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Friday, January 16th, 2004

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    Poopy Head
    Well, I tried to update last night, but it kept giving me a server error "key 2" or something, so now I have to try to remember everything I wrote. I think I just wrote about how supremely cool my Tuesday/Thursday Jazz class and philosophy classes are. In Jazz, we sat in complete darkness and listened to uber cool jazz music...we were "learning how to listen." Then in philosophy, we watched the scene in Chasing Amy where the lesbians make out (Why?, I have yet to figure that out) and talked about penises and penis envy. Keep in mine, my phil. professor is a 65 year old guy! How fun!
    I'm also currently bidding on a Japanese t-shirt for Joe that says "Now accepting applications for a Japanese Girlfriend" in Japanese...hehe, and the Guster "GoldFly" cd...woot! GO me!
    Hm. I need to check those and make sure I'm still winning!
    AND, I saw a really hot girl that I was friends with last semester and she all hugged me and told me she missed me and come see her. SO Joe is jealous because she didn't even speak to him and he thinks she is soo hot! HAHAHA! All the girls love me!
    And..I danced with this hot guy who likes like David from the Foo Fighters in Social Dance and he made fun of me cause I move my hips too much for ballroom dancing....He said "We aren't doing the Ballroom Booty's the Foxtrot, not the FoXY trot! Ha! Good times. I hope we get to be partners again, he was a lot of fun!
    AND I HAVE SOME MONEY NOW!!! My paycheck should have been deposited today..$300!!! So now Joe and I can go grocery shopping and actually have food and not have to eat dinner at the dining hall everyday!!!!!!!!! HAPPINESS!!!!
    Other than that, there is a really good article in MetroPulse this'll should check it out, even though none of you lives in Knoxville. It's the hippest paper around!
    I'm out like a lightbulb!

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    Current Music: John Mellancamp "Jack and Diane"
    I decided that I'm kinda boring. I mean, I have no obsessions! When I'm in the mall, I see things and I think of people. I mean, I see Hindu stuff, or Salivdor Dali stuff, or King Crimson stuff, and I think of Stephanie, I see computer stuff or Japan stuff and I think of Joe. I asked Joe if anything he sees makes him think of me in that sense and he said no. So I decided it's time to pick up an obsession. I think I'll do photography. I mean, I feel pretty skilled with the camera. Last year, I took some stunning photographs of flowers (maybe I'll post them if I can get them loaded) and I would like to try some more. I just need money to get a camera. But until then, I can borrow them from the Visual Center, of which I am an employee. Haha!
    But I'd also like something, um, less expensive. Just something to look up when I'm bored online, or have pictures of or something. I'll think more. Am I pathetic? Trying to find something to obsses over? Maybe I am, but I think it's the next step for me. Any suggestions?
    Oh yeah, I'm making a wishlist of cameras at bad no one else has any money to get me presents either?! HAHA!! I love you all anyway!

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