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Exerpt from Chapter Three Of Blood and Ink [ Saturday, March 1st, 2003 @ 12:15am ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The moon bore on him as he rode across the land on his steed. Faster and faster he went. He pushed forward to reach his city, to tell about the passing danger. Froth flew from the steed’s mouth as it pushed forward, grunting and neighing. Shadows played across the steed’s fine coat of hair, swirling and twisting under the moon’s steady glare. Miles and miles lay forebodingly away beckoning him towards his goal. His dark brown hair flew frenzy in the wind, whipping and furling. His clear blue eyes glazed with determination as he rode closer and closer towards the City of Airasai.
Shadows danced and whispered in his ear. They moved and swirled, embedding themselves in the ground. Their lifeless grasp upon him teased and tickled his body. The moon’s steady a glare, trapping the shadows, within their defining shape. In the distance he can see the mountain city, little smote of lights flickering, blinking in the harsh speedy wind. He pushed on, urging begging his steed to gallop onward. He could not terry. A wispy cloud fogged the moon, blocking its light which trapped and contained the shadows, now the shadows reigned and took forth. A strong wind swirled and writhed like a lightless fire, burning and scorching the rider’s face.
It was now, not a better time, for the rider to shudder in fear. He pushed forward, but deep inside; he knew he would die before reaching the city. As his trusty steed pushed galloped onward, he reached inside his armor and pulled out a tattered parchment scrolled by a lock of fuzzy fabric. He held it tight in pale, shaking hands and closed his eyes. His sorrowful voice rang out around him. As shadows began to grow and wrap itself upon his steed’s legs, slowing it down, the rider spoke in the wind:
And as his voice, lingered in the wind, it wrapped itself around the scroll and lifted it up into the air, gliding itself towards Airasai. The shadows shrieked and moaned, stretching far but it could not leave the ground, and could only watch the scroll fly away. The rider closed his eyes, and pulled his steed to a steady halt. His blue eyes glittered as he looked around; an eerie silence enveloped him, the pounding of the wind upon his ears halted.
He did not see the shadows creeping up from behind and he did no see it glide upon his steed, and wrap itself upon his waist; pulling down. The rider struggled twisting and pounding at the shadows, his blows in vain only to be met with the soft matted feel of the earth. The shadows slowly swallowed him, it ate up his yells of terror and it devoured everything.
The clouds slowly revealed once again, a shining full moon. Shadows, slowly falling into shape, revealing a bare empty field, grass slowly rustling in the wind, the rider and his steed, no where to be found.

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Midterms. Oi vey... [ Monday, February 24th, 2003 @ 5:12pm ]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Mr. Cellophane ]

Well our Biology midterm got postponed till next class, this Wednesday. Which is either a good or bad thing. Good: I have more time to study and Bad: I already studied and will stress out even more. Oi.

We took our Geometry Midterm today, I know I missed one because it was to find the Distance between two points, and originally I did the square root of (x-x) squared plus (y-y) squared and got like 7.something which wasnt even one of the choices, so I SWITCHED it...to (x-y) square plus (x-y) squared and got 14.9 which was really close to one of the choices, 15. So yea, I figured it was right and moved on. WRONG! The original formula was the correct one...but it was really wierd since that didnt produce the right answer....I really should of double checked my work.

I have tons of homework tonight. On my To-Do List:

- Work on Mini Lab for Biology.
- Do Extra credit lab for Biology.
- Do First three pages of the Assignment packet for Geometry.
- Perhaps study again for the Biology Midterm.
- Do laundry.
- Masterbate Woops! That wasnt supposed to go there. ^-^;

My mom left my a note, when I got home today! Aw. Too bad she wrote it in vietnamese so I couldnt read it!!! But I managed to decipher it, since I did take half a year of viet school. She wrote:

Hi Huy,
Huy lay cai mem cua con giat + cuo goi.
Lay do xay xeip. Lau dium ma mi.
Mom / Thank you.

What I could decipher:

Hi Huy,
Huy get your blankets and wash them.
Get the stuff if the dryer and fold them.
Mom / Thank you.

Well, so now I have to go do the laundry and then make my self some Pho!!! Wooo...yum.

I fucking hate him, I will rip off his penis and feed it to the dogs if I ever see him in person and gets close enough. BE WARNED DICK SUCKER! IM OUT FOR YOU! YOU PUSSY BOY BASTARD!!!!


We have an Electives fair on wednesday I think. This sucks because, 1) I have no friends and 2) I have no friends. Ha. Anyways I signed up for:

1. Creative Writing
2. Photography 1
3. Web Page Design
4. Graphic Design

We are just going around and attending the classes in which we signed up for to see what we will be doing next year. Its nothing final. I still have to talk to my counselor about everything. This sucks.

We went to the wieght room today for a course introduction. And the entire time the teacher was like, "Yes! This is the best class you can sign up for!!! Blah blah blah... There are over 60,000 dollars worth of equipment here! Blah Blah I have a small penis! Blah Blah blah...Best wieght room in fairfax county highschools! This is the best class it sells itself! Blah." Im like, Yea, if its selling itself, then why are you telling us this?

And I also found out, that Junoir / Senoir Advance Gym is a class where you go out and go bowling, golfing, pool, and other FUN stuff. After we LEAVE gym, the GOOD STUFF starts happening. What a Deal. This Sucks.

Wow. Long Entry.

What a cheer, eh?

Blurty [ Sunday, February 23rd, 2003 @ 6:43pm ]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Mr. Cellophane ]

I rather like the layout of blurty rather than livejournal. It looks more hip and sleek and more attractive to us young and restless people. *wink* Anyways I think I like this better then my livejournal, which is under the same name, . Oh well.

Im rather anxious about going back to school. Im rather use to not going to school after not going for an unexpected week. I like staying at home with nothing to do but rot on the computer all day long, I like that better than sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher drone on and on and listening to petty people gossip even more petty thing. I hate school. Luckily there are only four more months left of school...Its going by fast, perhaps too fast, I dont know seems like yesterday school just started and now only 4 months left; March, April, May and June. Well Three for the people at Fallschurch, they get out in May, but with all these snow days I think they'll probably be getting out at June too.

Oh Well School Sucks. People suck more.

Doors Closing.

What a cheer, eh?

First Entry... [ Saturday, February 22nd, 2003 @ 3:07pm ]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | The Anthem - Good Charlotte ]

This is going to by my place to upload my poetry and stories on this Blurty. This will kinda wierd since I also have a Live Journal which I use more often.

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