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[10 Mar 2004|07:49pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | NONE ]

I dont even know why im on here...i just realized i dont wanna update!! oh well just got back from the skatepark a few minutes ago! i love the skatepark really its fun!! but me and lori realized that skateboarders are MEAN they drive their rich mercedes to the park COOL!! i rode kyles bike down the HUGE hill and got pretty excited!! after that josh phillips was pretty nice to me! i felt glad! i dunno it was fun, i enjoy those kids.....
--lets see what else, oh dale cancelled on me=again=not gunna hang out unless he asks...im thru WHAT?! haha chappelle's show...its funny watch it ok this is really short so i might be back tomorrow only time will tell bye..

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She called out a warning [07 Mar 2004|02:50pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Incubus-Warning ]

Ok lets see....this weekend...friday, was going to go to Riders BMX with kyle, colin, josh, and lori..so we get to kyles were all ready we pick up colin and its 400 and i have to be home at 430 and traffic is terrible!! so i asked kyle home late he thought i would be AN HOUR late...so im like screw taht take me home. i get home and i am very angry!! oh well lori said it was not that fun. so i get to church EARLY >:-O i was MMAADDD!! lets see started out everyone was not too excited about being there. they fed us soup and bread...thats it the whole night, that was my only meal of the day! so luckily courtney brought food and shared with me and mel. also my mom made me leave my cell phone at home, but mel brought hers so that was good!! i dunno friday they kept us up till 12 and we were all dead tired so we fell asleep fast, they separated the boys and girls around 1145, we were all in the gym though. saturday they woke us up at a lovely time of 7! GRR! we were again all dead tired, but we get on the bus and drive oh id say 10 feet to sum brick building. we had hardees for breakfast, it was yummy, i ate everyone elses food. hehe!! lets see what else, oh yeah we had seven "flames" to do, man were they BORING!!! we were all like this is gay and it was! lunch was SANDWHICHES YESSSS!! not really, they never let us leave the stupid brick building from 8 am until 4 pm....never got to go outside!!! it was terrible we all felt like we were in jail. at 4 we went back to chruch and had the choice to do confession, i did, and i felt better really. i havent cussed since, yes its hard haha! so the retreat wasnt all bad, cus i mean i got to know everyone in the class a lot better. and i harassed some of them more then others (patrick and aaron oh and the twins) and one kid in my class chews, and he was chewing at church GROOOSSS!!oh well thats about it for my weekend, last night i did get FIFTEEN hours of sleep! it was amazing. ok i have a test to study for byebye!

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BaCkStReEt's back ALL RIGHT! [03 Mar 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | OHHH major taylor treats me right! ]

Hey playas whats shakin?? lets see, in recent days....Dale ditched me again :( i had a feeling he would! I got in a HUGE fight with my parents and i said "screw you" to my dad, and he said "ill pretend i didnt hear that" and so me being the rebel i am said "NO! DONT PRETEND LIKE YOU DIDNT HEAR IT....CUS YOU DID HEAR IT I SAID IT!!" we started new classes!! spanish (ehhh that OK...loris in it), anatomy (hughs hates me already, tiggertab's in it!), english (i hate spencer, kate and tig are in that), BUSINESS (i never thought id like that class...now i do, everyones in that), geography (i dont like it...no ones in it ) hmm anything else?? ohhh yes!! TODAY!! wednesday...the wonderful half day! lets see started out by going with lori...wait wait right be fore that in the hallways, ran into AAKASH (that boy is sooooo hot!) then we left and got caught by a train...BOO! so we turned around then im like oh its gone! no it wasnt!! haha so were sideways in traffic, and tina estranda in her NIIICE 3000 GT lets us in (actually we forced our way in)...trains still there...we see a ton of mustangs turning around, one looks like erin...so we see this mustang TURN AROUND IN SOMEONES YARD yeah tahts erin hahahahh!! then we get on this one road definitly going 80 haha...get to china buffet first heck yah!! everyone was at china buffet, enoguh about htat. after we went out and i had a nice chat with kyle mullen. then he leaves and colin and well just call him 'mark' say "HEY LORI!! CAN U GIVE US A RIDE TO THE SKATEPARK??" lori chants NO! unless they get THREE dollars in gas...within i swear to you 5 minutes they have the three bucks, and we say what no we said FIVE dollars hahaha!! so colin goes in kroger and tells sum lady he car broke down and he needs gas...NIIIICE! so we decide skatepark=hot guys, well do it! boy were we RIGHT!! whew baby. there was one in particular i had my eye on. yah he was hot...."darcy". haha yeah lori asked to ride his bike cus she was gunna ride with me (me on colins) and she said shell give him head if he lets her ride it hes like WELL IN THAT CASE!! haha! so then we decide to go up to him when hes at the monster VAN and act like were really gunna give him head...so yeah that worked for a while...then he was leaving so i decide to walk him out to his car/van. he liked it, he cant lie. he gave me a hug...i herad sum sad stories there...this one kids drinks, and last weekend there were 3 suicide attempts and darcy said his friend friend shot himself becus his mom was gunna send him to military school. so, his freinds spraypianted a cross with the name "bryan christy" in the middle of the park becus if bryan would have skipped school thats were he would be. i really had tears in my eyes when he told that story...ok well in a brightner note sum other hottis there were...biker justin, josh, mark, colin, i forget some of their names!! GRR...oh well this is a MASSIVE entry so im out later hottis! Much LovE!

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:-) [24 Feb 2004|03:48pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | barbie workout tape ]

Hello! today i am in a bad mood...so lets just talk about yesterday...MY BIRHTDAY!! lets see it started out where my dad took me to school and i walked in with erin! then u know regualr school day...kaitlin put a sign on my locker...now that the bdays are on TV tons of ppl said happy bday...except megan. hahah i love when she does that! anyways, lets see after school lori took kaitlin and greg home. we saw eddie, blake AND sumone else..but it was funny! then we rose the roof and sum kid mocked it...it was sooo funny!!! then we dropped greg off cus he was in a bad mood! so then we went to willards neighborhood...and saw kyle mullen riding...we stayed at his house for what was it like 30 minutes..till he had to work at PANERA BREAD!! that was fun...then i went home and talked to jordie forever! then alii randomly stops..throws a ball at james being the LOSER that he is he runs home and cries to his M O M M Y! and the mom says to me "I NEVER THOUGHT THIS LITTLE GIRL WOULD TURN INTO A BULLY!" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!! cool!! haha....then i go to bburg to eat at la jarapido sumthin like that...it was good! and jordie and dan randomly stop by, hes a cutie! but anyways...after taht went to grandparents house to open gifts...and went to KANES house...he wouldnt look me in the face so i tried to make him..yeah hes a lil bit strong! so then we paraded outside were i procede to ask him to wrestle "no becus the neighbors might see" WHO ACTUALLY CARES?? oh well then i went home..so far i have at least $130 in gas paid for hopefully holding me for a years worth! well yesterday was an awesome bday...thanks for all my gifts and happy bday's guys...i love you!!!! im out..

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GRRRR [17 Feb 2004|08:41pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]
[ music | YOURE SO LAST SUMMER!!! ]

i hate having to redo these!! stupid computer!!! ok...so agian!! GRR...this weekend i dunno jon came home but i didnt really get to see him cus our scehdules didnt work out, i spent the night at loris on saturday, and will and adam came over...taht was ok except the whole banana incident....lets not go there, and the wholre writing on micahel wynnes calander and him gettin really really mad!! what else...oh yeah i found out i cant go to texas for spring break and normally i would be like my life is over...cus i was TOTALLY looking forward to that, but now im just like oh well stuff happens! this positive attitude thing kicks butt!!! but yesh...megan came over that was cool u know! holla megan!! this weekend is huge for me...I TURN 16!!!!! which means in a month GET OFF THE ROADS!!! literally!! but i am having a lotta bashes for me bday...one with the grandparents, one with cousins, one with mom dad brother, and one with HOLLA FRIENDS!!! they sh0uld all be good! but u know what i think im gunna get outta here....but i hate everything about you....WHY DO I LOVE YOU?!

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AaKaSh Is HoTt! [17 Feb 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | I have everything about you ]

hey!!! haha shawnna i love wendys too!! today was a good daY!! lori actually drove to Dales house today!!! and holly cauger got hit by a car...kat newby=driver. wow u cant get hit by a car honestly!! well i had an awesome lunch!! aakash talked to me! ill give u the convo....
Aakash (to lori): hey are u jen?
Lori: uhh no
Aakash (to me): Whats up?
Me: uhh nothin (very timid)
Aakash: oh well we'll see u later (TOUCHES MY ARM!)
Me:(speechless cus that whole encounter)

Hey megan is over now so ill come back later...

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and so.... [13 Feb 2004|11:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | i believe in a thing called love ]

Hi! well today was a good day...let us see first i got an A on my math test!!! wow i was so excited!! lets see gave out sum valentines...it was fun....tried givin amanda a valentine but she just ripped it up oh well i still gave it to jordan birtch. then tonight went to loris for a little bit...saw nick and megan at wendys...taht made my day. got dissed by kaitlin when she didnt give me a valentine! THANKS! since i personally made her one! COOL COOL!!! lets see friday night fever...we have wonderful friday nights! me lori and erin headed over to the usual wendys but travis wasnt working :( made us so sad. then headed over to pizza buffet too see zach, michael, d.rec etc...then headed to michael franklins, but he was not home. so went to wendys so lori could pee and saw STEPH! shes so nice...after that was penns house..then a car ride with a little game of pa diddle...girls rule!! also i would like to say THE GIRLS WON THE RACE WITH THE BOYS .... WE BEAT THEM NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY!! thanks byebye!!

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super bowl what???? [01 Feb 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | Omaha--counting crows ]

i didnt watch taht dang game!! who cares..plus i had forgotten homework to do. well the other night online i talked to this kid from triwest (harassed more like) and hes taking it dead seroius...AND HE CALLED ME TODAY!! ok, im just kidding with him and hes dead seroius...wow people kill me. anyways, today was so boring, and my throat hurt again but not as much as baby dales!! aww makes me sad. oh well, today i had to clean the snow off my car since i hadnt driven her in forver...took like 20 minutes to warm up then drove to walgreens and got gas. later went out agian and ran errands like went to chruch, library, and post office: HOLLA LETTER TO CHRIS! well i dunno much else, this is boring huh...oh well boring is better then me being depressed, ive gotten over taht :) love yall byebye

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too much to deal with [31 Jan 2004|12:51am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | AHHH ]

i dont know when i last updated..a lot has gone on really...i just had a TERRIBLE day, so much happened. it was a horrible night. and i found out sum stuff ryan said, that i mean i took offense to but not too much since i know hes just a horrible person. just proves it. oh well, i wrote chris a letter today in 4th hour...i think he prollly gave me the wrong address. haha oh well. i just realized too..again i realized this, that worse stuff happens to people and i need to just get over it, because if i just worry about the little things then whats gunna happen when something bad happens, yeah someone said sumthin mean about me, but its not like it hasnt happened to other people, u just gotta get over it. and it kinda makes me mad how you know i think im there for a lotta people when they need advice or sumone to tlak to and then when i need sumthin, theyre not there. but oh well...ill continue to help them, and i just wont worry about my problems as much, they could be so much worse, i really am thankful for all i have, and im realizing this too becus of what chris said, it is really starting to set in, but i tell u what, i am REALLY tired, so im gunna go to sleep, ill talk to you people( haha who am i kidding no one reads this) anyways bye.

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:( [29 Jan 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

man..i dunno, im just in such a bad mood today, i dunno why. i called kane and at first it was good, then it just sucked, it seemed like he was being mean and i think thats just him and i need to get over it, i take stuff too personal. oh well, ill try harder. awards banquet at ritter today was a good one, kidna boring oh well. this is gunna be short cus rents are hardcore gettin me to bed on time. i also called ryan...well he called me, and liked to lie and say he had to walk home from the high shcool to danville, i felt so sorry for him, then i find out HE LIED!! OHHHHHHHHHHH GOOD ONE!!!!! not really, i odnt know what tomorrow will bring, well two hour delay and hopefully a better mood, im out.

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wow [24 Jan 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | television ]

hello! lets see...friday, lets start there, i was supposed to hang out with ryan, but he decided getting high was more important. im kinda sick of people being obsessed with drugs, i got kinda angry with him for not hanigng out and he didnt know why. i was just like uh yeah ur annoying. he was funny on the phone though cus i was like stop chuckling and he said "i wasnt chuckling, chuckling is for santa." haha. then today i went to church with lori then me her ryan and greg hung out and went to the mall. we had to go to this other parking garage and we could not figure out how to pay!! it was so confusing then we got a lil lost till greg luckily knew where we were. so we had to take the interstate. oh well. headed back to avon, went to taco bell then saw kim at work. then my mom was being stupid and i dont know. yesterday really sucked though, i cried A LOT! and it wasnt just one thing even though everyone thought it was becus of ryan, i mean that was sum of it, but not the main thing, i shouldnt have cared so much becus i dont know him enough to care....too easily attached!! it annoys me how im like that. oh well i wanna take it slow with ryan, i hope that works, oh well if not, we are planning to maybe hang out this friday but "he cant make any promises ... in case sumthin comes up." since "bros before hoes" and i laughed at him saying that and he got mad hahaha it was funny. oh well i am very tired since i did not sleep at all last night!!! so im out.

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SAD DAY IN HISTORY!! [20 Jan 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | surprised ]
[ music | full house (cody sheets says its cheesy) ]

AUNT FRANCES DIED TODAY!!! she was 96, and its sad because everytime i went to tell someone the story i would laugh, so they wouldnt believe me, and also i told CODY SHEETS!! and he laughed at me! haha just kiddin i love cody sheets. haha. today lori took me home, and ryan was tehre. that was nice, becus we talked u know and as he got out at TOM YARDS!! (love that kid) he gave me a hug haha more of an attack since someone kept chanting HUG HER DO IT!! oh well, i liked it! i talked to shawnna last night about some stuff i had to tell someone, and it just really really helped. she gave me amazing advice, and i like talking to her becus she doesnt make me feel stupid when i tell her stuff, shes really understanding! thanks shawn!! so at school i looked like crap, cus i had like no makeup on and a huge sweatshirt!! SICK!!!!!! but i dont konw...i guess this guy was talking about me, and this lauren girl was like hey how about u shut the f*ck up, ill kick ur ass if u talk about her! i was like aww thanks lauren!! shes cool. so then in the car i still had nothing on and i felt ugly, and i hate feeling like that, so ahah when ryan went in to get his guitar i put a lil bit a makeup on ;) im such a dork i swear!! oh well it was mostly a good day execpt aunt frances :'( but CARL IS COMING IN TOWN TOMRROW!!!! I LOVE THAT BABY!!

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confused! [19 Jan 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | none :( ]

hey..im watching this show...my fat obnoxious fiance. haha it is so funny. well today was not the best. i think i have good weekends but not good weekdays. i also think i get worked up over nothing sometimes. like ryan "wanted to get to know me better" and yet i tried talking to him online and he was totally not talking. kaitlin had a few options of what might have been wrong, and she is usually right. so i dont know, i will try not to worry about it, i do wanna talk to ryan more though, get to know him and hang out with him more. then kane was haha hes just stupid. i really need to work on dealing with things, and just not worrying, because USUALLY i worry over nothing, but i feel if i dont worry then i should have. i dont know again im worrying!!! ahhh stop it!! this is bothering me, i just want it to be friday!!! i can tell too this week is gunna go by SOOOO SLOW!! well this sucks im really upset now, so im leaving byebye!

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wow amazing! [18 Jan 2004|02:54pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | coltsy game ]

wow! last two days have been great! friday there was a show in brownsburg...some of the bands were really good!! it was like me and lori and greg....then at the show me and lori hung around some of her bburg freinds (the striaght edges) they almost got in a fight :( and i got along well with this nate. he gives good hugs!! he called me yesterday too. also friday i saw kane again. hes so hot! i couldnt stay long cus i got in trouble again. saturday me and lori went to church together THATS RIGHT IM CONVERTING HER!! haha not really. but then we hung out with greg and ryan. i didnt know how that would go with ryan since i thought he hated me. but it went so good! we met dale at best buy then all headed to the mall. i asked ryan to hold my hand haha and he gave me a dirty look. so i kept asking him until finally he goes "oh were u seroius???" and i was like YESSSS!!! and he goes oh yeah thats cool then. hes funny. we werent there long since a stupid cop was like hey u guys 18 if not u gotta go its curfew time IT WAS NINE OCLOCK!! then we dropped dale off to leave and greg me ryan and lori went to our favorite WENDYS!! then after that me picked up jake :-/ me and lori dont like him too much. we all went to ryans after that. he is soo good at guitar! we also rode dirtbikes till some fags called the cops on us, so we had to go in. then it was time to go!! so i was late AGAIN!! and i even called this time and still got in trouble. it was sooo stupid! but yeah so far an amazing weekend!! getting ready to watch the colts game (i think theyre gunna lose) OH HAH ALSO I GOT CHRIS TO SAY HE LOVED ME!! HooKemUT: i love u kristina YES!!!! ok love y'all!

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i am real mad [13 Jan 2004|12:51pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | long december-counting crows! ]

just got home from a ride with dale. he yelled at me. tiffany was in the front seat, and i wanted to hear what was on country station so i leaned up and was gunna touch it but she was fightin me. and dale grabs my arm and says "IM TRYING TO F*CKIN DRIVE!!!" and i was just like wow! becus dale has never yelled at me. and tiffany was like dude dale calm down, and i think he said he was sorry, but i was not listening, i just put my headphones on really loud and laid down in the back. i didnt want to hear him talk, i just wanted to cry really. i mean never in my life has he yelled at me! it hurt really. so then we get to my house, and i just got all my crap and got out didnt say bye or thank you or anything. and i heard them talking to me, but i didnt care i just walked up to my house. i guess i should have said thanks but why should i have?? i just got yelled at. eh hes been real different lately, i dunno, im sad now. bye...

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talking to april, shes a cool kid [12 Jan 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | a whole new world ]

hey. today was uhhh well ok...after school got taco bell with kim and her sis (and lori). school was well ok i guess, megan stole my winter coat today, i was pretty pissed! well right now im talking to april wolcott, she thinks dale hangs out tiffany a lot and thinks hahah nevermind that. this weekend, i hung out with josh, and kate, and (dale) on saturday...THAT TOTALLY SUCKED! (dale) was such a dick, he didnt even say hey to me for 15 minutes, then i had to say hi to him! what a dick! i am so over him. so u know, then i had josh and erik drop me off at marsh and lori picked up and took me to see KANE. (oh with (dale) i kept talkin about other ppl (aka guys) since he was bein such a dick i didnt care) anyways, so at kanes house, we ran into the pizza guy haha, and then i drug lori up there, and we knocked dad answered and i was like is kane there and so unforunatley he was...i soo wanted to run away and i almost did!! but then he came to the door, he was hot! and lori left to go ride around the neighborhood a lil bit so i could talk to kane, and i was jsut in the little entry way, he was surprised to see me. oh well, it was all right i guess, we just talked a lil bit, and then lori came back and i said "can i have a handshake?" haha he gave me one and i was like "uhh can i have a hug?" and he gave me one and "i left" then u know, took josh and rasmey home. i made rams sit on my lap cus i felt bad he was all alone in the back cus he didnt want to sit on the leather (hes veigan). they were really interesting ppl. anyways this is so long, and i think im gunna get goin. later!

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dads reading his bday cards.... [07 Jan 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | candle in the wind! ]

im tired...of course i always am...i went to bed around midnight becus i was reading, and then i was about to get offline but chris was on and i wanted to tell him im giong to texy for sb!! im pretty excited about taht...we talked about what wed do if we met...yeah...then i went to bed! today we had a gay convo..and erin wouldnt give me "my" (eriks) watch back! i was getting mad!! oh, i THINK i might hang out with saturday, and i dont know if i want to, since i havent talked to him in like a week. i just dont know! i heard he was sick thats why he didnt answer his phone the other day, and i felt bad cus i got kinda pissed, oh well. sexually harassed dale today with lori erin and kaitlin...dales a man whore really! haha, i think im leaving....gotta go to dads bday, read 4 chapters of to kill a mockingbird, do vocab, research paper, and math :-D!! yay, should be awesome! not, im out. comment y'all!

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back so soon [05 Jan 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | none at all ]

hey...today was back to school :( i really hate school. english is gay we have to read to kill a mock AND do a research appaer all in jan!!!! my stomach kinda hurt at school though...after i went to kaitlins house, then we got major drama (not with kait)..but its settled so its all good. went to pizza buffet with kaitlin...hot kid there! and sum WIERD! kid too. uhh harassed dale BIG TIME!! he never gets mad its kidna funny. lets see erik doesnt answer my calls...i think im over it really. i was talking to dale baout it (hes so nice) here a lil of what he said...

im cuttin it down so it looks like i never talked but i just basically cut out what i said. (the "he" dale's talking about is erik)

dale: im sorry
dale: but u know what
Me: what
dale: doesnt really sound to me like hes worth the effort
dale: you will find someone
Dale: im sure you will
dale:dont worry about him
dale: hes not worth it
dale: well if he always seems pissed at you
dale: just dont worry about him for a while, you know like talk to him occasionally
dale: it will kinda piss him off, and make him realize the world doesnt revolve around him
dale: i feel kinda like dr. phil
me: hahaha
dale: i like it!
dale: i can be like a counselor or some shit
dale:i love talkin to you tina

thats u know some of it. it really made feel better. i mean i guess i always wanted a guy friend i could talk to and stuff....and i never realized it b4 but i think dales that guy. u know the good guy friend. and im pretty happy cus thats waht i have wanted for a while. and i now realize i dotn need erik...really i dont...i shouldnt have to put up with stuff he does to me--and i think i just might have my brother sell his things on ebay, i mean hey if he wants it he has jsut as fair a shot as anyone. so yeah im done with him and all his crap. well i think im outta here again might be back tomorrow!

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i want kane [04 Jan 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]
[ music | colts game ]

I just wanted to say hey to the hotti kane wallsmith. man hes soooo hot!! i just wish i could see him...he makes me drool hes so ah just wow.

lets see what else is knew! SHAWNNA MADE ME THIS KICK "A" JOURNAL!! i love it..thanks babe! anything else knew? well erik called me during the pacers game...he was using me to look up scores on the tv..then goes ill call u after the game, yeah he didnt. faggot.---i put my two weeks notice in at work yesterday, now i just need to find a new job, my rents said theyd pay for gas...IF i get involved with school...not a chance im doing any more then i have to at avon!!---dale gave me his old hat! i love taht hat really.---lori got in road rage again! it was fun though, we kidna went out of our way though. oh well...i will be back later..hopefully ill be writing in this more, doubt it though :-/ im out. tahnks again shawn love ya!!

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forever [28 Dec 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | can u feel the love tonight ]

just got back from the pacer game..yeah i touched reggie miller, jermaine oneal, ron artest, and austin crostiere's hand and i got a picture of LARRY BIRD!!! IT WAS amazing. lets see huge updates!
1. i met sum triwest kids aka erik and josh
2. ramping thru peoples yards is soo fun!!
wel ok about the triwest kids...erik is really hot and nice. but then yesterday he was soooooo mean and left me 2 places without telling me, yeah and drove off with me standing right by the car. i was so mad and sad, i thought he was better than that. so i was asking people if i should call him, they said yes and no, so i didnt. but still thank you to everyone that was there for me! lori, wer always have problems at the same time hope urs gets better!! ur the best! thanks for doing that for us. and thanks for tlaking to me in the car! well so today i didnt call erik, and i was in the car on the way home and i saw i had a missed call from erik. so i called him back and he said sorry. :-) so that was nice. and i listened to his message it was sweet, i jsut hope things work out with him, hes awesome. hold on eriks calling bye

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