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Saturday, March 21st, 2009

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    Computers and Daily Life
    We cannot Unbind Computers from the people in the modern world. It's combined with all the activities of people in their daily life .We can categorize the usage of computer into two types

    They are

    All the programming, Data storage, Internet and all the official works comes under Business Rest of all the activities like Chatting, browsing, Listening to music and watching video's and gaming Etc comes under Entertainment. Now a days There are "n" number of computer manufacturers available in the market .They are delivering new technologies in their products to get more market .everyday they are trying to deliver new features in their product to their customers. It shrunk the world- “yes we can access through computer any thing in the world, for example long back to access your bank account you need to go to bank and you have to wait for a long while to do your work ,but now most of the banks giving opportunity to access their account through net banking we cab use this feature via internet .Overall this we can conclude people can't live without computers.

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