Worst Week Ever   
10:15pm 17/04/2006
mood: sad
music: Choking Victim-I am jesus
Thursday night the relentless pigs of lonoke arrested me for posession of a controlled substance and potintiial possion of a controlled substance (depending on weather the ex pill comes back with any speed in it or not. Those dirty redneck cops pulled me over two houses away from where I was staying, and they knew it, cause they followed me there. I'm not gonna dwell over this shit though, cause they could've slammed me with an additional 6 charges wich would've landed me in the pen, if they would've only been smart enough, ha!

Friday night was the best night of the weekend. Guy, Matt, and I took some pills and got hammered. I don't remember much except drinking alot, fighting matt up the stairs, headbutting him and breaking my glasses, and passing out right before I gained access to my car keys and another set, wich I woke up with, firmly clenched in my fist.

Sunday was the worst day of all. Guy and I woke up and he started drinking. He was gonna take a couple of dramimine to enhance his drunk and I kinda convence him to trip on them. I was really fryed and didn't realize how much he had drank, and I told him that I took 120 of them so he would be straight to take like 40 or so, and he was drunk and trying to one up me and took 74. I didn't stop him and that was the worst mistake i've ever made. After about 2 hrs of trippin, guy started getting overheated. I went up stairs and was watching him pretty closley, giving him stuff to drink, and keeping a wet rag on his head. He was just laughing at me and all of the sudden he just went into a seziure. He turned bright red, then purple, then blue, and finally white. I kept hitting his chest trying to make him breathe. Just as soon as I attempted cpr, he started breathing and the color rushed back into his face. I was screaming the whole time and by the time he started breathing again, the ambulance was there. I got in the truck with michael and matt and we rode up to the hospital and we waited with his family until midnight, a good 9hrs. I didn't want to leave, but michael was sick and nikki needed the house key.

I woke up eairly today and called his mom to ask if I could see him, but he was stilll triping and needed rest, and I knoew all too well, considering I am the dramimine king, or so to say. I left the house, went to the library, and came to Jacksonville, where I ....

Got into a motherfucking wreck. Some stupid bitch ran a stopsign, hit me, and it was my fault. Maby that's because I look pretty fucking wierd.

NE Ways, that's the least of my worries, my boys at the hospital still, and Donny, Tammy, and I are going up there after we got off work, in like 10 min. so i'm gonna jump off here, but all in all this is the worst fucking week of my life, and I have a major court date may2nd and a minor one may6th, so fuck the world, and good night!
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09:26pm 10/04/2006
  I've been working two jobs, 7 days a week, and getting like 2 hrs of sleep a night. WHoooooooOOOOOO!!! I need a show to bring me up but I live in AR and it SUCKS here, AHHHH! The only good local venue, Blank Gen, is now gone, and so is my soul, oh wait, I never had one.  
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Florist Trans-World Delievery   
12:23pm 05/04/2006
mood: cold
music: No Cash-Kill Your Parents
I've got a lagit job! Whooo Hooo! I'm an internet florist operative. Yeah it's a cubical job,and I kinda like it. Allthough all other aspects of my life are coming to a sprayfarting boil. My new phone that I had to pay 260$ for won't work, my apartment is about to be raded by the LPD, and all the females in my life are the most scandilous she-devils i've ever come across. It's some kind of conspericy! Oh well, i'm still doing my thing and having fun doing it. That's about it, but I want to START SEEING SOME COMMENTS! I don't have any and havn't had any in a while.

P.S. I believe my seritonin receptors are burnt out cause I can't roll hard anymore.
12:46am 22/02/2006
  Man, im shitfaced and I cant find bryan, allthough i'm in his house and he's sober,. he's nowhere to be found./ Hew was just laying next 2 me and he's disipeard. wtf? it's eairyly and i'm confused, oh well something happend, later!  
01:38pm 08/02/2006
mood: amused
music: Agnostic Front-Police State
Taxes are coming soon, whoooo! Gonna get some good drugs. I've been kicking it with someone pretty cool here lately but her identity must remain confidential for certian reasons. I don't know what else to write. It's not that my stories are getting more lame, it's that i'm getting way more fucked up so I don't remember the nights as well anymore. peace
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For Your Eyes Only!   
01:54am 04/02/2006
mood: busy
music: The Misfits-Decending Angle
I had no clue that anyone read my blurty! That's great. I havn't posted in so long cause I thought this thing was dead but apparently it has arisen, if I spelt that right. I've been doing alot of slinging here lately and it's working out. Bryan and I tripped robotussin dm hardcore! It was like a three day in a row dex binge and I loved every moment of it. I just wish you could reach the fourth plateau by drinking the shit without regurgitating pieces of your stomach on to your parents couch, ha! I did infact have a chance to try purified dex(voodoo) twice. If anyone has a chance to try this stuff and likes ecstacy or dex then you'll be in heaven. It takes you directly to the top of the mountian after a gruling three hour wait where you think you just paied for some excedrin migrane or something, then boom! Every color you see fades to a mesh of grey and the sounds you hear go away. I actually thought I was deaf for a couple of min. but I was so fucked up that I had to relearn how to think, then, talk, then walk, but forget about walking cause if it's good it's not happening. I loved it, two thumbs up, defently! I'm living with a couple of friends in a shithole redneck infested town and it sucks but the company is allright. I'm hungry and tired. In four days I've slept a grand total of 6hrs and eaten a pack of ramin noodles and a cake dounut, a whole 55cents worth of food, and I still struggled to keep it down. Stupid huh? To the toco bell toto!
Gonna Die!   
09:30am 26/11/2005
mood: annoyed
music: GWAR-Baby Raper
This last weekend was crazy.

Rolled and allmost died. Took 4 and 1/2 of those bastards. Explored the depths of a citgo bathroom for hours. I blacked out in J-ville and awoke in Searcy. Kicked it with guy and rolled. Toar apart my door looking for Ice Cream, no luck, doors still fucked up.

Got super inebreahated with Michelle. T's got the trust in me. Blacked out with no success of vomiting and Everyone's gone. I awake with dreadlocks, hmmmm?

Brian went to Meme's house with us for thanksgiving and we were fryed. We smoked a bliza b/f we left and a joint on the balcony. We ate like monsters and laughed about everything. My 96 yr old grandmother told me to keep it cripin and it was hallerious. We went to Russelville that night and it was madness. Brian got pulled over and we were smokin Brian's first baby at the time. The window's were down and the cop wasn't a complete retard so we thought we were fucked. He gave B-Rye a speeding ticket and he made us poor out the beer. It's all good, we didn't go to jail for the large amount of drugs that we had and we got to keep the vodka and boons farm hidden in the floor board. We were so happy to have retained our freedom that we did all the stuff we had!. We went and met up with some crazy bitch and it's all a blurry madness after that. Naked, X, Dancing, Coke, Black Bra, Colors, Black Out, Confused, I love You...ect...that's all I get. Whoooooo, what a night!

My leg hurts and my cast comes off in 3 days, I wonder what that means? Oh well, time to get on the grind and collect....later!
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12:04pm 17/11/2005
  Man I really have no clue what's going on these days. Too fucked up to tell. Blaudy Blaudy Blah. Last weekend we went to Memphis.............new tattoo when I awoke three days later.......uhhh.......that's how it goes. I'm kinda gettin sick of blurty cause there's not much interaction between users, oh well, maby I'll have to try something new.  
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Whao Hwooo!   
01:50am 20/10/2005
mood: punk rock jizz sock
music: Tupac-Changes
Monday night Bryan, J-Rad, and I took a bunch of pills and scared many onlookers at the Haunted House. We drank alot more and I kept sneeking more pills(the good ones)while noone was looking. We went back to Michelle's house and had snugglefest while watching cradle of fear and I was hearing an episode of Sesamie Street in my head while we wispered. I called in at Fed-Ex due to major fucked-upness.

Tuesday was even better! We got Matt and got a 30pk along with a few tic-tac's. Everyone was there including Guy and Michelle. It was movie night and we got super-fryed and naked bloody tammy sat in guys lap during the gas chamber and he was excited. Through the smoked rilled windshield you could see bits and pieces of The Excsorsim of Emly Rose, Jeepers Creepers, and Texas Chainsaw Massacare. We got way too fucked up (more than the night b/f) and I went to work this time. The movie was just for the workers so we ate pizza, drank a shitload of beer, and got super happy. Matt and I vamped out with no where to go so we parked the lincoln next to a church by work and slept for two hours. I biligarantly stumbled into work and was so fucked up. I couldn't even read the lables on the boxes but somehow I did what I had to do. I don't remember much of it except Matt slept in my car, then when we came home and slept, and the whole time we worked the haunted house tonight. I took him home eairlier and he was gonna go directly to sleep. Matt is a SLEEPING MOTHERFUCKER!

(Things I forgot to type when I was typing and am too lazy to go back and put in: The boss, this goofy kid, and I almost faught some guy for talking shit in the haunted house and the cops came but the boss is drunk cop so we won and got to scare the pigs when they went through, Mark died and we're playing in his funeral...very sorry.....and for any other intoxa-lost memories I appoligize and pray to satan that they return.

I'm kickin it with Jarod, Michelle, and Guy right now. We're smokin out b/f i have to work and are about to watch aqua-teen hunger force bitches.......
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Random Events   
05:50pm 17/10/2005
mood: crazy
music: Mike Jones-Grandmawww
Thrursday night Donny came over and Michelle and Jarod went with us to the liquor store. We got goofy drunk and I went to work. DB slept in my car and i took him to community service that morning.

Friday night we partied hard at BJ's. When I say hard I mean hard. We took a bunch of pills, drank way too much, and it was nuts. Zanax, Methadone, Jarod and Michelle puking, made me drive really fucked up for no reason while they slept in the back, fuckholes! I missed the marching comp. Saturday b/c of that. Chase was kinda dissapointed but he knows me so he knows dissapointment.

I was pissed Saturday so I went driving. I ended up at BJ's after trying to ram two people off the freeway. I had previously dropped a bunch of IMPORTANT shit off the top of my car and had to walk three blocks with a flashlight to recover it, needless to say I was very pissed. I was gonna find chase and make the missing of the comp. to him but he was busy, big surprise. If I woldn't have been able to find BJ that night I would've killed something. We kicked it alone and smoked like 17 blunts. I miss matt, he's in Macray making money. He was allways there but now he's working, it's better for him. BJ and I went to the gas station really fucked up twice (once for crispitos and such, and the second time for ice cream and they were both worth it. We finally passed out watching G4 TV and I woke up to a shotgun that was bad ass, it's the best way to wake up. We ate some old ass pankakes and romed the streets of LR for no reason.

Mikki and I went see Dr. Chud and it was bad ass. The show was amazing. They brought him out on a streacher and we got to kick it with them after the show until like 1am until I had to go to work. The guartist safty pinned live worms all across his lip. He was the first person to talk to us from the band too. When I split up all the cola I saw all his excess blood all over, that's punk rock. I went to work and don't remember much thanks to a dear friend of mine named methadone.

Now Brian, Jarod, and I are going to work at the Haunted house on Redmond rd. I'm a vanpire monster, yeahhh!
Fucked Up!!!   
02:45pm 08/10/2005
  Today Bryan,Jarod, and I spent an hour today looking for pictures of the gap troll from mad tv on the internet. Mission impossible. We found one pic that we put on here which took us fucking 45 god damn minutes. Thats the end. fdahfha

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Hangover From Hell   
12:22pm 08/10/2005
mood: hung over
music: Akon+Alvin Chipmunk_Lonley
Man my head hurts. I'll explain about last night after I check my car for human blood, but let me start by telling about some of my experiences in the last few weeks.

Last weekend was amazing. Jarod, Bryan, and I got super stoned, huffed a bag of freon, and went inside the dollar movies and saw The Devil's Rejects. It was great. We were so fucked up and the constant killing was great. After we got out of there Jarod had somehow found Andrew and we broke in my new glass piece and then we retired for the eveneng, or whatever.

The next morning Jarod, Matt, and I went to Pine Bluff to get by windows tinted by one of t's friends. Our stupid asses went there with no wood so t said he would have his boy meet me at the tint shop. Why is it that black people think white people are ignorant about pot. He shorted me about a half but I didn't weigh it so it's kinda my fault. I hate people that do the game dirty.

Then the "CrAzIeS" happend. Donny, Jarod, Matt, Guy, and I went to Fayetteville. It was...by far... one of the best experiences in my days. we were so drunk on the way up there, peeing when ever we stopped, tackling each other into the shelves at the gas stations, talking shit to rednecks, and just major nonsence. At one point donny tried to get on the freeway going the wrong way, slamming on the breaks which sent the ice chest flailing into the back of my crainum and got Jarod and I completely soaked, not that jarod wasn't allready, I pored beer all over him cause he got the last one. We got lost, ran out of gas, and found a ghost town and finally we made it. It was all worth it. This place was a fucking utopia. There were naked people playing frisby with cops, drunks passed out on next to the scoreboard puking up thier intrails, and major fucking chasos all around. That's my kind of place. I sold so much in so little time. I also came apon some magical rolls that were ketimine based and they were fire. I got two and chewed them up. I rolled the hardest I've ever rolled that night. I was constantly going in and out of the woods, and everyone was trying to keep me away from the trees cause they led to a swamp wich I later discovered a large sea type monster swiming about. Shelby, Donny, and Jarod climed a big ass water fall, Guy and Matt went inside, and These people I had never met before stole me away. I was rolling balls and we went down this massive mountian trail and I got to stand two feet away from an armidillo. This guy kicked it and it turned into a ball and rolled into the brush. We all sat indian style, smoking reefer, talking about past times, crazy shit, and just any psyco-babble we could muster out. Shelby and Donny got naked and it didn't really effect much. It was just like they weren't. All the naked trail talk happend when Guy and Matt were inside watching tv. Hmmmm, wich was the better choice? Everything is a blur after that except I remember kicking it with Zakk Hall all night. He came with us to some apartment and passed out drunk, that a boy. It was a blast. I slept the whole way back and it was just madness, I give it a 10+.

Matt, Jarod, Bryan and I went to chucky cheese's a few nights later, after the excitement had been munged out of us. We got super fryed, went to the halloween shop, got a bit gettered, and played video games until they closed. We got a bunch of tickets and got some spinny copters to shoot at each other in the parking lot, wich we did while smoking a blunt, we're nuts.

That was all the weekend, then the regular week started back and work work work, but I still stayed just as fucked up. I didn't sleep until Thursday when I found out that Matt overdosed and went to the er. I warned him, tried to hold his product until I got around, but he wouldn't listen. I slept for 21 hrs in a row. From Wednesday when I got off work to Thursday when I went in. I also passed out at work one of those nights due to heat exhastion.

Then the weekend came by again. Last night was incredible too. Jarod, Matt, Michelle, and I got alcohol and mucho-other-stuff and went wild. I found out chris has been leeking my name, talking shit, and robbing me blind so just wait until I get a hold of him that little snake like bitch. We somehow got some salvia and I got a new one hitter. After going by Michael and Nikki's and seeing that they really like kicking it with Lauren and the guy who beats her up every month, we left. We got fucked up and met up with Donny, Josey, and that little Josh kid. We drove around forever trying to find matt's friend Corey so he could show us where the gwar cemetery is in Beebe. We went to some crazy bitches house and she filpped out on us. She staggered out to the car baligerently and told us that we were going to jail and she needed id's. Matt told me to go so I went. We were screaming at her and I threw it in reverse. She didn't think she was going to move out of our way but she was butt fucking wrong. I stopped and gave her another chanse to close the door and move away from the car. She refused and I took out. She tried to grab all our goodies but all the bitch got were the papers. We found the cemetary after much exploration and we got to smoke some salvia and attempt to contact the dead with a saience, too bad there was too much madness going on. Crazy drunken madness, kids puking on graves, I'm allmost positive one kid was bashing cement crosses onto other peoples tombstones. We were running around crazy and for some reason we left. We dropped them off and went back to j-ville, got more fucked up, took matt home, continued getting fucked up and drove around madly until day break. Leia called me really eirly or late and said some really sweet things. You make me happy when I least expect you too. Jarod, Michelle, and I tried very hard to find some green so we could crash out hard and finally matt's friend Albino Keith came through and we got fryed, then we came back to her house and drunkenly passed out, cause over the course of the night I didn't stop drinking, and we still have mucho vodka left. We woke up three hours after going to sleep and took Michelle to work and now I'm on the computer with a bad ass headache and a super bad hangover. I feel like shit, oh do I love the weekends!

I wonder what tonight has in store for us. I want to take critter to Chuckey Cheese's but if I'm around Bo long enough to get her I might kill him, and I don't want to do that in front of her. I'm getting Chris whenever I see him and I hope he's ready. I'm gonna rip him apart and he knows why, don't you bitch! Bryans on his way over to smoke a blunt and we might go to the air show or some shit. Whatever happens happens.....
I update my blurty in the public library...   
05:21pm 09/09/2005
mood: awake
music: Justin Sane's pussy emo solo album
I've been holding two jobs, slaving to pull myself from debt but it seems useless. No matter how hard i try, noone understands. I can't even fathem school with all this bullshit...

A few weeks ago I had an awesome adventure in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was great. I got to relax and get away from all the trials and tribulations of this existance I currently take credit for. Matt and I went with Chad and Tala, how cool. We were just fucked up on the beach, in the brink of a hurricane, without a care in the world. Matt and I took a shitload of things and hallucinated on the beach. I actually brought him into my hallucination involving a certain migit clown and a specific red balloon. It was indeed an adventure. We got pulled over on the way back, harrassed, and searched for nothing. Matt made an incredible decision and claimed the only thing in the car that could've set up back. He got a ticket but we made it out of there.

Work, Work, Work...

Last Friday I was crazy. Matt, Donny, and I went to Memphis for a super adventure that devoloped out of my determination for the death of Leia's father. I'm gonna get him sweetie. Leia was supposed to come but she was unreachable. We met Dimebag Dero's dead uncle or some shit. I gave him some coke and he had a flat. Blury........We made it to Bartlet and kicked it at Chad's house. We cheered up his friend Wes by getting shitty and doing obsene things with puke and shaving creame. We also had a pretty awesome jam session. Tward the end of the evening Chad, Matt, and I went on a little drunkin scavenger hunt, except I was the only one playing. Tearing through the yards of Bartlet's most prestiegoius homes at the country club. I broke a bunch of shit, came home with a shit load of souvineers, bumbs, and bruses, and chewed an American flag off the pole. It was one of the best nights of my life. I really wanted to come back for the ritual but funds and DB weren't permitting. Sorry Chad, maby next time, defentently next time.

The next night was equally eventfull. Matt and I got shitty again and went to Mike Dunlaps party where some people were freestyling. All I know is that I was naked and drunk. Apparently I kept putting my penis on random people, mostly Brian. Some old guy with a flute gave Matt and I some acid in pecans and it was fun. I puked so many places and ended up so many others. I superman flew off of a roof, with my american flag cape (the half chewed symbol of American Fuckbag Pride) firmly attached to me in the fassion of a cape. Yummy!

The next night Matt and I just got plain fucked up. Lots of substances have traded hands in the last ... and it's been good. I'm gonna do something nuts tonight so be looking for it in the papers bitches!

I work full-time at Fed-ex now. I like it. I work 2:30am to 8:30am. Cool hours, huh? I love it and everything will work out in the end, right jesus, no fuck jesus and piss in his eye!
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Church isn't for me, I can't seem to get comfortable on those bullshit wood benches...   
04:38pm 16/08/2005
mood: 666
music: BrYan's pussy car music
Man, I havn't updated in a long time. Here is a befuddled list compiled off the top of my head of memories that I have been fourtnate enough to keep...

_got a hotel
_had a lot of parties
_stayed in a hotel for two weeks
_bryan kicked it for _ days
_strung out
_better again
_strung out again
_back home
_chris is strung out
_we're back in the hotel again
_chris is still strung out
_got a elbow
_got 500 sandbars
_bj and Matt got beat up by bo albert and the junkyard gang
_make note to kill bo

*I tripped mushrooms hard a few weeks ago and it was amazing. The guy that I got them from said that if I ate the whole bag I could have them. I did it! I tripped for a good 27hrs and Chris was dragging me around to peoples houses, letting me do other drugs, and I was staying awake through it all. The halluc. were vivid and I couldn't comprehend anything at all. I saw colors in the sky and on peoples pants and shit. At one spic. black guys house I tripped about his windows attacking me, and everywhere we went the trees were after me and we somehow kept finding these magic tunnels, uhhh! Needless to say, after much fun, I was ready for it to stop*

(Back to the last recent memory I can conjure)

Friday I got off work, met up with Jarod and The Hott Drunk Chick (aka thdc) and we headed out to Bryant all to see Leia. I got a bunch of bud from T cause a deal went bad on the salt. Thdc hit someone's car in the parking lot and flatened her tire and then we left. We had a super obvoius hit and run. We went to the parking garage behind the place and went to the third floor to fix the flat while watching to police question everyone. T brought us a jack...

I got fucked up on the way to the Hotel in Bryant, maby that's why we ended up in Benton. All I know is that I kicked it with some Mexicans and they were great. They kept giving me beer and screaming the word "bitches"! Everyone left us and Leia left me with the hott drunk chick, yeah I'm a good guy....
The next morning I got drunk at first wake and drove us back. Then I passed out until Chris and Jarod showed up. Those cocksuckers ended up going to Memphis while I was on the roof of a shity hotel, 45 min awat from anyone I knew except Leia, who went home, hmmmmm, oh well. I got drunk when I left with Jarod and Chris and we just rode around, made some stops here and there...ect...came back home and passed out after going with Brian somwhere...I don't know, I was drunk.

Sunday Chris and I rode around and made some bank in different areas and just got fucked up, and I saw mike.

Yesterday I worked...got off work....went riding with chris and got so fucked up on oc's, coke, and bud that I thought I was aonna die! I got home late and couldn't go to sleep...go figure...so mom gave me some ambien and some risperdaul. It was a good combo along with some green. It ended in a bit of halluc. and mom telling me to go to bed or die. Guy came over at some point, got some vegies, and played me a few lullabyes, I know I can't spell...

Today was crazy. I got off work eairly, went to court and worked all that shit out, didn't get to see Leia, came back and kicked it with Bryan. We got fryed, ate some food and reported to our friendly neighborhood library where we currently reside. We met Kourtney for a drop off and BrYan is tripping DXM in the book place and seeing little grimlin kids bouncing about...haha! Tommorrow I get to kick it with Steve and have a bit of fun. This weekend I'm gonna get to kick it with Chase and Donny agian kinda like old times. We're plannin to go to this wierd country jamberee thing. I work with the guitarist...I GOT A JOB...fuck I forgot, I am a proud employee of the Dillard's Distribution Center. I get fucked up, pretend like i'm an umpalumpa in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, and wonder around aimlessly all day, whooo. Anyways, we're going to see Sailor God Charles play in his band and then maby a little Magic Springs.

I think the $ situation is gonna work out with some help from the old trust fund but I've been hearing Nikki's talking shit but not to my face. I really sould be an ass and futher taunt them but i'm not, I got a big suprise set up and it'll be unleashed when she gets too bad. We gotta get out of this fucking library, it's too crazy................star log 78469821 end.
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04:48pm 20/07/2005
mood: suicidel
music: Sham 69 - The Kids
After an excruciating 7 days of madness I finally got sleep. I miss Leia a lot. I also miss all my old friends. I don't really have anyone to talk to except Leia, who is ususlly busy and all my old friends have new lives. Life sucks, so why do we even tolerate it? I dyed my hair last night and it looks crazy. I'm so alone and it's not even cool. Drugs or the gym are my only way out right now, maby both at the same time...I'll look into that. This existance is pointless. I've gotta go to a show. I'm even resorting to going to church, uhhhhh, with Leia for answers, I'm just not telling her that's why I'm going. I need something or someone to give me answers cause my whole world has changed and I can't deal with it. It's either a miricle or a marter...
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Zombie Or Visionary?   
10:29am 18/07/2005
mood: awake
music: Blood And Gold-The Vampire Chronicals-Ann Rice-MP3
I havn't slept in 5 days. I'm the only one left in the game, everyone else is eliminated, haha! I'm seeing major chasers, bright colors, minor dilusions, slight hallucinations, man it's great. Chris passed out about 6 hours ago and he's suppsosed to be getting up for work right now. If I weren't CRAZY I'd try to wake him, but I'd do more damage than good. My teeth hurt, uhhhh! Someone kill me NOW!
I'm an eskimo...   
12:04pm 17/07/2005
mood: aggravated
music: The God Awfuls-Disconnected Youth
Man, the last 4 days have been a blur. It's like all that time was compressed into one day. I havn't slept much.

One night Brian came over and we got shit faced.

Another night alot of people came to my house and that was about the 3rd day of the spun-out appoclypse.

Blah Blah Blah+++

Got spun with Matt, havn't slept since...

Kicked it hard last night and Brian was hallucinating off of ambien. I was so fucked up it was unbareable.

Goooble Gooble Gooble

My jaw hurts

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05:30pm 12/07/2005
mood: what do you think?
music: The Simpson's Theme Song
I slept last night but the three days prior to last night were sleepless and restless. I've been UP! Yep, and it sucks but it happend so I'm dealing with it. I passed out eairly last night due to obvious reasons and I even let some guy stay at my house that I didn't really know. He came over and I was so tired and he was beating around the bush, trying to ask me if he could stay, so I just told him to pass out whereever he wanted and rolled back over. He did exactly that. When mom woke me up at 8 this morning he was snuggled up on Abby's pillow(my dog). It was goofy. I told his to get up and go to my bead and I left. When I got to Kirsten's house to wait on the air guy for her I fell out. When the guy got there I let him in and fell out again. He woke me up and told me he was done. I thanked him and fell out once again. I finally woke the fuck up and came home. That Chris guy was gone and mom was late for work, oh well. I'm going back to bed now, it makes me feel better.
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What's up?   
08:24pm 09/07/2005
mood: crappy
music: 36 Mafia-Sippin On Some Sizyrupp
I havn't heard from anyone in a while. I'm stuck in a bunch of shit and it's looking really deep but I hope everyone else is having better luck than I. After the wreck the other night the only people who asked Leia and I if were ok was Chris and Matt, everyone else was either pissed off or just worried about themselves. Fuck you other bitches. I hate this shit.
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Mucho Drama   
08:46pm 02/07/2005
mood: crazy
music: The Defects-Killer On The Streets
First order of buisness, to the journal nazi, please don't comment rude things on my journal unless you're not afraid to post with a name or some kind of indentification. I'm not one to double check my spelling just to apease an anyonmous asshole, oops there's an spelling error, better bitch about it. So Mr. or Mrs. Dicksucker, come lick me anus and tickle me nutsack, ok. Second, last night was a nightmare, but it was very interesting. DB and I went to the Phillipine's house and attempted to start and finish off a half gallon of the battery acid, yes that's alcohol, you goofy buttpulg bitch. We succeded and were wasited. I got that Michael kid drunk and got to see Sheena and T.J. again, it was awesome. Then my mistake was made. I decided to help a friend out and go to the rock and make a deal for them. I got a lick put on me and i'm not gonna go into details but I really got one put to me. Now I'm 200$ in the hole and it sucks. I walked home from the Phillipine's house (about 6 miles from my house) in shame and if it weren't for Leia I might have done something stupid, thanks baby. You stayed on the phone with me 90 % of the way home and I'll never forget it. I got home at 4:30am and had to be at work at 7. I went for once, who would've thought? It was a hard day but now it's over and I got paid, set by debt cash aside and now I'm broke again, woooo whooooo! Brian's coming over tonight to get his hair cut and Leia might come out but it's not for sure, allthought I wish it were. Later everybody and Mel, feel better.
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