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[09 01 04||09:29pm]
I need sanity.
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[16 10 03||09:38pm]
cool-kid-joe; if ur voice had cheeks i'd pinch them

aww. that made my day. that and getting a hug from kyle and kevinkevin. people were nice today.

thanks guys, today was worth while.
we don't want what isn't ours

[07 09 03||02:43pm]
blurty can go to hell.
we don't want what isn't ours

[15 06 03||07:37pm]

join it and claim, bitches.
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[12 06 03||06:24pm]
You lived in that old wooden cabin six miles from my house, and every afternoon, you'd come to visit me, and we'd ride on the horses to our favorite spot in the woods.

But something made that one day special. You were wearing a cowboy hat, knowing it would make me smile. You greeted me with a hug before we climbed up onto our horses. We trotted alongside each other, I could feel you looking at me every couple minutes, almost as if you were checking up on me. The sun was slightly peeking in through the dense trees and you smiled at me. "I feel infinite," you quoted from my favorite book. Once we arrived, we climbed up into the tree and sat side by side on a limb, you put your arm around me, rested your head against mine as we watched the sun begin to sink into the ground. The sun had finally gone down, and we climbed from our spots. You hugged me as we walked to a clearing. We laid and watched the stars twinkle. You were laying on your side facing me and you kissed my cheek, whispered how much you loved me. We sat and cuddled for hours, just staring at the stars silently. You got up, helped me to my feet and we rode off into the night. Back to my house, where we stood at my door, you kissed me and we hugged. You got back on your horse and rode into midnight.

That night, that night I swear was the beginning of my life.
we don't want what isn't ours

[07 05 03||07:48am]
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[28 03 03||03:33am]

what sexy, sexy, something corporate song are you?
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my images suck.. 'cause i made them... bwahah.. but.. EVERYBODY TAKE MY QUIZ. that thing took me forever to make.
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she never got there, they say.. [16 02 03||03:52am]
[ mood | complacent
[ music | the kkk took my baby away : the ramones

friends only. i'm not taking any chances in any of my friends getting hurt because of things i say when i'm mad. so..

¤ please, please, please comment
¤ don't criticize me for things i say

just.. comment and tell me your adding me, and i'll add you back as soon as i can

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