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A new one liner [01 Nov 2005|07:15pm]
Personally, I almost envied them. I will more than likely NEVER expierence love of such magnitude in my life. I mean, he REALLY loved her. These persons, ones that are delved into it so, dont walk among us. For, when the instant love takes such a control over two people's sanity occurs, for them to wish to die together, im certain the verb follows shortly after.

Ashley's mother was amazed to hear of such a thing. There were two local teens who commited double suicide.
Out of love.
Although she knows nothing of my views on the matter, she told my girlfriend,
"Dont let Chris... pressure you into killing yourself."

If I were to inscribe anything into a ring, that would be the phrase.
The time is 7:16p.m, and my mother has a brain tumor.

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