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Thursday, October 30th, 2003

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    I'll start from the beginning. Well not exactly the beginning because that would take a hell of a long time, but just what has occured in the past 20 or so minutes. I came across this lovely "". Okay, so the name "blurty" itself might be one of the dumbest in creation, but I decided to check it out. And here I am now "blogging" away.
    One of my friends had a livejournal, and to be honest I never quite got the concept. To tell you the truth, it seemed a lot like high school. Who can have the most livejournal "friends" that comment on each others entries and make the outcasts feel bad? hahaha I crack myself up. I'm not as much "high school die" as I pretend to be. neccesary evil, right? For some people, the best time of their lives. Wow do I feel sorry for them. Okay I'm getting a bit off track. THe point is, I always kind of found online journals a bit pointless, because who really cares about those heartfelt words you are sending out into cyberspace? BUT of course, as usual, I will probably end up getting addicted.

    So basically, I live in North Potomac, that's in MD for those of you who do not know. And I'm just your average girl. That is all you need to know. And I'm new to these online journals, so hopefully I'll get to learn the protocol and make my journal pretty-like. yay!


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