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WWI....mc flurry [20 Sep 2003|06:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | nothing ]

friday nite:
went to max's
hung out there wit Aly and marissa and max
went to Arielle's to say hi to jess and take brendan
walked with max, brendan,aly and marissa to Mc Donalds!
we had mc flurrys
we talked about food fites
we HAD a food fite
brendan dumped an M&M mcflurry on my head. max dumped his on my face. aly ran inside, marissa couldnt breath!
it was the funniest nite ever.:-D

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school...yea [18 Sep 2003|08:51pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Jason Mraz ( the LIVE cd..nothing beats it) ]

we started school 4 days ago. oh how exciting. we had a game the thursday b4 school, the 1st tuesday during schoool, today, and tomaorw (friday) we one the 1st game and lost the other 2. i'm pissed, we played a 5-1 today (for those of u not farmiluar with the volleyball shit... a 5-1 is having 5 players and 1 setter which was me) it was confusing and we had never practiced that b4 so i was lost. i rolled my ankle while trying to push SOMEONE outta the way to get to my ball. she won...i'm hurt. on thurdsay the visiting JV team (while sitting in the stands) mocked our team and made fun mf me and my other team mates. we played that same team today and they still mocked us. its so immature. w/e
i sent my brother a letter. he;s in college now. :-( so quite around here now...

i have a game tomaorw:
MCP vs Lancaster h.s
J.V. @ 4:00
Varsity (thats me!!!) 5:15
at montclair.
please come and support us. thanks!
# 00 amanda

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[12 Sep 2003|03:58pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Johnny Cash ]

click it and take the "Swear Word" test. its funny
xoxo amanda xoxo
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i hurt myself today...to see if i could feel [12 Sep 2003|03:07pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Johnny Cash ]

Hey yall!
yesterday was my 1st volleyball game! WE KICKED ASS!! :0D!!!! yay!
it was best 3 outta 5 rally scoreing. we lost the first 2 rounds but then we pulled it together and smoked 'em.
tuesday we play St. Geneve at MCP at 4:30. come check us out. (j.v's game is at 3:30)
anyways that was fun then that nite to 'celebrate' lindsay marz and i went to the galleria and saw "American Wedding" it was halarious. (well 1st we got hit on by a bunch of freeky mexicans....AHHH)
then today i had a short practice and we broke into 3 teams. Me, Kirsten, Temma, Zarah, Erica, Maya and ponnie were undefeted (un-d-feet-ted) <>. it was awsome. then we stayed to watch the cheer leaders at or-ree-in-ta-tion for the new kids and i met the 2 hottest guys! ponnie and i are gonna have a little cat fight over 1 of them. :-D he's mine.
i'm leavign in about 1 hour for SLO for the weekend. my last weekend of summer and i have to spend it away from my friends not to mention i'm missing a very important water polo match and football game...GOSH DARNIT!
ok well i'll see/speak to most of you on monday, as for the rest of u.... i wont see u at all and thats probibly for the best :-D
x0x0 amanda x0x0x
#00 rep-ra-sent


John Ritter- (1949-2003)

Johnny Cash- (1932-2003)

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whats that? SIEMEN [09 Sep 2003|06:36pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | watching HEY ARNOLD! ]

haha hey yall, i got a brand-spankin-new cell fone. its a Siemen fone! yay its cool.
good news and bad news

good news: i got a new fone
badnews: i have to input all those #'s in the phone book.
good news:i'm done with all the important #'s so now all i have to do is add your #.

havent herd from Chris. i've given up all hope. damm stupid boyz!

omg he looks hot in red! haha!
xoxo amanda xoxo

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how old school! [08 Sep 2003|10:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | nothing ]

These are hott sexy pics all the way back from Jill's b-day!!!

jill’s birthday pictures from one million years ago… )

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pics from Oxnard [06 Sep 2003|11:41am]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | my mom is yelling AT ME! ]

Lindsay and George

Clint and Johnny

Mitch and tyler (aka t****)

omfg....wow....oh boy...chris :-D singing to mEEE on the beach

!!!!! me (ugly pic) and beautiful chris :-D

thats all folks. the rest of the pics we took when we were a little "tipsy" so they didnt turn out 2 good.

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foot ball game...riiiittteeee [06 Sep 2003|10:25am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | watching TV ]

i just woke up... so here it is..............................................
went to volleyball and got our uniforms! they are off the hezzy!
had the bbq thinggy and i ate alot...:-D what else is new!?
after volleyball i went to the swap meet. i bought some cool shit.
then i came home and then got ready to go out to pizza (and saw marissa!!!) then off the the foot ball game with chelsea and lindsay. it was hella fun. Crespi is like Abercrombie...you need to be hot to go there. its soo true. the game was cool. i saw kevin play :-D and about 1000000 other guys too. it was too cool for words! it was soo fun!
then on the way home chelsea was driving and we got into a "radio fight" with these mexican guys next to us. we won.
i text messeged chris...but no answer...i'm gonna go cry now:-( ohhh MARISSA CALLED i'm happy now! :-D
xoxo amanda xoxo

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i guess its back to the drawing bored... [03 Sep 2003|03:07pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Jimmy Eat World ]

once again i get fucked out of everything. not because of other peoepl but because of ME. but w.e i'm over it.
i miss chris alot. maybe its not Chris i miss. he just made me feel good about myself...that kind of guy doesnt come around very often. i'm such a fucking retard. i promised myself i'd never do that but i went with temptation i guess.
i have practice tomarow...i mean i shouldnt even go. mrs. smith told me i dont try. thats fucking bullshit. half the people i know arnt committed enuf to wake up and play. at least i'm out there! if i didnt try... why would i even bother waking up at the crack of dawn and getting ready to play? if i didnt try why wuld i inssit on pushing myself so hard. she thinks she knows but she has no idea. besides.. telling me i'm on Varsity, then teliing me i dont try THEN leading me to assume that i'm gonna be pushed off setting or worse....on to J.V. how will that make me want to try harder? jesus, people who dont think are just idiots.
i kinda cant wait til school starts. even though i am unprepared...it gives me something to do everyday...i hate being bored. i'd rather be bored at school (and piss people off) then be bored ALONE at home.
its marissa's birthday. we celebrated last nite by seeing Uptown Girls and gossoping over chicken from Fuddruckers. (and mustard sauce...ask my pants) then she slept over and in the morning i lit candles on a little thing of Ice Cream from Ben&Jerrys but we got ripped off...it was fun tho. *i wonder what she wished for...:-/*
i know what i'd wish for.
i wish i could sing or play an insturment. when i see people play guitar and sing and i see them get lost in their music *wether they sing John Mayer or their own song :-D* there is like an invisable bubble thingy around them as they play or sing and u know that nothign around them is bothering them, they are safe. maybe its just me but w/e. fuck u if u dont agree with me. kidding. think wat u want but KNOW that i'm always rite.
MARISSA is SO hot! HaPpY BiRtHdAy SwEeT CheEks!

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oxnard, oh oxnard! [01 Sep 2003|03:01pm]
[ mood | naughty ]
[ music | my new HOT HOT HEAT cd ]

hey! if you have been wondering where i have been for the past.....5 days....i'll tell you about it!!!
my family and i went to Oxnard and stayed in the Embassy Suites!! it was awesome. the first 2 days there were only little kids there but on labor day alot of guys (around) my age come up there. i met a few keepers. Chris, Geroge, Clint, (and some locals) T****?, Johnny and mitch. that nite we went down to the beach and they played guitar and sang some stuff for us. it was soo romanitc! *sigh*
all i'm gonna tell u is that i had fun. ;-) the day after i met Chris and them, Marissa and Jessie and the rest of the Binkows came up for the nite! it was cool i wish jess could of stayed longer. she never met Prince Charming...:-( i took pics tho so no worries.
after the Champagne Brunch in honnor of my Gramma and Dad's birthdays we rented a bike built for 6. so jessie lindsay martie marissa and i went out and rode around for a while then we jaquizzied it. i was hoping i'd see chris and george around but they werent around. we did see T****? and Johnny. that nite after Jessie left:( we met up with Chris and George went down to the beach. it was soooo cool! the water was glowing green and if u kicked the sand it would glow green too. after chillen there for a while we walked back up to the bike path next to the hotel and they played guitar. some drunk old guy requested songs. it was funy. Geroge is a crazy good singer! so is chris. his lyrics are awesome. anyways...so chris and i walked off into the dunes and the story ends there as far as you are concernd.
so this morining i waas looking everywhere for Chris to say bye and stuff...but he was nowhere to be found. i was soo sad. when we were driving thru the parking lot marissa and i spotted 2 guys carrying surfboards and we were like...."it'd be soo cool if it were them" about 5 seconds later the car came to a hault as lindsay marissa and i made a mad dash to their car. it was them. Destony i'd like to say! so we said our good-byes' and that was it.

wanna know what chris looks like?

Ben Affleck....they are identical freekin twins.
xoxo Amanda xoxo

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yet another fun filled family adventure [26 Aug 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | "an empty chair at all the tables....lalala" ]

i'm leaving for Oxnard on weds...which is tomarow...
what i'll miss while i'm in oxnard:
1) Sly Caps (at the knitting facotry)
2)2 volley ball practices
3) volley ball BBQ thingy where we get our jerseys and get placed on JV/Varcity!!!
i guess thats it....exciting eh?
well i g2g pack!
i'm hoping marissa comes up with me on sunday...that will b fun

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cool ass shit ey? [25 Aug 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | hanson ]

Jessie taught me how to use this confusing program!! i got my picture of Ian Somerhalder on the back there....hott as mofo. i saw my really really good friend Ana today. jessie lindsay and i had a little reunion dinner tonite at the galleria and i saw Taylor...:-D i wasnt happy until i saw him. iono why :-/ humm...i painted my nails pink...kinda like Ms. Moore... yea... i'm bored. jessie is sleeping over yay!. i'm so sore....ouch

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well you'll never find it! if your looking for it!!!!!!!!!!! [25 Aug 2003|01:24pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | blue and yellow <> ]

blah blah this weekend was extremly eventful. marissa and i chilled and she slept over, Erreson left for college. i went to the galleria alot, i met some cool people there...(nicole, sean/john, Matt...i think thats it) i went to Errson;s house and lena's house, Arielle slept over one nite, i slept at aly's one nite...that was very....interesting? well i did get to see a nice side of some1 who i thought was uncapable of being nice but he proved me rong. i was let down by one of my best friends. i finally got in touch with Mulloy. Volley ball started today. from 8:00-11:30.i sucked today...i had zero energy and i still felt like shit from the previous days. i started packing for Oxnard. i have to read...i'm so behind. :-/ but who isnt. the thrill of our 5 min water break during volley ball is checking out our guy Mounties...they arent anything special, just normal. Lindsay's rite...after Cadillac left the look of team has gone down hill. *eeeerrrrr SPLAT* the binkows came back last nite. i havent seen Sam yet :-( but i saw karen and martie. (and jessie and michael but i saw them already)
ok well i just got back from practice so i smell and i need to shower.
sorry for the boringness of my layout. i'm working on making it cool.
oo btw the Lesbians @ Islands entry was my brothers. he was just fucking around.

your mind plays tricks on you. if you belive something strong enough it will happen
^^ well thats bullshit^^

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lesbian's at Islands [21 Aug 2003|12:00pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | white pride music ]

The question on hand is... Who wears the pants in the relationship. First i see the waitress walk by with wine and beer. Who orders wine at islands. well it was two girls and after i saw who got the beer and who got the wine it was easy to see who wore the pants in that relationship. actually some info for those of you who are middle aged women. ISLANDS...MONDAYS...AROUND LUNCH. the only people at Islands on mondays are middle aged women who get drunk its really funny. they are stupid.

Love amanda. i have sex with dolphins

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change is good...rite? [20 Aug 2003|11:52pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | TV is blasting ]

Hey! i decided to change my lil blurty thing. *yes i know Pritty_alien is spelled diffrently on my icon....i'm too lazy to change it*
yesterday i slept at jessie's. we said 'bye' to JJ cuz he was leaving for college. anyways we watched Kissing Jessica Stein. it was good. i'm bored. bye
add me to yer friends list and comment!!!!!!!!!!!

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