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    Friday, January 23rd, 2004
    8:28 pm
    Good bye! journal has moved to where the cool people keep their journals...

    Please come read me!! I love you!!
    Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
    10:23 pm
    I bought tickets for Guster just now!! WOHOO!!!!

    My Dream Car:

    Well...that's all for now....gotta study
    10:11 pm
    Whose Life? was fun!
    Jazz was interesting, we watched a movie on Louis Armstrong and I found out that he married a prostitute...adopted his retarded brother....and smoke weed ALL THE TIME!! He's pretty cool.
    Then in philosophy we learned how to watch movies critically and viewed some funny film clips.
    Joe bought me a stuffed Monkey named Valentine...He's so cute! He has a little heart bow tie. How sweet!
    We went to the mall and I bought some earrings...turtles, cherries, and butterflies.
    Then we went to the library and watched a movie for my philosophy class called "Who's Life Is It Anyway?" I highly recommend that everyone see it! I won't tell details since they are crucial to the film, but it's about a guy who is paralized and wants to be allowed to die but the hospital won't let him. It's really good, and it's actually funny too! Ha!
    Now I just tried to order a cell phone from AT&T Wireless, but I don't have enough credit...stupid... I just want a cell phone so I can feel important too!!! How come everyone else can get one and I can't? What's the secret??? Please relinquish your knowledge to me!!
    So now I have to go do some homework and prepare for my discussion classes tomorrow. What fun!
    Joe and I decided that we need a little romance, so we are going on a date this weekend. We are going out to dinner (haven't decided where yet!) and to the movies to see Big Fish....then home for some!!! We haven't done "coupley" stuff for a long time. It will feel nice to act like high schoolers and date instead of an old married couple!! HAHAHA!
    I'm still working on borrowing a digital camera so I can put some pictures of me on here for your viewing pleasure. Maybe I'll get one for the weekend. Awww...I'm excited!!
    I'm going to go play around on the internet and find more fun things for you all to enjoy! Bye bye!

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    Current Music: Dalir Mehndi....some "Tyunk Tyunk" Indian song
    Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
    5:57 pm
    Well, I got an email from mom today saying she wants to have an "adult" relationship with me and she's disappointed that I've shut her out of my life. Funny, I'm just doing exactly what she told me to do. Damn..sorry, can't please everybody!
    Hmm..I'm stuffed. Had chick fil a for dinner...and it was super yummy!
    Has anyone been watching American Idol? The auditions are sooo funny! Especially when someone thinks they can sing when they really cant and they get all pissed off about it! I love it! Especially the foreign people. They are the best...especially the Chinese/Japanese ones.
    Has anything exciting happened lately? No. Just going to class and learning. And I love my classes! Good stuff!
    I have been running into former architecture classmates and everyone proclaims that they miss me. Makes me feel good, even though none of us got to be really close friends, it was still nice that they noticed I was gone and actually missed me. Awww.
    I had every intention of starting a workout/weightloss program today, but body sculpting class started at 5:15...maybe I'll go tomorrow. Sigh...I'm sick of being out of shape and pudgy....I want to be hot so Joe will drool all over me...instead of the pretty girls at the mall and stuff. Oh well...I guess that's a normal guy thing though...hell, I do it too. I'm guilty....:)

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    Sunday, January 18th, 2004
    8:23 pm

    I'm Jack Kerouac! Which Beat Are You? by Emily.

    Good. You know your music. You should be able to
    work at Championship Vinyl with Rob, Dick and

    Do You Know Your Music (Sorry MTV Generation I Doubt You Can Handle This One)
    brought to you by Quizilla
    7:49 pm
    Guess what everybody??!!! My hair is now Perfect Plum or Radiant Burgendy!!! LOL! I have purple red hair!! That's right. Joe did it for me and he did a perfect now I'm a redhead and it looks fantastic!! I'll get a picture up when I get access to a digital camera! It looks mighty fine!
    And we have food now!! Joe and I spent $160 on groceries and boy does it feel good! We are going to have tacos for dinner! YES!!
    And I got to watch The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. He just makes you feel so calmed down and happy! LOL! Too bad he's dead...I bet he did a lot of drugs! Oh well.
    NO CLASS TOMORROW!! YES! Martin Luther King Day = Entire University shuts down!! YES!
    And my kittie hurt me...I was playing with him and he scratched me really bad.....ouchies!!
    I am no further along on my hunt for an obsession...but I did buy a copy of Kafka's "Metamorphosis and other stories" for only $4.95 at B. Dalton!! ROCK ON!! It's got like 10 of his short stories in it..including "In the Penal Colony". That's a wicked one and anyone who hasn't read it should. And I finished Narcissus and Goldmund by Hesse yesterday. Pretty good, but I didn't care much for the ending. Maybe that should be my new obsession...books. I don't know....pooh
    Anything else???? I don't think so! Later!

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    Friday, January 16th, 2004
    4:12 pm
    I decided that I'm kinda boring. I mean, I have no obsessions! When I'm in the mall, I see things and I think of people. I mean, I see Hindu stuff, or Salivdor Dali stuff, or King Crimson stuff, and I think of Stephanie, I see computer stuff or Japan stuff and I think of Joe. I asked Joe if anything he sees makes him think of me in that sense and he said no. So I decided it's time to pick up an obsession. I think I'll do photography. I mean, I feel pretty skilled with the camera. Last year, I took some stunning photographs of flowers (maybe I'll post them if I can get them loaded) and I would like to try some more. I just need money to get a camera. But until then, I can borrow them from the Visual Center, of which I am an employee. Haha!
    But I'd also like something, um, less expensive. Just something to look up when I'm bored online, or have pictures of or something. I'll think more. Am I pathetic? Trying to find something to obsses over? Maybe I am, but I think it's the next step for me. Any suggestions?
    Oh yeah, I'm making a wishlist of cameras at bad no one else has any money to get me presents either?! HAHA!! I love you all anyway!

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    Current Music: "I've got my man, who can ask for anything more?"
    2:45 pm
    Poopy Head
    Well, I tried to update last night, but it kept giving me a server error "key 2" or something, so now I have to try to remember everything I wrote. I think I just wrote about how supremely cool my Tuesday/Thursday Jazz class and philosophy classes are. In Jazz, we sat in complete darkness and listened to uber cool jazz music...we were "learning how to listen." Then in philosophy, we watched the scene in Chasing Amy where the lesbians make out (Why?, I have yet to figure that out) and talked about penises and penis envy. Keep in mine, my phil. professor is a 65 year old guy! How fun!
    I'm also currently bidding on a Japanese t-shirt for Joe that says "Now accepting applications for a Japanese Girlfriend" in Japanese...hehe, and the Guster "GoldFly" cd...woot! GO me!
    Hm. I need to check those and make sure I'm still winning!
    AND, I saw a really hot girl that I was friends with last semester and she all hugged me and told me she missed me and come see her. SO Joe is jealous because she didn't even speak to him and he thinks she is soo hot! HAHAHA! All the girls love me!
    And..I danced with this hot guy who likes like David from the Foo Fighters in Social Dance and he made fun of me cause I move my hips too much for ballroom dancing....He said "We aren't doing the Ballroom Booty's the Foxtrot, not the FoXY trot! Ha! Good times. I hope we get to be partners again, he was a lot of fun!
    AND I HAVE SOME MONEY NOW!!! My paycheck should have been deposited today..$300!!! So now Joe and I can go grocery shopping and actually have food and not have to eat dinner at the dining hall everyday!!!!!!!!! HAPPINESS!!!!
    Other than that, there is a really good article in MetroPulse this'll should check it out, even though none of you lives in Knoxville. It's the hippest paper around!
    I'm out like a lightbulb!

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    Current Music: John Mellancamp "Jack and Diane"
    Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
    7:21 pm
    these are hot too! Damn I want some money!!

    OneGai Please Teacher Set of 6 figure Hentai
    7:16 pm
    7:14 pm
    7:11 pm
    When I have the money!!
    I have found what I want to start collecting when I have the cash! The PLAYBOY MAGAZINE DOLLS!! They are Barbie dolls that are 100% anatomically take off the clothes and everything that should be there is!! I am especially in love with the Karen McDougal Series 2 doll...she is sooo cute!! I'm serious!! Go to ebay and search for them...they are beautiful!! If only I had millions of dollars!! Sigh!
    3:57 pm
    I also painted. I haven't watercolored in a long time and it turned out really nicely. I miss all the art I used to do...I've really been wanting to do some pottery lately...but no clay! Oh well..
    3:55 pm

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    Current Music: Guster "Demons"
    Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
    2:32 pm
    Today's classes
    Well, its official....COLLEGE ROCKS!!
    My classes are going to be awesome. My Jazz professor is so excited about what he's teaching, he really cares about his subject. And he's young and cusses a lot and went off on a tangent about white guys wearing FUBU. Go figure. But, I am confident that it's going to be an excellent course and I'm going to learn alot.
    Then we have philosophy where the professor wants us to call him Uncle Phil and we watched excerpts from the Matrix, and one of the requirements of the class is to watch at least 5 films from a group of around 20 with titles like WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, FIGHT CLUB, GHOST, TWELVE MONKEYS, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and OH GOD. I think that pretty much says it all.
    So, needless to say, I'm excited about this semester! I might never want to settle into one major if I like this hodgepodge so much!
    Ha, on a different note. I got an email from mom saying she signed me up for a free $2000 life insurance policy and named my 7 year old sister as my beneficiary...I wonder if she's planning something...........

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    Current Music: Some Jerry Allen Jazz
    Monday, January 12th, 2004
    8:56 pm
    Live Journals
    Since I'm not cool like all the rest of the kids and have a LiveJournal...I thought I'd post the links to my friends who have them...first of all so I'd remember them all...and second so you can enjoy them!! Have fun!

    I know there are more...I just can't remember them....I'll put them up here later
    6:10 pm
    WOAH WHAT A HOTTIE! So yeah, I was sick of the deli sandwhich, so I changed my icon to Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop arresting a naked woman! Now thats hot....too bad Faye isn't naked too! Oh well
    5:32 pm
    First Day of Spring Semester!
    My semester is going to be very interesting. Social dance should be fun (very cute *probably gay* guys being forced to dance with me, couldn't get much better). The teacher is the old cratchety type, but she is really funny! And part of the class requirements are going to a dance and dressing up and stuff! How fun is that! The only downside to the class is there is a book! A book for social dance?! Outrageous! And I wouldn't go buy it if there wasn't going to be a test on it. I still might not buy it....I have no cash!
    So, after social dance is World Religions. And when I made my schedule, I didn't consider that the buildings would be far apart. But they are. SO I have to walk a mile in 10 minutes...uphill...up steps...with a backpack...arg! But it should be a fun class. We're seriously going to study a lot...Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, African, Christianity, Taosim.....all that good stuff. Should be a fun easy class and an easy A.
    Then came English 102....and my teacher is a pretty boy with a Cornell degree. He's really enthusiastic, but I'm a bit disappointed. We aren't going to read any novels...just excerpts. We didn't read any in 101 either. Sigh...but I did start Hesse's Narcissus and Goldmund (I know, I can't spell) last night and I am really enjoying it...
    Tomorrow is Jazz American Cultures and Philosophy....hope they are going to be as fun as today was.
    And I should lose like a million pounds by the end of the semester with all the walking I'll be doing. I was spoiled by having all my classes last semester in the Architecture Building. It's time to work it ladies! Build those calves and lose that gut!! hahaha.....

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    Current Music: UT's Song..."Rocky Top"
    Saturday, January 10th, 2004
    3:45 pm
    I have the coolest schedule ever now!!
    Guess what?! I dropped all of my architecture class and now I have the coolest schedule ever!!!! I am taking social dance, world religions, english, jazz american culture, and philosophy. Isn't that the sweetest?? Yeah..I thought so. Go me and hoorah for dropping architecture!

    Current Mood: happy
    Friday, January 9th, 2004
    10:31 pm
    13.] Speaking of shoes, have you thrown one at someone: I don't remember ever doing it, but I'm sure I have...who hasn't??

    The answer now is : Yes, I just did it....hahaha Joe deserved it!
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