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Sunday, January 25th, 2004

Subject:this thing
Time:12:45 pm.
Mood: flirty.
[x] Part 1 -- The Basics [x]

What's your name? ::: Jasmine
Birthplace ::: California
Age ::: 15
Age you act ::: ether 6 or 60
Current location ::: CA
Eye color ::: Hazel
Hair color ::: strawberryish blonde
Right, lefty or Bothy? ::: ambidextrous
Zodiac sign? ::: capricorn
Height? ::: 5'6

[x] Part 2 -- Describe... [x]

Your heritage/nationality ::: polish, german, scottish, russion, and a hole bunch of other stuff
Your hair ::: purty long.. very strait strawberryish blonde hippie hair
Your fears ::: body bags
Your perfect room ::: wtf?
What you practically do in a day ::: wake up at 12:30 pm eat lunch, paint, maybe jump on the trampoline play my geetar, eat dinner stay up till 4:oo am doing nothing

[x] Part 3 -- What is/are... [x]

Words you overuse ::: M'kay
Phrases you overuse ::: I-AM-A-LITTLE-PIGGY
Your first thought when you wake up ::: must kill.. whoever has disturbed my peace
Your greatest accomplishment ::: directed a sucsesful show (by myself meening no grownups) 3 years in a row
Something you want to do ::: eat marshmellows

[x] Part 4 -- This or that [x]

Pepsi or Coke ::: Coke all the way and NO diet crap
McDonald's or Burger Kings ::: hmmm.. their both pretty nasty .. undecided
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera ::: barbie
Chocolate or vanilla ::: vanilla
Adidas or Nike ::: i dont know or care
Black or white ::: black
Bills or Coins ((Think $$$)) ::: Paper!!!
Burgers or hot dogs ::: Weener
Egypt or France ::: hmm france.. maybe
Rock or rap :::Rock on \m/>_<\m/

[x] Part 5 -- Do you...[x]

Smoke ::: nagative
Cuss ::: affirmative
Sing well ::: im not maria carey.. but i can sing in tune and stuff
Sing in the shower ::: affirmative
Talk to yourself --a lot-- ::: affirmative
Believe in yourself ::: what?
Like taking these longass surveys? ::: yeah.. i guess i sort of do..
Play an instrument ::: Yup, Guitar, Bass, and Drums
Want to go to college? ::: maybe
Want to get married? ::: yah
Want to have children? ::: adopt
Think you're a health freak? ::: opposite
Get along with your parents ::: not really
Get along with your siblings? ::: hell no
Think you're popular ::: in a odd way

[x] Part 6 -- have you..[x]

Gone out of state ::: nagative
Drank alchohal ::: affirmative
Smoke ::: nope
Get high ::: nope
Done any drugs ::: nope
Eaten an entire box of oreos ::: yes
Been on stage ::: yes.. many times..
Gone skinny dipping ::: im not allowed to say
Been dumped ::: no
Dyed your hair ::: yah a looooong time ago
Stolen anything ::: nope

[x] Part 7 -- Your friends! =D [x]

Craziest ::: Emily
Loudest ::: Peter
Most shy ::: Tyler
Blondest ::: Peter
Smartest ::: David
Kindest ::: Beth
Best personality ::: Beth
Most talented ::: ... ... ... ... ... wow how sad... i cant think of anyone
Best singer ::: Lauren
Pain in the ass ::: Peter
The one you just want to strangle to death ((Homer Simpson style))::: Peter
Funniest ::: Tyler
Best person for advice ::: i never ask for advice?..?
Dependable ::: Beth
Trustworthy ::: Beth
Druggie ::: Peter lol
Most likely to end up in jail ::: Peter
Person you've known the longest ::: Annie! (since i was 3)

[x] Part 8 -- The Last... [x]

Last dream ::: i forget
Last nightmare ::: dont know
Car ride ::: today.. i went to cosco with my mom
Last time you cried ::: when i was 2
Last movie seen ::: in theaters? umm.. oh yeah "Chasing Liberty" it was actualy kind of good
Last movies rented ::: Freaky Friday
Last book read ::: Dracula
Last word said ::: piggy
Last curse word said ::: poopoo
Last time you laugh ::: Josh came over it was weird and funny..
Last phone call ::: Beth!
Last CD played ::: Green Day "1'039 smoothed out slappy hours"
Last song you listened to ::: at the libary (green day)
Last annoyance ::: Josh
Last IM ::: Annie
Last weird encounter ::: Today then umm theres this guy.. and he kept confusing me cuz i thoght he kept changing his clothes.. like every 5 minutes but then today i saw 2 of him standing there lol i didn't know they were twins
Last person you hugged ::: Beth
Last person you yelled at ::: Kat
Last time you wore a skirt ::: Christmas
Last time you've been evil ::: today.. at church.. >:)
Sarcastic? ::: every 2 seconds..
Last time you fought with your parents ::: 3 weeks ago..
Last time you wished upon a star ::: when i was 5
Played Truth or Dare ::: not to long ago
Spent quality time alone ::: right now

[x] Part 9 -- I swear this is the last one! -- Randomness [x]

Are you talking to someone on AIM ::: no
Do you feel lonely ::: yes
Ever TP'd someone's house ::: yeah haha
How about egging someone's house ::: im saving it for my weirdo basterd nabors
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine? ::: fuck no
Yo Momma ::: YO MOMMA!!!!!
Ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the person next to you? ::: actualy yes
What do you think of George Bush? ::: ::throws dart at his picture::
How many languages do you speak? ::: 1
Damn.. are your fingers tired? Cause mine sure are! ::: no not really
Glad this is over? ((Say yes and I'll stalk you XP)) ::: ah! your tryin to kill me! arn't you!? ARN'T YOU!?
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Sunday, January 18th, 2004

Time:9:07 am.
Mood: calm.
I went to church for like the first time in like 5 weeks.. im not in the band anymore.. because.. umm.. it sucks and i dont have a guitar anymore anyway, cuz my bitchy ass father took it away cuz "its all i ever do" (it was his.. but i've been "barrowing it" for like 2 years) I need my own anyways thogh so im getting one very soon (birthday money) ... Oh! so yeah i went to church and umm.. okay so first hour me and Emily watched vegi tales cuz Peter was setting up the stuff lol and then umm at youth group i saw Jon and i was like Hello! and he like ignored me so i was like right... but then later i noticed he was wearing headphones lol! but still hes getting stranger and stranger.. I seriously tryed to like him but he gets on my nervs!!! and if i say anything bad about him everyones like "oh my gosh your so meen!!!!" and umm i barely say anything! geez! its just because hes all "emo" and shit and has never actualy done anything bad to me, except annoy the hell out of me soo yeah.. And! Kat was extremly cold towards me, i dont know what thats about.. i guess cuz i quit the band maybe? or cuz i dont love Jon? who knows she freaks out to much.. i fuckin hate drama ,its like cant everyone just be happy and stay out of other peoples buisness??! m'kay everything dosn't have to be a friggin scandle!! megoodness Beth was sort of preoccupied by Jesse today.. (he normaly dosn't go to church) I didn't really care thogh whatever.. so i hung out with Kyle and Tyler their cool. Tyler like broke my cell phone thogh, lol it was already broken but i sort of fix it and then he threw it at me and it fell apart again oh well. haha .. OOooOoooOooOOh after Church Meh and Mary and Sarah saw "Chasing Liberty" (it was actualy kind of good lol) and umm oh! we were waiting to cross the street and this pick-up truck off Mexican Workers were leaning out the window like singing or somthing so i was like "alright then" and Marys like "their talking to us" so im like "ME NO SPEAK CHINESE!!" and when they were driving away i could hear them and they were like "hey baby" yuck. i friggin hate when people do that, its so rude and retarded. It makes me want to like chop off their willys and maybe one of their legs.. i dunno i just hate it.. Like i dont mind flirting and stuff but come-on! "ooH hey baby" when im on the sidewalk? ooh hey i might be your wife some day , paleez Besides they were like 30 eww! thogh not that i have anything against 30 *cough*Billie Joe*cough* year olds.. lol... I should be going to youth group on thursday.. everyone is nagging me to go.. but it sucks cuz its small groups and im not with Beth or Emily and the groups seperate the boys and girls so im not with Tyler or Kyle or Peter or David lol im With AmY! and SaRaH! and heather.. blah oh well its okay and half the time everyones together so its cool. well im gonna go do somthing els now..
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Friday, January 16th, 2004

Subject:happy birthday to me
Time:8:31 am.
Mood: flirty.
Music:im watching freaky friday again lol!.
My Birthday was yesturday.. im 15 now woohoo! yah.. umm.. I woke up at 8:00am went down stairs to take a shower.. took a shower, passed out, watched freaky friday (best movie ever! haha), and then i went to my Grandmas house and she gave me $150 YAY! then i went to Long Life Vegi house (chinese restraunt in berkley) and guitar shopping (i didn't get one yet) and i had Pizza for dinner and cream puffs instead of cake!!! so yeah.. my birthday was OK. Everyone gave me money! i have like $400!!! so maybe tomarow i will buy my guitar, i have to get it by thursday! yippY! i cant wait i want it sooooo bad!!!!

Today i umm didn't do anything really.. i went to food for less and got some love bus (hippie haha) sobe chocolate milk (its really good!), and life savers (rainbow), and a lighter (mostly cuz i wanted to see if they would sell it to me, cuz i couldn't go to like any stores yesturday cuz they had smoking tools and you cant be under 18 and blabla bla bla bla.. STUPID) but yeah.. i dont smoke... Im really bored! i want a boy friend!! but i hate everyone i know sooo umm i need to meet new people, i hate John now i cant belive i ever liked him.. oh well i think he actualy likes me now.. perfect timing eh?, i dunno... once i got to know him i couldn't stand him!! hes such a umm i dont know i hate him now.
On Tuesday me and Beth were at Target and we were stalking this guy.. and he was really HOTT.. and he looked like he was about 16/17 maybe.. so we were in the CD isle and he was looking at a afi CD (Beths Faverate) o she was like "thats a good CD" and hes like "i know" *30 second silence* Me: "How do you know if its good if you havn't gotten it yet? the guy: "My WIFE downloaded a bunch of the songs" *akward silence* Me "hahahahaha" the guy: "what?" Me: "um oh uh nice meeting you.. " and we ran away lol! that was funny and then we saw him (and his wife lol) at taco bell and we were trying to hide and Beths brother was like right... i think he saw us thogh haha i dont care its not like we're gonna see him again (i hope) haha well i think i'll go call someone.. cuz NO one is online >:(
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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

Subject:geezus cheezus
Time:5:10 am.
Mood: enraged.
Music:My Brother is Blasting Sum41 AHHhh Too Loud!.
WoO! its my Birthday tomarow! .. This is my new Blurty, i made a secret yahoo e-mail address and stuff so my asshole sister cant find it. i hate her soooooo Much shes so nosey and pointy and evil and bitchy.. well my mom keeps coming in trying to read this sooo i'll write later..
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