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Saturday, March 29th, 2003
4:15 pm
okay here i'm gonna try to repost...dag nabbit :P frikken lost my connection..thank you ao`smell...aww well...

aunt flo is here to wreck the day....hehehehe.....serious been cranky since yesterday poor larry...*hugs* sorry hun...back was hurting...and tired as ever...slept long today..and than took another two hour nap....oh the joys of being a woman :P it gets worse when your pregnant..and i only have had a little glimpse at that.

While I was sleeping a had a dream I recall maybe because it was the best of times...and well because the other part is fantasy and would never happen in a million years...

here it goes: I was back at wilson high..class of 95 yay!!! hehehe...talking with shawna and was awesome...i miss them alot....they never were interested in fitting in with the other normal groups that people seem trendy nowadays to seperate us might have fit them in with metal heads, punks, goths...but we were neither back than, just enjoying fun and good music :)....neways back to my dream some how as i'm cruising down my hall to my locker..wendy confronts me..and apologizes for all the bad treatment she did to me...she says she misses our friendship blah blah....i except it..and we hug and have lunch together out at the amp theater like we always did...

well fat chance of seeing shawna and kelly after we graduated..they both moved away to oklahoma...and well we lost contact...abit of a bummer....aww well that usually happens though after you graduate everyone goes seperate ways....

as for a wendy...that evil wench would never apologize for anything she did to me...she used me alot...but she would never say sorry...besides shes so into herself that i'm sure she never even has a moment to think about how she let her ego and always "me me me" cuz thats all she thought about ... ruin our friendship.

besides she friends with the two biggiest bitches we met in college...Monica...who thinks she's the biggiest goth thing that happened to chino hills...for one thing she shops at hot topic and express..and thats not gonna make you goth hehehe...and she claims to be so lily white goth...she's darkier than me..the only goth thing about her is her scary ass personality......Priscilla well she's the other bitch..that thinks she's the boss of everyone..and who doesn't do things her way...can get screwed...cuz all she thinks about his herself, money, money money, and herself...its sylla's world..or nothing...she has a big mouth too, to go with the size of her ego......but lacking of a heart...she's the grinchiest of them all...

well wendy has them both to be her sisters now, i was considered one until..i didn't want to be apart of them anymore...wendys popular now, shes not the lonely geek that needs me anymore..thats all fine and dandy my world is better without me bitter maybe....but least i can talk smack that i know is true....and i've told them pretty much how they are...thats why they don't exist in my happiness anymore...I'll laff my azz off though when karma hits them all good..smack in da face :) awwwww i feel better

current mood: devious
current music: Wrong Number-The Cure

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1:24 am
i'm so sick of earthlink and their shitty service...sticking with aol hell even it seems to work better....blah :P they can keep their crumby service....

and when i was trying to make the switch my phone rang..and i didn't even know how to answer it...duh :P..i don't think it was charged enuff...the battery says low...hmmm gotta ask my dad tomorrow morning...oh lookie its moring...well later in the morning

off to sleep night night...

current mood: bitchy

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Friday, March 28th, 2003
11:30 pm
here's wishing that my boobear feels better...sorry your feeling sick hun *hugs* *get well smoochies*

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11:26 pm
wow i can't believe how long a day its been...just happy to have internet acess back..woot :) yay

plus i got a new phone cordless and with my answer machine....i'm so nerdy that i cant wait for someone to call just to hear my greeting and leave a message woot woot :) hehehe

current mood: nerdy

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Thursday, March 27th, 2003
12:45 am
okay thats it this girl is calling it a eyes are just slightly closing...and i still have to some prayer time for my troopers...i made a commitment and i'm sticking to it.....they can use all the prayers in the world....:)

i've become a journal posting whore...hehehe...nothing new..used to do that in lj too..woot...and i don't care if nobody reads my journal..this for me...any rants or useless things to say its for me...:) yay!!!!

*celebrating my journal creation and life*

ni ni!!!! -_-zzzzzzz

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12:40 am
saying hi to some old friends on aim...poor paul he seems rather lonley...i wish he had a girl...he sound like he has tons of friends..i really do think a girl in his life would make a difference..all though it won't cure that feeling of loneliness it'll make it better....that reminds me of that tori amos song...God...."Gods sometimes you don't come through, you need a woman to look after you" :) i love that part....

talking to zach...he seems to be doing okay...crazy cross dresser..but i adore him...he's really busy lately so its nice to get a chance to say hello....wishing him well too....

I really don't miss mirc all that much...its been two whole days with out..actually longer since i've been at larrys and I have time to do more productive things *woot*

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12:38 am
wowzers i can't believe how much crap there is for bingo..hehehe...tons of pages and pages...especially new items on ebay....dood!!! *watches her screen scroll*

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12:07 am
wowzers..i found this whole site on bingo thats an idea for my mom..woot...i know she'll love something like that...after all she is the bingo queen :)

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
11:53 pm
well i went to bingo with my mom tonight...denise didn't show up..i was hoping she would..i love when i can chat with that girl reminds me of our mt sac days....neways i got to see my moms and well my friends too :) everyone there is so kind...we even celebrated a lady's 80th b-day talk about a long life...she seemed happy to be surround by friends...and well she runs somes stuff at the bingo so thats nice that she still helps and everything...

My mom and I made the copies of the fliers and passed them out....we made about 30 and all thrity were gone by the time we got done..yay...we regardless if we get anyone to participate or not...i'm definetly doing my is my mom and dad...and thats all that matters. I mean my parents taught me to give.. giving means putting in effort of time, and patients, and sometimes charity donations..and interacting...and not expecting any praise for it..and i love that they taught me that value able lesson...I was just happy that we got the fliers handed out...hopefully next week we will have boxes to take the veterans who will than ship them off to our troops in need.

Talked to larry our regular goodnight calls, I totally feel somethings missing when we at least don't get to say nothing to eachother...I don't know call me crazy but i feel more at ease to sleep when i at least know I hear his voice and a special little goodnight and kiss...makes it all the better...those are things that are priceless...and they are very appreciated even if i don't always say it...

Tomorrow's agenda..finish washing, call my customers for their delievery days...gosh avon...i love it but sometimes it can get to me the lady today when i called the office gave me the wrong due seems just to make sure...i have to call someone tomorrow thats more informed..that irrates me..because now i have to scratch off the dates off the back of the book..and i wrote them in ink..and it kinda looks messy...i don't know maybe i'm complaining over nothing..but i like to look professional....

and my goal is to make presidents club...i'm 3,222 dollars so far...i have to make another 6,000 something...i want that so bad...i'll get benefits and my ms albee award...oh well thats something i'm working towards...maybe i'll have another party at the end of this month..and that can help boost my sales....

well see...still thinking about what to get mom with her birthday coming up soon....hmmmm

current mood: irritated

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12:30 pm
busy busy busy...woke up very engertic..think its my power bars..hehehe...i cleaned my room it looks spiffy..and i got some things done like laundry...i have the fliers still to make...but even my clothes are iron and pressed...and my room is smelling good just like the den. trying to do my share of mom and dad said if i was okay..hahaha..they silly.

Going to finish up my laundry and than i'm off to do things...was able to print out the certificates for the troops i'm praying for...

I might go to bingo with my mom i'm not sure...

lunch sounds good too..i'm craving a crisp salad...ack me craving veggies..hehehe well its for the better

larry called me..that made my day..i love hearing his voice and when he sounds proud to be with me :) love you sweetie hope the rest of your day goes well thinking about you lots....*mwah* *snuggles*

current mood: energetic

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12:04 am
bigger post coming tomorrow...i have a few more things on my mind...just need to head out to lala land...and read a few before i hit the sheets....i miss my spooning tonight....*sigh* I can wait till tomorrow when he calls me at lunch about being straight up mad crazy in love *smiles* :) hunny if your reading this i love you lots *mwahs*

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
11:58 pm
tomorrow i'm starting work on fliers...gonna make copies...yes these are fliers for care packages out to our soilders..i'm doing my part for my support of our troops..i may not like war...but i'm doing my part as an american....i'm ashamed for those that sit their and protest...when our men and women are fighting for our don't have to like the president...but support our troops....i do...and i even got a few names of troopers and their families to pray for...God Bless Them and keep them all in his car...So just like people have the right to put up their protest signs...I have the right to show my patriotic support for our freedom fighters :) *waves her flag proudly*

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9:40 pm
larry just dropped me off..about an hour ago...let me go finish unpacking and watching the celine special..i have a few things that i would like to post...btw her show is awesome :) *smiles*

i miss you love *kisses*

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1:03 pm - I heart ghostworld :)

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1:03 pm
okay enuff updating...time to go make some lunch...mac and cheese...tha bomb yo!!!! woot....more cheese please

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12:57 pm
woot woot...i fixed my background to the colors i like..and i'm totally loving the lime green :)

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12:38 pm
yay some people have actual bid on my ebay stuff :) woot!!!!! maybe i'll make a sale or two...woot :)

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12:30 pm
being lazy again today....except last night i had too many dreams...kinda restless....i don't know maybe its because i know i'm going home today...i wish i could never leave larry's side....i love him so much...

well today's the day one year woot :) i love you baby...always and forever and ever...

watching all my childeren and reading the sugar busters book that something i'm hoping to follow...seems like it might help my diabetes so i'm willing to try anything.....still eating my protein bars and stuff....larry said he notice i've lost some weight..i have noticed it..but maybe he's right *smiles*

hopefully we can have a small dinner before i have to go byebye....

current mood: lazy
current music: foofighters

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Monday, March 24th, 2003
9:38 pm
well larry brought us dinner was nice...than i fell asleep on his chest while watching the simpsons..:) it was so cozy and i was really relaxed and it was just a great feeling...when i finally woke up we watched boston public...and well we had a nice shower together...mmm....he served me my late night snack of just a few scoops of sugar free ice cream......this reality tv thing is so out of i want to see a couple starting to get it on....that program is stoopid...married by american...*gets her remote*...gawd...:P

current mood: enraged

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4:18 pm
okay now i'm really off to go, read for abit...maybe cuddle in larry's unmade bed..hehehe just to lazy today..and all this news is not helping me relax...the book sounds like an excellent relaxer...

i think later i'll work on my journal and try to make it alittle more mine...takes some getting used to have a whole new start....i still think blurty is better than lj :)

current mood: sleepy

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