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[29 Nov 2003|03:43pm]
ok since journals that were made before april get to be early adopters, im switching to the journal that i made last May. i added every who was on my friends list to my list over, so yeah, just add me back there and delete punklikeyourmom.

the journal is x_leftbehind

<3 tah
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[28 Nov 2003|12:30pm]
[ music | nazi halo - jack off jill ]

when does this shit become an early adapter or whatever the fuck.
i cant create a style because im still a 'free user'
for fuck sakes mannn.

i dont wanna go back to school.
hold me

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[27 Nov 2003|05:21pm]
[ music | horror show - the birthday massacre ]

pilgrims gave my ancestors syphillis.

todays been boring.

i've been talking to sarah for a few hours now. we're cutting our bangs together. wooyeah <3 excitement i tell you. i'm dying my hair over the weekend. possibly a blackish reddish purplish. so actually just darker than it is now. cause its brownish purplish reddish. hah.

this is no holiday god damn it
where are the freakin presents.

only 28 days until christmas. i can't wait.

my 8 year old sister cut my hair last night. hehhh. she did a pretty damn snazzy job if you ask me though. i want to permenatley straighten my hair. is that possible? that back of my hair is too fucking wavy. but the front of my hair is perfectly straight.

i wanna smoke some kbbbb but no where is sir kaleb when i need him

happy stab-the-natives-in-the-back-and-take-their-land-then-give-them-casinos-to-make-up-for-it day.

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[27 Nov 2003|12:23am]
[ music | "unwanted" - kill hannah ]

what color should i dye my hair

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[26 Nov 2003|02:41pm]
my mom is an idiot.

i havent been able to get online in like two weeks cause she took the mouse and keyboard away until i "learn to respect her" or some shit.

umm, i haven't done much.. i'm a lazy person what can i say.
tomorrows thankdklfjgivng, i think? turkey is gross, plus its meat.

my sisters 16 birthday was monday. i didnt get her anything. except i beat the snot out of my little sister and then my older sister cried. and. yeah it was great.
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[15 Nov 2003|10:17pm]
i just.

hate you..

you have the worst prespective towards friendship. you think you're always right and you think i'm the most fucking stupid person dont you.

"die," dumb ass.
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[15 Nov 2003|11:11am]
[ music | saving myself - count the stars ]

it was my sisters sweet 16 crap last night and i guess she invited a lot of people but only like, 10 max came. haha good bitch. i hate my sister.
they wasted so much crap on nothing.

so yeah pink came over last night and we just walked around n talked and one of christa's weird "sophju" guys came and talked to us about kevin. jalkkdjlkzxm093ks

i got my kill hannah shirt on thursday. i love it. but corina seems to have a problem with skin showing.. yeah.. odd but whatever

i had a dream my dad died. hmm.

i wanna move back to indiana. i hate everything here. i dont have any friends here who i can tell everything to. but in indiana i do. ehh. i cant get what i want.

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[13 Nov 2003|09:34pm]
he has a girlfriend


im going to eat rolos for the rest of my life.

giovanna made me get home at five.

me lesy corina and giovanna laughed for like 5 minutes about nothing at all.

kooooo g
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[11 Nov 2003|05:52pm]
[ music | HIM - poison girl ]

i like him sooo much.
ahh i cant ever get what i want.

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to a certain someone.. [10 Nov 2003|10:58pm]
[ mood | pissed ]
[ music | BILE - "forever forever gone" ]

omg tell me how people can be so homophobic

im sorry, manda
he's an asshole.

and i'm sorry i even played along w/ them about parker&lauren just so you wouldn't think i was 'gross' for approving.

and liking both sexes is even nicer.

so stfu already

k yeah hi
im tired.

kaleb go to school tomorrow

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[09 Nov 2003|07:52pm]
woo )
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[07 Nov 2003|03:17pm]
[ music | father - lollipop lust kill ]

haha this is so cool.

i went to the doctors today since i've felt sick for like over two months now. i have all this stupid shit wrong with me.
first they said i have something a bit worse than the flu. i figured i had the flu since all the body aches, coughing, constant headaches and such.

umm i have an infection in my throat from the surgery.

and my mom was right, i do have depression. its cool though. i get to take zoloft and anti depressent pills. pills are fun to take so i'm not worried about it.
i guess i understand why i'm 'depressed' but i never really believed i was.
because all these people think theyre depressed cuz what.. uh theyre parents yelled at them for the first time cuz they didnt do their homework? and yaddi ya. people think theyre depressed for the gayest reasons.
plus, you have to be diagnosed with depression.

i'm cold. ahh. why is it so damn freezing.

im going to a party tonight. i dont really wanna go, but jennifer is 'making' me. its gonna be at a camp so the cops wont bust it. drugs and alcohol ;D haha

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[06 Nov 2003|11:59am]
[ music | "candy from a stranger" - dead can dance ]

staying home today
cuz im sick as fuck
not like anyone will notice though.

ahahah im watching waynes world. wayne reminds me of nee.

i got a kill hannah shirt from ebay. its the coolest shit man.

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[05 Nov 2003|01:05pm]
ah i feel like shit. i got to come home at 12;30. my whole body ached. im guessing i have the flu. yet, ive felt like this for over a month now.
when i called my mom she said its cause im probably depressed. ahahha right o.

ummm jon was in the nurses office at the same time as me so i was talking to him for a while. and he wrote "jon & corina" on the bed. how cuttee. :P

what else what else whatelseeee
today i should get the kill hannah cd
if not then i'll be one angry..mofo.

I Am Zesty 08 (6:46:10 PM): what?
I Am Zesty 08 (6:46:22 PM): eh?
I Am Zesty 08 (6:46:42 PM): your dying?
x kiss bang (6:46:57 PM): oh good thoughts thanks

x kiss bang (6:48:24 PM): oh but to your question yeah i am dying
I Am Zesty 08 (6:49:16 PM): aww that's too bad, i'll mis you

so loving.
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[02 Nov 2003|05:46pm]
Read more... )

other than that.. hey. lifes good..
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[02 Nov 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | type of negative "cant and wont" ]

friday night was fun. except for the bull shit kljsdlkj told me.
but yeah.

around tweleve i snuck out and met up with ryan and chris. we were going to tp this girls house but there were people outside. so we just went in a ditch and smoked up. then out of no where we see this guy standing by the ditch. he wasnt looking at us, but he was just standing there. then this car drove by and honked really loud so we left.

while we were walking back to ryan's some person in a black truck ran up on the side walk and almost hit chris. a piece of the tire hit him in the face though. it was scary as hell haha.

at ryan's we just went outside and skated and took some liquor shots.

so brittney is supposedly going to kick my ass because im friends with chris and shes obsessed with him and he hates her. woo.
thats great, brittney.

i miss manda. [indiana]
shes moved into her new house already.. so come online, damn it. ;[

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[30 Oct 2003|09:21pm]
[ music | agrophobic nosebleed "29 lines down" ]

------ is so stupid. i wanna rip her eyelids off and feed them to her ass.
why do people have to label each other?
we're all "posers" anyway, so shut the hell up.
quit obsessing with this punk bull shit. please.

i need to finish my history project.. no where near half way done. ughh. i'm tired, too. tomorrow i gotta go meet emily in the morning at 7;45. LKJAFSJKLVCXSLFLK36.

umm everyone pretty much ditched me so i dont think i'm doing much tomorrow night. i was suppose to go to the a perfect circle concert but when my mom went to get the tickets the other day they were sold out.
so i'll probably just go TRICK OR TREATINGGGG w/ jennifer and jason (my neighbors in grade 10) yeah yeah.

i wanna talk to sarah but she's downtown. poo.

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