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    Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
    5:00 am
    One last survey before I pass out.... taken August 14th:

    Time: 1:59pm
    Date: Thursday, August 14, 2003
    Birth date: May 30th, 1986
    Age: 17
    Home town: Stephenville
    What school do you attend: Stephenville High School
    Siblings: umm... Christopher....he'd be 29
    Pets: nopers
    Righty or lefty: righty
    ~~~~~Your Looks~~~~~
    Hair Colour: Dark brown... the ends have some blonde highlights going through them from 2 summers ago. :P

    Height: 5'4''

    Do you wear contacts or glasses: Glasses, but I REALLY want contacts!

    Do you have any piercing?: My ears.
    Do you wear any rings: Nope

    What shoes do you wear: My blue Sketchers

    ~~~~~Just Lately~~~~~
    How are you today? Fine, I'm tired and hungry at the moment
    What pants are you wearing: Shorts and a t-shirt a.k.a. my pj's.

    What shirt are you wearing: A white one from the Finaly! conference I went to last year.

    What does your hair look like at the moment? It's down and kinda messy cause I haven't washed it yet today.

    How is the weather right now: It's nice out and hot. DAMN IT!! Weren't we suppose to have lightning today???!!

    What song are you listening to right now: Nuttin..

    last person you talked to on the phone: My dad. er

    Who are you talking to right now: My stomach.... I'm telling it to shut up, and that I already know it wasnts food. :P

    ~~~~~More About You~~~~~
    What are the last 4digits in your number: 4057

    If you were a crayon what color would you be: Jungle green

    Have you ever almost died: no
    What makes you happy: Shopping and the minions! :D

    Have you ever won any special awards: I got an award for the 3rd best average in grade 10. :S

    Do/Done drugs- Nope, I'm high on life. :)
    What sport do you hate the most- ULTIMATE FRISBE!!!!!! ARGHHH! I can remember when they used to make us play it in gym! UGH!

    How many TV's do you have in your house: 2

    Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No

    Have you ever sprained/broken/fractured a bone or gotten stitches?: I think I had a spranied thumb once..

    Who do you tell your dreams to: No one, I don't tell anybody anything.
    Who is the loudest friend: Jen! o_O
    Who is the quietest friend?: Um... Doris?

    ~~~~~Just A Question~~~~~
    Is cheerleading a sport: Only when it's at the national level like in "Bring It On"

    ~~~~~You and Love~~~~~
    Do you believe in love: Yes

    Boyfriend or Girlfriend: Nope, I don't got a boyfriend, and I don't want a girlfriend! HA! Sorry girls. ;) :P eww

    Do you have a crush: YUP!

    Who is your crush: I ain't telling, but he's beautiful! :)

    Did you send this to your crush?: Nope

    Do you believe in love at first sight: no

    What song do you want played at your wedding: "You Can Do It" by Ice Cube!! HHAHA!

    Are you too shy to ask someone out: Yeah :( I fear rejection.

    Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Pppppfttttt I dunno...

    ~~~~~GIRLS FILL OUT ONLY~~~~~
    Boxers or Briefs: Boxers. Raow!
    Long or short hair: Short - medium for guys.
    Curly or straight: Both, but aslong as it isn't a curly FRO! :|
    Tall or short: Tall, but not huge!
    Six pack or muscular arms: Uhh.... I don't like really muscley guys.
    Good or Bad Boy: Somewhere in between.
    Hat or no hat: Ew .... hats....
    Dimples: You can't go wrong with dimples. :D
    Accent or not: Depends what kind of accent....
    Smart or dumb: Smart.
    What sport should he play: I DON'T CARE!
    Dependent or independent: Independent.
    ~~~~~GUYS fill OUT ONLY~~~~~
    Regular or thong undies:
    Painted nails or not:
    Cute and mysterious or wild and sexy:
    Dressy or casual:
    Curly or Straight hair:
    Dark, light, or cool and crazy eyes:
    Long or short nails:
    Hat or no hat:
    Hair up or down:
    Jewelry or not:
    Tall or short:
    Pants or dress:
    Tan or fair:
    ~~~~~Pick This or That~~~~~
    Lights on/off: Whatever suits the occasion. ;)
    Do you like snow, sun, rain: None of them! I LIKE FOG! haha
    Summer or winter: Summer = unthawed hands. :S
    Chocolate or white milk: both
    CD or tape: CD
    Skiing or boarding: Skiing cause I've never been snowborading
    Day or night: Night cause I'm nocturnal! O.O
    Cake or pie: CHEESECAKE!!
    pearls or diamonds: Diamonds.
    Sunset or sunrise: Sunset.

    ~~~~~~Have You Ever~~~~~
    Loved someone so much it made you cry: No.

    Smoked: Paper. hahaha

    Drank: Only once, really. wo0o0o0 drinking game!! :D

    Broke the law: Nope

    Ran from the cops: no

    Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: nu uh

    Do you want your friends to send this back: yes!

    Who is most likely to respond: Heidi..... Ajitha maybe

    Who do you think will least likely respond: Everybody else.

    What time is it now?: 2:26pm

    4:57 am
    Yet another survey: taken July 29th:


    1. First name: Abergale
    2. Middle Name: Pfft! I have 2 cause I am special! Kathryn and Rae
    3. Last Name: Snookey
    4: Eye Color: Blue/Grey
    5: Hair color: Shit brown
    6. Birthday: um... the day I was born. :P
    ok.. enough of that bullshit..


    7. color: jungle green... yeah jungle, like in my pants. :P hehehe. It's all Fudge's fault, she's responsible for all the 'wildlife' that lives down there *cough*crabs*cough*! J/K!
    8. Holiday: Halloween! Cause I can be my true freakish self.. and steal candy from little kids!! MUAHAHA!
    9. Tv show: Sex with Sue! HAHAHA! j/k
    10. Food: da cookies at school! yummers
    11. Movie: it's still not made *sigh* but.... OUR PORNO! LOL. The new setting is going to be at the primary school playground!! ^-^ OMG! Remember the 'art' that we found there?! LMAO!
    12. Actor/Actress: Ewan McGregor
    13. Beverage: PEPSI!! CAFFINEE!! Not diet pepsi though, I'm not an aspertane junkie like Heidi. :P
    14. Ice Cream: Chocolate Chunky Cheesecake. But I haven't seen it around for awhile. :(


    15. coke or pepsi: see # 13
    16. chocolate or sex: BOTH, at the same time! Me-ow!
    17. cherries or strawberries: StrawBARRY! lol, but I do like straberries the best, cherries are nasty.
    18. ice cream or frozen yogurt: ICE CREAM!
    19. summer or winter: summer, because my hands don't freeze solid! :S
    20. birthday or christmas: Christmas, becuase I usually get depressed around my birthday and whenever I lose a close friend of mine, it's ALWAYS around or because of my birthday! It's weird.
    21. IRC or MSN: MSN! IRC sucks ass!! Don't beat me up.....
    22. 69 or 96: 69 for good times, and 96 for marks. :P
    23.. black fly bite (crusty) or mosquito bite: Mosquito bite cause you can just put afterbite on them to make the itch go but black fly bites bleed all gross and sometimes it gets on your clothes! :S


    24. got busted for something illegal: I've never really been busted..... Me's a good girl! 0:-)
    25. stole: When I was like four and I stole marbles from Zellers. :P
    26. got high: I've never been high, unless you count white out and permanent markers then it would be grade 9... :P
    27. Got drunk: I've yet to be drunk... and it's all cause no one called me to do anything Friday night!!! DAMN YOU'S!!
    28. Drank milk: Yesterday
    29. ate a pineapple: Never, I don't like 'em.
    30. saw beyonce actin like j.lo on tv: This afternoon. :P
    31. ate whipped cream: Last week I think....
    32. sucked a body part on a member of the opposite sex: hehehe... never ;)
    33. swam in the ocean: Um, on the canoe trip, although I never "swam" really.. I was just up to me knees. Jen, on the other hand, chose to dive right in. BAHAHA!
    34. filled out one of these surveys: Um, right now dumbass!! NOTE: anyone who didn't fill out my survey will die!! FILL IT OUT NOW!! please! I don't want to have Jen as my only friend! lol
    35. purchased condoms for 'personal use': heh. NEVA!


    Current Mood: tired
    4:50 am
    A survey I made and filled out July 29th:

    Abi warning: heh, alot of my answers are just going to be bullshit, so take them with a grain of salt, not literally of course.... dumbass. Oh, and some questions you may not understand casue you may not be 'in on the joke'..... ha! Too fucking bad! :P

    About you:

    Full Name: Abigail Kathryn Rae Snook
    Screen Names: Abi-Wan, Prowler, Kiana, etc...
    Parents names: Rae Keating and Isreal Snook
    Place of living: Stephenville, Newfoundland
    Birthday: May 30th
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Age: 17
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Blue/gray
    Shoe Size: hmm... 8, I think
    Height: 5 foot 4
    Weight: 120-125 Lbs
    Best Friend: I can't pick one! All da minions!
    Worst Enemy: err! Ashley Young, Shane... and tons of other people! I have issues with alot of people. :P
    Crush: Like hell I'm telling you! Some people know who it is... *hint* he's in our grade... and he's HOT! That pretty much eliminates... everybody! :P haha. And Jen, do not go telling people that it's them cause I swear to god I'll bust a cap in your ass!!

    Do you....

    Like your name?: Not especially. Abigail has too many annoying nicknames you can make from it, and lets not even start on the whole "Dear Abby" thing! GAH! Oh and then there's my last name "Snook". Gee, can it be more obvious that I'm from Newfoundland??!!!
    Like school?: It's ok, it would be hell without my friends though. *sigh* Having to have 'normal' conversations at luchtime = torture. lol
    Like where you live?: Hell no!! I wanna live in da cape!!! j/k!
    Get along with your family?: Well, my mom is a fucking psyco bitch and my dad is, well, my dad.
    Have glasses?: *sigh* Yeah. I REALLY want contacts!
    Have any pets?: Nope. I killed them all! MUAHAHA!
    Smoke?: Nope.
    Do drugs?: No, unlike 'certain people'. :P
    Drink alcohol?: Not often, and I've never been drunk before. There's some people I can think of who want to change that, but I really just think they want to take advantage of me. BRING IT ON!.... oOPS.. I mean HELL NO! :P ^^:
    Get in fights: Not physical ones, but if someone wants to fight my friends they are going to have to go through me!! Remember Jen, I's your bodyguard! :)
    Sell your body for money?: Heh!! No one could afford me! Not that I want to continue the family bussiness anyways.... :P
    Want to go to university?: Yuppers!
    If so, where?: Halifax I guess, maybe Saint Mary's University. Friends, we so0o0o should get an appartment together! We'll have so much fun ripping each others throats out! :P
    Studying what?: I want to do Astronomy, but there are literally no jobs in that profession, so I may go into Chemistry.


    Band: Linkin Park!!
    Song: I dunno.... I like too many.... :S
    Food: CHICKEN! Mmmmm.... and those tacos on the canoe trip were the fucking bomb! YUM!
    Color: Jungle Green.
    Movie: Moulin Rouge
    Pajamas: My green poka dot ones! I LUBS 'EM!
    Season: Summer!
    Time of day: No time during the day... NIGHT! I'm nocturnal... It's 3:30am at the moment. :P
    Website: Mine! Although I stll haven't bothered to finish it. :P Second Favorite would probably be www.fanfiction.net
    Month: August, cause that's when the fair comes!
    Teacher: Mr. Kendale! Wo0o0o!! He's so sexy with his pot belley and lasered on eyeliner! LMAO! J/K. Mr. Grant's hot though! MRAAO0OW!
    But seriously, my fav teacher is whichever one gives me the highest grade..... so I guess this year it's Mr. Lewis. :P
    Word: SPANKS!
    Drink: PEPSI!
    Class: Chemistry. But Art and English were much more "educational"! ;)

    Random Shit:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Who the fuck cares?!
    Who's most likely to fill this out and send it back to you? Sarah! :P Ha! And probably Jen, Heidi, Ajitha, and Candice.
    What's the biggest fight/argument you've been in?: Hmm.... Well there's the whole 'civil war' that's going on at the moment.
    Who do you admire?: Myself. How can you not admire someone who enjoys burping in public and and can turn even the most innocent comments into something dirty?!
    Just how big is a "shit load"?: alot bigger than a 'mudder load'. :P
    If you're a girl, do you get PMS?: YES! If you ever see me just sitting there, not talking, and looking at people like I'm a serial killer... RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING WORTHLESS LIFE!! I can tell if I'm PMSing cause I actually feel like getting a butcher knife and carving people up. But I'm like that only for a day at most, and then I'm back to my normal 'maiming people with butter knives' self. :P
    Have you ever "shot the drag?": Only by foot. :P
    Ever park in the FCP?: Yeah, when getting groceries...
    Ever go to da zoo?: Twice, but never for the caper dance. Once for the battle of the bands, and then for the safe grad.
    What's the biggest misconception others have of you?: That I'm a stuck up prep. I mean, just because I'm better than everyone, and am the coolest person ever, it does not mean I am stuck up!!! GEEZE!
    What style of clothing do you wear?: I dress mostly preppy, but I go for the cute stuff. If I lived somewhere with a better selection of stores, I'd probably wear a different style everyday: from goth, to skater.
    What is you biggest fear?: Heights!
    Are you religious?: hell no! Back in the day people used to think I worshiped the devil! Grade 5's are so stupid...:P
    What's the grossest thing you've ever eaten?: The baby food I had to eat when we were playing survivor at the Yes Youth Can conference! I ate one spoonfull and I gagged on it and almost barfed!!
    Who's your favorite super hero?: It's still da cockinator!! hehehe.... yup, that's me! :)
    What kind of shampoo do you use?: Thermasilk... makes my hair all shiny!
    Do you often not go out with your friends beacuse you have to shave?: NO! hahaha... Ajitha, you are NEVER gonna live that down... BAHAHAHA!!!
    Do you resemble anyone famous?: I've been told from many independent sources that I look like Christina Ricci when she was in the "Adam's Family". :P Yeah, I guess I do look evil.... >:3
    Are you insane?: THe voices that talk to me at night say that that was not a very nice question to ask me.... Now they are mad...it's not a good idea to make them mad...
    Who's your most insane friend?: I'm my own most insane friend! :) lol.... actually, it would probably be Jen. *shudders*
    Who's your loudest friend?: hehe... Jen and Fudge.
    Are you that fucking stupid?: Yeah
    Do you like the person who sent you this?: Yeah, she's a sexy beast. ;) Oh wait, I made the survey...! eh, my answer still stays the same. :P
    Has this survey made you lose all respect for the person who sent this to you?: Never had any in the first place! :D


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    4:41 am
    A survey: taken July 28th


    * What color are your walls: white
    * What color is your bedspread/sheets: orange and pink. :S
    * What color is your rug: I don't have a rug, but my carpet is grey.
    * Any posters/bulletin boards/designs in your room: Hmm.. Star Wars posters *hangs head in shame* :P , Linkin Park posters, posters of other bands, a bulletin board with a shit load of stuff on it, and glow in the dark stars and angel mobile on my ceiling. At my dad's the theme in my room is KIDS! I got a rainbow bedspread and curtains and care bears, and strawbeery shortcake stuff lying around.
    * Do you have a TV/is it big: Yes/ no, but it's big enough for me.
    * Do you have a phone:I keep a cordless in my room, cause I don't have a phone jack.
    * Do you have your own computer: Yup! I am a lucky hoe!
    * Do you have a desk: Yes, a small one.
    * What are your most treasured things in your room: um... my computer... I dunno...
    * Do you have any fancy lights in your room: I have an fibre optic lamp but it's not up. :P

    01. What is the first thing you do when you wake up: try to convince myself that I have time for more sleep. It usually works, which is why I'm almost always late for everything.
    02. Anything unusual: no
    03. Do you pick out your clothes the night before school: no
    04. Do you try your best to look cute for school: nope

    // SCHOOL //
    Do you have fun at school? Yes, actually. There's never a dull moment with my friends around!
    What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word school? Homework..... and how I don't have it done! *gulp*... oh... wait.... summer...

    // HOME //
    When you come home are you...
    01. Miserable: not usually
    02. Happy: eh
    03. Tired: YES!!
    04. Leave me alone: yeah

    // OTHER //
    01. Do you take walks around your neighborhood: No, I only walk if I'm going somewhere.... I don't walk around aimelessly, unless I'm shooting the drag by foot. LOL
    02. What are some hobbies of yours: drawing, MSN, hanging (with my friends, not like committing suicide. :P), writing, reading, music, blah blah blah..
    03. Do you collect anything: those little tourist pin thingies, lice (j/k!), pop tabs, .... other stuff...
    04. What do you do in your spare time: see # 2
    05. Are you in love, or at least falling: I'm sitting down, I'm not going to be falling unless someone pulls my chair out from under me...

    // NIGHT TIME //
    01. What do you do before you go to bed: Lately I've been reading.
    02. Do you kiss your parents/guardians goodnight, or just say goodnight: I kiss me mom goodnight if she comes in my room to bug me.
    03. What way do you sleep (ex: on your side, tummy, etc.): I usually lie on my side, or stomach when I'm trying to sleep but I've no idea what way I am when I actually fall asleep.
    04. Do you like your life: Yeah, people who complain about how much their lives suck annoy the shit out of me.

    // LASTS//
    Last cigarette: I've never smoked before, except paper in grade 7.... don't ask... Heidi remembers. :P
    Last car ride: about an hour and 45 minutes ago, when my uncle drove me home from babysitting.
    Last good cry: I dunno, I don't cry often.
    Last library book checked out: "Hyperspace" (<-- trippy book!! :S) and "Coles Notes: Julius Ceasar".... shit I need to return these.... I probably owe a shit load of fees! :*(
    Last movie seen: "Blue Crush". I saw it tonight. I LOVED IT!! :)
    Last book read: "The Hobbit". I'm reading it now. Yeah, I know I was supposed to have read it months ago(for school)! LOL
    Last phrase with cuss: Probably something I said to my little cousin Emily. :P
    Last beverage drank: PEPSI!! Mmmm..
    Last food consumed: Cool Ranch Doritos
    Last crush: I ain't saying, but he's B E A U tiful!! :)
    Last phone call: umm....... I dunno...
    Last TV show watched: Canadian Idol
    Last time showered: A while.... I take baths. HAHAHA. I had a bath a few hours ago.
    Last shoes worn: Blue Sketchers.
    Last CD played: My newest burned off one.
    Last downloaded: "Heave Away" by The Fables! LOL I was donloading Newfie tunes this morning!
    Last annoyance: A few minutes ago when I realised I have no pepsi in my house! :(
    Last disappointment: uh..... ?
    Last thing written: The name of a song to download
    Last key used: The one for my house.
    Last word spoken: Probably "bye" :P
    Last sleep: hehehehe.... when I woke up this evening... o_O Shut up! I went to bed at lunchtime!! And I only got 5 hours of sleep!
    Last ice cream eaten: Cotton Candy from Needs, I think.
    Last time amused: Today, I get amused by everything. :P
    Last time wanting to die: Around my birthday, I suppose.
    Last time hugged: Yesterday.
    Last time scolded: Yesterday... everyday... stupid mother..
    Last time resentful: pfftttt..... I dunno..... yesterday? :P
    Last chair sat in: the one I'm sitting in now.
    Last lipstick used: I don't wear lipstick, I use lip gloss.
    Last underwear worn: Black ones, NOT BUTT FLOSS!! ew
    Last shirt worn: My teal one that says "Angel" and has the turtle on it. :)
    Last time dancing?: A long time ago.... I hate dancing.
    Last poster seen: One of my Linkin Park ones.
    Last web page visited: www.yahoo.com :P

    ///Right Now///
    Is there a window in your room? yup
    If so is it open? yes.
    Is there a door in your room? yes
    Is your room clean or messy? MESSY!!!
    Are you listening to anything? A five star commercial, and the sound of me fan running.

    Would you like anything right now? Food. I'm hungry!


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    4:13 am
    I'm the freaking quiz master!! o_O
    HAHAHA!!! Before I go to sleep, I might as well put some of my latest quiz results up. :P Gah! That's pretty much all I have up here!

    Raver Bear
    Raver Bear

    Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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    The ULTIMATE personality test
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    Info Black
    Your Heart is Black

    What Color is Your Heart?
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    Lord of the Rings!

    What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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    You are Rainbow Bright! Colorful, righteous,
    spirited, and kind, you fight to bring color to
    the dull and drap places of the world. You go
    girl (or boy hehe)! You may be little, but you
    have one big, brave heart. :)

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    your asshole.

    What swear word are you?
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    Soroity Slut
    You're Soroity Slut Barbie! You're easy and you're
    really cheesy! Have fun with the entire
    football team.

    If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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    4:03 am
    Long time no see...
    Hmmm..... it seems I have neglected this journal. Now I suppose is as good a time as any to change that. :P

    What have I been doing lately? Working on my website of course!! (http://silent_prowler.tripod.com) (<<< go see!!!!!) All of my friends like it, they say it's fucking hilarious.

    I didn't do much tonight. Me and my friends just walked around town.
    I can't wait for this weekend!!! My friend's boyfriend is most likely having people over to his cabin to drink. We're probably going to be sleeping there!! ^-^ Yay! I can't wait!! There's one problam though....... I was suppose to be going to Gros Morne (a national park) this weekend with my dad. I'm not sure if we are still going, I guess I'll have to clear that up soon. :P

    Oh well. It's late (after 4am o.O;), so I'm off to bed.

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    Current Music: Try Honesty - Billy Talent
    Friday, May 23rd, 2003
    5:49 pm
    Laid-Back Virgin
    You are a LAID-BACK VIRGIN.

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    You're probably a bitch, and i don't think i'd
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    male already.

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