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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

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Subject:Hey! You're chasing the sun away...
Time:8:24 pm.
Mood: nostalgic.
Music:Chasing the Sun Away-The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
Last time I wrote in here was....July?, yea, July...

Funny as it is, ALOT has changed since July. That guy who IMed me? The one I mentioned...well we ended up going out, and then he well...dumped me...and then tried to get me back...yeah..he was a waste

Eric and Nick? I have NO idea where they are...well actually thats not entirely true...last I heard they lived in the city somewhere. But thats about it. Serena moved to North Carolina so there goes the only connection. Yeah I'm upset, but theres nothing I can do about it. All the luck to them y'know?

I love the mighty mighty bosstones...okay random comment

I gained a new best friend this summer, Chanelle...she is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life and I'm sooo lucky I'm able to call her my best friend (and I'm so lucky that this weekend I'm visiting her up at BEST WEEKEND EVER!! lmao

Summer of shott? Yeah, I thought

Wow, I'm a junior now. I'm a fucking junior...not only that...I'm pretty much done with my first semester...meaning....theres only 3 semesters (year and a half) left of my high school career...thank the fucking god. You have no idea...I've already made all my plans for after highschool and shit...I'm just riding this all out. By this time next year I will hopefully be accepted to college and just breezing by school...

Well, Florida soon...I need a fucking vacation man...geez.
Yay for failing Math AND Chem! Lets get a BIGG Yesssss for that one!....YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs

I think I've almost achieved my goal of being a free spirit...just a few more things I need to let go/get rid of in my life and then I'm there man....thank god

Well I guess I'm out until I feel its time to update again....

Monday, July 18th, 2005

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Subject:It was and honest mistake.....
Time:10:24 pm.
I never ever ever ever everrrrr write in why not give it one last time?

Yeah so this is probably the LAST time FOREVER that I am going to write in it, so why not make it good eh?

Life goes on after relationships and partying and all that jazz. You get a job and start thinking about school. I work with kids at the Samuel Field YM-YWHA in Little Neck. It is exhausting but at the end of the day its fun. I work with my girls Siv, Syd, Heather so it's really all good. During the year I was thinking of getting a job at Starbucks...but it was just something to throw out there. I'm gonna find a job though. I really have to bust my ass this year is school. This one really counts, I can't fuck it up, no matter what happens I really can't fuck it up.

I was actually thinking of going to Queens College. Its a good school. I get my own car if I go. I dont really want to go away. I'm not a dorming kind of person. But if I do go away, I'd go somewhere in California. Thats if I wanna go away, I really don't but that could change within the next year or so.

I've realized that I have to stop looking for guys or just going after ones I think I want, because in the end, I've always gotten hurt or I've just ruined myself. I took Eric's (from Staten Island) sn off my buddylist and phone number outta my phone. There was no reason for it, I guess just sentimental value but it wasn't really sentimental it was more having a hard time of letting that last thing go. As for Eric from out on the island....he's moving to Florida for a bit. Until he finds somwhere to stay. Him and Nick are looking for an apartment. I hope they find one close.

Yeah I was upset, I could loose him pretty much forever. It's been 2 years or love, anger, obsession...sooner or later it will be time to let go, but I'll always love him and he'll always...always have a special place in my heart, forever. (If I can't stress that enough)

So its funny, timing is absolutely everything. I was crying to Sivan on Firday before I left work on how frustrated I am with guys, I get home and some guy IMs me telling me how beautiful I was we never even spoke to each other, he saw me at Kat's swt March 2004...yeah a year and a half ago. So we've been talking...only time can tell with this and I don't wanna fuck anything up....

I guess I'm out...
I bid you you all

Whatever and Ever....Amen

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

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Subject:Is anybody listening...can you hear me when I call?.....
Time:7:23 pm.
Mood: discontent.
Long time....LOOONG time no write

Yeah, love life in COMPLETE shambles...
Just when I thought things could only get BETTER

The end of me...but he...what I live for....

Comes back...and its gonna be closer than first thought...


Wednesday, March 24th, 2004

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Subject:Just to let you know............
Time:10:05 pm.
Mood: lazy.
Music:Listening to CNN cause my mom's watching it n the other room.
Are you telling me what I can and cannot do? Or what can or cannot say? It's an opinion of how I see things and what Kat says to me. You say things like music isn't everything and well you know what, I've known her for two years now, almost three and well if you knew her, it really is. You say that she spends more time worrying about Mest and crap. Well look, you boviously don't know what it's like to be a teenage girl. We obsess over every guy we think is hott, its normal anthony. I've even heard that you said something like (I'm not even sure if you said it so don't jump down my throat) that she'd rather spend time with her dad who was in the hospital than you. Doesn't that say something to you? Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Look, I too know what its like to be in a very fucked up relationship. I had been in one for about a year. And it completly ruined me. I'm not getting into detail cause I'm still getting over it but, yea Anthony I do know what its like to be in a very hard relationship. I'm not gonna lie to you. When you two first started going out, yeah I was happy, cause she was happy and it just seemed really nice. But then I heard all these things and it really got me thinking. Like, how could you say your doing the right thing when you're hurting my best friend and then say, well I'm her bf blah blah, She should respect me blah. Then it went overboard and I saw how she was and also you have to look at the real picture. She is having hard times. You can't go blaming everything she does and turn it around and say that she's hurting you. Sami and I are two of her best friends. We have to look out for her. We do know alot about not only what goes on in her social life but also in her private life. And not to be harsh but we do know more than you. We are looking out for a friend and joking around with a friend. It may be harsh but it's reality.

I'm outta here

Thursday, March 11th, 2004

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Subject:Hold on to the memories, it's all you've got, I know you'll be there to soak up blood lost.........
Time:2:37 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:The Distillers-Coral Fang.

I'm in school right now. It's eighth period right now and I'm supposed to be doing a research report for Art. I'm soo fucking sick that I can't fucking concentraite. You know what also ticks me off? the fact that this school blocked Xanga (which my new journal which I update more often is) and they don't fucking block Blurty. So I guess I'm stuck to doing this thing for now. After school, Hayley, Mom and Grandma are going to the lawyer because of Hayley's car accident. So either I can stay home and do nothing for about an hour or go with them and mom would drop me at the mall while they go to the lawyer cause the office is like right there. I'm still deciding. Like I really wanna go but the thing is I'm sooo fucking sick and can barly move but the mall is mighty tempting. hmmm...what to do, what to do. But i gtg

Sunday, February 29th, 2004

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Subject:Wow I really can't believe some ppl.....
Time:9:59 pm.
Mood: irritated.
Music:311-Love Song.

This is for Kat's bf, what's his name...Anthony?

OK first off, you are one off you are one of the biggest assholes. Why? You give the silent treatment in result of a petty problem...which is no way to do that. I cannot believe someone, really I'm trying to stick up for my best friend and cheer her up about things and I get shot down by some asshole who thinks he knows it all....well you don't

Cause I do know what it's like to walk in your shoes,
I myself do have a boyfriend. And we are having problems, and they are more serious then a pack of cigs...and I do know about broken promises, so don't you even dare say to shove it up my fucking ass, cause my problems are much more serious than your little one with kat. Got it? Good, hopefully you can get it through your thick head you bastard.

Next, if your soooo fed up with her, and are always threatening her with breaking up, why don't you? Are you a pussy or somthing? You'd be doing her and all of us a favor if you did.

So don't call me ignorant, I do know everything, Kat tells me you asshole, and I do know what its like to be in a relationship. So don't ever call me ignorant, and if you really have a problem with me, just IM me...god


Monday, February 2nd, 2004

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Subject:It's been a long, long, long time.....
Time:12:26 am.
Mood: full.
Music:The Beatles.
40 years this month,
Four lads landed here

Their names, John, Paul, George, and Ringo.
Known internationally as The Beatles

4 boys from Liverpool, England
Changed the face of Rock and Roll

Now fourty years later, 2 have passed
And their music is still the greatest there ever was and will be


Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

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Subject:Who will be, the one to marry me......
Time:3:45 pm.
Mood: calm.
Music:New- No Doubt.
Hey again,

I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Today was alright, Dembeck was a fucking retard as always, he forgot I had to make up his math quiz, so I have to wake up again. I hate him with a passion.

Jake and I had rubberband fights throughout the whole day, but mine broke :-(

I love Eric so much. He's so wonderful I just want to kiss him.
EH+RR forever...hehe


Monday, January 19th, 2004

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Subject:I know she loves the sunrise, no longer sees it with her sleeping eyes....
Time:10:40 pm.
Mood: refreshed.
Music:Taylor-Jack Johnson.

For I am back! Miss me? Yea, I know you did. lmao...jkjkjk.

Reason for my break? Well I was in a slump for a long while. I was unhappy alot, I was just stressed and I couldn't handle a constant thing. Like this. This "slump" was from when I stopped writing here to about a day or so ago. I'm much happier. Not totally but happier.

Well much has happened. School wise I'm eh but hey I was in my "slump" I am on the JV Softball team, well not yet I mean we are in the "preliminaries" before the actual team gets made. lol. I am going to Bnai Brith on Wednesday, I no longer like Cory. It's all gone..yay! Hayley passed her drivers test, I made a deal with her, I pay for her gas and she drives me wherever I want. lmao.

Eric! Eric! lol. Well turns out, I do actually like him. I know I'm a walking contradiction when it comes to him, I like him, but i dont but i do. I really do, in my heart I feel, i feel he's the right one. I know I'm young and I wouldn't know who the "right one" is but right now, I feel he is. WE have been talking. We decided if we get back together, we are going to do it right. Phone conversations and actually seeing each other. Oh yea btw can you tell he likes me too? lmao. Yea he regrets breakin up with me. I'm happy. I truly am.

What else? I went to another temple show. You know where all these bands play? Yea, I met up with Jessie, Serena, Steve, James, Cindy, and ppl. Omg it was hilarious I was joking around with James soooooo much like I was winking at him and being flirtatous. He was going along with it! haha. Jessie told me that no body has ever EVER seen James like that and she was like he even has a hard time hugging me! I guess I bring ppl's wild side out!....lmao.

Well time for me to part
I'll see you all later!

Monday, January 5th, 2004

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Subject:Vacation time....
Time:4:12 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:Nothing watching TV.
Im not gonna be updating too often on this thing....I'm taking a break. Well only a short one. I am busy with alot and I just need this break.


Thursday, January 1st, 2004

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Subject:You sure had changed since yesterday.........
Time:11:44 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Music:Nothing flipping around the TV.
First entry of 2004 here goes

New Years Resolutions:
1)Gain weight
2)Get the courage to start "something" with Cory.

Well last night I was out from 6 to 830ish. Yea, I wasn't really feeling well. I was with Nicole Palmer, Nicole Halpern(I think thats how you spell her name), Matt and Frank. Jackie and Craig were supposed to come to MAtts but they didn't so we all just walked around. We went to Nicole P's house to drop off Nicole H's stuff. Then since Nicole P lives just a few blocks away from me I was like lets go to my house. When we got there, we hung out for a few and then since no one knew what we were going to do, I was like well if all we're gonna do is walk around on New Years eve then I'm just gonna stay home cause I'm not feelin to great. So I stayed home. WEnt on the computer, talked to Jessie on the phone then I called Sarah and I was talking to Siv, Syd, Ash, n Sarah. Cause they were at Dani's party( i dunno Dani so yea...) Then a few minutes minutes before the new year, Cory came on. So I was like, you know what 2003 is almost over, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna IM him. I did. We talked and stuff and it was good. Then he got off, I got off 2003 finished and 2004 came in, and I had champagne and it was all good.

Tomorrow night I'm gonna be at Iceland cause Jessie, Serena, Steve, JAmes and this kid Corey are gonna be going and Jess invited me. Yea so I'm going.

Then Saturday hopefully HOPEFULLY I will see all my camp friends. Yes...hopefully.

I died my hair today. Its likea reddish auburn...yea its nice.

I'm gonna go

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

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Subject:And I'm keeping my secrets mine.........
Time:12:11 am.
Mood: crappy.
Music:The Seed 2.0-The Roots.
Wow I've held back gallons of tears tonight. I'm in the middle of a discussion with Eric about love and junk and he is extrodinary. I love him. He is soo great.

Hayley got her driver's license. She's willing to drive wherever I want if I pay for I need to get a job. lol

My feelings for Cory has definitly comeback...and in full force. Ugh and it hurts, a lot.

I found out my mom loves Ska and Reggae(like Bob Marley and the old reggae stuff...not the crappy rap/reggae) and I love thats is soo awesome.

I hung out with Jenny, Christen, Frank, Jackie, Craig and Greiven and the Deer PArk ppl. Craig, Griven and frank pushed me around in a shopping cart. I swear to go it was soo fun but I was soo scared...lmao. I had a good conversation with Christen. She's so great I love her! Jenny is so great also! Jackie and Craig are going out. They make a cute couple. He is so sweet to her.

Yea, I'm done for now...maybe in some friends only or private entries I'll put some stuff I dont want the public to see........I dunno

Good Night all,

Friday, December 26th, 2003

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Subject:What did I do to deserve........
Time:3:14 pm.
Mood:and Sick.
Music:Coldplay- Moses.
ARGH.......I'm sick...and I'm bored...and I wanna go out tonight. I'm actually supposed to see my dad's family....I kinda don't wanna go cause I know i will be bored out of my mind. Hayley is bringing Josh, Sammy (my cousin) is bring his gf so they'll be all together, then my littler cousin rachel is bringing her friend. And I bet my other cousin gary is bringing this leaves me all alone. So I'd much rather be out with my friends. Don't get me wrong I love my dad's side but I'm gonna be bored and ugh..I just don't relaly wanna go.

I slept over Ashley's last night. I saw Siv, Syd, Ash, n Sa...i love them! hehe. I hypnotized Ash...then Sarah was like ooo do yur tarot cards and I was like...I can't I don't have them with Yea...we stayed uip until 5 just talking and chilling. Yea...

I've realized that I really do like Cory. LIke its not possible for me to just not. And Sarah doesn't truly believe it and well Sa...I do. I'm sorry but I do. So on New Years Eve the day b4 the eve...ya know........all of us...siv, syd,sa, ash, me, andrew, josh, cory, nd mike are going to hang out. Just for the day cause then we all have diff plans for new years eve. But we're all gonna hang. bored out of my mind....grr


Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

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Subject:The answer that you want, is in the question that you state, come what may............
Time:2:09 am.
Mood: exhausted.
Music:Blood Red Summer- Coheed and Cambria.
Let's see where to begin.....


Family came over...boring and stupid as usual....yeah

Sunday Night...

Met up w/ Jackie and Matt at Taco Bell, then Bryce came. We walked to Subway, Stro came. Then we left stro and went to Bryces. We chilled. Matt played the Emo Game...which kicks all better play it. Then Jackie fell asleep on Bryce's bed, then Craig called her. He wanted to say bye to her cause he was goin upstate to see him fam. Then we walked to Denton Deli and on the way we bumped into Stoners and yea. Saw Shannon, said hi. Then we met Craig in the middle of Evergreen. Then we all walked down to Denton Deli, and Craig was Robyn you said you were gonna do stuff with me last night, so I'm wating right here. He and Bryce wanted to see if I was actually gonna do it. I'm like no craig you can wait there all night. I don't care. So then we were all hanging around outside. I decided to just lie down in the middle of the street. It's 10:30 on a Sat in a not busy area mind you. So I was there by myself. I didn't feel like just hanging around there. I think Bryce is convnced that I like Craig. I mean I don't relaly that much anymore. I dunno big long story. It's 2:30 in the morning I'm not getting into it. So then zbryce kept comming over. I was lying down with my legs bent up in front off me. So Bryce comes over and was like between the hours of 9 PM and 9 AM all legs are open. So he's trying to open my legs ( PPL HE WASN"T GOING TO DO ANYTHING) and I'm too strong so we were struggling and I'm like no Bryce. No. So eventually he won and lied down on top of me but i pushed him off and I'm like...I feel sota violated...lmfao. He's like were my clothes off? no...lmao. He did have a point. So then they all went back to their little circle, which I didn't care to be in. So i just layed there starring at the stars. Then Jackie untied Craig's shoe and he was like someone tie my shoe and I'll make out with them. I just shook my head and laughed. I knew he wanted jackie to do it. She eventually did after a long fight and they made out. I blocked myself from looking. I didn't want to see it cause it was getting me upset cause I don't know. Whenever someone makes out in front of me I get all emo and yea. So then a few more minutes go by and then I get up and we were leaving. we all hugged bye. Craig and I kissed goodbye. A simple peck on the lips. After that I just started walking away. I really didn't want to be there anymore cause him and JAckie were making out. And of course like alittle Emo girl I start crying but Ihad my hat on and my scarf and it was dark so no one knew. I walked back and we had a big group hug and left. I didn't feel like hanging anymore so I just had them walk me home and that was my night.


Hung with Jessie. I love her! Showed her the Emo Game. Had dinner. I freaked out Steve and James online (Steve= Jessie's bf James= Jessie's friend). It was funny. Choked on Soda. Then mom picked me up. Then went over to Frank's to hang w/ Ackie, Matt, and this kid Eric for a little. Then went home. Now I'm here just on the computer cause I am an insomniac.

Dad wants me to go Christmas/Hanukkah shopping with him tomorrow but the malls are going to be soooo fucking crowded and I don't handle those situations easily. So I'm debating. But he is getting me the Brand New album and the Coheed and Cambria album.

I am definitly on the verge of being all Emo. I started liking Coheed, Fall Out Boy, Thursday, Thrice, and all that other stuff. But I am still holding on to my punk roots. I can't ever stop liking that stuff. And The good old fashioned rock. Whatever, and I'm starting to get into Ska. So I'm Punk/Emo/Ska/Rock........haha basically what I'm tryin to say is I like all kinds of rock.....ALMOST all types of

Goodnight all

Saturday, December 20th, 2003

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Subject:I'm in the sky tonight......
Time:8:16 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:Next Year-Foo Fighters.

Yesterday was alright. I just couldn't wait for school to end. Today marked the first day of my two weeks off from school. Thank god.

Yea so I went out last night after a long time of debating cause I was exhausted last night. But I went out. I met Jackie, Ackie, MAtt, Frank, John, Nicole, this kid Eric, and these two other kids who I forgot their names. Then Stro came. Then Jackie convinced, Bryce, Craig and Greiven ( i dunno how to spell his name) and his gf to meet us at Amaco. I was talking to Craig on Eric's cellphone, typeythingermabober and I was like flirting with Craig being all like....fuck me and I really really want you...then Craig was like this isn't Robyn. I had to prove it to craig and bryce that it was indeed me. was hilarious...cause I'm usually a bitch to Craig so he didn't beleive it was me talking to him. Then he was like I can't be with you I ws with your sister and I was like no one has to know....lmfao. It was all a joke.

I was sooooooooooo unbelivably hyper last night that it wasn't even funny, I was extremly flirtatious with Craig, Bryce, Stro, and so many other ppl. I alsmot convinced Stro and Bryce that I wasn't a virgin. Lmao. Bryce almost believed it but Stro knew I was joking around. So I was like Styro let's go and do He was like man thats statatory rape...lmao. He was like RObyn that one night of great pleasure would give me many many nights of anal sex that I don't want. lmao Hahah Craig massaged my foot, then we kissed on the lips...lmfao. TO prove to him I can be nice. But he ate my dollar so I'm angry !>,

Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

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Subject:Hello I've waited here for you, everlong.....
Time:9:51 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Music:Listening to the Foo FIghter DVD that my sis is watching.....
Ok you know what?For anyone confused X is a guy and his name starts with a I don't care....ok........god I am just so fed up with him. He is an ignorant selfish asshole. He makes me mad. He really does. I used to confide in him. I did nothing to him. I feel that he has not only betrayed myself but others around me. He says he doesn't care about us at all and about our opinions. I can tell you right now he moves from person to person. His attitude never really phased me when we were friends. I always thougt of him as a great, understanding, wonderful guy. But what does phase me is his selfishness and his ignorance towards not only myself but to others as well. He does rude, inappropriate, disregarding things to his "friends" and says totally irrelevant things towards them. What he said that really got me upset was told this one guy that I on;y hang out with them because of him. That really not only insulted me, embarrassed me, made me feel low, and I thought it was very inappropriate for him to say. He says things and after he convinces himself that he is right. It just makes me upset to know this was a guy who I confided in, who I trusted, who I loved as a great friend. To know that his feelings aren't or weren't mutual. It saddens me to no end. But ppl change I guess............

I bought more presents for ppl....I'm finally done. Hayley on the way back was like YOU GOT ME THE FOO FIGHTER DVD! So I was like DAMN YOU! and threw it at her...not hard tho...lmao.

Yea......that's it I'm done here............


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Subject:Dear lover, do you remember, the sound of your laughter after mine.....
Time:1:30 pm.
Mood: awake.
Music:What I Got-Sublime.
I'm in keyboarding.

So last night I talk to the person I refer to as Y if X had said that stuff to him. And he said no....most likely he doesn't remember b/c ppl were there. Whatever....

So then a friend of mine told me that X doesn't care about shit. X only cares about themself and another girl. X MAKES ME SO MAD!!! But it doesn't matter to that person suposivly.

I had horrible cramps this morning, I went to the nurse and lied down and put a hot pack on me. Now I feel better!

I see padre tonight. I had my concert last night. It went well and HAYLEY FILMED IT....damn her.....

Mrs. Salamone just passed me by while I was writing in here and the dumb blonde didnt even notice...retard

I'll update later,

Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

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Subject:I don't practice santeria, I ain't got no crystalball........
Time:3:35 pm.
Mood: annoyed.

I was talking to a good friend of mine just about 20 mins ago and found out something that pissed me off. The whole part of my last entry talking about there is someone who is saying shit with no backing to it blah blah blah......well at first i was upset, then I was like ok whatever. Well now she told me that this person said it infront of this other that got me pissed to no end.

Here is what happened.....
I will refer to the person who I am upset about as X
I will refer to the person who X said it to as Y

Ok well X said stuff about myself. I heard it and was blown away. Then a good friend of mine told me that X said that stuff to Y. Now before I heard this I was like ok whatever I don't care. But now this just gets me pissed cause first of all it was rude, totally not true, and it was just horrible of this person to say to that person. I am very offended and I am very hurt.

That's all I'm going to say.

Today was going ok until I heard about this. Now I'm just really upset. Whatever, tongiht is the senior high concert which myself will be in. I will be in it for Chambers and Sr. High Choir. Yay!...lmao. Then after my performance I'll go up to the booth check stuff out awhile. Yea....

Thats all for today........

Saturday, December 13th, 2003

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Subject:S-T-A-R-I-N-G I can't stop staring......
Time:10:56 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
Music:Nothing as of now.
Here are my confessions for the moment.....

There is somebody that is really pissing me off. I'm not going to say who, all I'm going to say is that this person likes to asume things and make lousy judgements about people. This person says things with no backing to them and it makes them look like a complete fool. I did not do anything to this person except trying to be their friend. But now they don't want to acknowledge that and that makes me upset about things.

Right now I'm at padre's casa. Just lounging around. Last night I hung out with Andrew. Since everybody was at Nicole's sweet 16 me and Andrew had plans to hang. So I met him and Jordan at Subway, then we went to Briana's and met up with Christine and Seghposs. WE hung around, me and Christine played with Brianna's polly you remember those? Oh my god I used to LOOOOOVE them. She had every kind known to me. lol....Segh, Andrew and Jordan were like wtf. Then Christine, Brianna and I played pretty pretty princess...I loved that game and I hadn't played it since I was 5. Brought back memoryies of my childhood...lmao ::sigh:: lol.
Then Andrew and I left and went to Dunkin Dounuts and met up with Stro and Evan. Frankly I didn't care to be there. I had rather wanted to stay at Brianna's but whatever. Ofcourse Evan and Stro were high.'s just pissing me off now. People that are high just piss me off. But whatever. Then we walked around and then we walked to my house, Stro and Evan left and then Andrew's dad picked him up. Then I was up and then went to sleep. The only good thing about last night was at Brianna's. She's a really cool person.

I'm starting to rethink this whole Eric thing. I'm a fucked up child I can tell you that right now. In the beginning I loved him to no end that I would die for him. Then the summer happened then we go out and I'm all "in love" which was like I like you but not as much as I did...blah blah blah...then I really didn't like him that way and we broke up and now I'm like do I really like him? Ughhhh. I think it's because you know I always thought he was the perfect guy and he was so like untouchable. Then I got him and it wasn't what I thought it would be, but now I'm like did I let the perfect one go?

Yea I've confessed now go home........

Thursday, December 11th, 2003

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Subject:Sometimes I think that cupid is just taking a piss.....
Time:1:17 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
Music:In My Head-No Doubt.
UGHHH!!! I fucking hate Mrs. Salamone. She should just fall down the stairs. She wouldn't let me go to lessons. I NEED to go to lessons. Her voice is soooo fucking annoying. I HATE HER!!!! I'm gonna go.


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