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In Pink

[29 Oct 2005|07:03pm]
Making a new name!

In Pink

Baby is this love for real? [29 Oct 2005|07:01am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | head autimatica ]

Ok, so it's been a while since I've written in here. But, yeah. I'm now a Junior in High School & man does time fly! In a couple of weeks I'll be getting my Junior rings, then eventually it'll be Semi, Christmas Break, Spring Break then before we know it, it's going to be PROM! God! Can't wait for this stuff to happen this year! Life is great, I love it. Crushes here and there, rumors & drama - But none of it matter because you will always have the few who are true & stick with you & if you have those then you can get through anything! Soccer is amazing this year, we're currently 9 - 5 & we're in the Playoffs! So exciting! We're all so close this year & it's so much more fun .. I love my soccer girls!! Just in case you haven't realized, I LOVE THIS YEAR! Me & Caitie Pont are x73657613456137 closer & I love her sooo much. Pea Pod For Life. Boys are gay as usual, they come and they go but I do have a special crush now .. doubt this will ever work though! But I'm having fun while doing it! lol. Well, I'm out! Getting ready for tonight = ) Bye my loves

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Wow .. it's been a while! [15 Apr 2005|04:18am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | whatever is on the radio ]

Well! It's been a while I must say! Schools almost done and Hawaii is only 1 month and like .. 3 weeks away! Sooo excited! School has been awesome this year, a lot better then last year. I'm a lot smarter this year and I've actually been working! And now I have a boyfriend! :) haha, I love how I read this and remember all the drama from back then .. oh well, So yeah, my boyfriends name is Mike, we started to go out on .04.07.05. and yes, I love him very much TGIF! I cannot wait for the weekend! I'll update later!! Cyaa!

In Pink

Blah [04 Sep 2004|10:40am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Smile Empty Soul ]

I have work at 12 but I'll update anyways...
Yesterday was a lot of fun .. untill night time. I went to the football srimmage with Kath, Laura, Gretchen, Nichole, Cori and a bunch of other people .. mainly watched the soccer players though hehe...saw Andrew :( he's so gorgeous. Anyways, after that we went to Applebee's then Laura, Kath, James and Charlie came over...
Ot Oh, yeah .. trouble.
Me and James kissed and now the whole world is mad at me because Charles likes me and I like Charles and I'm just a big ass idiot! Yea! That's what you wana hear anyway? Isn't it?! I'm really sorry Charles, I really am. I care for you and it's really hard for you to notice that because of what I did. I wont say I take back what I did because then that'd be a lie, I had fun the other night other then the fact I hurt you ... thats the one thing I wish I could take back but I cant. I'm not asking your to forgive and forget, but atleast for forgivness and a 2nd chance. I hope to God I get another chance but, I dont really get it .. we're not dating .. why does it feel like we are? Just .. blah .. I hope you can forgive me ... start over ... or anything ... I miss you

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WOW I'M SMART! haha, not! [26 Aug 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | SPACE JAM!!! ]

Well, yesterday was the book sale! We got all of our books, how exciting .. our english book is SOOO big! I managed to get Honors ALgerbra 2 and Honors Geometry! No doubt this year will be more stressful and 10x more studying. We didn't get our schedules :( stupid St. Joe's wont let us get them till the first day of school(Sept. 9th) I'm actually excited for this year because now I know who my true friends are and those who werent. <3 Kathleen & Laura
So yeah, I got all of my books then I got a new white school sweater and a maroon one, 2 gray tights, 2 navy tights, 2 white blouses for under the uniform and I ordered 2 pink blouses for the white sweater. All I need now are my school shoes + notebooks and I'm set for school! Oh yeah, and my Mommom to hem my skirts.
After the book sale I went to my physical and got my inhailer and acne medicine, for some reason I've had breakouts which isn't like me so they put me on pills and a cream. How lovely.
So yeah, I came home and got ready for work, my Aunt picked me up around quater of 4 and I worked from 4 - 11 30. FUN! Saw Benny The Bomb blow himself up, stupid boy. It was a VERY interesting day at work. I met two sargents from the Army and they gave me their card so if I ever think about joining the Army to call them, they were so nice and it made me happy because all of the other customers got me so upset they were so arrogant. After I met them I was accused of giving the wrong change by a girl with a mentally ill disease, very weird, eh? She said I gave her 6$ instead of 8$, yeah, ok? Explains the 5$ and three 1's$ I gave you?
Me:"Show me your change, Ma'am"
Lady: -"Oh, I dropped it...someone took it"
Me: "Ma'am please dont lie to me, I'm standing right here and I saw you the whole time, plus if you dropped the 5$ I would've saw it and I also would've saw the man/woman steal it"
^By the way, I wasn't making fun of her, she did have a real mental issue, not sure what it was though. Oh yes, after that little episode some ol' fellow comes up and orders a bunch of food well, being nice I offered a tray and he goes "Of course I want a damn try, I only have f*cking two hands" Seriously sir, I'm being nice and doing my job, your lucky my boss was there because I was seriously through with all of your snobby comments. So, I very rudely gave him the tray and walked away almost ready to cry because I hate my job sometimes and I come back and he apolagizes and I told him it's fine and that he really shouldn't cock an attitude with me because I'm the nicest register there and I can so easily kick him out've the place. Weiner head. OH YES, and after him I had an extemly bitchy girl come and ask for chicken tenders,
Me:"I'm sorry but we're out and I cant give an estimate on when they'll be finished because I'm unsure if they started to make them or not."
Mean Girl: "So you dont know when they'll be done?"
Me: "As I just said, no I'm not sure"
Mean Girl: "What the f*ck, all I want are some damn chicken tenders"
Me: "Please dont curse at me, it's not my problem whatso ever. Will you please either go to the back of the line and wait or stand to the side"
Mean Girl: "How would you see me if I'm in the back of the line?"
*Thinks to self, that's exactly my point you stupid head.*
Finally, the chicken is done!
Me: "Here's your chicken, it's $3.50"
Mean Girl: "That was HORRIBLE service, I should get it for free"
Me: "That's rude mannors, I should be paid more to serve people like you"
Bye bye biotch! :)

Ok after all the arrogant people, I had an elder Puerto Rican call me Mami the whole time and I was uncomfortable so I ran into the back with the guys and had my Boss wait on him. So yes, very interesting day at work. After work when I was walking to the car with Lauren, Taryn, Kristen and Drew I bumped into Ricky! Man that boy is fine! haha.

So I didn't get home till like quater of 12 and I couldn't sleep till like 3ish and I had to get up for Boot Camp AKA Soccer Practice. Had that from 9 - 11 30 in the damn heat. After that Natalie, Kristen, Jade and I went to Rita's and I got a chocolate misto :) Yumm. Then I came home, showered, and took a well deserved nap .. even though I was woken up like 2 hours later for Pasta Night at my Nanna's. Oh well.

That's it for now, tomorrow I might go out to the movies? Possibly? I hope so because I have work on Saturday from 1 - atleast 7ish then Sunday I'm going to lifting at 10, basketball practice at 11 then I'm leaving a little early for work at 12 til around 6. So yeah, I'll try to update later.

Kris I'm so happy I sorta talk to you again, even if we just drop comments! How's everything going? Good luck this school year! Love ya darling.

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Shut up just shut up shut up... [25 Aug 2004|12:13am]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Black Eyed Peas ]

Time for a little update.
Tuesday (8/17) I had soccer practice from 9 - 11 30 in the morning, after that I came home and got ready to go to Clementon Park! Yay! Good times with the kiddies. The first ride I went on i banged my knee so hard, I had a massive bump you could see through my jeans, as a matter in fact, I still have it! After that, Kathleen my love arrived at my house for a crazy ass week :]
Wednesday (8/18) Once again, soccer practice from 9 - 11 30 in the morning, drug Kathleen along, well not really - She enjoyed stairing at the football players ;] After that we came home, took showers and just chilled for the day. My stupid doctors appt. was canceled :[
Thursday (8/19) ONCE AGAIN, soccer practice from 9 - 11 30 in the morning, Kathleen joined once again - Fun Fun! After practice we came home, showered, and checked our bags just in case we forget something. Around 3ish, we roll out! Woo! Kathleen and I drove up to the Poconoes with my Mommom and Loise, good times.
Friday (8/20) Woo baby, girls day/night out! We spent the WHOLE day shopping, I loved it! I bought Burberry perfume, a denim jacket, 3 shirts from pacific sunwear, 3 pairs of underwear ;], a belly button ring, a red zip-up Roxy jacket, a soccer ball, a new hat, ...what else? Oh yea! A Liz Claiborne purse ... uhm? Is that all? Well anyways, IT WAS A LOT OF FUN! Girls need to learn how to wear underwear cough(THE PEOPLE IN LA CHEF < HAHA KATHLEEN)cough.
Saturday (8/21) BOO! RAIN! We couldn't go to the water park due to the weather, instead we go to Crystal Cave, I think thats what its called? Oh well, it was completely pouring out and the directions my Mommom gave us led us through freakin Hickville, it was hilarious. All you hear the whole ride is my Mommom and Dad going at it, Kath and I were literally peeing our pants it was so funny. We had to go through corn stalks and broken down barns, it was hilarious. Then, we go into a cave and I almost smash my head into a .. shit .. what's it called again? ___tite? Haha, Kathleen remembers, I forget. It was a nice little ol' cave, around 50º ..not too bad. After that we went to The Cracker Barrel then off to Cabela's. Much fun in Cabela's I may add, if you searching for a man, go there and act like you know what your talking about :] Or you could be like Kathleen and I and just stand on the overlook to watch everyone.
Sunday (8/22) We're heading out! Instead of the water park, we went to Dorny Park! Oh man, that was some fun ish! Kathleen and I got sunburnt, she's worse though. Oh well, mine's starting to turn into a tan.

Had a great ass week with one of my Best Friends :]
What else could I ask for?

"I smell Boy"
Playing cards in the rain & drinking
Rollercoaster pictures
Hey boys, which underwear do you like more?
Bath tub
>>And so much more :] I love Kathleen McClain so much!!

Well, I'm out, I have to get up at 7 for the booksale at school!

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Sometimes... [14 Aug 2004|01:54am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | The Starting Line ]

"Sometimes the hardest thing for you to do
Is the hardest thing you'll ever have to do"

Greatest quote I've ever heard. This past summer has been complete chaous. The biggest break up and heart break of my life, the loss and gaining of friends, the test of true freindship. Honestly, does a 15 year old have to feel this much pain? I'm sure if you read this you'll eat off of my missery and gain more self confidence in your shitty self. I think I've gone through more emotions my whole life then a 100 year old. I've been criticized and walked away like I could care less - Tell me why, why I let people do this to me? I'm so nice and sweet to everyone and this is what I recieve in return? Harsh words and threats? Why cant I just be mean? I cant, it's not who I am and apparently people should wake up and realize that their life style isent them either. People I've known for so long have changed so much, me included. I've been involved in so many verbal fights these past few months and honest to God, I dont know why. I dont understand why life was made so complicated? I know there are so many more people that suffer more then I do but, why? Why are my old friends becoming such bitches? One person inpaticular I was completely shocked when I found out how much she talked about me. But, whatever? I dont care. I really dont, you think I care? You arent me now are you? Do you think you even know me? No, you obviously dont. I'm so sick and tired of pointless immature name calling games, we're growing up, our bodies are maturing, dont you think it's time for your brain to do as well? Whatever, I'm off to update my other journals.
p.s - If your going to comment to me if you got a problem with this entry, dont be a wimp and not leave your name; Thank you.

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Something I wrote in my diary. [24 Jul 2004|04:03am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Senses Fail ]

It's been over a month since we broke up and the pain still lingers, it's even stronger then before. We've been through so much these past 9 months, more then I ever expected, why stop now? Everyday I pray to God for us to be together again. My friends get so mad when I cry for you or even think about you, I should move on but it's not what I want. It hurts so much seeing you happier without me, to think I caused so much pain. Your out with your friends now, and girls that are probably dreaming about you because your so perfect. If only I knew that one day was our last together, I would've told you all of this and how much you mean to me. If only I were more understanding and a better girlfriend, we could still be together. I hope that eventually we'll be together again, if not soon then maybe in our future, I have so much faith in our love, more then in myself. Now when I look back and notice how much I messed up it hurts so bad knowing I could've fixed that. We both were always together, I used to think it strengthens a couple but now I see that it kills a relationship. I dont even know why I'm up writing this considering you'll never know I wrote this or even let alone read it. I love you so much and I cherish everything we share together. No matter what, I'll always love you and I'm never leaving - I'm always by your side.
Forever Yours,

In Pink

[24 Jul 2004|03:54am]

In Pink

I wana hear... [19 Jul 2004|09:06am]
Hey, I love you!
I thought you'd like to know this. With every little remainder of my heart, I devote it to you.
Have a wonderful time being a man and "pimping" it.

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[05 Jul 2004|02:03am]
Have you..
x. Fallen for your best guy friend - No
x. Made out with JUST a friend - ..i suppose
x. Been rejected - Yes
x. Been in love – Still am..
x. Used someone – Na
x. Been used - Probably
x. Cheated on someone - Sorry
x. Been cheated on - Uhhhhhuh
x. Done something you regret – Never regret something that once made you smile

Who was the last person..
x. You touched – Uhm, i petted my bunny lol
x. You talked to – Kath & Curcio
x. You hugged – uhm, my Aunt
x. You instant messaged – Kath
x. You yelled at – Steve
x. You laughed with - Magoo
x. You had a crush on -
x. Color your hair – my hair stylist?

x. Have tattoos - once i hit 18
x. Piercings - 2 in both ears + belly button
x. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both – He dumped me... :(
x. Floss daily - Uhhuh
x. Own a webcam - Yea
x. Ever get off the damn computer – Hm, I'm a bum
x. Sprechen sie deutsche – No I will not have sex with you!
x. Habla espanol – Si .. a little .. i take french

Have u ((ever))...
x. Considered a life of crime – Oh yes...Im persuing it...not
x. Considered being a hooker- hahaha NOO
x. Considered being a pimp – ::brushes shoulder off:: haha na

x. Are you psycho – I live at Ancora!
x. Split personalities – Hm, no
x. Obsessive- Suuure
x. Obsessive compulsive – Suuure
x. Panic- Who dosent?
x. Anxiety - Hence my headaches
x. Depressed – Not lately?
x. Suicidal - No but lets skip that.
x. Obsessed with hate - Hates a strong word

x. If you could be anywhere, where would you be – surfing in Hawaii
x. What are you listening to – "Always be my Baby" -Mariah Carey
x. Can you do anything freakish with your body – My ankles crack when I walk and its very loud?
x. Do you have a favorite animal- uhm, i dont pick favorites, i have 3 though(dog, bunny, hampster)
x. Current Clothes – white tshirt and sweat pants
x. Current Mood - Sleeepy
x. Current Music – i been workin on the raiiiilllrooooaddd lala
x. Current Taste – yum, saliva
x. Current Hair - zigzag part, pulled back
x. Current Annoyance – my fan
x. Current Smell – Candees
x. Current thing I ought to be doing – Sleeping
x. Current Desktop Picture – my family on the ship from our cruise
x. Current Favorite Group – Sugarcult
x. Current Book – left behind
x. Current DVD In Player - cruel intentions
x. Current Refreshment – strawbery kiwi lemenade
x. Current Worry – lets not speak of such bull...
x. Current Crush – Im in love with himmm
x. Current Favorite Celebrity – garfield is sexy

x. Drink – lemenades
x. Color – bab blue
x. Shoes – Vans or Etnies
x. Candy - Starburst or Kitkat
x. Animal- i told you i dont choose
x. TV Show – Real World, 7th heaven and fullhouse
x. Movie – cruel intentions
x. Dance – lap hahahah not

Are you...
x. Understanding – to an extent
x. Open-minded –Yea
x. Insecure- sometimes
x. Interesting – im weird put it that way
x. Hungry - surrree ima human
x. Friendly – uhhhhhuh
x. Smart- when i apply myself
x. Moody - yes im pms'in back off
x. Childish - i try not to
x. Independent – i try to
x. Hard working – werrd
x. Organized – yea
x. Healthy – sorta
x. Emotionally Stable - idk
x. Shy – hell no
x. Difficult- sure
x. Bored Easily - im easily amused
x. Thirsty - yes
x. Responsible - werd
x. Sad- try not to be
x. Happy - Sometimes
x. Trusting - holla
x. Talkative – OH YEAH
x. Unique- yess

Who do you want to..
x. Kill – im a .. saint ..
x. Slap – yo momma, no one
x. Be like – Myself
x. Talk to offline - idk

On you..
x. Name - Lindsey
x. Nicknames – Linds, Wheels, Wheeler, Wheelsy, Fatass, Bubble Butt
x. Hair color - light bbrown and a lot of blonde highlights
x. Birthday – 2/12
x. Eye Color – blue green n yellow rim
x. Siblings- 1 older sis 1 younger sis
x. How do you describe yourself- energetic, outgoin, loud when i wana be, funny, amusin, easygoin n relaxed
x. What's your sign - Aquaris
x. Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend - BASTERD SHUTUP!

On friends..
x. Friend(s) you go to for advice – Kath Laura and Nick
x. Friend(s) you have the most fun with – Kath Laura Nick...and all my stupid friends :P
x. Friend(s) you've dreamt about – i dream of a lot of them
x. Friend(s) your tell secrets to – Kath Laura Mandii Nick Ray Michelle and Lyss

What's your favorite..
x. Number - 13, 21, 24, and 25
x. Holiday -- Valentine's Day(if thats considered one) and Christmas
x. Flower – pink roses and carnations
x. Scent - candees, burberry and lucky you

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Blabbidy Bla Bla? [21 Jun 2004|11:33am]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | FATA ]

I've come to the conclusion, men suck.
They suck big ones.
Andrew, dumped me once again last monday.
"I want to be single"
Dont tell me you love me then say you want to be single so you can meet other girls and possibly hook up.
Men suck.
Love sucks.
Heartbreaks hurt.

In Pink

22 Days [20 Apr 2004|12:06pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | the flow of water haha ]


Name:: lindsey
Age:: 15
Hometown:: atco, nj
Hair Color:: its brown with faded blonde
Eye Color:: lol .. uhmm .. blue with green then a yellow rim, in the words of Steve "enchanting"
Height:: about 5'5
Parents names:: eileen & michael
Siblings:: 2 sisters -- younger and older -- yes, middle child
Peircings:: 2 in each ear + belly button
Tattoos:: none


Color:: blue, red, black, LIME GREEN & hot pink
Song:: at the current moment its Yellowcard's "ocean ave" - stupid ppl, now it's a radio band
Movie:: Cruel Intentions and FINDING NEMO!
TV Show:: family guy? haha
Actor:: dont have one
Actress:: dont have one
Singer/Band:: singer ... none, band FINCH!
Type of Music:: mainly emo, punk and a little hardcore (Yes, I listen to rap when Andrew's around)
Vacation Spot:: hawai'i
Place to Hang out:: my room! lol i love my bed
Store:: pacific sunwear or kohles
Clothes Brand:: uhm, i dont really have 1 but i wear a lot of tilt and roxy
Perfume/Cologne:: burberry, lucky you, spark and for guys; chrome and playbourne
Drink:: hmm .. good q, dont know
Food:: im open to a lot of food
Subject:: english and religion .. is gym considered one? lol
Holiday:: dont really have one
Season:: dont matter
Teacher:: uhm, McColgan and McHale


Movie you rented:: -thinks- i dont rent movies
Song you listened to:: ocean avenue -yellowcard
CD you bought:: -thinks- staind?
Word you said:: i havent talked outloud in 9 hours, so i dont remember lol
Song you sang:: ocean avenue -yellowcard
Thing you ate:: cap'n crunch
Thing you bought:: my mommom bought me a guess purse?
Person you called:: andrew<3
Person you IMed:: Nicky D
vacation you went on:: Hawai'i and P.A


Drink:: yes, but alcohol .. haha it's been like 7 months since ive gotten close to drunk or atleast buzzed
Do drugs:: hugs, not drugs!
Play sports:: yep, soccer(Fall) basketball(Winter) & Lacrosse(Next upcoming Spring)
Go to school:: werd
Want more peircings:: yea
Believe in love:: of course, im in love<3
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend:: Yes, 7 months on the 28th<33
Belive in God:: I believe in God, Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth
Get good grades:: in some subjects -- not in math and science .. screw that!
Smoke:: no
Like rollercoasters:: I LOVEEE ROLLERCOASTERS!
Drive:: only 15 .. im allowed to drive down the street though


Online Relationships:: how are you dating? it's like saying i love you to a pc
The death penalty:: it's against my religion
Premarital Sex:: it's against my religion but .. idk .. if it happens, it happens. I plan to wait till marrige, if not, it's the guy that i plan on marrying
Homosexual Relationships:: once again, against my religion but w.e ... haha i should have McColgan answer this
Drinking & driving:: the mixture im against lol
Suicide:: against
Using someone:: against
Teenage smoking:: against
Underage drinking:: fake I.D's rock:)
Soap Operas:: against, it's pointless, no one lives like that and if they do .. my bad


What shampoo do you use:: garnier
Shoes do you wear:: my white and blue vans, my black and red vans, my gray, white and red dc's, my black high top converes, or my blue and white rebocks ... or boots .. or w.e (Dont label me, bitch) :]
Deoderant do you use:: secret plantinum protection!

What are you scared of: i really dont have a fear
What kind of car do you have/want:: im looking into a ford explorer :) yum
Favorite Quote:: too many, lol
Supersticious: sometimes i am..
Believe in astrology (zodiac):: no lol
How often do you change your profile:: lol, a lot
Do you write real letters (on paper):: yeah
How many people on your buddy list:: 178
How many are online right now:: 24
What time is it:: 12: 26 AM
Whats the date:: april 20th
What did you do yesterday:: uhm, homework lol
Do you like candles:: yes
Do you burn inscence:: no .. i gag
Do you have a cell phone:: werd
Last person who IMed you:: Nicky D
What was your first screenname:: Bballgrl1


Scariest movie youve ever seen: haha. ... i love scary so not sure
Funniest movie youve ever seen:: not sure
Saddest movie youve ever seen:: Cruel Intentions .. why does he die?! WHY?!
Ever cry at a movie:: hmm .. The Passion Of The Christ .. man .. i was crying
Do you like 'reality TV':: not really
Ever seen Grease:: go grease lighting bla bla
Favorite Candy:: peach rings
Most embarassing moment:: i dont get embaressed often

haha, oh my. I have to get up for school in 5 hours so I'm off to bed.
Andrew I love you with all my heart, body, soul, & mind

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Woo woo!! [17 Apr 2004|02:45am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Finch ]

What a weird spring we've been having, between the all the rain which made my basement flood and also the snow .. you'd think it's the winter, but finally IT'S 76º OUT! woo! I spent about 2 hours outside playing some bball with my imaginary friend Marysue Bob(haha Kath) Yeah, Kath spent from wednesday till friday with me :P that was fun. Thursday night wasent though, long story, rather not say...but I shall anyway hehe :) Well, our friend Caitie was mad at us because we're closer now and she feels excluded and stuff which she's not so I dont understand that part. I also had a lot of people from my class IM me and call me low and say some other stuff about me because of my actions last wednesday, but, oh well .. I'm back with Andrew and thats all that really matters to me. I cant stand my class anyway, their all immature brats that only care about their hair, makeup etc. Spring break went by so quick, it was actually boring. Having a week and half off is too much for me, I was bored most of the time.
Wednesday I went over Gofer's with Kath and Magoo
Thursday I did nothing
Friday Andrew came over :)
Saturday I did nothing
Sunday was Easter, spent it with my family and wonderful boyfriend
Monday nothing (lol, I have such an exciting life)
Tuesday nothing
Wednesday - Friday Kath was over, we played bball and attempted to go to the mall and movies but that dident work because of family related issues
Saturday .. today, well, I'm attempting to do my French translations and a little bit of my math project but it's too damn nice to be inside :\ Andrews coming over later after his soccer game, so maybe that'll make me want to do this and have all tomorrow to just kick back and relax.
Wednesday was an odd day, Kath, Allie(my baby sister) and I went to the movies and bumped into Michelle, Kir, Ed, Pat, and Sarah. We saw Scooby Doo 2 which was actually pretty cute, I enjoyed that, after that my Mom picks us up and tells me that my Poppop. B. was rushed to the E.R -squirm- my Poppop. B. isent in good health to begin with, he's on so many meds I hate it. He got into a car accident because of the damn weather, it's been pouring all week other then thursday uptil now. He got hit from the rear right side and his chest slammed into the stearing wheel which bruised his heart :\ So now he cant drive and got released from the hospital yesterday and him and my Mommom.B. are depending on us for car rides and such. My Mommom.W.(Different sides of the family) was also sent to the E.R I believe last week. She woke up extremly dizzy and a little numb so she sits back down thinking she got up too fast but she was still dizzy, so she calls my Mommy and my Mommy took her to the E.R. They said she has a contusion to her brain which made her blood vessel bleed out, this could've been caused by 3 reasons; 1) She was born with it. (2) Her blood pressure suddenly spiked up, or (3) An accident of some sort or a bang on the head. Their not sure which one but she went into surgery(not an actually surgery, I forget what its called, but, they go through an artery and it goes up to the brain and fixes it) on thursday (a week or so later) and I believe shes ok now, I'm hoping to visit her at her house soon since she only lives a mile down the road. Oh yeah! I got my belly button pierced yesterday, it started to bleed last night though, very odd. It's not bleeding now but its really purple on the upper part. Well, time to end this continous update.
Catchya later

In Pink

My heart has collected its peices. [08 Apr 2004|01:22am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | TEN ]

Andrew and I are back together

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Come back, please dont leave me now [30 Mar 2004|09:15am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | The Early Novemeber ]

Through 6 months, he's made me the happiest girl alive. He made me feel like no one else could. But, I guess thats over now. Andrew dumped me in a note in the middle of 8th period. He wants to be friends, but, is that an offer my heart is willing to accept? My heart wants so much more, I want him to be with me, I want the other half of my heart back. I've been crying non-stop since 8th period, I'm not mad that he dumped me, just the way he did it is what hurts. You knew you were going to hurt me, then why did you do it in a NOTE during school? "I dont wanna go out anymore, I just want to be friends, Is that okay with you?" Andrew, I'd love to be you friend but it will hurt so much knowing I cant be yours. Can you honestly look me in the eyes and say you feel nothing for me? You claim you still love me, then whats wrong? I wish we were still together. No matter what you do to me or say, I will always love you, I told you I'm never leavign you thats why I'm staying .. I wish you meant it too.

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49 Days 'til my cruise. [21 Mar 2004|11:09am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | FATA ]

A Last time for everything.. ]

Last book you read : ordinary people
Last movie you saw (in theater): LOTR -- Return Of The King
Last song you heard: I Am The Killer
Last thing you had to drink : coffee
Last time you showered : half and hour ago
Last thing you ate : omlet

[ Fashion ]

1. Do you wear a watch : yea
2. How many coats and jackets do you own: i own about 7 hoodies, 1 jacket, 2 spring jackets and 1 soccer jacket for winning division II :)
4. Most expensive item of clothing : No clue...
5. What kind of shoes do you wear : dc's, converses, etnies, vans ... kleats .. bball shoes
6. Describe your style in one word : uhm, unique

[ Friends ]

1. Do your friends 'know' you : yea
2. What do they tend to be like : outrageous ... weird?
3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked : uhm, caring?
4. Are there people that you tell everything to: sorta

[ Other ]

1. Favorite band ever: FINCH
2. Most listened to bands : finch, from autumn to ashes, the early november...
3. Do you find any musicians good-looking : yea
4. Can you play an instrument : stll learning electric guitar
5. Type of music listened to : dont matter
6. Type never listened to : im open to pretty much any music

[ Stuff ]

1. Do you own any plaid clothing : yeah
2. Do you own Converse shoes : yeah
3. Do you own Saucony shoes : no
4. Do you own old school Nikes : no
5. Do you wear tight pants : when i actually where pants, yes. :x sicko i wear a uniform
6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants: on my hottopic pants i have atleast 7 zippers
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is : squat? lol
8. Do you own a messenger bag: yeah
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest: i dont normally use a bag
10. Do you own braces : teeth wise? nope, invisaline :(
11. Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth : sure?
12. Do you have short, shaggy hair : no
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches : ....height?
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon: no, but derek's is, he hides pens in it
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat" : yeah but its oldschool punk
16. Is your hair black or red : neither, i wish it was red, that'd be awesome
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye : no?
18. Do you own a bandana : yea
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears: no?
20. Are you amused by safety pins: yeah...its cool when you slide them on your skin really slow and they stick underneath it and you can walk around with a pin in your finger :) yes, i have too much time on my hands
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute : no, sorry for the dissapointment
22. Do you enjoy leopard print : not really

[ Habits/Beliefs ]

25. Are you disgruntled (having a general hate for everything): no
26. Are you an anarchist: no, cant say i am
27. Does the American flag anger you: its a symbol of my home and pride, why would it anger me?
28. Do you dislike "preps" : fight against labels!
29. Do you dislike Hot Topic : i dont dislike any store people shop at. hottopic kicks ass though:)
30. Do you smoke cigarettes : no, allergic
31. Do you smoke cloves : cloves?
32. Are you a thin waif : what?
34. Are you vegan/vegetarian : nope, hate veggies
35. Do you think meat is murder: technically, it's killing an animal but God made them in order for us to eat so in a way its murder but its actually a strive for survival
36. Do your nighttime activities usually involve drunken underage vomiting: nope, sorry
37. Have you ever slept in an alley or park: park yeah .. took a little snooze and woke up a few minutes later once i heard lightning
38. Do you wash your hair less than once a week: i wash it frequently, so, no
39. Have you ever gone a week without a shower: no?
40. Have you ever been avoided due to your odor : i smell scrumptious:)
41. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is : hes kick ass, no i dont know him
42. Do you like Mr. Kerouac : im assuming your the one who created this waste of time "im bored" survery, eh?
43. Are you a member of the Makeout Club : makeout club? do you meet new people and makeout or something? cant say i ever heard of it
44. Do you say "rad" : no...

[ Other ]

Name : Lindsey
Do you like it : i'd perfer Isabella, but, sure my parents picked it
Nicknames : linds, wheels, PITA, wheelsy, "hey you"
Screen names: Yepp Cutie
Birthday : 02/12
Sign: aquaris
Location : south jersey
Status : taken<3 almost 6 months
Crush : sureeee, its not longer a crush, its reality
Virgin : waiting til marrige
Natural hair color: sandy blondish brownish
Current hair color : brown with blonde going through it .. red faded
Eye color : blue with green and yellow rimed around my pupil
Birthplace : ...vorhees nj?
Shoe size : 8 1/2

[ Favorites ]

Number : 21
Color : Black, blue, red
Day(s) : friday and saturday
Month(s) : april til august
Song(s) : ender by finch + come back by the early november
Movie(s) : loser
Season: spring and summer
Sport(s) : soccer, bball and lacrosse
Class : world cultures, religion and french
Teacher : religion and english teacher
Drink : sodas
Veggie : -gag-
TV Show(s) : i forget what its called, but it has chinese people doing dumb stunts and its not translated so you have people speakign english and trying to make fun of them for messing up, sometimes its harsh but its still a little funny
Radio Station : i dont normally listen to the radio
Store : hottopic, pacific sunwear + kohls
Animal : bunny and puppy :)
Flower : carnations + roses

[ x ] Spell your first name backwards - yesdnil
[ x ] The story behind you journal/screen name - my journal was my old sn except my old sn was PunkPixieStickx
[ x ] Are you a homo - lol, no, no labels damnit
[ x ] Where do you live - uhm .. stalker!


[ x ] Wallet- velcro tan dickies :)
[ x ] Hairbrush - uhm .. gray and purple..
[ x ] Toothbrush - bluuue
[ x ] Jewelry worn daily- the necklace andrew bought me, the earings he bought me( 1rst and 2nd holes) the braclet he bought me + my watch :)
[ x ] Pillow cover - watercoler and CARE BEARS!
[ x ] Underwear - i have cool underwear
[ x ] Handbag - what? i enjoy my pockets
[ x ] Favorite top - uhm, any baggy shirts .. n ot a big fan of tight ones
[ x ] CD in stereo right now - i have no clue
[ x ] Tattoos - wish i have one
[ x ] Piercings - 2 holes in both ears
[ x ] What you are wearing now - silky blue pajama bottoms and my white shirt that says "she bangs, she bangs"
[ x ] Hair - wet

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)

[ x ] In my mouth - ..teeth and a tongue?
[ x ] In my head - 99.9% empty space as my science teacher would say
[ x ] Wishing - it was later in the day
[ x ] After this - do my 2 reports then do stuff with my mom then go over andrews or vise versa
[ x ] Talking to - im awayyyyy
[ x ] Eating - air
[[ x ] If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? bad bad bad
[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now ? my cousins/friends from hawaii and andrew .. and people ..
[ x ] Is next to you ? my bed:)
[ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - a month closer til the cruise, cant wait
[ x ] The last thing you ate - omlet
[ x ] Something that you are deathly afraid of - heh, no clue
[ x ] Do you like candles - yepp, got one burning right now
[ x ] Do you like hot wax - its fun to make molds out of it
[ x ] Do you like the taste of blood - :P yea
[ x ] Do you believe in love - yes, in matter of fact i do
[ x ] Do you believe in soul mates - yea, but society today makes it look impossible
[ x ] Do you believe in love at first sight - sorta
[ x ] Do you believe in Heaven - yes
[ x ] Do you believe in forgiveness - yeaaaa
[ x ] Do you believe in God - yes
[ x ] What do you want done with your body when you die - buried
[ x ] Who is your worst enemy - "the only enemy one has is one's self"
[ x ] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be- monkey .. as long as if it dont throw shit
[ x ] What is the latest you've ever stayed up - in hawaii on my way there .. no sleep on a 13 hour plane ride + went to waikiki as soon as i got there so i was up a good 30 hours?
[ x ] Ever been to Belgium - no
[ x ] Can you eat with chopsticks - yeah, just ate my japanese with them last night
[ x ] What's your favorite coin - ...dollar! lol
[ x ] What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to- i like NJ, its good

[ x ] What are some of your favorite pig out foods? i dont really pig out
[ x ] Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time - yea, i miss you people!

---Taken from Manny's journal, havent talked to him in a while. Well, nothing has been up lately, I've had a lot of work to do lately and I'm actually not involved with any sports this season so I'm bored out of my mind. Well, sorry to cut short but I have reports to do and cleaning.
Andrew<3 7 days baby

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It's been a while... [13 Feb 2004|10:55am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | the starting line ]

...It's been a while, since I could, hold my head up high..
hehe sorry, got carried away with my subject for this entry:)
yesterday was my bday! i got a curious george stuffed animal, digi cam(woo!) the starting line cd, and 2 dvd's ... plus money i got from my family from a party we had a few weeks ago. Yes, I'm still with Andrew:) we're both so happy, for my bday he bought me a necklace from Zales, its a heart with diamonds in it, it's so gorgeous. Tomorrows Valentines dayyyyyy :x I made everything for his gifts, I made a homemade card and I went to Build-A-Bear, and, BUILT A BEAR! haha, I just got back tests today, 100, 100, 100, and an 88 in english and 103 and 91 in french ;)
Hehe, it's so late I'm off to bed.

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Stolen from Michelle's Blurty [11 Jan 2004|09:10am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | creed ]

i n f o r m a t i o n
1. name: Lindsey
2. single or taken: taken<3
3. sex: girl
4. birthday: 2/12
5. sign: aquaris
6. siblings: larlar and allie
7. hair color: brown and blonde h/l
8. eye color: uhmmm ... green blue and yellow rimmed
9. shoe size: 8 1/2? what kind of shoe...
10. height: 5'5"
11. favorite foods: uhmm .. im on a diet but italian?
12. hometown: pine hill

r e l a t i o n s h i p s
1. who are your best friends?: i have a few, but sometimes I wonder if they are or not
2. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
3. did you send this to your crush?: huh
4. did your crush send this to you?: no?
5. longest relationship?: year and half
6. how many actual relationships have you been in?: idk
7. how many people have you kissed?: idk
8. are you shy around your crush?: depends
9. do you indulge in random hook-ups?: uhm no?
10. still have feelings for anyone you've been in a past relationship with?: no
11. do you know what it feels like to be in love?: oui(yes)
12. would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friends?: my possession is a box of religious items i got my g-grandma decide

f a s h i o n | s t u f f
1. where is your favorite place to shop: the mall
2. have any tattoos or piercings?: 2 holes in my ears .. after bball is over MORE PEIRCINGS!
3. what is your favorite thing to wear?: my louie vatan bra with mathcing underwear ... o yeah .. you idiots CLOTHES
4. what is a must have accessory?: watch
5. how much is the most you've ever spent on a single item of clothing?: like ... 50 for a pair of pants at hottopic
7. who is the most fashionable person you know?: uhmmmmm mandii
8. who is the least fashionable person you know?: myself
9. do you match your belt with your hair color?: my belt is black so no
10. what is the worst thing you've ever thought looked good?: well if it looked good then how is it bad? ...right
11. what are you wearing right now?: nothing!! im a sexy beast
13.what is the worst trend you see today?: the catholic school look ... you wear that damned skirt everyday

s p e c i f i c s
1. do you do drugs? i am a heroin addict .. not
2. what kind of shampoo do you use?: salon selectives
3. what are you most scared of?: im not really scared of anything other then spiders
4. what are you listening to right now?: cred
5. who is the last person that called you?: andrew
6. where do you want to get married?: a church
7. how many buddies are online right now?: 55
8. what would you change about yourself?: my teeth
9. what are essentials in your life?: sports friends n school .. andrew:)
10. if you had the power to do any one thing, what would it be?: change the age for drivin and drinkin as long as you dont mix the two
11. what nationality are you?: im a mut ... put it that way ...
12. do you send out holiday cards each year?: no i do not, sorry for the dissapointment lover

h a v e | y o u | e v e r
1. given someone a bath? uhm myself
3. bungee jumped?: no but i want to
4. made yourself throw up?: no
5. skinny dipped?: no ;)
6. made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: no
7. cried when someone died?: yepp
8. fallen for your best friend?: yea
9. been rejected?: ya
10. rejected someone?: ya
11. used someone?: no that sucks big blue balls

c u r r e n t
1. hair: up
2. music: creed?
3. make-up: none
4. annoyance: nothing
5. scent: burberry
6. favorite artist: idk
7. favorite group: many
8. desktop picture: care bears
9. book you're reading: left behind
10. cd in player: creed, FATA and blink 182
11. dvd in player: spiderman
12. color of toenails: uhmmm ... natural? i dont paint my nails

That took energy out of me, I love it!

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Quiz [15 Dec 2003|08:02am]
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You are burning
You are burning

What Self-Mutilation Are You?
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