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all hail the heartbreaker

[17 Sep 2005|03:43pm]
wow. i forgot i had this.


all hail the heartbreaker

[25 May 2005|05:28pm]
i think what i just said is going over my head.
i'm stealing lines from myself.
and what i said, was never said.
it's just a lyrical lie
made up in my mind

i need help.
my best friend who lives like 1000 miles away.
and i want to send her a mixtape in the mail.
any songs that would work?
please, loves.

all hail the heartbreaker

[14 Mar 2005|07:08pm]
sunday is my best friend's 16th birthday. me and some other kids are putting together and huge scrapbook for her.

i need lots of lyrics. songs. etc.

she's really fun. optimistic. original. independant. artistic.
and we love her very much.

anything would be helpful. and much appreciated.

all hail the heartbreaker

i never thought i'd be this safe again in a million years. [01 Dec 2004|09:07am]
[ music | the spill canvas ]

wow. it's been a long time. and i'm sorry.
i've been so busy, especially recently. i'm stressing out alot.
i think i may need my blurty to vent more again. if i even have enough time and energy for it.

wes is amazing. he's making me something for christmas.
it's taking him alot of time and alot of effort.
he showed melissa, and my mom. and they both said that. and that i would love it.
i need / want / must get him something incredible.
i want him to know how much he means to me.
and im broke.

i'll write more later. i have to much shit to do right now.

5 | all hail the heartbreaker

friends only. [24 Oct 2004|07:19pm]
so i'm going to make my journal friends only. which sucks because i can only have 10 friends. how gayyy. oh well-as i was saying. i'm making it friends only and if your on my friends list and dont comment chances are i'm going to take you off cause its gonna be real limited and stuff. i prolly will delete all my old entries too :( unless theres a way to make all past entries friends only? i dont know. anyways...its just getting to hard to keep up with the trying to keep this secret-ness or whatever.

i just thought id post this incase anyone who reads this isnt on my friends list.
later kids.

4 | all hail the heartbreaker

[20 Sep 2004|08:05pm]
staring at the chaos
twisting blues and greens
his hand slides down a dewy peice of metal
fighting the urge, the tease.
the silvers and the foamy white
churn like his insides.
he listens as the sound strums by
fading like the light.
he kicks his foot out past the edge,
imagining what it's like
to fall and fly and lose control
and break free from the fight
the sky of grey overhead
pushes him a little more
the thunder striking just above
dances like his lure
driving him off hte edge of the end
because he doesnt know what to believe
hed liek to see this water turn red
hes already gone, ready to leave
saying good-byes to the black and white lines
he knows he's had enough
closer to the edge, running out of time
he's afraid to jump...
-me [for slow people like melinda... haha]

6 | all hail the heartbreaker

im trying to take some comfort in written words. [28 Aug 2004|10:38pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | bright eyes ]

okay sorry i havent been updating here or commenting lately.
my computers all weird and its like blocked from my and everybodys journal and wont let me do anything. its all melissas fault because shes a douche. the end. i edited a bunch of old entries to freinds only & ill prolly start saving alot more of them as friends too. wordd.

way too much has happened for me to update it all.

grrr. ill figure out something out so i can post again. <33 sorry kids.

ehh i wrote this the other day. wooot. ;

you ask me "do you like it?"
and i love it. you. this.
but you control me.
you say you wont, but you will.
when you cant help what youre doing,
you cant change what youve done,
and if everything goes just as planned,
we all know you will run.

so i'll defy your laws and you wont know.
i didnt know. i didnt know.
whos the greatest contender?
all is fair in love and war.
but which one will surrender?
every plan has its rift and this ones full of them.
we all know that if i drift its over and i lose him.
i love it ... but i didnt know ...
did i get to close, am i too close?
i wont lose you now, you cant lose me.

our destiny before us we cant walk on.
we cant follow our own paths
cause weve been stuck for too long.
you cant lose me.
i should have known.

2 | all hail the heartbreaker

dear diary, my teen angst bullshit has a body count, i believe its 6 going on 7 now. [08 Aug 2004|12:19am]
[ music | ride the wings of pestilence-from first to last ]

maybe i should make a sign that says "hide things from me." and carry it around with me everywhere i go...i mean i might as well..

it seems to be what everyones doing anyways.
i guess i wont waste the trouble of sign making.

all hail the heartbreaker

im still breaking [06 Aug 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | a faith called chaos ]

stole this from fatally_yoursxx

1. Put your birth month in an entry.
2. Bracket anything that doesn't apply to you
3. Bold the ones that best apply to you.
4. Put all twelve months under a livejournal cut.

Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. [Quiet, shy and humble.] Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but those not show it. [Dislike unnecessary things] Loves making friends but rarely shows it. [Daring and stubborn.] Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

blah )

all hail the heartbreaker

its love -- make it hurt [27 Jul 2004|11:17pm]
[ music | bonus mosh pt. II-tbs ]

you're great at the game of
"pretend it never happened"
id like to try my luck at
"pretend i dont exsist"
this round were playing for keeps.

and ill lose by intention
stay hidden in the darkness
turn your twisted game to a reality
defeated by this sharpness
this round were playing for keeps.

...its rolling off your lips )

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