10:17pm 11/11/2003
  I talked to my friend in utah today! i miss him so! he is so freaking awesome!! we need to live closer.
I © him!!!LOL
toledo in 6 dayssssss!!!!!!!!!   
06:00pm 12/10/2003
  YAY!! I can't wait! This is so exciting!! Saturday I get to go to Toledo to see the guys!! annnnnd! the super huge rf tailgate partay!! wooo hooo!!
This is just going to be so much fun!! yay yay yay yay!!

And tomorrow means no work for me!! yay! I do have to do lesson plans though. and reserve the hotel and find more info about the car!

my mom and i went shopping today! i got a new sweater! hehe it has a scarf and it is pretty! I got jeans and shoes though. its not an outfit, but they are cute anyhow! :)
quiz time   
10:30am 10/10/2003
Yoshimi - "Happy Beauty"
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12:31am 05/10/2003
mood: energetic
music: SNL

Welll not much is going on! I did get the webmaster position at school and pretty soon I should get that up and running and I can show you all
Friday night we all went out to dinner and then we went to missylauras to watch a movie, but we ended up watching the special on tv about the wierd mormons. missy got me a koala mask, so now i don't have to use the missy mask unless i want to
Today we went to the fall festival. my former coworkers at the library were there with a story time for the kiddies. it was pretty cute! I got a new koala bear beanie baby! yay! then we went on a hayride with janet and shawn's daisy and brownie troups. it was fun! I just showered and I think I got all the hay out!
I am at my friend janet's house now. I am spending the night so that i can watch her daughter tomorrow cuz she and her husband both have to work at the buttcrack of dawn today (5:30 am eww),,,,sooooooooo I'm not really tired and all my rf friends are not online!!!! what is up with that???? and the pound is STILL down. I am so sad.
I'm really liking this cable modem thing.
I can't believe that I have to work tomorrow already. The weekends go by toooo fast. at least this week is only a 4 day week, and then a 4 day weekend. yay for yay!! my mom's birthday is wednesday and I haven't gotten her anything yet. I seriously need to go to the mall. This could be bad!!!
I have so much stuff that I want to do! but there is never enough time to do it!! OH well. I just ordered a buttload of stuff from stampin up! I am going to make my christmas cards....send me your address if you want one!!
I just remembered that I was supposed to make a page for abs to put in a book for the boys!! EEEK!! bad me!! I can't believe that the concert is 13 days away!!!!!!!!!! it is going to be so much fun!! I just have this bad feeling that somehow i am going to miss it or something :( julie and i might have to rent a car, cuz her's is falling apart and my brother has to work next weekend so we are screwed....if we rent one it MUST have a cd player!!!

09:23pm 10/09/2003
mood: blah
music: none
so tina the troubled teen was a bit bitter and biatchy today when all she said was "go die" how pleasant i don't really feel like using too much punctuation today so ha ha ha dakota, those lyrics you posted are depressing but they seem to hold true to life today who wrote i need to go find clothes for tomorrow and pack a lunch blah
blah blah blah
yeah whatever   
11:36pm 09/09/2003
mood: blah
music: radio BLAH!
Well, really not too much is going on...i am so tired right now! I don't belive that I am still up!! It always takes me forever to get used to getting up at the buttcrack of dawn again!! hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll get this schedule thing down..

I am getting used to a new school year, and new students, and taking them at odd times... Next Tuesday I have a meeting all day...geeze.. i'll have only had the kids for about a week, and then I'll be gone again..oh well

I was reccomended for a job as webmaster at the school that I am at most often. yay!! I hope it works out well, I am also hoping that they will waive the training to get a laptop, cuz face it, do i REALLY need to do all that training for stuff that I already know how to do?!? anyhow if i do get this laptop and it has a firewire connection (which i HIGHLY doubt it will) I am going to get a digital video camera..yay for yay

I am doing a walk for the lymphoma and leukemia society next month, if anyone wants to contribute let me know.

my back itches

i don't know whats going on with the dj boy. ho hum...or any other boy at all.

I am tired of pat green, shania and garth....among others

tina wants to come back, here she is
Tina the Troubled Teen

new tv shows should be coming on soon...that is something to smile about! :-D

New RF dvd tuesday (dude, my name should be on it!!!), hopefully rascally tickets on monday...now THAT's something i'll smile about

hmm i could use my bn gift card to get my dvd! woo hooo!! i like that idea

I wish boys wouldn't be so dumb and learn how to effectively communicate via email

that is all
12:15am 03/09/2003
mood: hyper
music: CC cuz i didn't hear him enough on the radio today
I haven't updated this thing in a while! bad me bad me! LOL not too much has been going on! school started and all that jazz, the 3rd week is already upon us....i start taking kids either at the end of this week or the begining of next (hopefully next)....i made cookies this weekend.... the story goes as follows....

Even though i swore of djs i found a new one. a country one this time...lmao who wudda thunk it? we've been emailing for a couple weeks and i said i was gonnna make him cookies so austin(he's 3) his mom, and i made some tonight for the dj (tomorrow we do iced sugar cookies.....) anyhow, here is how it went down:
1st i emailed him and told him that i was in the middle of baking cookies and he was like mmmmm do they smell good.
and i emailed him back with yes, and they taste even better
but i ended up calling him back and telling him that and i told him that we were going to bring him down some and he was like oh really? ok well call me when you get down here so that i can come let you in . so we got the cookies together, and were ready to leave when my friend's baby grabbed a piece of cookie and shoved it in her mouth.
she proceeded to choke on in and gag and puke a lot.....
so we got that mess cleaned up and everything ready again...
and we got there and parked amazingly by the right side of the building and i called...
and i said, hey its amber, your cookies are here!!!
and he sounded all surprised, he was all like REaaaaaaaallly??
and then he was like well i only have a couple minutes right know, you know that, and then i said yeah i know.
and he asked if i was mad or not lol.
and i said no.
then it took him a couple minutes to get downstairs.
my friend julie said he looked pretty cute...and i saw that his hand was shaking when he took the cookies
all i can remember him saying was, call me or email me anytime and you'll have to come back when i can let you stay longer...or something like that....
and when we got in the car julie said we have to turn on the radio he's going to give you a shout out

then after a couple songs he came on and said, i have to give a big thank you to amber, she and i have been emailing and talking on the phone for a couple weeks **EEEEE*** and she asked me what kind of cookies i liked, and i told her peanut butter chocolate chip and she made a whole batch for me....
and then he said thanks again, if you wanna be a winner like amber call now and you can win blah blah blah
me thinks he might perhaps likee mee.....perhaps...a small perhaps at that...we shall see what we shall see...
hell yeah   
02:53pm 30/08/2003
mood: bouncy
music: michelle branch...on da radio
Well I made it through the first week of school without any apparent scars! yay!! I have 21 new kids! That is insane!! Everything seems to be going well so that is good!!

Tomorrow is my friend's son's birthday party!! There are going to be 30 people there....thank god it is not going to be 30 kids!! LOL I am going to help her get some stuff ready today so that should be a good time!

I made a salad (spinich, onions, feta, eggs, chicken and almonds) today! YUMMY!! and i made a 2 layer circular cake with 2 cans of icing! yummy scrumboes!!

I think I am going to buy a laptop!
09:06pm 26/08/2003
  OH MY GOD!! I seriously can't believe this!!

I had to work about 12 hours today because of meetings and all that crap, and then there was another one of those free concerts tonight....so my friend janet and jacob and marissa came up to school then we left as soon as it was 7:00 and went to the concert which was at a mall about 5 minutes away from school....so we had to park away from the concert stage and as we were walking up i could start to hear music and it sounded familiar. so we kept walking and then we sat down a bit away because there was a patch of grass. anywhoo, there was one guy with a hat onstage...and then this guy walks by and asks another guy who it was and he says...CHRIS CAGLE!!


So I took Marissa up with me cuz she wanted to see him...we got up right by the side of the stage and he waved at risssa LOL

No camera, but that's ok...we couldn't stay to meet him cuz jacob had to go to work, but that's ok!!

CC is awesome!!!!!!! can't wait until october to see him and the boyz!!!
4th free concert   
09:54am 21/08/2003
  It was Rick Trevino....we left quite early because of evil-man-with-stinky-ciggar...blah...  
10:54pm 19/08/2003
mood: cynical
music: Dierks... Bartender, Barstools, and Barmaids
Not too much is going on! just gearing up for the begining of school..... lalalalalalalalla I was gonna watch dakota's himbo on tv tonight but i don't have cable up here and bob and mom are watching a movie...ho hum
i downloaded aol 9.0 today. smashing. brilliant...

i am looking for a notebook pc thingy....i almost bought one tonight but decided to wait to see if i could find one cheaper. so far no dice

i also noticed today that tabs has a journal! Hi Tab!!! :)

I bought dierks today!! Good times 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!!! i have listened to it 3 times already! yay for yay!

my friend's husband is an ass. just thought i would share!

I have tourettes...
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meerkats are fun   
08:58am 15/08/2003
mood: sick
music: Thalia
WEll the concert on Wednesday was Jimmy Wayne. Again, it was free, so no complaints here. He is pretty good. I don't think I'll be buying his CD though. Maybe I'll get it from the library....

Still coughing up my lung...my mom was nagging me and told me i have bronchitis again...ew. I don't think I do because I don't feel half as bad as I did when I had it...

I need to get my hair cut.

School starts for us in less than two weeks. Starting Monday, I can go start to set up my classroom, which could take a long time since I have so much more stuff to bring it...blah

Then I'll have to go to my little office/classroom at the other school and dust it...barf...I hope this cold thing is gone by then
08:29am 12/08/2003
mood: crappy
music: the voices in my head
This weekend proved to be eventful...amazing...
Friday day, Julie and I went out shopping so she could look for stuff for Austin's birthday party. Of course, I ended up buying some stuff lol. Friday night I had dinner with missy/laura and julie...we went to Fridays. I had their new cheesy chicken thingy..it was good.. Then Saturday, Renee and I went shopping again. We went many places which included Kaufmann's and the Mustard Seed. I got some Tabbouli yumyumyum and some hommus and pita...double yum...and some spanikopita Mmmmmmm..Then as soon as I got home, my cell phone was ringing and I ended up going over to Janet and Jacobs to spend the night because Janet's "After they got Married" shower was Sunday after church....So I went to church and helped decorate and stuff...I got to see my friends Bekah and Kim! yay!! I missed them...I hadn't seen them for at least a year!! Kim looks sooo good!! She lost a lot of weight and looks superb...she has been dubbed my weight loss ambassador of kwan (or something like that)
Yesterday I sat at home and hacked my lung up...I have an annoying/distubing sinus infection with cough and all that nastiness. I wish it would go away. I even went so far as to use that nasty Vicks vaporub last night...I don't think it helped much. Anyway last night I went shopping. I bought way too much.. Including my new 2nd favorite perfume (Lolita Lempicka is #1) Sensi by Georgio Armani. Snobby. I like it.
Julie and I are supposed to bake cookies today...or at least thaw out the old ones and ice them. Then tonight is the 3rd concert. I hope it is someone good.. Ash said she doesn't think it will be Rushlow...*sigh*
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Tina is so cool   
01:08pm 07/08/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Chris cagle yummy
Tina the Troubled Teen
blah blah blah yackity schmackity   
12:23pm 05/08/2003
mood: indescribable
music: radio
Last night was the second edition of the free wqmx concerts...This time it was Steve Azar. I was not pumped for this concert...not a big fan, but I think it is cool that they are doing this whole free concert thing..I think we got to see/hear 2 songs before we left due to the thunderstorms and the evil rain and lightning. Maddy and Austin didn't get tooo wet since they were in the stroller, but Julie, Marissa and I got S O A K E D!!...anyhow after running in the rain to the van, we went to Patty's house to dry off, since she lives like 2.435 minutes away from the plaza that they had the concert in. Needless to say, I didn't take any pictures!

Anywho...I decided that I couldn't live without the Keith Urban CD anymore so I bought it the other night. It is pretty good I will give it 4 out of 5 stars!

Not too much else is going on right now...I made breaded pork chops for supper, that way I wouldn't be too messy right before I had to go tutor this evening..

ps..i just remembered that my fave dj from that station wasn't there *tear*
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09:03am 30/07/2003
mood: silly
music: Burn-JoDee Messina
WEll Tonight is our free concert. Our local radio station is having a summer classified concert. About 2 weeks ago they announced the location (mall parkinglot) and then they aren't announcing who it is until they/him/her walk out on stage. I have no clue who this is going to be. They just said it isn't going to be a "big star" like shania, faith, tim, garth, etc. I myself am praying for RF or Chris Cagle. I am pretty sure it won't be them though. You are supposed to be able to take pics and meet the artist too, so we'll see. I will take pics though and post them.
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woogie doo   
08:09am 29/07/2003
mood: awake
music: mumbling radio dj
woogie doo is my friend's son's superhero name....he is an odd child...

I found some cool watches Chopard Watches
Here is my fave. I will not be buying it anytime soon, seeing as it is about 3,000 smackers!!
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05:47pm 28/07/2003
mood: dirty
music: Michelle Branch- Hotel Paper
I made dinner tonight so I don't have to help clean up. this is a good thing. I made steak, garlic mashed potatoes, corn, and biscuits..yummy scrumobes

I like " Its Happy Bunny" it is so cute and says so many fun things! Lets see if i can get a link to work on here
Happy Bunny stuffs

RF makes me swoon...

MMMM but so does Carlos Ponce..hehehe i was listening to Morena, a song that i am SURE he wrote for me lmao
and i couldn't help but think dirty thoughts...oh well...maybe someday i'll get to see him in concert!

Tina the Troubled Teen this is funny. seriously.

I am going to add Ash to my friends list...heheheheheh
01:10pm 24/07/2003
mood: busy
music: RF
not much is going on...again...still

went to the fair last night. it was fun. fair food is yummmy scrumboes.

did some massive emailing today. shame on me, i have gotten so bad at that. just call me mike. haha

that's about it...ttfn
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09:27am 22/07/2003
mood: sleepy
music: Rascal Flatts
Well not too much is going on. Sunday I went to Columbus with 2 of my friends. We ate and shopped all day long. I love Easton. good times, great fun!! I bought a book and a magazine, 2 tshirts, and my perfume. :-D
I think we need to open up a teddy crafters and a cheesecake factory up here. They would both do well in fairlawn or canton..hmmm i wonder how much $$ you need to open them up?? hmmmm

My nose has been bleeding again. i hate that. it makes me angry. and tired. ho hum

no news about art.

school starts in a little over a month.

I read some stuff in the journal of a guy that i know.ewwww all i have to say is TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!
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