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15th February 2003

11:18pm: i've got myself a live journal... if you have one add me =)

im... _twohandtouch

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6:05pm: piebald is wonderful... and quite entertaining.
Current Mood: yay

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5:55pm: showssssss!!
today i found out that recover is coming april 21... wow thats awesome im really into them right now... but its on a monday and im not allowed to go to shows on monday so we gotta see. me and kalin realllllllly want to go. i also found out that because of mad caddies new cd they are going on tour! yayayay! but... the farthest they are coming down to florida is orlando.. ::tear tear:: i wont get to see them... aww that sucks. maybe when their next cd comes out lol.
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12:45am: awww!!
awwww i just got a card from brett my love.. awww it was so cuttteee! it was a little animated e-card and the main message was i'd do anything to show how much you mean to me =) aww i love you brett. he sent it earlier but it didnt work... lol the message said "blooop i dont remember what i wrote before so just pretend im saying something really sweet and meaningful- brett " i totally didnt expect this at all hes sooooo sweet i love him sooo much. yayaya!
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14th February 2003

11:56pm: i just cant really beleive fotw has broken up...
yes, tonight was fotw's last show... (my love's band.) i thought they were there greatest ever. but they piss me off a lot. they know i am in absolute love with this one song of theirs.. they dont fucking bother to play it. it upset me. but we hung out with all of the guys most of the time.. and it was mad fun. i'd do it again if i had the chance. it was really a good way to end fotw. they are very abusive but very fun. and i got to see my love and i talked to him a lot. and i got my hug and we might do something tomorrow. yay. i was sort of hoping that he would like maybe ask me to be his valentine... but what was i thinking? he doesn't care nearly as much as i do. i seriously love this kid to death... and i will love him forever no matter him not loving me. but yea

today was valentines day and it was good because the day was really easy and everything but i didnt have a valentine but what the hell? i dont need one. if im in love with someone it doesnt matter. i dont need a guy to make me happy. im just so happy i have him as a best friend.
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10th February 2003

11:32pm: today was... ehh =/
todayy... hmm. i was still out of fooood. no breakfast, and mac n cheese for lunch ickk. but by the time 3rd period swung around and i had finished my science test i had a terrible stomach ache. this continued through lunch. i threw out my mac n cheese. i bought a pepsi... and drank it later. well by the time 7 period came i was starving. ::tear tear:: therefore, i bought a candy bar from the girl sitting next to me. that held me off for another hour.

well i got home.. had some pizza rolls. proabbly like 15 =p but i watched some tv. took a nice relaxing bath, ate dinner, then fought with my parents. my mom refused to take me grocery shopping when food was desperately needed. it ended in me screaming "do your job as a mom for once." ok well this got her to take me. but by that time i was crying because i was so hungry and felt so miserable at school. i told her i didnt want to go now. then my dad was threatening to ground me because i didnt want to go now. (uhhh two minutes ago you were all yelling at me because you didnt want to take me... now im getting yelled at for not wanting to go??)... well went.. and got food. hurray.

tonight... i also broke the news about the hot rod circuit show to my mom. its on a school night, and im not supposed to be going to shows on school nights but what the heck. i tried. it looks very promising. im going yayayyay! my sister is going with because she is an hrc fan.. and because she can drive. our venue is 45 minutes away, and i knew there was no was my parents would drive me out there on a monday night. so i found a hook. ok well.... im just waiting for my love to come online so i cant tak to him... then i will be heading off to bed

catch you later
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9th February 2003

10:49pm: "you really should see my face, for the first time in a long time im happy" -far

=) smiling away. i saw my love last night and had the greatest fun ever at his show. i got hugs. yayay. anddd i talked to him some. i love this kid. i also got to watch steve play my trumpet. he was very good. and i met jason. hes cute.. no one agreess with me =/ but who cares. but brett looked absolutely beautiful with no hat on and he had a beard. i loved it. im smiling. what an amazing night.
Current Mood: ecstatic
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4:48pm: yet another simply for entertainment...
1) Last dream: it was like an fotw show or something
2) Last car ride: from my cousins house.. to my house =)
3) Last kiss: never been kissed ;*
4) Last good cry: heartbroken....
5) Last missing library book: neevevevevr!
6) Last movie seen: how to lose a guy in 10 days
7) Last book read: a seperate peace
8) Last cuss word uttered: shit
9) Last beverage drank: vanilla coke
10) Last food consumed: maccaroni
11) Last crush: matt
12) Last phone call: kalin
13) Last TV show watched: trading spaces
14) Last item bought: i think the far and sparta cds
15) Last time showered: this morning
16) Last shoes worn: my converse
17) Last CD played: blink 182... ehhhh
18) Last downloaded: mad caddies!
19) Last annoyance: qtip.. hahah
20) Last disappointment: i ddint get my 4 cds from my friend.
21) Last soda drank: vanilla coke is the shit!
22) Last thing written: noo idea
23) Last key used: the A key.
24) Last word spoken: "fuck the american boy back in the states"... its a line from brand new..
25) Last trip to the bathroom: like 10 minutes ago
26) Last sleep: last night
27) Last IM: kalin
28) Last sexual fantasy: noo
29) Last orgasm: never
30) Last weird encounter: umm.. peter was being niice...hahahah
31) Last store shopped at: american eagle or something
32) Last ice cream eaten: reeses peices ice cream
33) Last time amused: last night <3
34) Last time wanting to die: about... a couple days ago.
35) Last time in love: i still am
36) Last time hugged: last night... by my love =)
37) Last time scolded: sister... this morning
38) Last time resentful: hm..
39) Last chair sat in: this one
40) Last lipstick used: i dont wear lipstick... maybe lipglossss
41) Last underwear worn: express.. um ok
42) Last shirt worn: piano rock, extra pale, somthing corporate shirt.
44) Last class attended: life management skills.. fun fun
45) Last final taken: final? right... 8th grade language arts..
46) Last time dancing: last night <3
47) Last poster looked at: myyyy blink poster... of course only because of my lover tom <3
48) Last concert attended: LAST night. <3 my loves
49) Last webpage visited: this one
Current Mood: im freakin happy for once...
Current Music: how to start a fire- further seems forever

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4:21pm: ok i really love surveys.... when im really bored
** STATS **
1. Name: lauren
2. Sex: female
3. Age: 14
4. But how old do you act? i act old... i think? cuz like a lot of my friends are like 2 years old then me
5. Tasting: maccaroni
6. Smelling: maccaroni
7. Hearing: blink.... havent listened to them in like a million years... my cds are kidnapped! X(
8. Feeling: ummm nothing? myself. there we go
9. Seeing: my blue's cluse stuffed animal above my moniter
10. Thinking: i cant wait til my cds come home!
11. Wearing: umm roxy shirt... i neever wear this shirt
** RANDOM **
12. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? haryy potter
13. Are you missing anyone right now? not at all. i saw my love last night! <3
14. What do you do when you are reminded of your 'ex'? maybe that would be of some signifagance if i had an ex...
15. What pisses you off more than ANYTHING? posers.. ROAR they make me mad. and im not just posing acting like im cool right now cuz posers piss me off. becasue im one of the most dedicated band fan. i'm absolutely in it for the music.
16. Whats the best crack in the world? im sxe
17. Do you know anyone that smokes, drinks, does drugs, etc. b/c its cool or b/c their friends do it? everyone does it because its cool or because there friends do it. i have no respect for anyone that wastes their life on those things. im sxe
18. Whats your lifelong goal? to be loved in return...and become someone very successful
19. What is the SEXIEST thing in the world? david stephen.... there isnt anyone sexier
20. When is the last time you cried? about what? umm.. i was heartbroken
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3:56pm: im free..but with nothing
i have the house to myself today... sadly, every single one of my cd's are in my sisters car and she is at work on the other side of town. im stuck with the 200 songs i have on my computer...which arent the greatest! roar. i wannnttttt myy cd's so i can blast my music and run around the house dancing to them! XD
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3:07pm: new loookk!
haaa. i lovvvee my journal. its beautiful. its hot rod circuit =) well, a little obsessed? i think not, i just couldnt think of anything else to do it as. but im very satisfied of the way it turned out.
Current Mood: touched
Current Music: power of the vitamins- hot rod circuit

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12:43pm: hmm.. brand new
a lot has gone on this weekend, including my new blurty. ok ok enough about that. well there was an fotw show last loves! they sucked ::tear tear:: the best song they played was what if =). butttt the show was mad funn.. third estate was the shit! friday night...i missed further seems forever because i was not at my house.. =(, but ill live..seen em twice already. butttt!! my loves hot rod circuit are coming in like a week!! i cant wait.. im so there they are like my favorite band ever... well ill keep an update on them. but ill catch you later
Current Mood: lazy
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