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-step into my quiet violence- [24 Jan 2004|01:51am]
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so today was spiffy. i got a bus to work and clocked in around 12:15ish, whoo-hoo for getting an extra 15 min of money lol. then around 1ish mine and fabians Party showed up, cuz this party was like 20 7 year olds so i needed help with them just to get everything done ya know? so the party went OK, i wasn't to happy with Party Mom, but as long as the Birthday Kid is happy i dont really care, lol. anyways that party ended at like 2:45ish and there was a 3pm party but Show had that one, but she was running late so i took it, no biggie cuz it was 6 13-year olds with a $50 limit per child i was like woah! but they were fun so that party went sooo smoothly and was probably th easiest one i've ever done. and then Party Mom wanted to tip me, and we can't accept tips =/ so shes gunna write me a letter and i get a present from the resident of Build-a-Bear which is usually a box of cookies.. which i won't be abl to eat becuase next week i'm starting atkins. i'll probably just share with everyone though =) and then i got to take my break so me and liz went into the "As Seen on TV" store and that place is just awsome.. i heart it. then it was like 5ish and Ryan came in =].. that kid is just awsome, do for the rest of the 2 hours of my time there pretty much me and him chilled in the back room cuz we were both restocking the store. but it was seriously the first time me and him really got to talk about stuff, we talked about EVERYTHING, friends, relationships, what we do when we're not running the zoo, all that stuff, and he is really a great person, like me and him really connect, so we'll see... but yea he rocks ;] so after work i ran to Old navy for my mom then came back home, but of carse my moms car battery died so we waited about half an hour for AAA, and that asn't bad, they restarted her car ad we took it to the garage to get fixed and then Chrstine picked us up cuz she loves us <3.. then we all came here so i could get changed and so we can let Issy out.. so we got her test results and *yay* no Feline Luchemia [sp?] so she can leave my room, so her and baxter having been chasing each other around all niht.. i heart my kitten.. but she's no abby :'( then me and christine went to the gym, but then we decided to skip a night, and then got pizza, kind of a "last meal" type thing since Atkins = No Pizza. then we just chilled there and that was fun cuz Buckwheat was being held hostage lmao. and i got home around 12:30ish...

and now i need sleep cuz i'm working from 12pm - 8pm tomorrow and *yay* we get to wear JEANS! whoo-hoo!!!

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