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Saturday, June 5th, 2010

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    some information about poem
    Yan grass like Bess, qin sang low green branches. When the prince to date, Wyoming
    When is his concubine heartbroken. Spring did not know you come to see me?

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    some information about poem
    "Spring" the tang HuangFuRan]

    New YanYu crow, namely report MaYi dragon heap road thousands. Live in cities, han layer with the moon HuTian to heart.
    The word about long hate, jin laughed cuttlefish upstairs sleeping alone. For YuanRong sinus bike ride, when asked to YanRan Pei le.

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    The song of the LouChun jade] xin qiji

    Before the spring wind to persuade, spring is in the south of the city fangcao road. Not with water flowers, and made into mud flocculant shrivel.
    In the mirror, people already sleep stars irresponsible chun conceit. MengHui people away many, the pear in rain.

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