Bounty Hunting Your Preist-Volume 1   
09:41am 01/07/2005
mood: motha-fuckin peachy
music: Circle Jerks-World Up My Ass
The other night Chris, Katy, and I went to Beebe and got fucked up with Guy and his friend. There was 95$ worth of alcohol at the party and needless to say, we got hammered. Everyone got in the pool except Katy and I and Guy and Chris almost fought. Chris actually punched Guy in the face. Guy's friend was getting on my nerves. He tried to make me eat shrimp and I was too drunk to peel them so I just chewd them whole. About 25 sec. into eating them I realized I didn't like the whole shell idea so I spit it in my hand and threw it on the wall where it stuck, haha! Chris lost his shoes and started blaming the dog, so that was our cue to go. I picked his goofy ass up and carried him to the car where I then tossed him in the back seat where he passed out and Katy drove us home. I got home at 4:30am and I was supp. to be at work at 6am. I didn't go!

The next day Joeseph, Matt, and Chris came to my house and we went pawn shopping and went to WLR to pick up some candy! We took one on the way back and we were rollin pretty hard. I rolled with them and Mike and Nikki until it was time for me to take my leave. Chris came and got me and we picked up Leia. We all went back to WLR and got some more candy. I rolled again with them and it was amazing. We almost had a big something but it didn't go good. I'm kinda glad because I'm starting to have feelings for Leia again, and maby that's stupid for me to put myself out there again. She says she has feelings for me too, but I really can't handle getting hurt again, I just won't be able to do it. I felt really bad for even considering the "big something" and allmost, not quite, but allmost broke down and squalled like a little shit eating baby. Chris and I went to Wal-Mart and saw the pretty colors. Then we got seperated and who knows what happend then, cause neither one of us can varify for the other. Leia and I came back to my house at 5:30am and again I was to go to work at 6am, WRONG! Leia and I got stoned and passed the fuck out after a bunch or wrestless nonsence.

We woke up about noon and I went to work. A bunch of my friends came over to take Leia home and ended up kickin it with my mom. They smoked a joint with her but what she didn't know is that it had a whole roll on it. She was really happy, I wonder why? I worked until 7:30 when Jarod came up to work. I couldn't get ahold of Mark so we walked back to my house. We hung out for a while and we were supposed to go to the Phillipine's house with Donny and Leia, but that didn't work out. Noone could get a car, or so I thought. Leia and Donny ended up having an "adventure", or whatever that intailed. Every time I think my life is coming together, it's a trick! It never is, but i'm just going to persue my journey into the land of denile and be on my merry mother fucking way, haha! I'm not mad, just cinacle. It's 9:45am and once again I was supp. to be at work at 666. I want some new piercings or a tatto really bad. Maby I'll get something with my check, or maby I'll just get some rolls and some alcohol and forget about the urning for body modification.
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03:46pm 28/06/2005
mood: exhausted
music: Cradle Of Filth-Hallow Be Thy Name
I kicked it with Katy last night and we got super fryed. I came home and went to sleep at like 3am. Work was hard but I got to use a plasma torch for the first time. I cut a big upside down cross out of steel for practice. I'm stoned and exuasted right now. I gotta get some rolls for the 4th, we're going to Heber. Fuck me until I bleed...
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Fuck Yeah   
02:38pm 27/06/2005
mood: calm
music: Wu-Tang Clan-Method
The other night we had a hotel party and about 15 people showed up. I got wasted and we smoked about 25 blunts. I passed out and was late for work. I worked all day and went with Chris to sell after a shower, uhhh! We got Katy and got fucked up and went to I-Hop in SWLR at 3am. Everyone was staring cause I was wearing my kilt. I was so fucked up that I kept falling asleep and face planting into the syurp. When we left I mooned everyone and talked to old Officer Walker from Jr. High. He moniters I-Hop on Saturday nights. We came back here and passed out. Katy must have left in the middle of the night cause it was just Chris and I here with my mom when I woke up.

Mom left for the Gay Pride Parade in Conway a little while ago. I wanted to go but I didn't want to go without my friends and noone was awake. Now i'm interneting it. I'm not a computer kid, but I have my spirts. I'm about to go on base with Jarod, Later.
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I'm back!   
02:52pm 25/06/2005
mood: chipper
music: The God Awefulls-God Bless the NRA
I went through major x withdraws when I finally came off them. I was having cold sweats, muscle spazims, and the ultra crazies. Matt and I hung out for a few boring days where huffing freon was our big evening event, but I have to admit that freon is a bad bitch. We destroyed the living room and ended up in three different places before we knew what was going on. We all got some cola but it wasn't worth it, uhhhh!

Last night, right when I came home, mom needed an oz and she gave me a half for getting it for her. Then Mike, Danial's dad, called me and needed some stuff so I got it for him and he did some with me and I kicked it with those goofy bastards (jarod n the goof troop) until I was super fucked up and couldn't hang in. It's good that I came home and passed out when I did cause I had to work today, well...

I don't really consider driving an old redneck to and from sergery and getting stoned work but I'm getting paid for it. After mark got out of surgery he was hallerious. He would grab the nurses ass shit like that, it was awesome. We got stoned when we got back and then he told me to take a break, so I did, and here I am. We're having a hotel party tonight in J-ville. Everyone is invited. After I get off "work" I'll go get supplies. Talk to ya later!
09:54pm 20/06/2005
mood: drained
music: Dead Kennedys-I faught the law and I won
The last few weeks have been a blur considering I have been on a month long ecstacy benge. I rolled with a lot of new people, Leia and I are kickin it a bit more (I'm glad) and a bunch of us took some girls car when she was drunk and we were rollin and I got to drive. We took it 30min. away and did donuts in the school courtyards until we almost flipped it and we popped two tires. It was all good. We've been getting the new rolls and they've been oh so good. Bags of blue ladies, red seahorses, pink piranas, green teddybears, green supermans, and all of the above. I don't know if donny still wants to do the band but he needs to tell me something so I can go on with my music career (smokin pot and kickin it playing music) whooo dooooooo! I rolled really hard with Chris and his bitch and we were doing some wierd shit involving naked time, glowsticks, and water rubs.
O Man   
03:33pm 10/06/2005
mood: content
music: Filth-Walk Through The Filth
So much has happend since I last updated. I went on a week long XTC benge and didn't sleep or eat much. It was awesome. Nikki and Mike rolled for the first time, and we all got a bit closer, and then two days later we all rolled again with BJ but the pink peranas were better than the loves. Then I got fucked up with Jarod at Danial's house and I drank a liter of vodka, took some hc's, and ate two of the best bud brownies made from a half of AK47. I was super fucked up and then the other roll man came by while I was laying in the yard and he sold me two running mans. I really like rolls, hehe! The last day of it, I was supposed to come down and I drank a half a bottle of liquid zanax to help me sleep. It made me crazy! Everyone dropped me off at my house and I did everything but sleep, I got fucked up. I drank a 40oz and took a bottle of dramimine, uhhhhh! I sat on my couch for a bit and when I had the urge to puke, I ran to the bathroom and blacked out before I got there.

*black out*

I awake in the woods and I'm freakin out. It is nuts. I start calling everyone I know frantically. I tell them to get a hold of Matt because he's the last person I remember seeing. Chase and Leia are calling everyone I hang out with and in the mean time I'm hallucinating really hard and I see Jarod. He tells me that everything is ok and we're in Heber Springs, camping. I then call everyone back to tell them that i'm ok and I'm camping at Heber. Chase told me later that I was actually talking to this preminition of Jarod and I was bieng mean to him. Everyone thought I was allright and they went to sleep, fuck me! I was nudged awake by a Jacksonville police officer telling me to get up and asking if I were drunk. I told him that I had been but I wasn't at that moment. He thought it well that I slept it off but he questioned how I got there in the woods. I told him Jarod took me and he looked for 30 for good old Jarod who wasn't there! He then said he would take me home, and after a good run around, he got me there. I passed out on my door step cause I couldn't open the door and was awoke by the mail man. He had me sign for a package and and I went back to sleep. Then hours later, my landlord came over and let me in. We smoked a bowl and I passed out. Crazy huh?

I kicked it with VMS Brian the other night and I had court and a job interview the next day. I got two hours of sleep but it was enough. I got up, took mom to work, went to court where the judge was a bitch and I recieved an additional 80 hrs of community service for failure to pay, and I went home. I took a shower and went to Zakk's house. We kicked it for a while and he peed for my and my drug test and I took out. It was easy and I have to go back Tuesday. I went to Wendy's and ate, and then I went to meme's and ate, yep, I was stoned. Then I picked mom up and came home.

I re-d up and got some more rolls the other night. Mike and Chris were pleased with the peranas. Jarod and I rolled hard, and it was a cool experence. Matt was with up and he was intoxicated. We stopped by Zero's house so I could see Leia and Donny, but DB was asleep and Leia seemed very distant. We didn't sleep at all and I got to drive and it was super fun. The lights were amazing. We walked around J-ville at like 4am.

Yesterday Brian came over and we smoked about three blunts b/t us. Then he left and Jarod and I went to the rock corry with Donny, Zero, Chris, Isabella, Andrew, and Tate. It sucked cause I wasn't drunk so I just sat there for a while. Then Donny and I went to Waffel House and ate while talking to the fat waitress about her nippke rings. It was pretty cool. Jarod and I came back here, smoked a bowl, and I passed out. He left and I havn't seen him today. Tommorrow is the 11th and I hope I get to see her. I'm tired of typing. I hope everything is going good for everyone else. Later friends!
I love drunks!   
03:31pm 03/06/2005
mood: drunk
music: Dead Prez and Static-X_Hip Hop
Last night was pretty fun. Kirsten got me some alcohol and I came home and drank a 40oz. Then I took a shower and Mike and Nikki were here when I got out. I drank another one and took a few shots of vodka and some green apple shnops. Needless to say, I was a bit tipsey when Leia and her friends got here. I took all my alcohol and we went to Lonoke. I drank the whole way and was drunk when we arrived. I was intoxicated enough to tell everyone what I thought about them. I talked to DB for a long ass time and we drank together but I'm not sure what the outcome of it all was? People kept interupting us and we made Leia feel bad. I'm really sorry, you know I would never intentionally make you feel bad. You've really been here for me when I havn't had anyone else. Thank you very much and I love you. Donny and I went for a walk and we came back with a big ass trash can, I had a twisted ancle, and I was scraped up from head to toe from chasing the misquito man and eating shit in the middle of the road, and I think we knocked out the power to the ghetto cause we broke into some kind of energy barn and tried to climb the tower but it was unsuccessfull. I kicked over a big ass computer and things may have blown up. I fell asleep spooning with donny and woke up at 5:30 to Leia's voice saying "get up, it's time to go" while Zero and the fat chick were fucking, uhhhhhh!

Matt and Mike are coming to get me today and we're going to Otter Creak to pick up a shit load of rolls, whooo dooo! Anyways, I have court in a week and June 11th is coming up, maby it'll be cool, either way I'll do something very sweet. Later.
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The Moose Is Loose   
04:24pm 02/06/2005
mood: high
music: Misfits-Saturday Night
The night b/f last Matt, Chris, and I went driving around trying to sell weed. We got fucked up and just drove everywhere like Bryant, Benton, and some other places. We took two unearthly circles around central Arkansas that took an hour and a half each. I was so completely fucked up and tired that I came home and passed out.

Last night was amazing, that's the only word I know that can begin to discribe last night's events. I wanted to get super fucked up to drain out all the madness and sadness going on in my life. I quit smoking pot so I really had to get creative to get super fucked up. I started out by taking 3 5000mg hc's and drinking on a liter of cheap ass vodka. Kevin, Chris, and Jarod went swiming and I sat outside the pool getting fucked up. We went to Danial's house and kicked it. I was about hammered by the time we got there but the madness wasn't over. Danial's dad made some fire ass bud brownies with an oz of ak47 and they were garenteed, for 5$, to ram a broomstick up the asshole of your life. I bought one, and got so fucked up that I found the new level stonedness...the goofy-goopie-glueball. My eyes were glued shut and my face was glued into a big ass smile. Everyone was getting fucked up in thier own way...yegar, pot, coke, rolls, pills,...ect. Then I realized I had a big ass bag of herb and wasn't smoking for a while so I convienced Hippie Mike (Danial's dad) to give me another piece of the magical AKfudge for my bag off herbal goodness, he concured. Once the peak of the second brownie snatched me up, I was taken to a new world where everything was different. I then got a hold of some rolls and the peak was 100X more intense. My eyes finally opend a bit, and the colors were magnificent. I don't know what time I got home, how I got here, or much else from last night, but I know it was AMAZING!

My friend Matt called me at 3pm today, about the time I woke up, and he says he had like 200 love rolls, which are double stack meth based. I'm gonna try to help him get rid of them and maby I'll get a few out of the deal. After this I'll quit those too, cause thier making me crazy, uhhhh! I need some halluciniginics, mushroom style. Tonight Leia and Michelle are coming out and I'm gonna get really fucked up! I'm still really down about my whole life situation right now but I'm draining it out with drugs, wich isn't healthy but it's more fun than bieng depressed. Nikki, I kinda need you right now, but your not around. I need someone who I can talk to. Thanks to everyone who has offered thier advice and I appriciate it very much. Thank you and I love you all! I'm still high and I havn't smoked in 48hrs. WOW!
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12:40pm 31/05/2005
mood: gloomy
music: Blatz-Birkley Is My Baby, And I Want To Kill It
I feel about fucking worthless. I'm looking for a job until I start nursing school but noone wants to hire the kid with the mohawk. I'm just sitting around the house feeling like shit. Donny informed me that he doesn't want to do the band anymore. He said we'll still be friends and shit but I think that if the band dies that our friendship will slowly go with it. I can't rely on him saying it'll be fine because he said that the band will work, and if it doesn't we would die trying, what happend to that attitude. That band is my life, and now it's over........death!

The day b/f yesterday I went with Lauren and BJ to riverfest except we got stoned b/f we got there and changed our minds about the whole thing. We just drove around for a while until the munchies set in, and then we headed to Las Palmas. I had my hair spiked and my kilt on and everyone was looking at me allready, then when we got ready to leave my kilt got caught on the chair and everyone got to see my bare ass in the big wall of mirrors behind me. Yes, I was going comando. It was cool. I then proceded to get naked and we left very quickly. We met Nikki, Matt, and Mike at Thrifty-Liquor and got some booze. Then we went back to my house and got wasted and watched some movies. I somehow pissed Nikki off, what's new? I think she's ok now, or she's just acting like it. They all left and I continued to drink and clean, two things that do not go together.

They all went to the lake without us, eventhough camping there was partly mine and Matt's idea, so I spent all day yesterday sitting at home alone, fun huh? It just gives me more time to sit and think about how my life is over. I hate this shit, and I don't even want to talk to Donny, or anyone for that matter, about it because once we talk, it's over for good, and i'm still in denile.

Today I went and paid a stupid ass fine and drove to the hood and said hi to Courtney. I hate my life and won't be around much longer, later.
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In the real world...   
11:00am 27/05/2005
mood: awake
music: Wednesday 13-Walked With A Zombie
Outside of school, or should I say prison, it's very delightfull. I don't have to comply with pointless rules, only ones that make since. I don't have to listen to anyone who is just talking to prove that they have the power to controll another person. School is over and I couldn't be happier.

I havn't really been doing much of anything here lately. I've been to the lake a couple of times since i've updated but that's about it. Jarod and I went to LR and paid off my fines, witch my mom was supposed to have done considering I gave her the money, but she prob. spent it on pills. I also paid off my fines in Carslile but Lonoke is fucking me. They said I havn't been paying, wich is bullshit, I just can't keep up with the reciepts. Now I have another court date on June 7th for failure to pay, and i'm gonna go crazy on them and prob. get put back in jail. It'll be allright. It's not really that bad of a place.

J-ville's graduation is tommorrow so I'm gonna go and prob. get the fuck beat out of me, those kids don't dig the preston, but I'll go down fighting. I wish Leia would leave the rude comments on here that she's keeping to herself but it's up to her so whatever? Nikki, I miss you and you need to come out. Michael, I've been trying to get a hold of you for two days about your Grandfather, call me from somewhere. Kayla, I miss you too, and we need to hang out. Kelsey, I love you and will see you at graduation, and will get beat up by all your friends, haha. Tiffiany, call me so we can get fryed! Mel, take care and I hope everything is going well. I'll check up in a few days, Later!
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Bloody Butthole Needed Update...   
12:12am 23/05/2005
mood: high
music: Six Feet Under-New Song...Cemetary or something.
Hey, it's been a long ass time since i've updated. Much has happened since the last chapter in my shithole life was noted in this journal of aborted baby blood. We had our senior class day (a stupid ass assembly where the seniors are recognized and they do stupid shit and sing) and it fucking blew. In the class profacy they said I would grow up to be a door to door bible salesman, those motherfuckers. They know I think Jesus is a CUNT, but it gave me an excellent idea. I'll steal bibles from books-a-million and walk around the heights selling them to some Christ-Core motherfuckers. Guy, Donny, and I were denied our prison suit show that we'd been planning for 4 years. Then to top it off, we weren't allowed to have a microphone at the end to play Athiest Anthem. I hate that place. After class day is kind of a blur, but I do remember going to the rock corry and funnling about 19 shots of vodka and drinking some beer. I'm sure that was fun. Then we went to Andrew's house and I puked about 6 god damn times and took my American History Semester Test the next morning with little sleep, no studing, drenched in alcohol and puke, and I still made an 84, ha!

Then there is a big ass two week blur and I graduated!!! I love it, i'm out of that piece of shit and good riddence. In the two weeks I did some bad drugs along with some alcohol and other drugs and got really sick, uhhhhhh! It lasted for like 4 days and I lost 8lbs. I got well to find out that they didn't want to let me walk b/c of nova-net. Fuck that, mom told them that I was crazy and they better let me walk or she's not responsible for what I might do! Needless to say, I walked. Kelsey and Gwen came to Graduation and it suprised the fuck out of me. I really enjoyed hanging out with her. Leia flaked out on me that night but it's cool now. I got wasted, and I had a qp so it was a good night. I woke up in a chair 9 miles away from where I last remembered I was and it was wierd. Jarod and Zakk w/ girlfriend included were there and I was so happy. I sold alot of goods that night, I think?

Then after I graduated I havn't really been doing much of anything special, wait....yes I have. I've been getting fucked up...all the time, hehe! I've been rolling and getting hp's twice a week, and drinking, and popping, and going to random parties just to wake up in a strange place and be very disorented, wooooo whooooo! Harvy, Jarod, Zero, and I got fucked up and went to a grave yard in Scott where a girl had been raped and crusified by her brother and the cult he belonged to. It was crazy. We all got stoned with the exception of Harvy and wondered around with the freaky chills and bieng the fun kind of scared. I loved it. We even think we found the tree it happened on, I felt something man, it was fucked up. Then we went to another graveyard that didn't tickle our wierd budds right, but for some reason we stayed there for 2 fucking hours. Jarod and I found out how to get the bodies out of the above ground monuments, but we have some amount of respect for the dead, eventhough I'd fuck a hott dead body in a heart-beat, or lack there of, hehe!

I've really just been parting and hanging out with friends and kicking it with mark and par-taking in his "safty meetings". I need a fucking job, but noone will hire me so fuck them, i'll make money my way. Leia actually kicked it again, but had a problem at home, so she had to leave. It sucked cause right after she left, Jarod came to the house and we went to Danials Dad's party. I stayed up all night and didn't get to bed until like 10 am. I again went for a period of no appitite and lost a bit more weight. I've also been sleeping in vanpire-time. It's pretty cool.

Last night Zero, Crash, Michael, Matt, and I went to the lake. Crash drank a fifth of Evil Weevil by his self and Matt and I drank a liter of vodka to ourselves, it was crazy. I hate crash and this is why. Once we were ready to leave he was drunk and a bitch and thought he knew where he was going. We had to chase him through the woods neumerous times and finally he got away from us and we left him there. It was funny as hell. We were lost and intoxicated in the middle of the woods, man down, and we're in mission mode for the car. After going in circles under the command of Captin IntoxaMatt we finally got out of the worm hole in the middle of Heber and made it to the car. We got home at 3am and I was awakend at 5:30am by Zero wanting me to drive Michael's car back to Heber to get Crash out of jail. Apparently he, being a resoursefull drunk, found his way to the Wal-Mart where he knocked over a bunch of shit and bothered a bunch of people. The Heber-Pigs even told him they wouldn't fuck with him if he just acted nice and quite and didn't bother anyone else until someone could pick him up. Wrong! His ass asks everyone who exits the store to take him home, and he barely took no for an answer every time. So anyway, I drove the car with no sleep back to fucking Heber with Zero asleep in the back. Matt and I had a blast on the race car rodes through the mountains. We got him out and he looked fucked up. It made me laugh. On the way back we stopped at McDonalds and ate some shitty food, uhhhh! Then we went back to Matt's house and slept for a good 4 hours.

Today Michael woke us up at 3pm and we came to my house. We all went up to LR so I could re-up, and we got blazed. We smoked like 6 blunts. Matt and Mike just left a while ago and it's really hott in the house so I'm gonna get out of the back. I think we're going back to Heber tommorrow, but the liquor store will be closed so I'm not quite sure I'll go. Fuck You Guys, I'm Going To Sleep.
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I only have 5 min. to update...   
02:52pm 18/05/2005
mood: annoyed
music: Lonestar-Amazed (I destest country, but this song...)
Man, mom's about to go to work and she's taking her laptop and today is the first chance i've had to update and like 3 weeks. I had to check my 1452 messages and reply to the comments people had made b/f I actually updated. I'll catch up on everything tommorrow, I promise....and it'll be a long one.

Current Music:...reminds me of someone!
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09:14am 03/05/2005
mood: cheerful
music: Blatz-I wish Califorina would fall into the ocean
Yesterday was an allright day. First Leia and I went to Matt's and hung out. Then Michael took Nikki and us to J-ville on his way to work so we could get some cola later. My guy had to work late but it was cool. We watched A Beautiful Mind and Blow and I passed Leia and Nikki out. Then Nikki and I took a shower (first hot one in 2 weeks) and I dyed my hair bright red, although it'll fade to pink soon. Leia and I left w/ Donny and Nikki went with Michael and we were all meeting at Zero's. We went by the liquor store and were rejected but the trusty gas station sold to us. Long story short, we got hammered. We were running around crazy like doing flips and shit. We were also singing goofy drunken songs. Then Donny, Zero, and I went to the police station to pay Donny's fines drunk as fuck. I loved it. I passed out at about 3am and DB was still asleep on the couch and now I'm at school....I love life!
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Come to me child....I tell your future....   
09:09am 02/05/2005
mood: anxious
music: H2O-Fuck Nazi Sympathy
As allways, I was right about the accidents waiting to happen on prom night. I woke up when crash left for work at 5am and Donny, Matt, and Zero came back at 10am and started playing the drums. Michael woke up in a bad mood and threw a little hissy fit and knocked the light fixture down and it cut a bad ass gash in his back below his right shoulder. It was awesome. We took two cars to the ER and then Donny, Zero, and I went to Goodwill to complete the prom shopping. I got a pink bow tie, a blue jacket, a white tux shirt, and a green tie for 5 bucks. Then we went to Sally's and stole some hair products and went back to my house. After we left there we all met back at thier house and Mike, Nikki, and I went to Mike's house to get my kilt and let him take a shower. We went back to Zero's house and I took a hardcore cold ass shower cause they don't have any heat. We all met there and went out to eat at Teia's. Donny, Chase, Kayla, Cassie, Leia, Zero, Jose, and Rachel and I had a drunken blast. We ate cheese dip and quesidallias and tried to jack the Tia's Yeager from the bar. We went to prom 3 hours late and I'm so glad for that b/c it sucked donkey balls. All it was, was a big congragation of idiots who felt the urge to take pictures of me when I came in the door. I really didn't care cause I was hammered but it was a bit annoying. I danced with Donny, Zero, and break danced with Andrew. Keep in mind that I had a kilt and a g-string on so break dancing did everyone some evil justice, haha. We left and went to Zero's house and I took alot of mr's and almost got into a fight with one of Lauren's pieces of trash. I'm gonna kill that motherfucker when I see him. Then the cops came and it was a bit crazy but everything turned out allright and nonone went to jail, eventhough everyone was shitfaced. Then Harvy came home and BJ, Harvy, and someone else wrote all over crash, it was supposed to teach him a lesson about drinking to much, but I doubt it did any good. I don't remember much after that but bad things did happen.

Saturday Matt and I went with Joey to some minnow farm all fucked up and shit and drove around crazy like. We were so blazed that I couldn't even talk to Nikki on the phone. I also drank a pint of vodka if that has anything to do with it. We went to Joey's house, then my house, and then Willie's. We got a sack there and we got super fryed and Jarod came back with me cause Joey was getting on everyone's nerves. It was our duty to lure him away from there and take him home. We then went to matt's house cause we had the munchies and we ate chicken strips and mushrooms and we walked all around town. We went to the school to get something to drink from the coke machines and then we walked to Zero's house. No one seemed to be there so we knocked and we had no answer. Jarod and I sat in the shed, freezing to death, getting stoned, for two motherfucking hours. It wasn't cool and what sucks is that Zero was inside asleep the whole time. We eventually tried to get in and Zero heard the commotion and let us in. We chilled for a while and I took alot more mr's and a seriquil. Eventually I passed out and Crash was free to seek his revenge.

He painted me up like a little blure kitty but by the time I woke up Sunday morning, it was all just a big blue blur on my face. Apparently Jarod and I both slept on thier little ass couch wich was a fiet in it's self. I washed my face as good as I could and went back to the couch where I read for a while and then Jarod and I woke Mike up. He was late for work...his bad! After he left Nikki, Jarod, and I got blazed and Rachael came back. We drove around until Zero got off work and we picked him up. Then we had some mini-adventures and headed off for Memphis in may. When we arrived we had no clue where Billy Idol was playing but we parked at the same place we allways do and began walking. After many trials and tribulations, we found the Holy Grail. Jarod and I didn't go in because of insuficient funds so we just walked around crazy like. Keep in mind that Zero, Jarod, and I all took some seriquil so we were fucked up. Everyone was staring at us and taking pictures of us, and on a few occasions people actually asked to take pictures with us. It was a mad place but it's all good. We tried to sneek in for a while but it was no use. We sat by some crazy bitch and her bitch and talked for a while. I blacked out and was kicked awake by Jarod. We moved around a bit and came apon a magical hobo who was so drunk and fell so hard off a binch, that it had to be magic that he didn't break his neck. We then went to Joe's Crab Shack and I took a major shit in that crazy place. After we left there, we met a group comune of hippies and they invited us to sit with them, drink beer, and play songs. It was cool but we had to find everyone else cause it was getting late so we left. We found Zero who had been by himself b/c his ticked was no good and then amazingly we were found by old snitch. He was talking crazy talk about fighting somebody eairlier and then he went inside w/ his girlfriend to see the roots. We were so fucked up that we just sat on the sidewalk and listened to small segments of passing people's conversations and put them together. Rachel and Nikki finally showed up, we wondered back to the car with less gauk's and stares, or maby I was just to fucked up to tell, and we made our way home. I stayed awake long enough to get Rachel out of Down Town and to a gas station in the next town and I was out like a little bitch, but all of us in the back seat were. We passed out immedately when we returned to Zero's and that's that!

I woke up so fucking cold to an annoying ass alarm clock and came to school. I only have two more days left, counting today, until semester tests and then I'm out bitches. I'm going home tonight cause I have to study for AM History. If I don't do well on the test I won't graduate so I've gotta get baked and study hard. I've gotta go, Later!
Good Days   
08:20am 28/04/2005
mood: cheerful
music: Leftover Crack-Homo-apathy
The past two days have been pretty cool. Tuesday Michael, Nikki, and I went to my house. All we really did was get stoned and wach movies. We went to Wal-Mart so we could get some dm to trip but Michael decided not to take his. I took mine but it wasn't that much and I didn't trip very hard. I saw a few color changes, some cracked vision, and a few odd shapes jumbled up with a confusing string of mumbles and noises. I fell asleep and awoke for the new day with a fresh case of the robo-crazies.

Wednesday we went to Matt's house and everyone left quickly. BJ and I had to stay cause thier wasn't enough room, but it's cool...we had the blunt. BJ and I went and jumped on the neighbors trampoline for a bit and then BJ started screaming at some little kids. I had to drag him back to the house. We were walking to Zero's house and the cops surrounded us. BJ was pretty scared but they just questioned him a bit and we were off. We got to the entrance of the ghetto and Richard picked us up and gave us a ride the rest of the way. When we got to Zeros house it was bakin time. We went to the shed and it was on. Then Mike and Nikki came back and Nikki had another breakdown, but I think it's just the chocolates:) We went to Nikki's grandmothers house and while Nikki was visiting we went to this imposter fubu store and it was pretty fun. Then when we got back a bunch of kids stopped us and asked us if we were rock stars. I shook all thier hands and then Nikki came back. We met my mom at the zoo and went to the mall. Nikki and I together didn't spend more than 10$ and we had 150$ together to spend. We jacked the rest. Michael finally took his tussin and he was trippin a bit. We went to TJ max cause the mall was closing and Nikki was lacking shoes. She got her some little black ones and DB met us. I drove his car and he streaked the Tandy Ten parking lot. I rode with him back to Zero's and we got some 40oz's. We got there, set up his drums, and had a drunken band practice after Michael and Nikki fucked. It's cool cause it didn't take that long! We played Athiest Anthem, Love At First Fright, 911 For Peace, some Guttermouth, and then the mike gave out. It sucks that we have to get a new one if Michael can't fix it. Then Nikki, Zero, Donny, and I went on an adventure to settle some scores. We came back after dropping Nikki off, knocking over some trash cans, and picking up matt and we smoked a bowl. By this time it was 2am so I went to bed, remember I only have 4 more days of high school left, i've gotta hang in there.

Today We're gonna go finish the prom shopping and it'll be all good. I've gotta change my hair from pink to green to mach my kilt and get a jacket and shit. Prom is a fun idea, but I have a feeling something bad is going to happen, mark my words bitches.
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Bloody Nose...   
10:06am 26/04/2005
mood: annoyed
music: Punk Rock Girl-Dead Milkmen
Yesterday Leia came home with me and on the ride we got baked, and Nikki came with Mike. Leia went to to her grandmothers viewing. Nikki and I got golden wrapped and went to the show. I loved it. It's fun seeing everyone again. Mark from Arkansassy is going to prom with me and Grant punched me in the face and I bled like a motherfucker, it tasted good. I was so tired but I was so energized at the same time. Now I remember what I love about this lifestyle. Brutally Frank was really good and Pops new band wasn bad either. Snich is coming down on the 2nd and I really want to see him. I broke one of my personal records and took a shower twice in one day! It's only cause I was covered in blood. I feel crazy today. I'm in such a bad mood and I want to fight somone, uhhhhhhh! I think it's time for a coke brake, haha! We have a show Saturday at Noa's house and it'll be pretty cool, I think. I'm staying at Zero's house tonight or maby at Matt's, or even the park, I don't know? I hate this school, and this pointless existance!
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Unicorn Head Weekend   
09:09am 25/04/2005
mood: accomplished
music: The Unseen-So This Is Freedom?
Friday started off bad and with 50$ worth of alcohol, it got worse in a good way! School let out and I walked to my usual meeting point and when I got there noone was to be found. I stood there in dismay, for where was I to go. I heard music coming from the gym so I went there to get a better looksey. Right after I stuck my head in the door two things caught my eye, tate, and a mini-pit. I dropped my shit and had some fun. There band is really good. I walked all the way to Matt's house by myself, narrowly avoiding two uneven fights with people over the content of my "fuck the kkk" shirt. Remember I live in a town full of rednecks and morons. When I finally made it to Matt's house he wan't anywhere to be found. I sat down next to the death wagon and pondered my loneliness for about 45 minuets until Donny drove up and saved the way. It wasn't 3 minuets before we'd allready made up a plan, so the first spot on our Friday Night roller coster was Jordie's, where the Holy Grale of Vodka be! We got wasted and went and bothered Shelby at Subway a bit. Jordie and DB were a little foolish but when isn't one of us. We then left for Circut City to get DB's check. Then we went to the liquor store again cause the vodka runneth dry, and then to Devall's Bluff. We got into town drunk as fuck and met Jordie's grandparents. It was wierd but I liked the blugrass music that old man played. We left there in a drunken stupor and found a big ass swing outside a closing fish place where Donny was supposed to meet that jail chick. He didn't get to b/c she had allready left work and didn't have a phone, but they did threaten to call the cops because we were making too much noise. I didn't even know bumfuck egypt had cops but we left and headed back to Lonoke after a quick side trip at a local movie store to let Jordie puke and drool on a neighborhood dog. When we got back to Lonoke I was super drunk and upset as I mentioned in the beginning. The alcohol just fueld the fire. I was bieng a dick to Leia, and for no reason, it's just all the shit built up in me about Kelsey, bieng alone, the adriniline from fighting, and not really having anyone to trust... also bieng in a car with stupid ass Jordie for 6 hours didn't help the situation. Matt and I found each other only in a blur, but we kept drinking. I played bass for Crash for a while then I stumbled around outside doing backflips and cartwheels and shit in ballerina mode. Then I got the idea that I suddenly wanted to be unconxious. I started sprinting full speed, aimed for thier shed, but instead hit the neighbors shed, head on, full speed, bull style and blacked out for god knows how long. I wake up with Matt laying on me and I'm bleeding profusly. We get up but there is something bad wrong with my shoulder. It hurts so bad. When I looked in the mirror I resembled a unicorn that had just been beeten with a wrecking ball and crane. The big ass knot is in the middle of my forehead and I resembled a pink haired, mythical creature with some sort of bloody horn. I decided to calm down a bit and I tried to talk to Nikki but she wouldn't talk to me so I couldn't explain myself. Finally I talked Leia into listening to me in the other room...Thank You So Much...During this time I cried like a little pussy ass baby and explained myself a bit. It's almost like I had a Michael moment or some shit. I felt so bad for making her upset eairlier but at least I got all that shit off my chest. One day I'm not going to have anyone to tell and I'm just gonna jump off a building with a broom up my but and do it cannon ball style, how's that? I had a real talk with Zero and he's going through some shit that none of us can hang with it, so I'm there for him whenever he needs me, but I think we're alot alike and he'll want to do it alone. I passed out in a little chair after kicking it for a few hours, it's all blurry after that.

Saturday we woke up with monsterous hangovers and three hours of sleep in us. It was 8:30am and Leia was leaving for Bryant's prom. Nikki came back and we stayed up all day with JR and his 6 oz's. We fucked Crash and JR up and JR's still clueless, haha! Jarod never got his car fixed so our lake adventure was canceled. I went to Jordie's house with Matt to play with Jake. They neglected to inform me that there was a drunken redneck fest taking place, and we were gonna be playing form them. It was crazy but very fun, the food was good, and the intoxicated redneck brawls were the best. Mom came and got me and we tried to find Nikki but barely missed her. Mom was drunk so we went to liquor store and she got me some 40's. Stephanie, Mom, and I got drunk and watched Meet The Faukers. It was fun but I passed out quick. I wanted to go to the show but everyone left and I passed out.

Sunday Nikki came over about when I woke up, I drank another 40 and we walked the dogs. Then we got fryed and played music for a while, until Abby attacked an old lady, it made me jolly. We went to the dollar store and she stole some tampons, and then we went by Churches Chicken. We got super stoned the rest of the day until McGoober got there. We were watching some wierd ass Russian Circus on TV and it was really cool. Michael left after a bit and Nikki passed out in my cold ass room, serves you right, I tried to move you bitch! I tried to get ahold of Leia and see how prom went but I wasn't sucessfull. I got mom to roll me up a Golden Wrap and I got fryed and watched a Wonder Showzen marathon until 4am.

We woke up on time, I showered for the 1st time in a week and we were ready fast. Mom was again too lazy for the trip so we drove and shared 4 bowls to the head, man I'm still stoned. Everything went well, I had chocolate for the munchies, water for the cottonmouth, and music of the brain. Other than the fact that I have girl pants on, nothing else is going for me today. I'm trying to pass this nova net shit but it's a bitch. I've gotta sign Chase's yearbook so it's do stuff time, damn I just wrote a story!
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08:40am 22/04/2005
mood: crappy
music: Leftover Crack-The Good, The Bad, and The Leftover Crack
Man, yesterday was allright. Some girl gave me a shit load of hydro-codine at school and I was in such a lethargic mood. We went to BJ's house after school and got fryed. We had stick wars and Nikki ended up bieng the prisonar of war. It was bad ass. Then we went to Zero's house for like 6 hours with the occasional trip to walmart, like every hour. They finally got home and we drank a bit. I took some hydrodxizine to shake the crazies I was havin' but it didn't work, it kinda made me crazier. I was passing out and talking some crazy nonsence until I worked up enough energy to stumble my ass to the bed. We were late this morning and the cafateria ladies let us have some food. It was worth it! Later!
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420 was a blast!   
08:39am 21/04/2005
mood: chipper
music: Misfits-Saturday Night
The holiday was a success! After school Matt and I went to my house. We got blueberry blazed on the way. When we got there we did it sherlock holmes style until we couldn't take it anymore. We were gonna steal mom's car and go to the rock corry but Leia and Nikki were stuck in Lonoke so we thought we would go back and kick it with them. To do this was no easy task. We had to ride in the car, packed like motherfucking sardines, with a retart who wouldn't quit touching me. She almost got knocked the fuck out. We got there and Michael came and got us. When we got there everyone had new piercings and I was so fucked up I couldn't handle it! I told zero to pierce my bridge but he couldn't hold it out well enough to do it. We left with crowhead and went back to Matt's house. We weren't there for more than 30 min. when Donny showed up with some 40's and we went back to Harvey's. Everyone was about boring dead but I was fucked up so it was all good. I was super drunk and I love it. After a few hours of Crash's song phycobabble and everyone passing out left and right, we went back to Matt's. That's where the fun started. We smoked a few bowls and I finished off Carla and Amy's 40's so that made a total of 5 in 2 hours + alot of pot + and some whiskey, hehe! Matt took some serequil and was acting crazy. He got up out of a dead sleep, ran into the wall at full running speed, stumbled outside, did a spin move through the blanket door, and dropped at an insaine speed to the floor breaking bowls and glasses. He just laid there repeating "how did I get here". It was awesome but need to lay off the psyco-meds man. Sleep time was a goddamn trap and it sucks that I was involved but it's all good I guess!

Today Donny got me at 7:30 and we went and got some cranberry juice for the morning drink-a-thon. It was cool. Jordie competed in the contest with us. It's time for some stupid ass play so I'm out, but my belly feels warm!
10:24am 20/04/2005
mood: high
music: Blink 182-Man Over Board...pussy shit, but it's in my head!
Last night was 420's eve and Jarod, Mom, Mark, and I got super stoned. It was great. We went and climed trees and shit like little kids.

Today is 420 and mom woke me up with a sack and a "Happy 420". It was awesome. She let me take the car this morning and I went to J-Radd's house and smoked a bowl. Then I stopped at Buck's and saw Sean and smoked a blunt with him. Then I went to Zero's house and got a 13 bowl hight with Leia, Nikki, Matt, and 0. I woke Mike's pussy ass up and he was like wahhhh wahhh, I'm a pussy, my stomach hurts. It was cool. We missed 1st period to celebrate the holiday. I wrote 420 on my arm and head and Mrs. Murch made me go to the office and Ol Coach Ashley told me to wash it off. Donny wrote I love today on my head instead. I have to go back home today but maby Nikki and Leia will come celebrate the wonderous day!!! Oh yeah, mom's window won't roll up, and it's raining....haha!
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