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look whose back. [06 Apr 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Real World-san diego ]

WoW.. i haven't updated this thing for quite some time now.. Wow.. im back. i hope someones happy... even though no one reads this bull-shit..I guess its better that way anyway.lets see.. spring break was pretty good i went to california.!! and it was awesome. the beach, the people, the shopping everything is awesome their.. but i missed my home? hah it was kinda weird because, do anything to go there .... so i dunno its just different now i guess here. i have more to look forward to here then i do there.. so i guess that can be a good thing.. Ive decided. that i dont like being in the regular school i was in so i switched.. so i can do my own thing.. and now..thats what i do.. i get bored, and lonely sometimes and feel like a fuckin idiot but the sooner i get out the better it will be. and i can start something new. so it will turn out well in the end. just as long as i dont give up on myself.. and stay on top of the things i need to do and the things i need to get done.and ill be fine.Yeah. works going good. im sick of it. but its nice to get away from things for a while. and make some money. cuz i need it ...but i havent saved anything... ive spent every lil bit of it ive made so far and thats no good ... i need a car. so i can drive..god damnit..well i better get goin...the OC sucks

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[25 Feb 2004|09:36pm]
I wish it could all change.
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[20 Feb 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | I think you suck ]
[ music | HIM ]

Life Truly Sucks

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[06 Jan 2004|09:21pm]
[ mood | supercalafragalistic ]
[ music | Realworld-sannnndiego ]

heyy.. winterbreaks over..:(went back to school Monday.. It sucked like it always does.. its almost over though.. lol well was fun.. im goin to linkin park !! jan 31st !! yay .. im excited I haven't been to a concert in like a while.. New Years Was alright I didnt really do anything, rented .. sweet sixteen it looked like an awesome movie.. but i put it in and it was in french ahaaa it sucked..I do that all the time. get movies in a different language.. hah but this didnt say it was in a different hah anyway . and watched legally blonde 2 it was alright. and went and bought a bunch of food and ran into some mexicans that couldnt speak english they were all like ... hollllla. hah it was kinda cute. hah yeah. the rest of the week was all right didnt do anything really exciting well nothin really exciting to type about.. im goin snowboardin this weekend Yeaaayyyyy !!!! finally after so long.. cuz its colddd. and snowy like ill be back with updates later. happy new year. yay. ;)

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read me. [23 Dec 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | audio slave ]

[my name is]: Brittany
[height?]: 4'9
[in the morning I am]: tired
[all I need is]: a boyfriend
[love is]: an evil thing that completely messes everything you had.. and when its gone.. you have to start from the bottom again and you end up back where you started just completely destroyed.
[if I could see one person right now]: it would be brad.
[I'm afraid of]: crickets and the movie it.
[I dream about]: yr dad in pink thongs

-H A V E .Y O U. E V E R . .
[been in love]: yea.
[cried when someone died]: yea
[lied]: yup

-W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-
[coke or pepsi]: pepsi
[flowers or candy]: flowers
[tall or short]: tall

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-
[what do you notice first?]: Hair.. Eyes..
[last person you slow danced with]: lol that was like 1 year ago i dont know?
[worst question to ask]: dunno.

-W H O-
[makes you laugh the most?]: catherine.
[makes you smile]: i smile at everyone and everything.
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: yr sister.. lol aha..ahah. no one.
[do you have a crush on?]: nobody
[has a crush on you?]: hahaaaaa no one.
[is easiest to talk to]: my sister.

-D O. Y O U .E V E R-
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]: HAHHHHHHHhhhhhh yea i do. sometimes.
[save aol/aim conversations]: no
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: no
[cried because of someone saying something to you]: yea it hurt.

-H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
[fallen for your best friend]: 3 times..
[been rejected?]: yeah.
[rejected someone]: yes
[used someone]: no
[been cheated on]: no
[done something you regret]: yea
[done drugs?]: ahha

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-
[you talked to on the phone]: hmm.. danny
[hugged]: mmmm... i dunno
[you instant messaged]: brad.
[that instant messaged you]: jason.
[you laughed with]: kaley.

-D O .Y O U-
[color your hair]: I highlight it sometimes.
[ever get off the damn computer]: no
[habla espanol]: muy bein.
[parlez français]: ja.

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
[smoke cigarettes]: nope. their sick.
[obsessive]: no
[could you live without the computer?]: no
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: 97
[what's your favorite food?]: cereal, macaroni and cheese.
[whats your favorite fruit?]: strawberries, aha everything.
[drink alcohol?]: sometimes
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: both
[what hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?]: emotional
[trust others way too easily]: no

copy and paste it and then fill it out

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[18 Dec 2003|03:46pm]
I want a boyfriend...... i need some.. action. ...
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[17 Dec 2003|05:18pm]
1. I _____ Brittany.
2. Brittany is _____.
3. Brittany needs _____.
4. I want to ____ Brittany.
5. Brittany can ____ my ____.
6. Someday Brittany will _____.
7. Brittany reminds me of _____.
8. Without Brittany it would be _____.
9. Brittany can be _____.
10. Meeting Brittany was _____.
11. Worst thing about Brittany is _____.
12. Best thing about Brittany is _____.
13. I am _____Brittany .
14. I think Brittany should _____.
15. Brittany would be better off _____.
16. I have seen Brittany _____.
17. Brittany _____.
18. Brittany likes your _____.
19. I'd love to _____ Brittany _____.
20. Brittany in a _____ would be _____.
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[17 Dec 2003|01:29am]
[ mood | depressed ]

im sitten here its 1:30 in the morning .. and i cant sleep once again surprise surprise.. i dont think im gonna go to school tommorow.. i didnt even go today.. wow surprise?? hah.. i dont even know whats wrong with me anymore no one can understand what i have to go threw .. its so hard to loose everything you once had. i cant talk to anybody and when i do they dont care or listen they just tell me their problems. which i do care about and i do listen but...yeah i dont even care who i talk to anymore i really wanna talk to someone and tell them how i feel. and whats going on with me because i need and want to talk to someone but if eel like no one wants to talk to me or listen. and ive been tryin to talk to people anyway i possibly can but its just not making me feel better...and i dunno i just really want someone to listen to me i dont care if they dont care about me .. i just want them to listen and tell me what to do. or have someone thats gonna care about me and how i feel and spent time with me. someone i can talk to . and who actually might care and listen..but right now im failing in that area. and i think i will be for quite some time.. i dunno i wish i were dead. whats the point of living when your not happy. whats the point of living when no ones there or cares. whats the point of living when you dont wanna live.. their is not point this week ive gotten so close to completely hurting myself so much and the sad thing is one knows because no one gives a shit. well thats my story for today.. maybe ill have another great one tommorow

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[16 Dec 2003|11:48pm]
[ + ]first grade teacher's name: ms velonza
[ + ]last word you said: cool
[ + ]last song you sang: dunno
[ + ]last thing you laughed at: my sister
[ + ]last time you cried: last night
[ + ]last person you thought of: rory
[ + ]what's in your cd player: trapt
[ + ]what color socks are you wearing: i'm not wearing socks
[ + ]what's under your bed: clothes i don't like n e more
[ + ]what time did you wake up today: 5:30

[ + ]current hair: down
[ + ]current clothes: sweat pants and sweat shirt
[ + ]current annoyance: school
[ + ]current smell: sweet pea
[ + ]current longing:what?
[ + ]current desktop picture: blue screen
[ + ]current favorite music artist:red hot chili peppers
[ + ]current book:it happened to nancy
[ + ]current worry: if im pass this trimester
[ + ]current hate: my life.
[ + ]story behind your username: long story if your that intereested ask me.
[ + ]current favorite article of clothing: my sweatshirts. cuz yeah.. its cold.
[ + ]favorite physical feature on a boy: eyes hair. and stomach
[ + ]i am happiest when: i'm with my friends
[ + ]i feel lonely when: when i have no one to talk to?
[ + ]favorite authors:David Pelzer,beatrice sparks.
[ + ]if you could live anywhere in the world, where: australia, new york, new jersey, boston, florida, london...hah...etc.
[ + ]famous person you have met: johnny knoxville, sara jessica parker, drew carey, olson twins.
[ + ]do you have any regrets: tons....
[ + ]sex or love: arent they kinda the same...well i guess
[ + ]favorite smell: clinique everything and anything at bathroom body works....vanilla.
[ + ]what makes you mad:when no one cares about what i have to stay. back stabbers.
[ + ]favorite way to waste time: annoy people. piss people off.
[ + ]what is your best quality: my height....aha no cuz i hate. i have no good quality's
[ + ]are in currently in love: hahhhh yeah right i need a lover.
[ + ]what's the craziest thing you have ever done?: dunno.
[ + ]any bad habits: dunno.
[ + ]do you find it hard to trust people: yeah. veryyyyyyyyy hard.
[ + ]last thing you bought yourself: a shirt at pacsun.
[ + ]bath or shower: bath
[ + ]favorite season: spring and summer
[ + ]favorite color: pinks black and white
[ + ]favorite flavor: vanilla, mocha, strawberry
[ + ]favorite time of day: night
[ + ]gold or silver: silver

[ + ]do you wear a watch: no
[ + ]favorite stores: wet seal, forever 21, pacsun, hot topic, claires.
[ + ]how big is your closet?its to small.
[ + ]ever spend more then $200 in a store?: yeah
[ + ]do your friends know everything about you: no.
[ + ]what do they tend to be like: they all have their own personality..and their all different.)
[ + ]can you count on them: some yes.. some hell no
[ + ]can they count on you: of course.

[ + ]last book you read: a man named dave.
[ + ]last movie you saw: lizzy mcguire....hah
[ + ]last movie you saw on the big screen: hmmm i dunno
[ + ]last show you watched on tv: elimidate.
[ + ]last song you heard: Milkshake.
[ + ]last thing you had to drink: diet coke.
[ + ]last thing you ate: lucky charms
[ + ]last time you showered: 3 weeks ago.....ahah. this morning.
[ + ]last time you smiled: hah....uh today?
[ + ]last time you laughed: i dunno some time today.
[ + ]last person you hugged: hmmmmm nora...maybe.
[ + ]last person you talked to online: brad..kinda.

|DO YOU...|
[ + ]smoke: hmmm .no
[ + ]drink: yea sometimes.
[ + ]have sex: yea sometimes.
[ + ]sleep with stuffed animals: no.
[ + ]have a dream that keeps coming back: yeah...
[ + ]play an instrument: not as much but i use to.
[ + ]believe there is life on other planets: no.
[ + ]read the newspaper: yeah
[ + ]believe in miracles: yea
[ + ]consider police a friend or foe: foe !
[ + ]like the taste of alcohol: some yeah..
[ + ]believe in astrology: yeah..they really work. u should try it sometime.
[ + ]believe in magic: no
[ + ]go to church:i use to. but no not really
[ + ]have any secrets:yeahhhhhh
[ + ]have any pets: a bird...i want a dog !!
[ + ]go or plan to attend college: hah if i can finsh high school...hah.
[ + ]talk to strangers: i dunno?
[ + ]have any piercings: yeaa my ears
[ + ]have any tattoos: in about....2 months ! yay
[ + ]hate yourself: yeah. haha
[ + ]wish on stars: sometimes
[ + ]like your handwriting: sometimes
[ + ]believe in witches: no
[ + ]believe in ghosts: yeah
[ + ]believe in santa: no
[ + ]believe in the easter bunny: no
[ + ]believe in the tooth fairy: no
[ + ]trust others easily: nope
[ + ]sing in the shower: yea all the time.
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someday..... [09 Dec 2003|03:27pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Linkin Park ]

hmm.. yeah school was alright today.. i actually went... I dont see the point in it anymore.. I dont see why i should go anymore.. i dunno. i dont wanna be there anymore, im bored with it.. im bored with everything right now. school, friends,family, people....everything..i dunno dont see the point to anything anymore.. i dont even wanna wake up in the morning.. because alll the thoughts i have just come back to me and i live it all over again another day. its just...blahhh why i should i live anymore i dont see the point to life. all i do is get hurt. and im really not enjoying it anymore.. i have nothing to live for.. no one to live for.. nothing to enjoy about.. no one listens to me. no one understands me.. no one believes or gives a shit about what i have to say its just....i dunno i dont care if i fuck everything up anymore.. i dont care what i become or what i do . i dont care about anything...and now im at the point where i dont care about anyone else.. except a few people. because why should i ? do they care about me ? no they dont they dont give a fuck. so i dont care anymore either..Fuck everything .. for so long ive tried so hard to be good, do good, and be something,.. and just be happy with everyone and everything and enjoy the people and the things ive had.. but its just not happenening and its not comming to me.. so i doubt it will ever.. i feel like i waste my time on everyone else ..listen to what they have to say be there for them when they need it . but where is everyone when i need them. where is everyone when i need someone to talk to.. their not there.. or they just dont care. Ive spent my whole life wasting my time..telling people what i think, or how i feel,or just......anything.. and they dont care to listen to me or understand me or believe me. and i just cant take it anymore. ive gone threw so much bullshit the past few years and gone threw so much .. and i know lots of other people have to .. but I dont share what ive gone threw or how i feel and if i do.. people would pretend to care.. or act like they really do care.. and i dont care to waste my time like that. nobody knows what ive gone threw. and i just cant deal with it i cant deal with anything anymore. i cant deal with all the problems ...i dunno ive broken down.. im drained down to nothing. i just dont wanna live or even be here anymore i dont wanna be anything or do anything.. i want it all to be done. and over with . im not having fun. im not enjoying anything.. and i dont see the reason to why i should live when no one wants me here anyway...i dunno im so upset. i cant understand anything i dont even have words to explain how i feel..i just can't hide it .. it hit me .. and im gonna end up ruining everything..ill look back and regret this.. or what i do.. but i dunno what else am i suppose to do. my insides are just burnt from everything. i cant live another day.

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fuck what they say what do you have to prove [29 Nov 2003|09:30pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | trapt ]

i havent really updated words in a while so i figured i would.. its snowed all weekend. and its cold ! and vacations over. ! :( well kinda? yeah ... Rory came over yesterday and used those snow skate things i haven't seen him since..yeah wow a while. i dont like him .. i cant..blah but its fun to talk with him once in a while. I really like someone else. but..its hard to explain i like him alot.. a realllll lot. but he doesnt really know. hah. but its not like i dont talk to him i do. but... its hard to explain and i hate when.. i dont say how i feel.. if i did probably he wouldnt believe me anyway lol... because lots of people dont so why would he ? lol i dont know. i just hate to sit there and know how much i like him .. and him not know. and think everything is .. fine.. lol i just dont wanna make myself. look dumb like what i do with most people.. and besides it would probably never work anyway even if i wanted it to... lol hmm but thats the way it always is. anyway.. yeah. tommorow im goin shoppin ! i hope i am still am.. yeah christmas is comming !! again yay. i think maybe i should save money and buy people stuff this year? lol yea good idea.lemme know what you want.

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[28 Nov 2003|05:11pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | trapt ]

lol wow.. now its been proven that i should should just not even bother saying how if feel and just keep my thoughts to myself completely....this conversation truly hurt

Loserdude [4:19 PM]: Hey Baby
HurlieGhUrLiE [4:20 PM]: hey
HurlieGhUrLiE [4:20 PM]: What r u doin ?
Loserdude [4:22 PM]:  spaning it
Loserdude [4:22 PM]:  spanking
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:23 PM]:  with your mom
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:23 PM]:  or your dad
Loserdude [4:23 PM]:  NONE MY SELF
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:23 PM]:  i c... 
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:23 PM]:  lucky you.
Loserdude [4:24 PM]:  FUCK YEAH
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:24 PM]:  lol yeah WOW
Loserdude [4:24 PM]:  SO MS. IM BORING
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:25 PM]:  so mr. suck my dads cock
Loserdude [4:25 PM]:  OOH
Loserdude [4:25 PM]:  BURN
Loserdude [4:25 PM]:  NICE ONE 
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:26 PM]:  hahhh
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:26 PM]:  i knew youd like it.
Loserdude [4:26 PM]:  I NEVER KNEW YOU HAD IT IN YOU
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:26 PM]:  ...but now you know.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:27 PM]:  yeah . for ashton kutcher.
Loserdude [4:27 PM]:  NOT FOR ME
Loserdude [4:27 PM]:  :-(
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:27 PM]:  is that a question or a comment.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:28 PM]:  ???
Loserdude [4:28 PM]:  QUESTION
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:28 PM]:  oh ok
Loserdude [4:30 PM]:  WELL ARE YOU
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:30 PM]: i ?
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:30 PM]:  i dont know.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:31 PM]:  Good question. because i dont have an answer.
Loserkiddude [4:31 PM]:  YOU SUCK 
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:31 PM]:  i suck your dad
Loserkiddude [4:32 PM]:  OK LATER DUD
Loserkiddude [4:32 PM]:  I DONT LIKE YOU
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:32 PM]:  why.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:32 PM]:  simple question
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:32 PM]:  simple answer
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:32 PM]:  so answer
Loserkiddude [4:32 PM]:  I DONT KNOW
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:33 PM]:  ok.. good one.
Loserkiddude [4:33 PM]:  GOOD
Loserkiddude [4:33 PM]:  YOU ARE WIERD AND STUPID
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:34 PM]:  ok
Loserkiddude [4:34 PM]:  NO YOU ARE MAN
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:34 PM]:  Prove it.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:34 PM]:  man
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:34 PM]:  we never were friends
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:34 PM]:  we dont talk
Loserdude [4:34 PM]:  OH OK
Loserdude [4:34 PM]:  LATER THEN
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:34 PM]:  like 4 times
Loserdude [4:35 PM]:  WHATEVER DUDE
Loserdude [4:35 PM]:  YOU CHANGED MAN
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:35 PM]:  you cant prove it can you
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:35 PM]:  changed how ? maybe its because you hardly** know me.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:35 PM]:  you can say all this stuff... but you cant prove it.
Loserdude [4:35 PM]:  PROVE WHAT 
Loserdude [4:35 PM]:  YOU MORON STUPID FUCK!
Loserdude [4:36 PM]: YOU DUMB BITCH
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:36 PM]:  wow ok....
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:36 PM]:  how have i changed?
Loserdude [4:36 PM]:  SHIT
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:36 PM]:  no its me.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:36 PM]:  answer my question
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:36 PM]:  well im saying it...
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:36 PM]:  why wont you answer my question
Auto response from Loserdude [4:36 PM]:  alright   while im away remember to stand up and fight back resist refuse cause if we dont do it no one is going toa
Loserdude [4:38 PM]:  IM SORRY
Loserdude [4:39 PM]:  IM JUST SUPRISED
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:39 PM]:  i dont get it.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:39 PM]:  like what?
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:40 PM]:  lol
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:40 PM]:  hah
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:40 PM]:  ok
Loserdude [4:41 PM]:  YEAH LIKE KOOL
Loserdude [4:41 PM]:  YOU NEVER CALL ME
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:41 PM]:  because.....i have nothing to say to really.
Loserdude [4:41 PM]:  OK
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:42 PM]:  you want me to.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:42 PM]:  ok then i will
Loserdude [4:42 PM]:  LATER DUDE
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:42 PM]:  lol
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:42 PM]:  lemme tell you something
Loserdude [4:42 PM]:  WHAT NOW
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:42 PM]:  lol what do you mean what now 
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:43 PM]:  i havent said lemme tell you something once. this whole conversation
Loserdude [4:43 PM]:  OK
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:44 PM]:  really and actually i liked you . and wanted to hang out with you.. but now when i talk to you... you seem like a completely different person than id thought youd be.. and i dont know your just different then what i expected.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:44 PM]:  sorry.
Loserdude [4:45 PM]:  HA HA HA H A
Loserdude [4:45 PM]:  IS THAT ALL STUPID BITCH
Loserdude [4:45 PM]:  HOLY SHIT
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:45 PM]:  lol haha no... im telling the truth
Loserdude [4:45 PM]:  SO
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:45 PM]:  just to let u know.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:46 PM]:  lol yeah i noticed.
Loserdude [4:46 PM]:  WELL SORT OF BUT NO
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:46 PM]:  you like sluttiness.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:47 PM]:  lollll
Loserdude [4:47 PM]:  WHAT
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:47 PM]:  i have a  heart.
Loserdude [4:47 PM]:  BUT NOT HORNEYNESS
Loserdude [4:47 PM]:  THATS WHAT I LIKE
Loserdude [4:47 PM]:  AND YOU DONT HAVE
Loserdude [4:47 PM]:  NOT YOUR FAULT
Loserdude [4:47 PM]:  MINE
Loserdude [4:47 PM]:  SO HEY
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:48 PM]:  well ..... maybe cuz im not horny for you cuz maybe.....
Loserdude [4:48 PM]:  YEAH
Loserdude [4:48 PM]:  THAT COULD BE IT
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:48 PM]:  so hey what
Loserdude [4:48 PM]:  ITS OK
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [4:48 PM]:  yep have a nice life.
Loserdude [4:48 PM]:  OK
Loserdude [4:48 PM]:  THANX MAN
Loserdude [4:48 PM]:  ;-)

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Sweet [24 Nov 2003|04:31pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

hmm school was okay today all my finals are preety easy and tommorow.. is gonna be harder though.. i had 4 hours of gym today !! ... yeah anyway.. change of subject* ... im sick of no one taking me seriously anymore.. or nobody taking the time to listen too me.. and the only person i feel like i can talk to and say how i feel doesnt listen to me .. or doesnt talk to me about it just makes it one big joke.. but..its whats going on with me .and its how i feel.. i dont know i dont like having all my feelings held in so much i want somebody that can understand how i feel sometimes and is going to take me seriously... i hate it when i go completely out of my way and tell somebody what im thinking or how i feel and they completely blow me off and dont take me seriously .. or think im joking.. it pisses me off because i feel like i completely wasted my time trying so hard to say everything.. and they.. just...dont care.......yeah..oh well i guess if thats the way it has to be.

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thee conversation [23 Nov 2003|07:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Their is this guy.. that would always talk to me and bug me... all the time.. and bug me around school , would type me stuff whenever i was online..and have his friends call so i got bored with it and decided to mess with his it if your

HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:00 PM]:  Hey sexxy
Loserdude [6:00 PM]:  sweet
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:02 PM]:  wahhht r u doin nn
Loserdude [6:02 PM]:  nothing
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:02 PM]:  fun
Loserdude [6:04 PM]:  yeah yeah dude
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:04 PM]:  what have u been doin lately
Loserdude [6:04 PM]:  sex
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:05 PM]:  your mom or your dad ?
Loserdude [6:05 PM]:  that was gross
Loserdude [6:05 PM]:  myself
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:05 PM]:  hahhhhhhhh
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:06 PM]:  wow fun
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:06 PM]:  for you.
Loserdude [6:06 PM]:  and everyone around me
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:06 PM]:  kewl...
Loserdude [6:07 PM]:  you should have sex with you too
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:07 PM]:  naa i dont need myself. i have real people.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:08 PM]:  u could be one too.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:10 PM]:  lol im jk.
Loserdude [6:10 PM]:  no you are not like that because i tried to suduce you and you didnt fall

HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:10 PM]:  hahh..
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:12 PM]:  we have never really talked that much on the phone.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:12 PM]:  or..... at school
Loserdude [6:12 PM]:  yeah huh
Loserdude [6:12 PM]:  i try to get to start talking about sex 
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:12 PM]:  the last time i talked to you ......was when you had that school thing.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:13 PM]:  what?
hUrLiE15 [6:14 PM]:  hmmm maybe ..i dont remember though.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:14 PM]:  maybe it wasnt me.
Loserdude [6:15 PM]:  oh well
Loserdude [6:15 PM]:  sux for you
Loserdude [6:15 PM]:  you are missing alot
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:15 PM]:  missen what
Loserdude [6:15 PM]:  my sexy body
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:16 PM]:  lol
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:16 PM]:  oh i tried.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:19 PM]:  WOW you must be talkin to a whole lot of people
Loserdude [6:19 PM]:  yeah i am 
Loserdude [6:19 PM]:  some that like me too
Loserdude [6:19 PM]:  unlike you
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:20 PM]:  lol oo that was mean
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:20 PM]:  you cant prove that.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:20 PM]:  i want you
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:20 PM]:  sooooo bad.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:21 PM]:  no seriously.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:23 PM]:  ok i see how it has to be.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:24 PM]:  Im still here.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:27 PM]:  come bback.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:28 PM]:  theirs some stuff i want to tell you.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:31 PM]:  mm k ill call you then.
Loserdude [6:31 PM]:  hey
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:32 PM]:  hey
Loserdude [6:32 PM]:  i lost you sorry
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:32 PM]:  mmmmmmm k
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:32 PM]:  i think your just talkin to alot of ppl
Loserdude [6:33 PM]:  yeah after my concert i got famouse in st paul

HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:33 PM]:  uhh ok.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:33 PM]:  kewl..
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:34 PM]:  you can talk you know.
Loserdude [6:35 PM]:  yeah what did you want to tell me
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:36 PM]:  that i really do liek you.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:36 PM]:  and i cant stop thinking about you.
Loserdude [6:36 PM]:  really
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:36 PM]:  really
Loserdude [6:37 PM]:  sweet
Loserdude [6:37 PM]:  i think about me too
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:37 PM]:  not as much as me.
Loserkiddude [6:37 PM]:  are you serious
Loserkiddude [6:38 PM]:  you barley know mw
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:38 PM]:  why would i make this up fo.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:38 PM]:  for*
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:38 PM]:  i like you.
Loserdude [6:38 PM]:  what

Loserdude [6:38 PM]:  you are toying with me
Loserdude [6:38 PM]:  i dont like that
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:39 PM]:  what....
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:39 PM]:  seriously.. 
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:39 PM]:  but its alright.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:39 PM]:  you dont have to believe me.
Loserkiddude [6:39 PM]:  ok kool
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:39 PM]:  why dont you belive me.
Loserkiddude [6:39 PM]:  i dont know you never made a move
Loserkiddude [6:39 PM]:  i mean im hott
Loserdude [6:40 PM]:  i would make a move on me
Loserdude [6:40 PM]:  oh wait i do
Loserdude [6:40 PM]:  ha ha ha 
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:40 PM]:  oo sexxy
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:40 PM]:  how could i make a move on you.
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:41 PM]:  ive never been with you
Loserdude [6:41 PM]:  dude you are not the type of girl that does what i do
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:42 PM]:  dude you dont know me.
Loserdude [6:42 PM]:  no you dont know me
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:42 PM]:  i know you kinda
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:42 PM]:  i know you well.
Loserdude [6:43 PM]:  i am very sexual like the phone sex type
Loserdude [6:43 PM]:  the one you are not
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:43 PM]:  because..
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:44 PM]:  i prefer the rela thing
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:44 PM]:  real*
Loserdude [6:44 PM]:  (big gulp)
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:45 PM]:  ok...
Loserdude [6:45 PM]:  um you told me you were a virgen
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:45 PM]:  no..... not anymore.
Loserdude [6:46 PM]:  oh my god you dirty girl
Loserdude [6:46 PM]:  thats hott
Loserdude [6:47 PM]:  so 
Loserdude [6:47 PM]:  im sexy
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:47 PM]:  ok
Loserdude [6:47 PM]:  are you 
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:48 PM]:  mm yea
Loserdude [6:48 PM]:  can i ask you a question
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:49 PM]:  sure
Loserdude [6:49 PM]:  do i make you horney
Loserdude [6:49 PM]:  baby yeah
Loserdude [6:49 PM]:  do i make you randy
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:49 PM]:  hell yea
Loserdude [6:49 PM]:  ok call me
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:50 PM]:  ok
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:50 PM]:  when i get offline
Loserdude [6:50 PM]:  i still dont belive the change
Loserdude [6:50 PM]:  but youll have a chance to prove it
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:50 PM]:  y cant we hang out.
Loserdude [6:51 PM]:  becuase i am busy like with concerts and work
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:51 PM]:  hmm oh well.
Loserdude [6:51 PM]:  yeah but we can still be sexy on the phone if thats ok
HurLieGhUrLiE15 [6:52 PM]:  brb
hah- i never callled.........

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[22 Nov 2003|11:18pm]
Stand Up
STAND UP: You are a natural stand-up comedian. You
watch the news with people, and when you give
your opinions, people start laughing. They are
not laughing at you, they are laughing because
what you say is so TRUE. The world is a very
funny place, full of natural comedy. All you do
is repeat various humorous things that you
notice from everyday life. Your unique
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How funny are you?
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[22 Nov 2003|10:52pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Im sooo glad the week is finally over it went fast but it was .. overwhelming lol wow such big anyway.. it was the last week to bring up my grades and everything.. and it was just a hard week. for me at least.. and monday and tuesday we have finals.. and then im off for a week !! yaya. lol finally i need a break ! I havent really done anything all weekend..because of certain people and certain reason that arent worth the time to type. im just sitten here talkin to brad.. so id rather be home anyway. lol hahhh and im watchin gia. with angelina jolie.. preety good so far.. hmm yeah. well im gonna go now ill update sometime later.

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Hows it gunna be? [22 Nov 2003|09:38am]
[ mood | blah ]

...Tell me that you don't take that blade and drag it across your skin and pray for the courage to press it down. Tell me how your daddy helps you cope with that.
Illuminate me.

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Take me away.. Take me far away from here. [19 Nov 2003|06:36pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I never realized.. how much it would hurt to loose a friend.

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I was thinkin of you [15 Nov 2003|10:40pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | not available ]

hmmm let see this week was a long week... and it sucked like all my weeks do.. lol hah... talked to my counselor too.. dumb bitch. I had a test everyday this week and a big one friday so i was up forever studying and i got to school and completely forgot everything like i always do.. and were finally done ice skating. ;) yay i didnt go friday though .. didnt feel the need hmmm.. yesterday i went to kaleys house and i didnt get home till like 3 in the morning ..:/ and i slept in most of the day today.. and then i finally woke up and finished my photography project well most of it.. I went downtown for a while and took some pictures..its preety down there especially at night everythings lit up and everything.. and yeah its kinda kewl .. well anyway im gonna finish now..

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updating just for you [15 Nov 2003|09:52pm]
[ mood | awake ]

hmm what should i do tonight... ???

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