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[21 Nov 2003|08:35am]

home sick again.. i feel like shit. i want to go shopping but my family cant afford it. i need pants desperately though.. heh

umm yeah.. i chris called me at like 9:30 last night. i was 1/2 asleep though so i forget what he said. i think he said that he doesnt hate me though. and that made me happy. yes.. um.. so.. i guess im not going to the game tonight, or sleeping over at sams like i was supposed to. i guess i should go to the doctor. if i feel better then ill sleep over sams tomorrow or something. ok well i dont have a lot else to say. ill update later once people get home from school and talk to me.

i think chris is getting my letter today =/

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[21 Nov 2003|02:44pm]
w00t i actually got pants!! 3 pair!! and they all look so cute and they fit!! i got a pair of sweatpants-ish things that im wearing right now, a pair of black pants, and a pair of jeans that i really like and that fit well. umm and i made some awesome peppermint bath salts that look REALLY cute. ill take a picture or something soon
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[21 Nov 2003|04:20pm]

look at the stuff i made when i was sick!!

yeah.. thats what i do when i get bored.

sam should come over soon when shes done studying. im bored. my mom and brother are going to the movies later. i need more advil =/

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w00t! [21 Nov 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | perfect--simple plan ]

hmmm sam is french braiding my hair at the moment. she came over at like 6:00 and then we hade lots of soap.. and now shes like obsessed with it lol.. and she dyed my hair and it looks awesome. its like a really deep/bright burgundy-red. it looks sooo good. shes leaving at like 11 and then ill fall asleep. someone fucking took like $80 from my room and i think it was the fucking polish cleaning ladies. whatever. ill jump them for it. lol. sam and i will go buckwild on whoever took it man... ummm yeah.. not a whole lot else to write i guess.. im recording a demo with christie and caryn on sunday cuz they want to do the battle of the bands and they need a demo tape but they dont really have a full band yet. i dont think i want to play in the battle of the bands with them though cuz like josh's band and all them will be there and stuff.. plus ill look like an idiot anyways. ok well thats all for now.. toodles


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