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Monday, July 28th, 2003

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    In love
    Aaron says I have a very negative view of men. The thing is, men have always broken my heart. So why should I have anything but? However, tonight, I am experiencing what very well could be a potenially good experience with a guy. I am in love. In the Holy Cross sense of the word: infatuated. It's special because I have known him since I was less than a year old. We met in gymboree class and after that we were never far apart. We always parallel played. Some of my earliest memories are of him. Of sharing a snowcone with him. I saw him again a couple of months ago. After weeks of casual flirting , we finally got somewhere. And he initiated the what are we doing here conversation. In which, he told me that he is interested and he did want to kiss me at my house. Wow, proof. Bite me, Aaron! I make assumptions, my ass!

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