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    Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
    11:14 am
    my new journal
    hi there i started this journal cos my friends from my old blog said i had an interesting life and i should,so,well,here it is,my new journal.Hope you guys like hearing about my life as a princess!!!!
    Disco soon!!!The royal one,that is.Oh,and i have been getting emails from my last blog friends so i will continue with the Askzaz section of my journal.If you have a question,write it in a comment.
    Zaz,why do you and marth not get married????Luv ya,**~Jason~**
    **~Jason~**,I guess i'm still a bit shy about my feelings for him*Giggles*.^Zaz^
    Zaz,you and marth totally rock together!!!!Are you officially dating or not??Do you have any plans for the future or have you not thought about that yet???If not you seriously should.%%Emma%%
    %%Emma%%,i must admit,having sooooo much free time on my hands i have thought about being with marth in the future,and well,we are kinda dating.^Zaz^

    I am feeling sooooo happy about starting up my new journal,keep reading for more info on my life*chuckle*,a princess has an interesting life you know!!!!!


    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: Muse
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