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Saturday, July 26th, 2003
5:03 pm - *Morning of Day 10*
Legolas dresses slowly after eating a spartan breakfast in the solititude of the his chambers. If the chambermaids had felt bold enough to inquire as to why he was alone, or only one side of his bed mussed; the cool, slightly pained look on the Elf Prince's countence killed their words unspoken.

The events of day nine for Legolas )

After dressing, Legolas leaves his rooms, not to seek out Haldir, but to seek out the solid comfort of Gimili's presence. He also wants to know if the Dwarf has seen or heard any more of Grima in the palace.

Taking care to make his steps loud enough to be heard, Legolas makes his way through the halls appointed to Gimili and his contingent. The last thing Legolas needs right now is to have to dodge a Dwarven axe!

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Thursday, June 12th, 2003
7:15 pm - *late morning*
Legolas shifts his weight slightly, causing a faint rustle in the leaves of the large oak he'd taken refuge in as soon as he could get out of the city without attracting attention. Sighing softly, the Mirkwood Prince leans his head back against the rough bark and closing his eyes.

He had disappeared into the woods surround Minas Tirith as soon as he could after turning over the guards' training to Faramir and seeing to a few other minor details. After the unsettling events of the night before and Haldir's refusal even in the early morning to still speak of his troubles, Legolas needed to solace of a forest to try to ease his own troubled mind.

Between his concerns over Aragorn and his worries about the state of his relationship with Haldir, the Wood Elf needed solace wherever he could find it.

current mood: pensive

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Sunday, June 1st, 2003
11:29 pm - *middle of the night*
Legolas feels the veil of sleep slowly lifting from his mind. Try as he might, even curling himself closer to Haldir's warmth does not stop the awakening process. Sighing softly Legolas props himself up on one elbow, gazing down at his lover's relaxed countance.

In sleep Haldir appears almost completely different. The distant, almost cold look that is the Marchwarden's normal expression is softened, almost gentle. Soft, even breaths escape from between the Lorien's slightly parted lips, his skin shimmering faintly in the moonlight.

The emotions that flood to the surface of Legolas' conscious are almost overwhelming. Legolas knows that Haldir believes the Mirkwood Prince is dealing better with their whirlwind relationship better than the Galadhrim. In truth Legolas is having just as many problems. He has never felt this strongly for anyone this quickly, and it frightens him. Frightens him with how vulnerable his emotions are now, frightens him at the thought of what will happen later when they must separate, frightens him with the thought of his father's reaction once word of this reaches Thranduil's ears.

Legolas presses a small kiss to the corner of Haldir's lips, gently caressing his lover's face before silently slipping from between the sheets. The night air is cool, but Legolas ignores it as he moves from his bedchamber and back into the sitting room. Picking up his discarded glass of wine, the Wood Elf goes to stand by the window to look out at the dark night sky.

He is hoping that the calming sight of the stars and sky and moon will soothe him enough to return to sleep. Almost without thinking Legolas begins singing softly to himself, an ancient song his mother once sang to him of the Valar and the creation of the world.

current mood: contemplative

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
3:01 am - *After his conversation with Gimli*
Legolas returns to his rooms even more troubled than before. He knows Aragorn has a forgiving nature, but Grima? Even that seems beyond that realm of forgiveness. And Legolas doesn't even want to consider the uproar the King and White Lady of Rohan will make once they discover Wormtongue's presence not only within the city but within the very palace. The whole revealation of Grima's service to Aragorn leaves some unsettling conculsions in Legolas' mind. Grima lived for years in Rohan, the land of horses, and today's incident involved horses. The obvious conclusion made the Wood Elf more than a little ill.

He had managed to give orders to a servant for dinner for two without appearing out of sorts, at least to the serving woman. Although the woman seemed more in a hurry to rush off to the kitchen, probably to spread the gossip about yet another occurance of himself and Haldir dinning together.

Legolas bathes quickly, dressing in a plain tunic and leggings and settles himself in front of his window with a bottle of wine and his thoughts, awaiting his lover's arrival.

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2:55 am - *Right after Legolas' arguement with the twins*
Legolas makes his way slowly along the halls of the Elves' wing. Despite his desire to see Haldir, he takes his time meandering down the corridor. He needs time to clear his head after the harsh words he exchanged with 'Dan and the less than satisfactory way he had left things with 'Hir.

The Mirkwood Prince stops in front of a large open window overlooking the city and part of the plains below. Everything is bathed in the soft golden glow of early sunset. The wanning light turns the white towers and walls of Minas Tirth to firey copper and gold. Even Legolas has to admit that the man-made sight is beautiful. He leans his hands on the sil and just watches for a long moment, letting the natural beauty soothe his trouble soul.

((Okay Fyrie.....bring on the Dwarf! ;-) ))

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Monday, May 12th, 2003
7:08 pm - *Early evening*
Legolas trods back into the palace. He's spent the rest of the afternoon overseeing the Men as he directed them repair or remove the damaged walls, stalls and doors of the royal stables. He'd seen to the stabling of the horses still left in the barn so the sound of hammers, saws and workmen would not spook them further. Then Legolas had organized groups of men to begin repairing the damage.

Throughout most of the day he'd brooded over Haldir's comment about his friends. His lover had been right, his friends were far too overprotective of him, and without a reason. Legolas had always proven more than capable of caring for himself. His friends, no matter how dear to him they are, need to realize Legolas is more than able to choose someone as his lover.

Sighing he turns down the hall towards the wing that all Elves had their rooms. There down at the end of the hall he saw a familiar pair of figures. The twins. Legolas knows that if he's going to demand his friends respect his decision, a perfect place to start would be with the Rivendell heirs.

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Friday, May 9th, 2003
8:22 pm - *At the stables near the city gates*
Legolas had quickly rounded up enough help from those still milling about the stables to see to arranging the large number of wagons needed to move supplies of hay, straw, feed and the various sundry items all needed for the care of the horses.

Now the wagons had arrived at the newly rebuilt structure. Legolas sets about ordering the preparation of the stalls with straw and food and water. This way the horses can be led in and settled in as soon as possible, easing their already aggitated state.

The barn itself is still unpainted and smelling of fresh lumber. The stones that pave the floor and stalls still bright and slightly rough, not yet smoothed by the pass of countless steps.

Legolas watches the scurring servants with an unblinking gaze. He and Haldir can look over everything before leaving the stables to the guards' watch, but it still doesn't hurt to be vigilant against an unknown foe. Some of the men and women look uncomfortable at the Elf's intense look, but none look guilty of anything, at least not yet.

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
2:20 pm - *That morning*
Legolas was having trouble concentrating on training Aragorn's guard on the fields away from the palace. Outwardly nothing appeared amiss; corrections were made, criticism given, and even some praise handed out where earned. Perhaps a well-trained eye familiar with Elves would have noticed the faintest hint of a smile on his otherwise well-schooled bland expression.

Internally however, Legolas' thoughts were anything but bland. Even as he demonstrated the correct way to fire two arrows at once, his thoughts travelled back to the early morning the warm comfort of Haldir's bed and body.

Haldir had woken Legolas in the dim light before dawn by slow stroking him while gently thrusting into the Wood Elf's body. Back to chest they had rocked against one another until they both cried out softly, shivering with release. A pleasant breakfast, Legolas presence in Haldir's rooms once more providing fodder for the kitchen gossips, had been next. And then the way their hips had ground together in the bath as their tongues had dueled until they were gasping and spent once more.

Legolas was so intent on the training and so distracted by his memories of the morning that he almost missed the faint frantic call from the direction of the royal stables.

The horses are loose! The horses are loose!

Legolas quickly called a halt to the drills. Cocking his head slightly he listened to the noises of the panic of both the men and the horses. "Trouble at stables!" Swiftly he shouldered his own bow, running back in the driection of the palace. Legolas didn't bother to see if the Men were following him. He knew they would. All were loyal unto death to Aragorn and most had been around the Mirkwood Prince long enough to know to trust the Elf's sensitive eyes and ears.

Even as swift as he was, it still took Legolas several minutes to return to the palace stable yard. By then Haldir had managed to calm his Lady's mount and was currently inside confering with Galadriel. He briefly spoke with one of the Galadhrim, finding out just what had transpired.

City citiznes were still milling about, getting dangerously close to the still skitterish horses, suspicious Elves and wrecked barns. Leoglas quickly orders the guard to keep the spectators back before striding purposefully into the palace. He hoped to find Aragorn or Haldir immediately.

current mood: aggravated

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Friday, April 18th, 2003
11:51 pm - *Later that night*
Legolas shifts in his bed, curling around Elrohir's body and drawing Elladan tighter behind him. He's contentedly in that half-asleep half-awake state. The warmth from the twins' bodies keeping him relaxed and untroubled.

The breeze from the open window dances lightly over their skin, teasing at their hair. Kissing Elrohir's shoulder absently, Legolas slips back into a deeper sleep.

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
4:59 pm - *After instructing the guard*
(( OOC---Warning Naughty NC-17 thread ahead!))

After his day of instructing and drilling the palace guard, Legolas quickly saw to the care and storage of the weapons. Even though he'd just order them used again tomorrow, Legolas was not about to let any of the guard have any more slack than they'd already had for the past few days.

The Elf was hot, sweaty, hungry and tired. He wanted a bath, dinner and possibly a nap. He made his way through the palace to the kitchens, stopping to order his dinner brought to his room. He ignored the nosey comment one of the kitchen maids made about just one dinner being sent to his room. Despite the fact he hoped Haldir would seek him out later, he'd be damned if he looked like a lovesick-elf in front of the palace staff.

Returning to his rooms, he made quick work of lighting a few candles to counter the darkening sky and added some soothing herbs to the warm water in his tub. When the maid arrived, the Elf's pointed look made sure she went about her business quickly, without the usual pause to look around and the annoying giggling. Once she was gone, Legolas made certain to lock the door behind her.

After a simple meal and a soothing bath, Legolas dressed in an old pair of soft-worn leggings, letting the damp ends of his hair rest against the bare skin of his chest and shoulders. He chose not to linger too long in his bath, not wanting to be reminded of the bittersweet scene that had resulted after the last time he'd been in the stone tub.

Grabbing a bottle of wine from his cabinet, Legolas settles on one of the windowsills, looking out longingly at the night sky.

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Saturday, April 5th, 2003
2:38 pm - *late afternoon*
Legolas is tired. More emotionally than physically, but still tired. He's spent all afternoon trying to get some sembalance of order back into the palace guard. Now they are tired. After the archery lessons, the Elf drilled some of them in sword work as well. He's certain more than one of the guard will be cursing his name tonight. Not that he cares much at this point.

He makes his way along one of the walls unconsciously taking the route that will bring him past the inner courtyard where the Galadhrim have been drilling all afternoon as well. He stops when he sees Haldir still in the courtyard. The Marchwarden has let most of his guard leave, but he's still in the midst giving some final instructions to a few. Legolas can see from his vantage point that Haldir is hot and sweaty from his exertions. The slight stoop to the Lorien's shoulders tell the Wood-Elf just how tired Haldir is as well. Tired and sweaty or not, to Legolas he's still proud and beautiful.

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Friday, April 4th, 2003
1:40 am - *after leaving Aragorn's rooms*
Legolas closes the heavy door to Aragorn's chambers, leaning back against it. How had he gotten himself into this mess? He'd gone to Aragorn planning to talk to his friend about his tempestous feelings for Haldir. Instead he'd gotten into an arguement. Now he needed to vent to someone about Aragorn. Problem was the only other person in the palace he was close enough to to discuss the King with is Haldir. The one person he needed to give space. Lovely vicious cycle indeed. Sighing wearily, Legolas suddenly felt very lonely.

Legolas pushes himself away from the door and starts down the hall towards the main section of the palace. He had weapons masters to see and guards to round up and herd toward the practice fields. Given the lax discipline of the past few days, he was certain he'd need to make an example out of more than one of them.

Making his way to the weapons rooms, the Elf stops several of the more senior guards. He leaves orders with them than any guards not actively on duty had to report to the training fields within the hour---no excuses tolerated. The guards know better than to argue with the Mirkwood Prince.

Then Legolas makes short work of choosing a number of bows and arrows from the stores in the palace, instructing the weapons masters to have them taken out to the fields and to have targets set up as well.

He does all of this automatically, almost without thinking. His mind is still on the emotional roller coaster with Haldir and the arguement earlier with Aragorn. As he walks out of the palace and along one wall towards the practice fields, he passes the inner courtyard where Haldir is drilling the Lorien Elves. Although he makes no outward sign of recognition, Legolas can't help but notice how beautifully the other Elf moves. The Wood-Elf feels a tightening in his chest and hurries away as fast as he can without attracting undue attention.

He oversees the setting up of the targets and assembly of the guard as he awaits Aragorn.

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Thursday, March 27th, 2003
8:32 pm - *Waking slowly*
Legolas begins to wake slowly, noticing first that the warm body of Haldir is not longer next to him. Opening his eyes and sitting up he looks around for the Marchwarden. His mind is still slightly fogged from their passion and the warmth of the sun. He doesn't immediately see the Lorien, but he does hear him.

Haldir is definitely singning! Legolas breaks out into a grin at that, especially when he realizes just what Elven song he's signing. Rising from the warm rock, Legolas starts back over to the tree where the had had sex, finding Haldir in the process of retrieving their discarded leggings. Haldir's back was to him so Legolas leans against the trunk watching his lover's graceful movements.

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
3:13 am - *at Legolas' rooms*
Legolas guides them down the hall to the door of his rooms. "Don't apologise to me, Aragorn. You did not overstep you bounds. Haldir and I are both behaving like children. You merely tried to get us to stop in the best way you could find." Legolas manages to get his door open and guides them into the room. He silently thanks whatever servant had enough foresight to come into the room and light candles.

He leads Aragorn over to the table, urging him to sit down and relax before he falls. "Stay there, and stay out of that wine!" He orders over his shoulder as he's already in the bathroom grabbing a basin, pitcher of water, and a few towels.

Returning to the table, he sets everything down, pausing for a moment to look down at Aragon's weary face and closed eyes. The Elf is overwhelmed with guilt for adding to his friend's already long list of troubles. Tomorrow he'd seek out Haldir and try to make peace with him, regardless of the form that peace takes. Legolas refuses to distract Aragorn from what he really needs to be doing as king.

He crosses back over to a large armoire, opening it and rummaging through it until he finds the small first aid pack he cares whenever he's out in the woods. He takes the seat next to his friend and he opens the bag. "Aragorn? Are you still awake?" Legolas keeps his voice soft, just in case his friend really has fallen asleep.

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Sunday, March 16th, 2003
3:36 pm - *Later that evening*
Legolas was tired, although he was careful not to show it. He'd spent the past several hours with both Elrohir and Elladan clearing what he hoped were all the traps out of the palace and grounds. But not before one gardener had ended up hanging from an apple tree and a chambermaid soaked with a bucket of water. Aragon was not going to be happy about either of those mishaps.

The Wood Elf left the twins in their rooms. They'd polished off one large bottle of wine between the three, and Legolas thought it was best to leave before Elladan had a chance to talk him into staying for another. After making it very clear to his old friends to not leave any more surprises for Gondor's citizens, he'd taken another bottle of wine from the cellar and was now making his way back towards his rooms.

Strolling through the darkened halls Legolas let his thoughts wander. He felt the pull of the sea and the strong loneliness that had plagued him since the ending of the War. The Sea's call was relentless now, aggrivated by not being able to find solace in his beloved woods and from the emotional distance Aragon seemed to have taken with everyone. Legolas missed his friend dearly, missed just being able to talk with him over little things as they sat by a small fire. He supposes those days were now long over.

And then there was Haldir. Somewhere in the last day, his purely physical attraction to the Lorien has become a near obsession. And Legolas was at a loss as to how to handle it. What he thought would be a respite from his worries has now become something more to torture and torment him. Somehow Legolas doubted he'd find Haldir in his rooms, and that idea tortured him worse than any Orc could. The archer planned on getting as drunk as he possibly could and then leaving word for Aragon in the morning that he would be leaving for several days for the safety of the woods. To Legolas, the idea of being forced to stay in the palace with Haldir and his games was more than he could bear.

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
8:16 pm - *manuveurs Haldir*
*towards on table where several goblets are lined up and bottles of wine chilling in buckets of spring water*

*A servants sees the two Elves approach and manages to gather his wits back just in time to pour to glasses for them*

*Legolas unwraps his arm long enough to take them both, handing one to the still flustered Galadrim*

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Friday, February 28th, 2003
9:46 am - *continues toward Gondor*
*continues riding with the messenger from Aragon*

*Is not surprised to learn that Arwen has decided to make the journey to Valinor. He looks forward to seeing Aragon and Boromir again and hopes that the others will have received their inviations and be on their way as well*

current mood: anxious

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