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Carmen's Journal

27th February, 2004. 1:42 pm. My First Journal!!!!!

I saw Dan after school yesterday, we sat at his house. We watch a movie then his cousin came over and he was shocked to see me, well Dan was seeing this girl Amanda, well not seeing her but hanging with her, b/c Dan's cousin likes her not him, well anyway she came to the door after James had left and she was bitching about how he was a dick for not seeing her and shit like that. It was funny. Then I got into it, b/c she didnt know I was there and said that I was a bitch and I walked over there and she was all scared and I told her to back off adn she left. I guess she came up to his window and he was like leave me alone and shit. It was so funny. The movie was stupid though. Shawn is coming over today too. Oh yes, I just notice it was Friday. Yes, Well......
Peace Out

Current mood: silly.

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