinda weird. not that i don't love my son, it's just... there's a line.

ahh! i love today! i think all i've listend to all day is the beatles! i love it! thank you so much for letting me borrow your abbey road cd, amanda! i love you! i've listened to it like four times already. think that's too much? no, i don't think so.

when i got home from school, i layed on my bed and listened to the beatles, layed on a ball(lol) and listened to the beatles, and played crazy taxi. good times, people! good times!

watched and recored bls! good thing i checked how mch time there was left on my tape! there was exactly one minute left. now, you know i used that minute!

my mom and i went to pick up my sister from work! that was fun! we picked her up, then my mom and i switched seats and i got to drive in the vacant "marshall's" parking lot. my first time behind the wheel of an actual moving car! i drove in circles and madde all of these jokes about me driving home. it was fun. i want to do it more, but not on the actual road. i parked a lot. it's a parking lot. my mom had to pee, so we switched seat again. she said the seat was really warm and i told her that i was so nervous and peed. lol. i think she actually believed me for a second, then i told her i only do that in my room. lol.

we just went to hollywood video and i spent a little time in there looking around for good movies. there are too many! i just couldn't choose! i should work there, man! movies all day! movies! ahh!

and now i'm home! home! movies! about to watcxh movies(i rented 'help!' and 'birthday girl'!). beatles and nic! my loves! my babies! *runs into a wall*

i need to go now! i realize that i've abused exclaimation points in this entry entirely too much! i'm just so happy and good feelin'! i'll probably feel the exact opposite tomorrow, so i'm enjoying it! *runs and watches tv*

bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

LONG LIVE RINGO STARR! (and for the third time in this entry, i'm a stahh!)
make ralph money...

psst! call me if we're doing anything tomorrow, amanda and laura!
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Wednesday, September 24th, 2003

Subject:will i ever see you smiiiile?...
Time:8:03 pm.
Mood: blank.
Music:BoYling point-missy n you.
*gets down*

yeah, stayed home today again. it's only a half day, though. fresh! team fresh! yeah!...

yeah, today's episode was great! i'd never seen the whole one before. i love bls. abc family bitches!

i don't feel very well. i just cleaned my room. *insert laura laughing at me*

i just wanted to show you this. not only did she spell 'poll' wrong, but there's something else... Read more... )

i'm going now. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...


make ralph money!...

edit--> woah. that was bls-tastic!
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Monday, September 22nd, 2003

Subject:..."don't lose him, samwise gamgee." and i don't mean to...
Time:1:12 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:placebo-the crawl.
sorry, people. i didn't go to school today. my head's just too fucked up. my nose is all congested and drippy at the same time along with a headache and ear ache. yeah, i'm fucked up right now. i'll be at school tomorrow, though. well, half of the day. i have a dermatologist appointment at 8:30. bah! i have to miss my two favorite classes! i hate that! those are the ones i was doing well in, too! grr! i'm a big, scary bear! lol.

yeah. be pround of me, bitches! i read big fish yesterday! i was bored. i can't watch tv anymore, because everything just pisses me off. the only thing i can watch and not get mad is the brendan leonard show, but that's just cause they're special like that. i brought down more elton john records from my parents' room. i love those! there are like four or five. oh my baz. i just wish my dad had beatles ones! the only beatles one is my mom's that she got from an ex boyfriend. yeah. i love that. it's the white album. my love. i want to buy more, but i can't spend any money until i get more. i want to make sure i can buy the dvds that i want. i'm going to buy la boheme and bend it like beckham on the 30th. i hope still has free shipping then. i love that. free shipping on anything over $25. now, that's a deal! i think i lost my money somewhere...

i need to buy that 'interview' magazine! i want two. those pictures are so beautiful!

when is the homecoming assembaly(sp?)? if it was today, good! i hate those things. there's so much spirit! fuck you, spirit! fuck you! wow. being sick kinda makes you grumpy, eh? lol. i'm canadian. ok, not. but still. ok, i'm soorry aboot that, eh.

i've been reading mrs dalloway for a while. i can't remember when is started, but it's going really slow. it's really hard to read books written by british people, i think. you kinda have to read in a british accent. lol. laura would probably read it in a lisp. lol. if you read in a french accent, it's fun, but it kind of takes away from the reading. lol.

we have no food. i'm hungry. all we have is chips. and cake. ew. together. lol. that makes me laugh.

...a friend with breasts and all the rest, a friend who's dressed in leather...

yeah. now i'm just babbling. it's fun.

...a friend in need's a friend indeed, a friend who bleeds is better. my friend confessed, she passed the test and we will never sever...

...pure morning...

i have nothing to type. i don't want to go back to the book. not that it's bad, it just kind of makes my head hurt. you have to read it kind of fast, or you'll get bored and stop. well, it's that way in my case. of course, i never read, so that may be part of it.

somebody broke into my mom's office kitchen again. they did it a couple of week ago, when it was my job to clean up. they stole a coffee grinder and coffee. come on, people! coffee! please. last time, they stole beagles* and cream cheese. lol. but this time, they jimmied all of the locks on the mail boxes(it's also an apartment building) and stole some mail. some people just have too much time for this shite!

school gets out in 35 minutes, now. maybe i'll just type until then. lol. i'm really bored! call me, laura. lol. that's your name! i love that! call me, laura! i guess i'll go, now.i'll read. i'm sneezing. damn you, nose! bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...


edit--> *bagels. lol. beagles and cream cheese! kinky! and very wrong.
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Sunday, September 21st, 2003

Subject:...the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return...
Time:9:44 am.
Mood: sick.
Music:elton john-this train don't stop there anymore.
god, i love this song('pure morning' by placebo. it's so random and moody!

i'm just updating because i'm bored. nobody's up yet. i can't bug anyone here, so i'll bug you! yes, you!

i'm scared to go to my friends page. someone posted a picture of tom! no! no. no tom! bad! *hiss*.

i can't find my placebo or velvet goldmine cds! this is really pissing me off! i want to listen to both of them so badly(yay for grammar!). my room is cold. there's no heater. my mom broke it when she was taking up the carpet. i wish i had a heater. lol.

god, i love brian molko's voice so much! it's so... velvet goldminey(well duh, kelli! he was in the fucking movie!). but still. it's so great!

that was fun last night, making the guys cover their eyes. well, no. we didn't MAKE them. they did it all on their lonesome.

oh! now i have a reason to update! i forgot. the last time i watched moulin rouge(two days ago), i wrote down random things that i just love about the movie:

-toulouse's 'stevie wonder head sway' when he's hanging from the elephant, looking inside at christian and satine.
-the way satine's eyes go to christian when she say's 'you're' in 'now you're in the world.'
-christian's 'evil maharaja' look. it's so... EVIL!
-the way satine looks back as she's acsending the stairs of the elephant.
-satie's scarves. i want those damn scarves!
-satine's expression during 'if i should die this very moment...'
-the terribly thoughtful expressions on the dancers right before they break into 'like a virgin'.
-those pigeons! they just remind me of little voice so much!
-how songs sort of have 'evil twins'. (your song and come what may, like a virgin and roxanne, and the obvious; diamonds and hindi sad diamonds)
-the lighting of 'roxanne'. it's just so dark and light and dusty and great. i love my baz.
-the choreography of 'roxanne'.
-nic's 'but... the show' look. (i don't care. i don't care about the show. we have eachother, that's all that matters.)
-'the truth is, i am the hindi courtisan. and i choose the maharaja.'
-'...i know about art and love. but only because i long for it with every fiber of my being! i know it! i know she loves you.' 'go away, toulouse. go away. go away!... i wanted to shut out what toulouse had said. but he had filled me with so much doubt. so, i returned to the moulin rouge one... last... time.'
-'she's mine!'
-satine's headresses. especially the wedding one. oh my baz.
-all of 'hindi sad diamonds'. how could you not just adore this part?
-'tell our story, christain. that way... i'll always be with you.'
-the way the camera goes to christain at the end, before he says all the ending stuff and shite
-the 'truth, beauty, freedom, and love' thing after the credits. that baz. that baz!

ok, i think i'm going now. i just sang 'can you feel the love tonight' to my cat again. she smells like she just took a bath in an ashtray. yuck. plus, i have this nasal drip thing going on. i think i might be sick.

bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

...when i say that i don't care, it really means my engine's breaking down...

...i crumble into pieces on the ground...

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Saturday, September 20th, 2003 could be my main man...
Time:11:42 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:velvet goldmine(the bravo version).
yeah. good times, tonight. yeah! laura, happy birthday, yo! happy birthday. my side hurts. i loved tonight. just a lot of giggles and talking about naughty parts of the body.

in a nutshell:
six and a half hours, 'asian theme'(so inventive! is that even a word? heh. i thought not), light sabers, duct tape(my knees are were so sweaty! go eliza!), laura hitting me for getting her presents that she actually wanted(i don't get it!), people(me, laura, amanda, eliza, micah, warren, victor, gordon), victor talking shite about his ex, strip go fish(you bloody whores. lol. that makes me think of jack the ripper!), ted golfalot, suzie iceskates, a lot of stuff i can't remember. either too much pop, or i just have a bad memory. i think it's the second one. all i really remember the most is telling people to shut the hell up when people were talking in the end of ttt. bitches.

yeah, i have more to type, but i think i'll do it tomorrow. i'm watching the bad, edited version of velvet goldmine on bravo. lol. so bad. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2003 must have been kissing a fool... (WAH! INTERNET PHANTOM!)
Time:3:46 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:BoYling point-missy n you.
today was bleh...

i got up early. stupid sister. she had to be at school early to go on a fucking feild trip. bitch.

first period:
pretty normal and uneventful. just a language. eliza told me i have the highest grade in the class! i'm happy. that's never happended to me before. i like it. i know it's going to change, though. it's only the third week of school. second whole week.

second period:
math. ms escame killed me. she hasn't done that since last year. anycrap, we did math in there. just math. and i kind of get the homework, too.

i stayed in ms escame's room. stupid freshmen were retaking tests, so i couldn't concentrate. they're so cocky and loud! at about 11:13, i walked down to me homies in the lunch room thingamajigabob. i think amanda saved my life with those fries she gave me. thank you, love!

third period:
world history. bleh. i hate this class. annoying people. jackie kept throwing paper in my general direction(i fart in your general direction!). i don't know why. i think whe was 'passing notes' with tommy or something like that. we spent the period working out of the book and shite. boring. for about ten mintues, i covered my ears and i could actually think! wow!

fourth period:
i always forget what happens in this class,. will someone tell me please? i totally forgot.

after school:
i was going to look for my sister, but then i went to the bathroom(i really had to pee!). then i walked down to the bus stop and saw my mommy there in the van, so i crossed the street and got in there and shite. we waited for about ten minutes, listening to one of my dad's beatles cd's. i sadly have none of my very own. i need some. i chickened out of buying sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band at target saturday. it was only 9.99, people! that's crazy! but i want posters. i want two beatles ones. i want this one where they're walking and shite and one later where they're all standing and shite. ok, i can't describe them, but whatever. i'll edit and put the links to the pictures of the posters.

i'm just sitting here. listening to bls songs. i better not miss today's show! laura said it's the pirate one! i haven't seen it. i love pirates!

whatever. i'm going now. i have nothing else to say, really. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...


edit--> the posters: Read more... )
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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003

Subject:can you picture this?...
Time:9:13 pm.
Mood: frustrated.
Music:prince-when doves cry.
i'm sad. i'm tired. i need much rest. on friday, i'm walking in the door from school and going to sleep. i can't do anymore than i'm already doing. i get up, get yelled at, go to school, sit in a chair being talked to all day while other chatter happens around me, try to find a ride home, and dome home and get yelled at more. i hate this.

...crawling down the alley on your hands and your knees...

i hate that i always have to wash more and more clothes. every other day. clothes. washer. dryer. i know what i'm buying with my birthday money. pants. i need more pants. i need to watch moulin rouge. that will make me feel better. a good musical tragedy. yeah. ewan. nicole. my loves.

fuck school. i don't care if i fail. i hate it. most people at school are so fucking annoying! in third period, the person in front of me who shall remain nameless(*cough*tommyfletcher*cough*) uses my area as an arm rest, contantly moving my binder and book towards me, while the person next to me is always on my side of the table, moving around and talking to himself. that has to be my least favorite class. that's why i'm always so happy when i get to fourth period. i'm not in third anymore.

first and second period are fine i guess. just rather boring.

i have space issues. i need air. if somebody's standing next to me, l'll move away. i don't like human contact(well, most. i love hugs).

i just can't stand when people don't care about annoying the people around them.

homework! i always have to be reminded about school when at home, don't i? stupid. we're in a class for two hours. you'd think that would be enough for one day, but no. homework. bitches.

i'm too tired to do anymore typing. i shall make my exit. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

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Saturday, September 13th, 2003

Subject:it's way too old to fix. no glue, no bag of tricks...
Time:11:01 am.
Music:placebo-the crawl.
well, i rented movies last night. WOOT! i rented ride with the devil and a hard day's night. lol. i love that movie. it's just one big joke on ringo's nose, i think. that man can dance! the best dancing i've seen since jai. i can't believe i hadn't seen it. it's under 'special interest' at the video store. somehow, i always seem to go over there. i almost rented fiddler on the roof, but then i saw a hard day's night and... yeah.

...for once, there was a land full of strange flowers and subtle perfumes. a land of which it is joy of all joys to dream. a land where all things are perfect... and poisonous...

man, i have to watch velvet goldmine tonight. and moulin rouge. i think it's good lookin' british men day in kelli land. and it's always nicole day, so i have to watch to die for or something. i have to.

...if i could, i would fill your entire room with pineapples...

i tried watching ride with the devil last night, but jesus. southern accents at midnight? snore. so, halfway through the movie,(it's like 3 hours long!) i put in a hard day's night and watched it. that kept me awake. god, i love us.

"who's that little old man?"
"he's pauls!"

i have a mocha. it's nasty, though. i wish this place would make better ones. it's kinda cold, too. it was like that when i got it. yuck. and it's not even full. they filled it up to one and a half inches below the top. psh. coffee bitches. i mean, this is seattle for ringo's sake! you'd think they could make a simple mocha.

i'm bored. off to watch velvet goldmine! yes! bisexual glam rock singers, here i come! bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

LONG LIVE RINGO STARR!("books are good.")
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Friday, September 12th, 2003

Subject:both of us were dreamers, young love in the sun...(damn these spice girls!)
Time:6:14 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Music:spice girls-viva forever.
so, it's friday. thank god. school. ugh. i am caveman now.

first period:
french. got %100 on the oral thingy(that sounded naughty!) and we took a quiz. i think i did pretty well on it, but i was kinda freaked out about eliza watching me almost all period. good times, though. i have to remember to make her the velvet goldmine cd! first i have to find it, though. i lost it, and this morning, i resorted to listening to my daniel bedingfeild cd.

second period:
math. ms escame lied to us when she said we'd have a quiz today. tricky, ms escame! very tricky! actually, she postponed it until monday when the environmental science academy bitches come back. i missed gordon today and yesterday. no sarcasm. bah.

evidently, i won't make a very good spy. damn. oh well, i can allways be a prostitute. lol. yeah right.

third period:
we did stuff in groups all was pretty boring until somebody in my group started reading the grafitti written in the books. apparently, two people must have shared the book. they were fighting in words. it's funny. there was something like 'your mommy's a buttface'. lol. i wrote some lines from velvet goldmine on my bookcover(which is black) in pencil. i can see it. nobody else can. it's like magic! and i like it...

fourth period:
tolerence movie. werd. just werd. why can't people just stop being stupid and just co-exist?

did you see all of the big words i used in that? i'm shocked and disarayed at my choice of words. jesus. anyways, i think i'm going to lose this if i write any longer. fucking computer is messing up. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

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Thursday, September 11th, 2003

Time:10:08 pm.
Music:placebo-every me, every you.
i'm doing this shite because 1, i'm bored and 2, i'm, umm... bored.

.lkjls;dsa;hdjlh;kjkjdj dklkl klldklikjli? huj! nuy? hoimal! lol. ahem. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

LONG LIVE RINGO STARR! (i'm write i really long entry tomorrow. friday! i can't wait!)
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Tuesday, September 9th, 2003

Subject:the world goes round and round, but some things never change...
Time:3:48 pm.
Music:deliverance-dueling banjos(squeal!).
ba ba ba ba ba. ba ba ba ba ba...

such deep lyrics.

...would you help me stand if i saw you in heaven? i'll find my way through night and day, cause i know i just can't stay here in heaven...

this train don't stop. this train don't stop. this train don't stop there anymore...

sorry for the britney, eric clapton, and elton john. it just came out. anyways, today:

first period:
eliza gave me back velvet goldmine and the class did little dialogues with little two people groups. i kind of like that class so far. that's all i'm going to say, though. it's only tuesday of week two. lol. two. tue. lol. ahem.

second period:
i turned in my messed up pow. stupid pow. i'm never doing one of those again. they suck ass! oh, and we worked on something. i can't remember. i don't pay attention to ms escame when gordon's talking rubbish.

my sister made me peanut butter and jelly when we had turkey! what a cheap bitch! anyshit, i haven't seen matthew in forever before today. his sister and their friends are kind of annoying, but i'm sure he knows that already. he 'bought' chips from of one of the vending machines and it got stuck. that was funny. i'm going to laugh if it's still there tomorrow. matt cracks me up. especially in chatrooms. lol. crazy bitch with his crude jokes.

third period:
some book stuff. i don't love that class anymore. mr west makes too many cracks about french people and the guy next to me thinks(lol. methinks.) everything he says is funny.

fourth period:
i think laura distracts me too much in this class. today, she stole my movie and so did amanda! bitches! i'd kick your asses(yes, you have more than one) if you were here. seriously. i would. no. really.

after school. *sigh*. i hate after school. i called my brother to pick me up and his lazy ass wouldn't go get me, so i got fifty cents from my sister to take the bus, which was WAY too full. i got off at the same stop as teak. lol. his name's teak! he was named after a fucking tree! come on!

when(or if) i have more to say, i'll edit this shite. i just need to get myself away from the computer. in the last week, i've downloaded britney spears, elton john, prince, eric clapton, george micheal, and spice girls. not that they're bad, or anything. i just have too much free time.

...come on, falling star. i refuse to let you die. cause that's wrong. and i've been waiting far too long. that's wrong. i've been waiting far too long! for you to be... be... be... be... be mine. for you to be mine. be mine. for you to be mine! and that's wrong. i've been waiting far too long. that's wrong! i've been waiting far too long. for you to be... be... be... be... all the centrefolds that you can't afford have long since waved their last good-byes. all the centerfolds that you can't afford, you've long since faded from their eyes. so, be... be mine. so, be... be mine...

bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...

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Monday, September 8th, 2003

Subject:i'm just sittin', watchin' the wheels go round and round...
Time:3:38 pm.
Mood: rejected.
Music:eric clapton-tears in heaven.
people asking questions. lost in confusion. well, i tell them there's no problem. only solution. well, they shake their heads and look at me as if i've lost my mind. i tell them there's no hurry, i'm just sittin here doin' time...

i love john lennon. if he wasn't dead... *makes thoughtful face* yeah. ok, ew. i know he'd be like 60, but still. it's john lennon. what's up with all of the beatles bein married, yo? that's messed up. crush millions of women's dreams, why don't you? i mean, even ringo! that just blows my mind. i bet she just pets his nose all the time. lol. ok, i need to stop talking about this, it's kinda freaking me out.

...make love, not war...

i think i'm going to print out a whole bunch of beatles pictures and put them on the back of my 'end of the day' binder. you, know, the one with all the nicole pictures. man, i have problems! i need to stop it with all of this nicole love before it kills me. i don't really know how that would happen, but still.

...all we are saying, is give peace a chance...

god, i love this song. i love john lennon. ok, i don't want this to happen again, kelli! *shuns self, then wimpers*

today was pretty uneventful.

first period:
french. brought velvet goldmine for eliza. you better bring that back to me tomorrow, ho! i'm not kidding. i'm going to hug it when you give it back. i know how long you kept amanda's four disc fellowship of the ring.

i love this song, too! hey! maybe that's why it's on my playlist! duh...

second period:
i'm a rebel! grr! ok, maybe not. i just didn't do my pow. pow! ha! ...

stayed in the math room to work on my pow. maybe i'm not such a rebel after all. :(

third period:
took notes and stuff. no movie today. i hope we finish monty python and the holy grail, though. i love that fucking movie.

fourth period:
i love this class. maybe it's because i have it with so many people that i love. *insert all going 'awww.'*

yeah. cathryn(my sister's friend that always plays justin timberlake in her car) gave us a ride home, so that was hella nice. i had a brownie when i got here, then came to internet myself more. now i'm bored. i think i'll go now. i shall not take up anymore of your precious(your precious!) time, people. so bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...


edit--> i love gordon for trying. he tried to help me with my pow. i'm just so confused.

here's what he told me:
now the first person opens his eyes and sees a blue and red (in order)- and passes cuz he dont know- the 2nd person opens her eyes and sees blue red (in the order) and since she sees the red on the third person she knows if she had red on that the first person would have guessed right ecause he would have seen to reds but because he didnt the second person knows she has blue so she guess- thats what goes on in the 3rd persons head and how she knows she cant possibly be red so she must be blue.

i don't get it.
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