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Saturday, May 29th, 2004

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    heros don't do any good with heros in their eyes
    well, the science centre finally phoned me back, 2 weeks late. that place is so behind on everything. it's still a great place though. i guess i'm a little bitter. i didn't get the job. i'm okay with that. i didn't expect it after they didn't phone me back. but the same day i got the rejection phone call i got a phone call saying i got the job with elections canada. i'm very happy about that. they pay well, and i'm sure it will be a good job. nice to have something more permanent. it always works out perfectly, because i have a job right after. good timing... again, lesson to be learned, God is faithful.

    me and seth went to see taking back sunday/the used/blink 182. i wasn't really expecting much, it was "stadium rock". i also haven't really been into concerts much lately. taking back sunday was pretty much crap. another nail in the coffin for a band i used to think was great. the used didn't do much for me. after 2 disappointing concerts, blink played. they were actually quite entertaining. i enjoyed it, and they weren't up to their usually "potty mouth" explicits. a few, but they mostly just rocked the stadium. it was fun.

    well... i think that's it. paul lareau is coming tomorrow. it will be good to see that guy again. that's it for now. surface stuff.

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: the streets - same old thing

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