12:34pm 19/04/2006
mood: i love billy with all my heart
music: nothing
so im really tired and wore out i was with billy all day yesterday we went to the park at 11 pm
and stayed there till late
it was so amazing billy told me how much he loved me and he was all saying that he wanted to be with me for ever i really love him if i ever lose him i will just die i mean i know im sort of young to be in love but hen i think about it i never felt this way about any of my borfriends and i am going to be turning 17 this year its like everything is perfect when im with him. OMG im in love with that boy<3
i really love you billy<33

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03:10pm 17/04/2006
mood: im going to billys!
music: nothing
hey whats up i just made this im getting ready to go to billys
i cant wait i love that boy im so glad we dont have school this week
well ill be back tomorrow