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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

5:25AM - hey

really time to update ~!

GIRLS....OLd times are about to start back :)

when everyone starts putting bull shit all up in your JOURNAL its time to cut it all off ~!

Current mood: angry

5:19AM - look Everyone !!

NO MORE GUYS NEEDS TO CALL ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

4:01PM - U


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3:46PM - LOOK

look i am sick of all the B. S SO if your not the one i want to be with then DONT FUCKING CALL ME I AM SICK OF GETTING BITCH AT B.C OF THE SHIT SO DONT FUCKING CALL ME !

Current mood: pissed off
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5:19AM - the start


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Monday, August 29, 2005

8:08PM - Starting it all over

Its time for a New start in my life so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your going to get everything !

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8:00PM - When you Care

when u care about someone how do u go about telling them ?

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5:14PM - sick

@>-PINK @>-

Current mood: sick
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Thursday, August 25, 2005

8:38PM - hey

I am missing you ..Its been to long with out u :*( Your always going to be in my Prayers!!!!!

When you care about something or someone Dont let it go ! not less god takes it .... God has what I am missing!!

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3:36PM - Hey

~*~ Its time to Update~*~

Well everything is going so fast in my life it was like the other day i could had been 16 or something ...I have been out of high school 3 years now and still dont know what i want to do for the rest of my life ~! I miss the days that i did have when i was 16 but life goes on !

Boyfriends & Girlfriends Come a Go but friends are always going to Be forever!!!(I can tell you all about that)

~*~ERIC~*~ I am happy u dont have to go to IRAQ :)
~*~Sterling~*~ if Me and your mom wants u to know what we talk about we will tell you ....Lol u would LOVE to Know >:)

Current mood: happy
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

3:39PM - HEY


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3:37PM - !CRAZY

~Well here we go~

dont call me to see how i am doing with out all the Bullshit ..I got better things to do then talk to U ALL ! Life is Better off with out all the bullshit in it that goes on ....<3 I do have alife and i want it to be Free with out all the shit in my mind about BULLSHIT ...(get a LIFE) One more thing if u want to talk to me about crazy shit then dont talk to me at all!!!

~*~WORK~*~ well everything is Ok with that ~*~(could be better sometimes )

~*~Ladys ~*~ All guys want to do is to see u cry well i would Look then and say i am better off with out u in my life :) *~ U know who i am talking to !

~*~Guys~*~ Sometimes your ASSHOLES ............


~*~AMANDA*~ I am so PISSED at u right now...u could had told me b.c today that u wasnt going to work ~*~

~*~ERIC~*~ u need to get some SLEep ~*~your a sweetheart !!

~*~Amber ~*~ So u hate married life Now ...I told u SO!

~*~STERLING~*~ YOUR mom calls me all the time :) I am going to go see her : ) the Rose died (sorry)
~*~Jess*~ Chris will be home sooner then u know it ... So dont cry he will be OK ! (I HATE THE ARMY B>C THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE U SEE YOUR FRIENDS CRY)

~*~Alexa~* What time Are we going to the Game ??? Call Me ???

Jason All i am going to say for is u need Help U and Lance, Cody, &Brett All 4 of u


Scott u better not try to SALE me that MCI shit lol But i can give u some Numbers if u like for me to :)


Everything in life is good at one time But after all the good is gone then what do u have Nothing ...Everything u care about Dies Or goes over Seas to IRAQ So i say anymore FUCK IT !

Current mood: :)
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

3:54PM - !!!!DORKY @>---


Well a lot has been going on in my life if your lucky u know if your not then u dont know!!!

ANDREW _happy B day _

AmAnDa good luck tomm with the new JOB!!

Alexa ~*~U need to grow up sometimes ~*~ come on hunny a lot will happen in your life right now but life life for the best not the bad !!!NO matter what why tell you always No if they say I LOVE YOU with in the month u have been dating its a lie ! b.c they must not know what love really is ~..

Eric...I am happy your not going to IRAQ ... Uhad me all sad thinking u was going :*(

Sterling no more moring wake up calls :) I have to get some sleep Plues I am going to be going out of town here soon so i am not going to have my cell phone On !!!

why are men so alike now days >?????????

Current mood: dorky
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

2:07PM - HEY

Hey well i just got off work so i have a right to be LAZY dont u think ? Well I do >:) Anyways ! i m about to go to bed ! right now ! so (everyone have a good day ) ha

~^~SAM~^~ What More can I say......

~*~ERIC~*~ U KNOW everything !

~^~SterLing~*~ U should had told ME ! thats all ! but I am not that Mad anymore but the next time you get a hair up your ass to come see me let me Know!!!!!!!!(but I dont think this is going to happen anymore)

`~*~JIMMY~*~ WELl Now that your back in the states !! we have a lot to talk about (U know that ONE thing)

Alexa ! How is SCHOOL going ?

!!!!!!!!!What more can i say!!!!!!!!!!!

Current mood: lazy
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

5:07PM - Hey

Hey :)

~*~ Well JIMMY IS In the States Now :)~~*~* HE is IN NJ right now So the end of the month he will be back in VA !!!

WELL to the girls i Work with I think its all B.S Now Days !

Well I have to work the race weekend SO !

Current mood: crazy
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

8:41AM - Hey

~*~Hey !! well here is a new update Woohoo *~ your getting a update on my Life!!!!
well went to see 2 movies friday night didnt get in till about 2am had to be at work at 6am saturday ha yeah its kicking my butt now!! Well Sierra & Andrew started School :( LOL 12 Years to go :) Sorry u 2 :) And for Madison she is trying to walk ! Well More is going on then what i am putting on the computer ....Ask If u want to know any really good stuff lol !

Well everyone Knows Jimmy will be home anytime Now ! from IRAQ ...:)

Alexa ~*~his name is driving me crazy~*~

Sterling ha U know it is !

Eric What more can i say u WIN LoL

Amanda ~ well I dont knwo what to say anymore about u ... that your Crazy ~

Amber Moved back home so god knows what going to go on now !

Well anyways ! i have to work race weekend so Thats about BS do not u think well i am goiang to go maybe one day u will get a up date from ME !

Current mood: dorky
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Thursday, August 11, 2005

3:32PM - Hey

hey well for starter ..I got up and always get awake up call about 4:30-5:00 am well I start a new time i have to be at work So ...

Well Work suck But someone has to do it ...

Well i dont care whats going on anymore ,.... Men are all a like but 4% isnt so thats telling you something about them !

Current mood: smiling
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Monday, July 25, 2005

6:58PM - Hey

well a lot has happen if u know then your doing good if not then go to hell ! i m sick of all the games ! thast i could DIE!!

Joey Wheu walked in my life i knew u was the one but i am happy u wasnt ! I think i was just telling my self u was the one ... well to let u know I am happy we let each other Go now i know what i want and its Not u .... ~*~SORRY~*~ MR RIGHT WIll BE the one u well Know about ... This time i know he is the one

ERIC :) SMILE BABY ! :( its sad your going to IRAQ

Jommy your coming home from IRAQ ...

Ash I love u girl . we are having aGIRL :) !

well Alexa U KNOW WHAT we talked about u should go for it :) Love yeah SIS !

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

5:35PM - Well

Well someone needs a life

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Saturday, July 9, 2005



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