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[07 Aug 2003|07:19pm]
[ mood | predatory ]
[ music | devil in jersey city -- coheed & cambria ]

im really not predatory but i loved the smiley thing so lol.

anyways.. hello! ive decided to move to blurty due to live journals overwhelming sucky-ness [ and the fact that i was dying for a new user name lol ]

umm. yeah today i did nothing (of course). i didnt roll out of bed til about noon & i didnt feel so well. =( but yeah then i showered & went with 'the mom' to get like flowers & other shit for our garden. that was yeah bad.. so then i came home.. and then just a little while my mom took me & marc to get some dinner because her, my father and the man that sold us the house all went out to dinner and we werent invited.

im also running a bet against my brother because he was watching the 'alternative music' channel the other day and brand new's latest song came on and it said the title was "The boy who blocked his own shot" which is wrong because the song is called "The Quiet things that no one ever Knows" but he was determinded that that is not the real name so i tried proving it to him using mp3.com & like showing him the lyrics and he still doesnt believe me. whatever hes an ass.

hes an ass that owes me 12 bucks.

im excited cause allie gay gets home in less than 2 days! =) i know shes sad to leave & all that crap but i miss her too much so she must come home.. and i believe theres going to be a huge sleepover saturday night.. and its even more exciting because chole is staying there too and shes a cool kid [mind you ive only talked to her on the phone but still.] yeah so thats tres awesome.

yep. thats about it. later kids =)

1 broke it play with my heart..

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