09:41am 17/05/2006
  Poor littler me. Littler being relative, I think I weigh 15 lbs less now. I was unaware that by Googling my AIM anyone could find me; even me, who still forgets a lot of things. Like the existence of this journal.

If you happen to see this, no matter who you are, and I mean it, please leave a comment telling me how you are. Because I'm good.
02:37pm 18/02/2004
music: Donna Lewis "I Love You Always Forever"
Haha...I'm on a debaTE TEAM AND A WRITING GROUP. Sorry...killed the caps. Kenneth's here. He says hi. Um...today's been pretty boring, overall. Ginny's going to make me a layout with Adam Lamberg and Adam Brody and Jack Black and maybe even Johnny Depp. w00t. Oh God, I just became mainstream. Somebody save me.

11:39pm 17/02/2004
mood: drained
music: Luther Vandross "Dance With My Father Again"
I've finally got somewhere that I can actually put all of my thoughts. All my friends found out about my other OLJs but I'm not telling anyone about this one. Anyway, I'm tired and just wanted to start this so I wouldn't forget. I forget a lot of things. I'm also a sad person, more than anyone else besides Kelsi can tell.

Oh, and my mom's most likely going to let me go to Massachusetts to see the people from the boards. That rocks so hard I can't describe it. I love the idea though. I mean, meeting the people from the boards where I became me? Wow.

Going to bed now. 'Night and love ya.