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[18 Oct 2003|09:07pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | until the day i die ]

Wow, haven't updated this in a while.

Anyway.. not much has happened since I updated. Well, actually it has. Last night was another football game.. had fun like usual. Hung out with everyone. It rained. And everyone was huddled under the overpass. Rory gave me his beanie to wear and Briana had his hoodie, but we left so we had to take them to his house. They weren't home .. knocked on the door and it opened, so we set it inside. Nothing better than breaking and entering. Haha.

Today. Disorientation. COMPLETELY ROCKED. Caitlin and I got there at like 3:45 .. (missed Yellowcard.. :[) just in time for MXPX. They were okay. Kind of boring. We stood close to the pit so it was crowded. I think I inhaled more smoke there then I have in my entire life. So after that we went and walked around ... watched the BMX kids for a while - until one guy fell and hurt himself so they stopped. Then .. STORY OF THE YEAR. They were so amazing, seriously. We were pretty close to the side stage, right near the mosh pit. Haha. There were these little kids behind us who were really amusing. Then Phil (hot SOTY guitarist) came over to the side stage where i was like standing right next to and got up on the speakers and played and looked hot. Then he jumped down and was like less than a foot away from me a swear. He leaned over and was playing and his butt was in my face. I do regret not reaching up and slapping it. :-\ Anyway - they were freaking awesome. I kind of got stepped on because we were right next to the mosh pit. Afterwards Phil was standing behind the rail and I shook his hand. Good stuff. :-D

After SOTY we walked around a little while and then went to see LIT. They were really good as well. Not as good as SOTY though. A.jay walked around the arena and had to go up the stairs right next to us to get back on the stage. That was pretty cool. Plus we were standing in front of some hot guys.

After Lit, it was over. :[ We walked over to the van where they were giving away free stuff. Didn't get any though. I did get to scream stuff. Then we left. It was funfunfun though. I got a Story of the Year hoodie and some buttons. Definately worth $10.

my hands are at your throat and i think i hate you.. - soty of course :)


[25 Sep 2003|11:06am]
[ music | faraway - our best kept secret ]

Look, I decided to bring my Blurty back. And public, too. Gaspshockhorror. Oh well, maybe if it gets too personal or something later I'll make it friends only. Add me anyway people. :)

We haven't had school for .. 8 days counting the weekend and we have tomorrow off too. It's kind of great but sucks at the same time, because I'm bored and a week without power wasn't fun kids. But now we (finally!) have power back so it's alright. I miss being social though. :\

I might as well talk about the hurricane a little. There was a lot of damage in my neighborhood.. especially up near Corey's house. There were like 9237982 trees down and me and Logan and Rory rode our bikes up there and were riding all in people's yards and over power lines. Fun stuff. Corey had like 3 trees fall on his house. His brother is a flamer. Anyway.

I have nothing to do. I don't roleplay anymore, (sobsob) so I have nothing to do online anymore. Except talk to people. But everyone is away. That is kind of sad, I have like 30 people on and most of them are away. Kills them all.

PS, Fall Out Boy is filming an MTV You Hear It First segment, so that means all the crazy MTV watching teenies will be introduced to MY band, and if they become the next Good Charlotte I am busting caps because they are mineminemine and I don't like to share! Okay I'm going to go comment Caitlin's journal now bye.


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