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Saturday, May 10th, 2003

Subject:A face from the past
Time:5:55 pm.
Music:Tiger Army - Cupid's Victim.
It's been about 3 months since I updated this thing and a lot has happened.
Figured out where I'm going to college. Purdue University in Indiana is where I'll spend the next 4 years. Really cool place, visited it during Spring Break. Campus is awesome. 3 more months till I'm out of here.

School is winding down. Can't wait to graduate. I have to clear up all this bullshit with the Community service and senior project though. Just got done with my AP English test. I think I did decently on it.

Just saw Mr. Mesa last night. I screamed my ass off. Stupid judges didn't even put Corey in the finalists group. It was cool that Danny won.

Me, Ken, Josh, and Brian are trying to figure out what song we can play for the talent show. Still have no clue. Everlong is out the window I guess.

I guess a lot didn't happen
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Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

Subject:Playing catch up
Time:11:38 am.
I decided I better update this thing since I don't want it to end up like that slob Lester's journal. A lot happened in the half a month since I updated:

I went to Winter Formal with Carly. Fun times were had but the after party was less than great. I got to dress all nice and eat at a nice place. I also danced like a crazy mother fucker. If anyone wants lessons, call me.

Now that 1st semester is over I'm lazier then hell. I think I attended 3 whole days of school last week. I also dropped down to 4 periods and even that is too much for me.

I'm currently on vacation. We have this thing called Ski Week which is basically a combination of Presidents day and Black History month I guess. It's basically so the teachers can have a break from their [sarcasm] busy and important[/sarcasm] jobs. I did a bunch of shit though, trying to keep myself busy.

First off, Lester, Jackie, Corey, and I headed out to Disneyland which was cool except we went at about 6pm and it closed at 10 which means I payed $47 to ride 3 rides and tire myself out. Monday, got to hang out with the band. This guy named Jon played guitar along with Sam and it sounded kickin-rad. This band is great and all the guys are awesome. btw, WE NEED A SINGER!!!! Tuesday, Josh and I had to drive all the way to the far end of Anaheim to play bass for this kid that goes to our school. He wanted us to play some spanish song for International week it was okay sans singer but I'm kinda doubting that we can pull this thing together. Wednesday, Ken, Josh, Jackie, Lester, Corey, Anna, and I drove up to Hollywood to go see a taping of the Drew Carey Show. Protip: Don't wear your ratiest and most uncomfortable boxers under your tightest and most uncomfortable pair of jeans when driving for an hour, your scrotum will thank you later. Anyways, we get up to Hollywood and find that the taping is full so were shit out of luck. We decided to go walk down Hollywood Blvd and go see all the touristy stuff. Then we end up going into a Scientologist Church and take some weird test about your feelings. It's basically a ploy to get weak-minded people to be coxed into joining their cult. They promised us it would only take 10-20 mins, but we were in their for almost an hour. Creepy place. Oh yeah, and I almost killed a gay guy near a Taco Bell.

then came Thursday, the most awesomist night I've had in a while. Corey, Lester , Ken and I left Costa Mesa at about 4pm and meet the Mr. Brian Zingg at UCSD. He's living the high life in his dorm, wearing dirty sandals and drinking vodka from a coffee mug. We went out to eat at some weird mall with an Ice Skating rink in the food court. Then we went to go see Interpol. The opening band, called the Warlocks, were okay, they were just too slow and boring and we all almost fell asleep. Ken was getting sick so he had to go to the car and miss Interpol. Then Interpol came on and kicked our asses. They did all my favorite songs and put on a great show. The drive back was fun because the I-5 is pretty empty at 12am so I was doing 100mph which meant instant death at the slightest bump or collision with a sand particle, but it was worth the 5 mins we shaved off of the drive.

Yesterday (Friday), Lester, Jackie, Corey and I saw Old School at the Irvine Spectrum. We end getting there too early about 3 or 4 hours too early so we ended up trying to waste a bunch of time until the movie started. Old School was funny and even funnier when you see it with a theater full of college students.

That's pretty much all the important stuff that happened over this month. Listening to some new muzak though, Lester turned me on to The Smiths and Moving Units, both of which are great bands which I extremely recommend.

Today Ill probably just hang out at home. By hanging out I mean walking around naked and unshowered. This week has cost me (my Dad) a lot of money, so I'm pretty much over going out for a while. I gots to go, so laters.
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Saturday, February 1st, 2003

Time:12:54 am.
Music:Tool - 46&2.
I haven't updated in quite a while so Ill recap last nights events. Yesterday (Thursday) after school we hung out at Jack in the Box. Later on that night we decided to get those Interpol tickets we wanted and took a road trip at 6 at night to San Diego. We finally get to the place an hour and a half later to find that we can't buy the tickets because we're under 21. So, trying not to waste the trip, we drive to Downtown San Diego which is the dirtiest bumiest place around. So we drove all the way back and ate at Harbor House where we were in for another disappointment. Not only did my burrito suck, but the hottest waitress I have ever seen had shaved her head. Why, God why?

Finals are finally over. Hopefully, my grades aren't shit so I can go to a good school. I also have all this financial aid paper work that I keep putting off. Applying to colleges = the gay...

Today we finally got around to recording some songs. Brian kept fucking up and hitting mics and we gave him a hard time, but the final product came out pretty good. Needs more bass though. I also went to the gym, its weird on Friday nights because noone is there, everyone has a date or party to go to 'cept me :(. But I did get to use all the equipment I wanted to.

Tomorrow I got to get a tux with Carly or she'll be pissed
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Monday, January 27th, 2003

Subject:Whack to the future
Time:11:16 pm.
Music:Misfits - Hybrid Moments.
Well, today was decent. Sepnt 2 hours straight in the photo room. I was all alone in the darkroom with the radio going. I got kinda freaked out but I managed to print 12 things so hopefully Butler will give me a B. After school we went to KFC and watched Corey and Lester be disgusting. After I took a 3 hour nap I went over to Barnes and Noble again to do homework. By homework I mean copying off Wendy. I got a bunch of shit done so hopefully Harrison will also give me a B. I don't feel like writing much tonight so I will keep this shit short.

Ehh, final's tomorrow...

Tomorrow's light
Shall see his bloody spoils in triumph borne,
With this keen javelin shall his breast be gored,
And prostrate heroes bleed around their lord.
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Subject:I speak of warfare and a man at war...
Time:1:19 am.
Music:Tool - Disposition.
Well, I too have decided to jump on the bandwagon of internet journals, and here it is. If you don't know me I'm a 4th grader trapped in a 16 year old's body from Orange County. Friends call me Andrew, Drew, Cool Drew, Ken, or just Barlow. That's pretty much it. I guess I'm supposed to tell you all the juicy detail about my day so here I go...

Today was pretty cool in the sense that I actually got some stimulation outside of that which is provided by my computer. Woke up at about 10 A.M., ate stuff and watched T.V. My Dad was having a fit because I left my Bass Equipment over at Sam's, the guitarist in my band, house, So, I had to go over there and get it. To day was Super Sunday so today revolved around the Super Bowl. Lester, Corey, Jackie, Josh, and Anna came over to watch the game on our widescreen. The game was okay, I got to sit in my cool swivle chair and annoy everyone with my constant swivelling. After the game Ken and I met Wendy and Cindy at Barnes and Noble and did some homework. Lester decided to stop by and pick up some book, it almost ruined my night, but I found $20 in my wallet which was cool.

School is the biggest piece of shit ever. Why can't teachers just be nice and let me have a C? If I'm getting a D and I show that I want the C and that I'm not apathetic about the whole thing, then let me have it. I'm not asking for an A, a C as in average. I also don't see the need in homework. If the teacher can teach right, I should learn all I need in the class. Homework is the most childish thing ever. WHen I think of homework I think of 4th grade and doing multiplication tables. All homework does now is make me pissed off and fuck up my grade. "Wow, I can copy shit straight out of the book" that's homework So now I'm stuck here at 1 in the morning doing work for a class that I understand completely yet I'm forced to do useless shit so the retards in class can boost their grade copying out of the book. Yeah school supresses independent thought blah blah blah...

And that's my first entry. Ill probably update a couple times a week. Back to work.

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