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[11 Jul 2003|12:49pm]
I havent updated in here in forever!! Since school ended! but um my summer has been really fun so far... i went to camp with lauren =) it was a soccer one at univ. of richmond..n um ive been doin summer league field hockey n vball every week. ashley and i have been hangin out a lot and cruisin since i got my license!! haha n i got my braces off- my teeth look really tight- and im goin to NY for a week or two the last week in july with ash n brennan n greg!! so that should be fun...neway im out so i hope everyone is havin a great summer- sorry about not updating or commenting =( <333 Tori
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*Last week of school* [09 Jun 2003|09:47am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | *Martina McBride- My baby loves me* ]

Okay so its the last week of school...and im in third period rite now lol dont even ask me why i came to school today-i guess cause my math analysis exam is tomm. and i needed to go to the review for yeah wednesday and thursday are half days- friday is a 7th period exam n we get out at 920 am. but neway me n lisa are down here with the special ed. class cause we had a substitute in third period who was gay and we werent doin nething in there...seriously all we did was jus sit there so i saw mr. carmel- blah- i dont really like him but i saw him n i was like can me n lisa come down to the comp. lab with you? so he was like suuure.. haha so yeah the rest of the class is bored off their asses rite now doin nuthin. yepp so i went to the viewing for our coach on friday nite with the team. there were soo many ppl there- and saturday my mom took me to his funeral at st. mary's church downtown. the pastor said it was the most crowded funeral he had ever done and he was pleased to see so many young people and that our coach must have reallly impacted a lot of peoples true- but it was a pretty sad weekend =( so hopefully this week will be better. i have to take 5 exams and then i get my impressions for my retainer done on wednesday, which means i get them off the next week =) yeah so this weekend im gonna party it up cause there isnt ne school left- i think me n ash will go to kings dominion or the pool- so neway i havent commented to any of yall in a lonng time so im gonna try n do that now well im bored. have a great week!
<3 Tori

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*Friday* [30 May 2003|10:18am]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | *West Side Story* LFO lol old school ]

Oh man i havent updated in a loong time lol since like last Friday- well i didnt go to school today cause i jst didnt feel like it-we have field day in the afternoon though so im not missin much =) neway this week has been okay i guess...we were district champs for soccer and then we went to regionals- and we won the first game on tuesday 4-1 and then last nite we lost 7-6 =( it was a really exciting game-we actually beat that team twice in regular season so they got really good lol- they got two players back that they originally lost cause of grades- so yeah the two top seeds in the tourny (us n massaponax) are i ate chinease last mom took me out at 915 to get it. and tomarrow is prom. so today im gonna tan a lil and get my nails done n all that good stuff-i was supposed to hang out with kelly but i dunno if shes gona come over or not? im really srry if i havent commented to ya in a while- now that soccer is over and school is almost over im gonna try to cmment a lot more- even though ill be gone most of the summer haha but neway dont cut me! =) aight igota go get in the shower n junk ill write sunday hopefully.
<333 ToRi

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*Friday* [23 May 2003|09:20am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | *Sister Hazel* Change your mind* ]

Heyy- well today is friday and i didnt go to school- we were supposed to have Field Day but all it ever does around here is RAIN! so yeah that was postponed til next friday and then our district tourny was cancelled so now we are jus goin to regionals for soccer-which is fine i guess lol but neway- i decided to take a day off hehe yesterday was good- i went to the AP US history meeting for next year- man we gota lota shit to do this summer! i was like ahh- and im not even gonna be home that much- man my throat hurts- it started to hurt yesterday but i dunno where i got it from? this weekend ashley is comin over on saturday- if its sunny we are hittin up the pool but its supposed to rain thru next week so we are prolly just gonna go to the mall or central park n then go tanning cause i gota get rid of this line from spring break on my back for prom. my dress doesnt have a back on it so it looks kinda fnny with a tan line- but neway i dunno what we are doin saturday nite yet- so yeah i dont really have too much to talk about so im gonna go get some food =) have a great memorial day weekend!

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**Tuesday** [20 May 2003|02:45pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | -stuck on a feeling- ]

Heyy = P I know i have been bad about updating this thing-sorry guys lol so yeah Sarah and I are goin to the John Mayer Concert August 15th!! ahh im so excited! lol its a nissan pavilion- neway...our soccer team is in districs tonite-we play james monroe at 6 and then thursday we should play for the championship- but since we were undefeated and came in first in the regular season we are guaranteed a spot in regionals! so thats good news- we got our yearbooks yesterday lol they're really cute- so yeah that was cool- i was one of the first people to get mine since the staff is across the hall from us-they delivered them to us first and most ppl are gettin um wednesday- so that was tight- im gettin excited about prom- we made our reservations for dinner- n i got a hair appt. so im basically all set- this weekend was pretty funn :) friday i was SOO tired so i slept most of the night- we had three games in a row last week- so i was exhausted- but saturday i cleaned up my room, went out shopping, and then i called like three of my girls to come spend the nite- so they all came-and then like as soon as i planned that nik called and came over-n then mike n michael came- and justin n another mike (whitneys BF) stopped by- so all these ppl were at my house chillin n doin stuff haha- but yeah we had fun- so neway i gota ton of HW and a game tonite so i better get crackin-i'll try to comment more! <3

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*TGIF* [16 May 2003|01:45pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | -Like my style- 50 Cent ]

Oh man this week has been soo long! lol so i gave my speech yesterday and i did really good- n like everyone said they voted for me today =) i hope i win! we find out monday who won- but neway i got my report card yesterday- i went down from last six weeks- i got four A's two B's and a C in math.. last six weeks i got all A's n one B so my mom was kinda pissed- shes like"i dont understand how you dropped so much-u should be making straight A's" yeah ookay mom- since i play sports year round and do other stuff too its kinda hard-but neway i am goin to Prom =) i'm only a sophomore so i wasnt really expectin to go but sumone asked me soo yeah i gota dress yesterday-its soo pretty...its pink lol and its a haltar top and u can see my whole back...and then its got sequins at the top and its tight at the top and then flows out at the bottom so yeah thats it i gota get jewlry and i dunno how im gonna do my hair- so i need suggestions haha so yeah schools almost out-im pretty excited- i dont know what im doin this weekend-i told whit n sarah they could come over so we'll see- but im out yo have a great weekend!
<3 ToRi

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*Monday* [12 May 2003|03:18pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | *The Remedy-Jason Mraz* ]

Hey guyz- okay so sorry its been forever since ive written in here and commented to everyone...ive been way to busy lately- but yeah last week was good- i had lotsa HW n games-our team is now 9-0!! lol noone prolly cares but thats really good- so hopefully we will go to states- only 24 dayz left til school is out! ahh im so excited this summer is gonna be a blast! i get my braces off like the day school ends, im goin to soccer camp at UofR with Whit, then i get my license on fourth of july! ahh thats gonna be great- then JMU with my girlz for a hockey team camp, lotsa parties!, NY to see brennan for TWO! weeks- its gonna be pretty tight ;P so yeah i gota game tonite at 7 here at home- vs JM haha i hope we win~ lol this weekend was alright-it was mothers day yesterday- we got my mom some roses and my dad got her some jewelry- so yeah and i went out for ice cream last nite with trav n my bro-that was cool- i watched american dreams- oh my gosh the season finale is next weekend! :( what am i gonna do?? i think im gonna change my layout to american dreams n stuff so yeah..haha sounds good- and im also running for junior class office- i think im runnin for reporter historian cause like i dont have that much time to be prez or nethin like that but speeches are wish me luck-i get sooo nervous talkin in front of ppl- my friends are just like u should do it! its only a min up on stage for a whole year- and it looks good on ur college applications- so hopefully ill win- im runnin aginst megan penn- so we'll see ;)but neway i gota go get some food- im starrrvin! hope everyone has a good week- ill try to comment!

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[05 May 2003|10:48am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | *Tom Petty* Learning To Fly* ]

Heyy :p I'm skippin school today haha- lol we have these damn things called SOL tests all this week and I don't have ne today so I figured why go sit in PE n French for three hours each? lol so yeah i slept in watched TV n now im updatin this thing since im norm. so busy- but yeah this weekend was really good- friday i had a game- we won we are 6-0- and then i went out to dinner...saturday i jus kinda slept in and chilled- n then at night i went to ashleys house with kel n kathleen and we ate pizza, walked up to food lion n got snacks n a movie, we watched ghost ship- it was aight i guess...a lil freaky but yeah i had fun- n then sunday i went to coach leslies wedding shower from 3-5- that was cool- it was a hawaiian theme cause thats where shes goin on her honeymoon and so we had lays or however ya spell it lol and we played games n had ice cream sundays n watched her open gifts- so yeah then i came home and watched Two weeks notice-that was cuute lol okay well im gonna try to comment in some ppls journals sincei dont do it as much as i should- hope everyone has a great week!

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[02 May 2003|09:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | *Simple Plan-I'm addicted to you* ]

This week has been soo busy! Sorry I haven't updated in here guys! I've had soccer and meetings and lotsa yeah this is gonna be short but our team is now 6-0 :) so we are doin really well- i gota B in math right now which im happy about lol i know yall dont care but thats like the highest grade ive gotten in there- aight well i hope everyone has a good weekend- sorry i havent commented to some of ya! ill try to get on it tomm. haha

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[27 Apr 2003|03:15pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | -All American Rejects-Swing, Swing ]

*I'm back from the beach for Spring Break :( It was sooo nice there! I got a really good tan and it was a LOT of fun! Too bad we have school tommarrow! so yeah i havent updated in here since last week but our soccer game friday got cancelled so I left right after school for SC- and got down there at night- so we stayed with my grandparents friday nite since our condo thing wasnt ready til saturday- but neway i saw brennan! :) so that was good- he n his family stayed in another condo right near ours- so he came over a lot and we went out to dinner every nite except easter- and on easter we all went to church together-but yeah the ocean was realllly warm- and i went in the hott tub every nite haha! im sooo sad its over already though- i cant wait til school gets out- only a month n a half- well less than that but somewhere around there left! i get my braces off really soon-in like a month- and my liscense on July 4th! i already got my car! my dad got me a BMW convertible lol- its really pretty-its gold and yeah i like it! so neway i just got that on saturday actually... so this summer i get to see brennan agin- i hate how he lives in NY! hes such an awesome guy and it sucks to live so far away from him! it killed me to say bye to him saturday- :( but yeah ill see him agin in early july- so its all good i guess- but i have practice tomm. til 445 and then i mite have a game tuesday? i dunno- well im gonna go unpack-sorry i havent been commenting to yall lately...ive been away so i hope u understand- im gonna try to do some this week! :)

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*SpRiNg BrEaK* [18 Apr 2003|01:46pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | **I think I love you** David Cassidy ]

Yes!!!! Spring Break is here! Finally! omg today has been soo good- okay so my mom was off today and so i slept in and came in after third period- got some much needed sleep haha- and then i got a quiz back in math-my worst subj. and it was a 94! i was soo proud of myself haha- so yeah and then nik and i havent talked all week-i was kinda mad at him- but he talked to me today(like he came up to me) and he looked so cute today haha! but neway we worked stuff out- and that was good- i got food in french class and then my mommy is comin to pick me up early in about 15 min because we are goin to the beach! woot woot! i get to see brennan! hes already there! so yeah im gonna have a lota fun- cant wait... but yeah my car-its a BMW convertible- is in SC(thats where im goin for Spring Break) and so im gonna drive it back from spring break- but brennan washed it for me yesterday lol- i was like thanxxx haha and he was like u owe me big time! so yeah im soo happy today is finally friday-we were supposed to have a game tonite-which meant i couldnt leave til later at nite like at 9 pm... so its cancelled due to rain and i get to leave a lot sooner! so ill get in SC tonite instead of tomm.! okay so im just goin on and on so im gonna go- but i hope everyone has a wonderful easter!!!!! :)

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*2 more dayz!* [16 Apr 2003|01:52pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | -Nickelcreek-The Lighthouse's Tale- ]

*only two more days til spring break! ahh im soo excited lol- i gota game on friday though so i cant leave for the beach til after that...i think we are drivin four hours on friday nite-which is good cause im driving cause i need night hours so i can get my liscense in on july 4 :) lol and then on sat we will wake up and drive four more hours! haha so yeahh sounds like a plan- neway i had a game last nite-we won 5-1- our team is reallly good this year-we're like the team to beat- but um neway i got practice after school today til 430 blah- n i gota find a ride home-maybe beverly or nik will take me?? but yeah and then tomarrow i got practice til 415 and then friday since we gota game and varsity doesnt have to be there til after JV me n lauren are gonna go get our pedicures after school!! so that should be fun- today was okay i guess- i keep findin out ppl know sumthin i told sumone not to tell cause i trusted them and now all these ppl know- it pisses me off- like i dont even know who to trust nemore-ughhh o well- i'll get over it so yeah my grades are slippin a little bit- i got all A's and a C last six weeks n then i got my interums this week and i have like 4 B's and 3 A's! suckks! haha aight well im really tired so im gonna try n take a nap before practice- hopefully i will update before spring break! :)

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*One more week* [11 Apr 2003|02:00pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | -Eminem-Sing for the moment- ]

Yes!! only one more week and i get to go to the beach for spring break and see i get to see brennan! :) lol soo yeah im excited- oh and lauren is gonna be in beaufort-which is only like a 45 min drive from where i am gonna go so we are def. gonna get together! man its been rainin here allllll week yo and its rainin today! like all our games (3) got cancelled plus we gota make up one from last week~ yesterday i went to the doctor and got to skip practice indoors lol :) i have bronchitis though- so that sucks but i got medicine and im startin to feel better.. neway i cant understand how none of my good friends are sick and like noone that came to my party is sick either-just like people that are in my class i dont really talk to are sick-so i have no clue how i got it haha neway i wanna do sumthin tonite but im kinda tired so i think im just gona have someone come over or sumthin and then tommarrow nite i will go out- i need to go shoppin tomarrow though cause i got all this shit for my bday -but then i got lots of money too- so i need to go get a few things for the beach- i already got two new bathing suits and they are soo cute :) but i need to get some shorts n skirts n crap so yeah kristen n i mite go on saturday-aight well im out- gonna go take a nap lol hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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[09 Apr 2003|02:06pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | *Celine Dion- When I fall in Love* ]

*Today was okay i guess- im sick unfortunately- i still went to school but i have this cough like u wouldnt believe! haha its soo gross so my mom took me to CVS yesterday n got me some cough medicine and cough drops lol yeah so neway i was in a really good mood today til i came to this class- like i got here n the teacher starts bitchin at me and kristen becuse we were "cheating" on a crossword puzzle that we were supposed to do on the internet- she was all mad cause like we just type in letters n press the check button to see if we are rite n what not- and got all pissed off... so lol i told her off- because i didnt do that at all today... so yeah that made me mad...and then i found out someone told another person something they had no business knowing and i TOLD that person not to tell anyone- no matter who it was cause i trusted them but i guess i know not to trust them nemore- :( yepp so neway my game last nite was cancelled due to rain-and its supposed to rain all week yo! so basically all my games including tomarrows n fridays will get cancelled unless something happens n it doesnt rain... okay well my throat hurts and im gonna go do some stuff- hope everyone has a good night

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[07 Apr 2003|02:13pm]
*my birthday was good :) thanks to everyone who commented last entry ;) u guys are the best haha- so neway im really tired though and i gota sore throat but luckily our practice got cancelled today so all we got is a game tomarrow- i hate practice-tell me why it was like 75-80 all last week and today it is rainin and suppoised to snow and its like 40 degrees! ahhh i hate it-cant wait til spring break! only 12 more days!!!! im soo excited i get to go to SC and FL with brennan and yeah it should be lotsa fun lol i got some cute stuff from my friends for my birthday and lotsa money too-so thats always good- and my friend terrell who moved last year :( surprised me and had flowers delivered to my house- i thought that was soo sweet- hes like the nicest guy u could meet- i havent seen him since november though- i miss hangin out with him... but yeah my grandparents sent me money and had a bouquet of roses delivered to my house :)- they are realllly pretty-aight well i gota find a ride home from this damn school have a good night ;)
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*Friday* [04 Apr 2003|01:39pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | *When I fall in love-Celine Dion* ]

Itz my birthday today! lol yay! too bad i had to go to school but its still been good- i wore a new outfit to school lol my mommy got it for me- its a pink abercrombie top and then a denim skirt and these cute flip flops with like glittery stuff on them from abercrombie- so yeah its cute- and kristen, lisa, lauren, n emily all made signs for my locker- so when i went to it i was all surprised :) thanks guys! after school im goin to get a slurpee with my girls lauren n meghan! so yeah tonite i have a game unfortunately and then im gonna go out to eat and then maybe if nik wants to chill after work if hes not to tired we mite- then saturday im gonna go out for the day and then sat. nite im havin a party :) so that shuld be fun- so yea im jus chillin here in comp class and checkin out ppls journal- sorry guys i havent been commenting as much as id like to- i'll try to do some right now... have a good weekend everyone! :)

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[01 Apr 2003|02:02pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | *Lil Kim- Jump off* ]

*Wow its been a while since i have written n here lol- today was okay i guess..kinda long and my stomach hurts :( i gota game tonite at Caroline so that shuld be fun-last weekend was pretty good-Friday i just went out to dinner and then saturday my mom took me to Regency mall in richmond to go shoppin for birthday stuff lol soo that was a lot of fun- i saw lisa and jess there :) so yeah then i drove back home and went to old navy for some flip flops cause i like wearin them to school- they are so damn comfortable haha- and i saw nik there- i didnt think he was workin after 330 but he was so we talked n he ended up goin over to emilys that nite with me-so it was me, emily, katy, michael, mike, chris, n nik n then cory, frankie, and cellus came over for a lil while lol so yeah we had fun ;) aight well i gota go get the pizza for nickis house haha hopefully ill write soon*

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*New Layout* [27 Mar 2003|07:05pm]
[ music | *Stuck*Stacie Orrico ]

*ahh new layout :) l like it- it reminds me of summer n it makes me happy lol soo yeah thanks krissy for helpin me fix it in comp today! <33 im a lil slow ya know... so im out cause i got all A's and one C on my report card and my mom is ACTUALLY BEING NICE for once and takin me out to eat! so ill write tommarrow*

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[26 Mar 2003|02:02pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | **Nas-I know I can** ]

*This week has been goin by sooo fast lol* so yeah today was good- i had practice last nite and a game the nite before that-we tied 2-2 so coach lanum was kinda pissed i think cuase we like basically were up 2-1 the whole game and then sumone on our team lost their mark n shit and they scored- and a lot of people didnt get to play-like alota the juniors- and they are all pissed off about that and that like the freshman and us are playin instead so sara n becky quit- and courtney mite- :( so that sucked neway noone prolly understands that haha so yeah my birthday is 8 days away! :) im excited lol n im goin over to nickis house after school today (in like 10 min haha) and umm marissa and nik are goin too so that should be fun-it wont be for too long though cause i gota game at JM soo we gota be at the bus at like 415 aight well im out-gota finish up some work

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[24 Mar 2003|02:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | -John Mayer-Why Georgia- ]

Hey-well i dont really have much time to write but this weekend was really fun-specially friday :) lol and i stayed up all night n partied haha so i slept pretty much all saturday then went shoppin cause my bday is in less than two weeks and then went to a cookout-so yeah it was a good weekend and then today was good-man my grades are improving a lot!!! im soo happy- i got all A's on my report card n then on math-but i always do bad in there-at least its not a D like the rest of the times-soo yeah im out cause i gota find a ride home from school- i have a game tonite at 6 if neone wants to come! :)

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