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[12 Jun 2004|09:44pm]

Sum41 is Infected Love.
Made by xladyxragex

New Found Glory is Collision Love.
Made by xladyxragex

KoRn is Love Right Now.
Made by xladyxragex

Greenday is Hot green Love.
Made by xladyxragex

just some colour bars...wat can i say im bored
fuck my world

[03 Jun 2004|10:23pm]
just some colour bars i found that are cool.....

The Transplants are Tough Love.
Made by xladyxragex

Yellowcard, you know you love them.
Made by xladyxragex

Mest up Love.
Made by xladyxragex

Tom is Crazy yummy Sex.
Made by xladyxragex

Blink 182 is Obsession.
Made by xladyxragex

Mark Hoppus is Sexy.
Made by xladyxragex

Travis is in your Dreams.
Made by xladyxragex

Billy Martin is sex and Love.
Made by xladyxragex

Benji Madden is GC Love.
Made by xladyxragex

Taking Back Sunday is the Love.
Made by xladyxragex

Made by xladyxragex

arent they cool!!!!! :)
fuck my world

[03 Jun 2004|10:12pm]
You are Stay Together For The Kids.

Which Blink 182 Video are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

yay i love that song
fuck my world

[03 Jun 2004|09:16pm]
"Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't"

I am heaven sent
Don't you dare forget
I am all you've ever wanted
What all the other boys all promised
Sorry I told
I just needed you to know
I think in decimals and dollars
I am the cause to all your problems
Shelter from cold
We are never alone
Coordinate brain and mouth
Then ask me what it's like to have myself so figured out
I wish I knew
I hope this song starts a craze.
The kind of song that ignites the airwaves
The kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are
with whoever they're there with
This is war
Every line is about who I don't wanna write about anymore.
I hope you come down with something
they can't diagnose, don't have the cure for
Holding on to your grudge
Oh it's so hard to have someone to love
And keeping quiet is hard
Cause you can't keep a secret
if it never was a secret to start
(at least pretend you didn't want to get caught)
We're consentrated on falling apart
We were contenders, now throwing the fights
I just want to believe...I just want to believe..I just want to believe.. in us
Oh, we're so controversial
We are [I am] entirely smooth
We admit to the truth
We are [I am] the best at what we do
And these are the words you wish you wrote down
This is the way you wish your voice sounds Handsome and smart
Ooh, my tongue's the only muscle on my body
that works harder than my heart
And it's all from watching t.v.
And from speeding up my breathing
Would'nt stop if I could
Oh, it hurts to be this good
You're holding on to your grudge
Oh, it hurts to always have to be honest with the one that you love
Oh, so let it go
This is the grace only we can bestow
This is the price you pay for loss of control
This is the break in the bend
This is the closest of calls
This is the reason you're alone
This is the rise and fall

such a cool song....
fuck my world

there are no useful drugs to exscape from feeling numb. [31 May 2004|05:48pm]
[ music | cat like thief - boxcar racer ]

Funeral For A Friend
Emo! You're very in touch with your emotions and
that's what I like about you! It's all about
the music for you... I have pity for your
tortured're just like me...

What genre of rock are you?
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you know wat movie i love
if i had a nickle for eveytime this got me outta have a shit load of nickles.
hahah best movie ever. brings me good memories thinking of it.

1 worlds fucked| fuck my world

excuse me while i fall apart [25 May 2004|09:09pm]
people make me laugh.......they are so easy to fool
fuck my world

[17 May 2004|10:01pm]
I'm sorry that I can't look at you and smile like everything's ok.
I'm sorry that I make you angry
I'm sorry that you get frustrated with me
I'm sorry that I can't forget about you
I'm sorry that you're in my thoughts always
I'm sorry that you mean everything to me
I'm sorry that you have to deal with my shit everyday
I'm sorry that I'm not good enough
I'm sorry that I can't change who I am
I'm sorry that I make you feel sad
I'm sorry that I always turn to you
I'm sorry that I make you feel obligated to help me
I'm sorry for everything I've said
I'm sorry that you hate me
I'm sorry I don't always do the right thing
I'm sorry that I don't have the strength to put it all behind me
I'm sorry I can't take away all your pain
I'm sorry for being me
But most of all I'm sorry
For loving you.......
fuck my world

i wish i could collect all my tears so i could fucking drown you in them... [17 May 2004|08:39pm]
dear you
i hatelove you so much.....and it hurts like hell.
from love always me.
fuck my world

[17 May 2004|05:13pm]
best freinds means i pull the freinds means you get what you deserve
fuck my world

[17 May 2004|05:11pm]
best freinds means i pull the freinds means you get what you deserve
fuck my world

waiting here with hopes the fone would ring and im thinking awful things pretty sure that few would notice [17 May 2004|04:19pm]
alone.....thats all i am
fuck my world

[16 May 2004|08:36pm]
i need to be loved so much. and you just cant see that.
fuck my world

broken heart again today...the flowers that i gave to you have withered all away. [16 May 2004|08:10pm]
no one understands.
they dont understand that looking on the "bright side of life" doesnt work. and then they get angry at me coz i tell them that they dont understand and its not that easy.
i hate people so much
dont take that as anything personal. i just hate them coz they all need to fucking get over themselves and realise that things will never be ok.
fuck my world

[12 May 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | fucked ]
[ music | come as you are - Nirvana ]

dont ya just hate it when things are so fucked....... i do. im over people fucking saying shit about me. and i hate it when your best friends turn their back on you and fucking act as if its all ok. and yeah
Dear You
so were buddies again huh? well i spose thats good but i dont think you realise how much you hurt me........i love you so much and you just cant see it.

Rock on

3 worlds fucked| fuck my world

[09 May 2004|12:22pm]

i really hope that not sure if it will where do i start
things are really fucked. i hate everyone right now coz all they do is fucking hurt me and they dont even care. so ive decided that from now on its just me. i aint letting no1 else in. so yeah thats about it so seeya
Rock on
1 worlds fucked| fuck my world

[03 May 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | sudden death in carolina - Brand New ]

well......looks like its just me. as always.
ive given up reliying on other never works. my advice. stay with urserlf dont let anyone in they just hurt you.

Dear You
you know i want you to talk to me. but no ur to fucking cool for that.....i hate you

people are fucked. i hate you all

2 worlds fucked| fuck my world

[02 May 2004|04:57pm]

ok maybe it will work this time
fuck my world

[02 May 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Go - blink 182 ]

that thing is cool lol. ummmm....i did jack crap today slept till like 1 and then got up had a shower and watched movies pretty much and yeah not im bored :)
Rock on

fuck my world

*129 to go* [01 May 2004|04:21pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | wasting my time - mest ]

yes ive got my countdown going. ummm well my freind found out that a hooked up with lloyd and got really shitty coz i didnt tell her and yeah but were freinds now but i know that its all my fault and i know ive fucked everything up. and i can deal with it. ive got a new journal at LJ its "Dookie_182" but emma dont take any she reckons its too secretive but its not. and yeah ummm i bet shes got one whrere she bitches about me. ummm im sad. coz all this shit is fucking pathetic but im not strong enough to do anything about it and yeah now im being called pathetic by my best freinds. even i know its true it fucking hurts.
we start netball next week,. which is cool and yeah we all bought matching mens singlets that are so massive haha were such losers. lol
and yeah thats it im off cya later,....
Rock on
oh even though i got a new journal i update both of them regalarly lol

fuck my world

~!*132*!~ sleeps to go!!!!!!! [28 Apr 2004|08:29pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | fox - millencolin ]

I am not: a toy
I hurt: more than you think
I love: people who i shouldnt
I hate: stereostypes
I fear: being hurt
I hope: for happiness
I regret: too much
I care: about people who dont care about me
I always: fuck up
I long: to be happy
I feel alone: all the time
I listen: to real music
I hide: my pain
I drive: my depression
I sing: sad songs
I dance: never
I write: songs and poems..
I play: guitar and piano
I miss: my old life
I cry: when i hurt
I learn: that people are fucked
I feel: alone
I know: im alone
I say: life a bitch...
I fail: at everything.......or so it seems
I dream: about death and blood and knives
I wonder: how i got so fucked up
I want: things i cant have
I worry: too much
I wish: life was easy
I fight: for freedom
I need: music
I am: dont judge me

um ok well......apparently me and this person are like realy resally close.....well thats what they keep telling me.....but then they dont even talk to me its like just really fucked up i hate it. school was pretty good except for that ummmm.... it was good to see every1 again but its like fucking 1st day back and every1 is fighting...FUCKIN OATH
oh and me and mitch are freinds now he was being really nice. the thing that pisses me off about him is hes only ur freind when he wants to be but oh well. were having band practise on friday arvo! so excited. ummm and James O is working on saturday and me and emma are gonna go perv on him lol. hes so spunky. :) ummmmm and sam munro spoke to me today it was werid he goes "hey eliza how you going" and b4 i could answer he goes "you going good?" and im like yeah im going good and he goes "thats good" trippy...too many goods in that convo for me lol. and yeah well things are cool sort of still fucked up but what are ya gonna do.........
Rock on

3 worlds fucked| fuck my world

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