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    Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
    4:49 pm
    I'm at work
    but not really working
    it's slowing down again so not really much to do. I've done a bit of shopping on the net, made some calls, sent some emails, and if I had a nail file I would be filing my damn nails.
    but yes I really did some work today LOL I got a bunch of stuff done actually, and all my filing. I need to be completely done with everything by Thursday since I will be Vegas bound on Friday. Hopefully my allergies will go away in the desert, but we will see. my luck there will be something else there that will make them flare up. fucking allergies.
    had a very quiet night last night. We are doing the whole anniversary thing in Vegas so last night was low key. Chris BBQ'd steaks, and made rice and was sooooo good. maybe i will be the good wife and cook tonight. maybe. I'll think about it.
    Friday, March 7th, 2003
    12:55 pm
    this day is just dragging on and on. I've had lots to do all morning, but it still drags on. I hate when that happens! Christina and I went to the mexican place and picked up food for lunch. I love that place! I need to stay away from there or I am going to gain so much weight.
    Chris is off to pick up the rest of the stuff for my new computer. i will have a brand new computer build for me tomorrow morning. I don't really think anything is wrong with mine, but he decided I needed an upgrade, so who am i to complain?
    Melody continues to amaze me daily with her ever expanding vocabulary. She says new things every day....I just can't keep up with them all anymore. Now I just need her to learn to form more sentances and then we will be on a roll! she is soooooooo close to talking so I can understand. I love this stage. everything is so new and exciting for her.
    Jessica is upset with me. She mouthed off to me one too many times last night, so I told her she couldn't spend the night at her friend's house tonight. so fo course it's all MY fault. teenagers. I don't know which child will age me the quickest - the teenager or the toddler. then again maybe it won't be either, it will be the hubby.
    well nothing really to say so i guess I'll do some work now. Happy Friday to everyone!
    Sunday, February 9th, 2003
    6:54 pm
    have not updated this in a while, so here I am. 'twas a busy ass day today. lots of family and friends over and it was very nice. I have so much to say, so little time. I need to start updating this more often.
    Thursday, December 5th, 2002
    11:07 am
    yay! now I can post here and at LJ! thanks Don!